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Wednesday, August 22nd


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You're so I had to buy every time we heard your computer six months ago meg you know. That might leave the gas was pulled the whole time we're on vacation right Blake. So I would be laying their necks the pool trying to read a magazine and I had to go get reeks of it go by cheap readers can I could not see what was in front. So it it never actually. Felt I was to open. So we'll figure out what's right now I have two contests and with my old so maybe doesn't digger. But Wolverine. And Nikki pays for the job to their morning show on 99 in Iraq so seriously you know. Craig leisure passed last week we are all out of town and everybody was out of the country but he was on scattered in different points unknown. And that pregnancy problem and he he was at it. Again you enter your he infuriating we fought. And he was great laugh at his palace of the best radio in all of this radio show. And sadly. But I wouldn't wish it on it for sure I mean you leukemia diabetes. It's it's it's just sucks. And it's a terrible. And I don't think he ever wanted to be remembered by that that's why he wouldn't that we. He deliberately had pneumonia. Because he didn't want people that you know he was being you know Lucas. Particularly those I don't like to think Craig's dad I think he faked his own death for the interest money driving to load so we're six. I know what I like to think so too. It's possible but we all of the story like every guy the good stories of bad stories ugly towards the means that we just adds stories. Drugs you name it I have a story for the occasion with. As soon as Craig guess we get gas and Craig really wanted to comply and just it is this you want Craig. Craig wanted nothing more. And I do this eat in spite of the fact he was suing. Them with crazy bastard. Suing the host nation and game as well myself that is my effort you know some comfort and even in spite of that I think and it's such a huge part of this show a lot of years. That. Guy he would well if anybody would talk about it after. I actually believe. You're absolutely now now that I look you talk if you can get a Boehner now. The only grab a grad definitely thought. Mean nothing 65 degrees in that case. Johnny there that pace Tebow. Rig and a voice that we even heard and so very long a friend. Born February 15 in Mount Vernon, New York. He launched his standup career in 1993. Quickly making a name for himself with this dead on impressions of Adam Sandler Sam Kennison Christopher Walken and Gene Simmons and more. He's appeared on such shows us Sex and the City law and order and peculiar ones you'll be appearing on Chris Jericho as rock in wrestling ring eager to see this October. You can keep up but to get gas dot com and today he's here to remember the late Craig's plea. Please welcome longtime friend of the show Craig gas. Gold mistakes. How do you bit. Whether it's. Bid to and making a big plan to get back to Kansas City. I have an idea. What you're about fear that it couldn't wait to law just just. Ridiculous. You can before I came on the other does it with a peak. Vick is so. But. It was little like Easter. The just boarded as. So. I don't know cricket. Yesterday you know because. Banks and why. Talk about. I know. A lot of thought Craig was well since or like taller. Virtuoso. I don't know much about that although that by the Q that's all we built this city. Respectively. Keiko. No no no stand birds is dead. Craig from the comedy club. Oak Creek or. To hurt and so. Well. No no Craig's day clay did I believe that although somebody said they like to think that he's maybe faked his own death. And he's the insurance money driving around a brand new to somewhere NC Lewis woods' incredible there. You're gonna tell you that. I think it'd be great its regular active. Older there's all the feeling that. I want them that show because. It is about like which they say it's a whole should dictate what you know and listened. Johnny show. And just kind of get applied for in a word on jumpers and renewed and got welcome. Swindled clarity. Worst words. And then we'll figure like he got hurt poor apple people are well. That particular court quickly before. It it. It well it's it we can is that they would Craig in this that you know that that we were involved but he was busy suing of the stage in an intercom and as moments of you know was a meritless situation and nobody was went because it was also silly. But you know even with the bat. In front of I felt bad for him because he's he's just. He's like that phrase you have that for some reason you stay friends no matter how weird gets an in the end we were talking on the phone or anything but. You know certainly it was terrible way to go leukemia and just it's a sad and I wouldn't wish it on him for anything and you know we have a lot of ups and we'll. A lot of great. Ridiculous unintentional funny moment because. And when one nightmare. That train wreck he was. Yeah it it would be. They've won out on the road. All the time idea under the different city every week. And I'm an old radio guy. You know austerity. I started to reportedly on the court out stern for years and and I like to get up in the morning and stay up here all day and when critic book you for the first time and here are the legendary club in comedy. Because there was a time when there's only hear him a copy quotes. Between New York Los Angeles. So anybody who lives in one has gone through Stanford and I didn't hurt it was character. Who ran the club and in that when a person that if he he drove me. Director that going to do want to form of that club and our friendship or even on jeans and it'll be you gotta you to make your children like there's the legend of John leadership. Probably. It was pretty how much. Or easier. Craig was dead is larger. And Howell. Much less intimidating. You what are they Pulitzer and like I expect. Michael while the U that you relics so. Well and and normal and Craig brought me in yourself. And told me how the media. Accordingly and oh yeah you. Suckers keep talking Portland but not I doubt it again. And reluctant Craig walked in with me. And get on the Mike. Hand. Starts promoting. Himself. There. Like you could come to promote healthy promote the chilled each year typical quote book that he wanted to put out. And it and it was this or that was here is also experiences I ever and because when I look at this great country like how walk there. Does somebody passed an all the tributes on their FaceBook could start with a man. Well summer you know. It. But the time we don't lose you paid for like nine abortions. And you know what they would see that hole. In any way embarrassed or concerned and there he really is it isn't just any of our members but really it doesn't. Very little portions Portland a five levels are portions that LA and I portion of our growing dangers yet. Her and think what a ridiculous. Or the time he he told us he'd gone a venereal disease in Jamaica. From the you'll remember. Where you're. We'd choose his words not my true or not his. In the papers to do what you medical papers. What do you mean I value program like I was attacking it oh yeah and ultimately always as papers on 08 he DeLia. All the things I learned about Craig early on and I'm sure you you'll Craig you know do drugs. But. I'm not against drugs as certainly wasn't twenty years ago but he would. Immediately tell you who he was doing to myself so maybe they'll do to do this guy seems a little bit. And he shall I won't happen he told me about every quarterback you ever did blow it. Yes yes yeah all wouldn't Il wanted colonel. The athletes. That he was party lived on the tour did not want anyone to know that they were that he'd been greatly. And he'll be it old school guy in that he wanted to always they'll use. It is. It's probably about him that he's been with recently elected and I'll believe it or that girl and it's. Egypt in an old politics it's kind of like we can't wait you know how many. Tribute. All you see that include. Go one page all the people of the debt owed money. I. Hated it and pack air. I smile because the habit for good stories laughed quite. One girl who pulled the honestly I was like you know I. That's that the way he used to but it's not funny story which is that there was a girl who said that. She got a lack the phone call from critics say hey wanna go to now risks. And he apparently would be eating girl. Who he caught stealing money from him. And keep call girl that you eat and stole money. I am willing to not press charges against you as long as you give me your driver's license. So likened it to another girl that beat Hawaii and ultimately you want. The deterrent doesn't make you want to give me your licence so that I can as somebody else and you could. The port earlier in the year ago that it is legendary and and idea. I guess that's about it I'm now prepared. They're here. On the yet army leadership. Part of a new comedy team that is going to be regular on your show that it would be it's can't can answer. Calling in life from now with critically injured. And that that could hit. Some of them here at all. And now the goal mark you're ought they're out. The majority of what you do that. Let's just couldn't bear to trigger a lawsuit to go up optional optional Garrett. Little what you get out here it'll your 0814 million dollar in your church. But Britain's now that you passed away EU not to let that go Craig. Uproar will be alert on your EP. You can do it. All the tickets I'll Utley will drop the lawsuit as long as the are pretty sure every case. This year to you not be able. No none of this stuff mildest of did you said was true. It doesn't matter because you go to your cricket the current structure. We hit that he not be able just just even if you can bet all the herpes and the political talk there about the party. I listen take good care of sand. I will. It looked at Connecticut new lottery here. Amity and at peace each get kicked out come down clinic others brought people like Eric gleacher SPD clinic. You. Don't seem to limit. There are important thing you guys. They're bigger and you've been Carriker and you'd be all week I've never the guy. Working comedians had a story about our great that he's. So. Yeah yeah and it edit the shape he's and it is definitely. There's definitely it is really speak or eat that yeah and the united a personal. You know what it's it'll sound crazy but I will as well that is is much troubles he had over the years dude in the bad in the struggles and opening that ridiculous bar together and that did a damn train wreck the those cats where just trying to deal with them was that just two years off your life. And but I will do this because he was he was. Match. Just bowl of chaos and every single Bob Saget until I was Bob sag came to town two weeks ago three weeks ago. In which we're talking egos. And there's you know obviously for cricket past and it is he kept talking about you'll never forget. He played Stanford he cut his finger really bad in the kitchen at the place. They took him to the hospital and dropped them off and no one ever came back together but the theory of we are all these pictures music and it egos that go Google play Google to again no call which echo and nobody victim the victim and didn't walking man that has opened the door he got out. Just sort of that there's there's never ending stories like this that people what is what would these people. Is. But it was and remember. And thank god let's remember here is is grant Albanian. I remembered this story in this disgruntled. The Green Bay and is you look at Craig and his Brothers G a sued their father Stan there was a huge lawsuit over the over who will the public of the ninety's now. Graham Bob Bailey was still alive he was the benefactor who's incredibly nice old school guy. At one point stand had borrowed money from well from grapple baby and then told him he didn't have to pay him back because he was bankrupt. And Benny went up the stairs ever distort and threw for people without PH worked it was going be double its work through it. Well. It was. I look. That I read only first cat. I had. I would do me a great actor reading articles about Craig and their goal line in one article that they'd do that so I think it's. There's a writer wrote about critic is the big war. Ed and they wrote their parents in the parking lot app support discussing. Johnny here in Israel correctly says. Credit and job. It is the most successful media personnel in the history of the city bush is the right mind. You know. And say that he hopes the movie never get me. Put it. A lot in the YouTube look a little slower like all. You could say that hurt your feelings right. You. Might brand said he ultimately move because it would cook couldn't. We don't use the the most awkward thing was part of this loss as to one part and I'm sure if we'll talk about it. You can put that he's so this lord that we you know questioning the deposition on the business. When we buy it for tickets and read it correctly. Here it was oh here it is defender Kevin Foley has habitually broadcast the full story involving money owed to him personally by the plane. And has repeatedly stated that when the plane of Greg Leasure passes away he would dig at the Koppen to harvest plane at Wrigley gold. A. Yeah awkward and is it just did things deliver. My home and it really doesn't mean that it's similar goes did you say that McGill. Yeah. And I go why is actionable Eagles know I just wanted to know somebody actually acts that. And then in the end the irony that was out of the country when he passed. To the he outsmarted me. To the end. He waited I was out of town and that he does what it did. I remember after that first trip comes with a key city. There are a little bit as bad experience. And it. You don't act at least outlook meeting Frontline. And certainly and I have as we experience and that's got to critically injured and I want to tell you what happened and I you know that'll pop the question that I. And Mike analysts are you were at the experience and abilities. I haven't personally. But I can tell you that there is a a flurry that occurred in the business. Which as you just chronically injured. You know much he would love that you know because it meant a one time I showed him the definition of social. This is absolutely after. I read the fine points of public basic points of social. When he got the fifth one. I've never seen him smile so big he had a definition and he in no way he was that the victim. Like. That. But he. You know he was never ending in this stuff me into these meetings one time you urgently pitching lately here is Greg. No I actually quickly asserted kinda good credential outcome it is a market. One good drive. So we'll call that hypocritical and grows one well. Oh what I with the blog and city I walk in one night in and talk to air the bartender. At the group ever. A what are we to grow and a look at it and she looks awful she's fierce units Lou and she's got port. You know in she's clearly nodding off her pupils are all blown out. In back. And I'm on my old she's missing the track marks. And in east he's put your down next meal let's. In an am looking I'm looking don't want no maintenance. Issue it's a meal guarantee that she's. How much money do you make. Only did I would put her out of boot public but let's just like I think. People do it on. He used the it was never renting and these will be old news to all you remember when you're around for chocolate Becky is his girlfriend. No but I read a lot about where after you eat half. So that spirited there's does let me. He used to send me every single. Voice mail she ever left him. Ever liked it she hated him so much an all she always wanted money oh I just probably just a couple mentally this is okay flick again. Yeah. Currently eighty core and click on Bainbridge. All are quite a while you're caught. Up. Caught. They. Are not yeah. A little. 00 I don't know that is just it just gets better Ole time. Honey I know you really can't you can't. Oh yeah. After the cardinal only can't that you don't like odd I'm right. All people have been column. Are very. That would do Saturday. And all of a week and all of the common eight. Start making. An apple I'm. Aren't up what I'll call eight the car although it. The out constantly or Carl Neill I outlook and I'll. And after the literally only. In eighty wouldn't color and she would get super pissed off like. She would. I am I'm where. I. While. No court. It's not out of a it. Ever. I. Ever. Army we're. I. She can't support that are. Able person as a whole. Oh. Let me. One car met and all the I. Yeah. You get the heat at all. You. Run it are not babbling we have to get an. I. It I. If I've got it you can't. Do what happened what got me. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. The group could. Go. A little bit. I think it's pretty clear that this evidence that critical as the real. It really was and then my favorite like your real of this. She interest you know. Obviously she had a crazy temper and then she tried to to cut it smoothed over but she couldn't get all we do that the messenger that kicked him in the balls once. The 8 AM marry me Arlen. You are fairly you know really a lot. Are we there lap Utley is a ballot by editing and the answer the all week or are we currently. And Abdullah at wide out of it right it would help you. It ain't that goal ought to. Happen I don't know what they're talking about. Hey I look at love and our outlook Margaret hang out you know I don't pay that goes from law I'm hungry I'll have seen. Your group or ignorant that are signal on MP act and my email I don't know what they have. You almost. So current. And until the last place he is the one that they. It just exploded and appeared yet prepared prepared. The guy we are ultimately they've already written and we do but I never dealt. I. Open a little bit. And here are we. Are there. Who. Little Dick bitch became thus all the way. And eat in no way was he loved those things look to you couldn't wait to send them to. He's busy now funny it was funny crazy was crazy man that's the thing you always got to give him he knew what funny was man. You know it. It I felt like there's a lot of self awareness there. And he kind of care or my mind here but there was also eagle all of the picture I. I look. Article that I read about in this. Further with the so that. Really that line. So silly but critics who ordered what you call them to repeat. There. It. Was that they killed. He was he was a career is a crazy as it is in whose album and who were in that lawsuit he's like and you know the places that you've heard this has died at Johnny there we called a racist that was like well. I don't know if you heard this lawyer for him you think he's a racist not not really. Probably. He's fit weird things. They do the. And. I'm gonna let it roll game they've got. It's usually both. Like you could vintage. Wow. It. Crazy it's you know Craig wasn't the only characters in the building you know his Brothers were tortured characters in its end and the real. Keen in the senate does it feel knowing that we're all of that in its its short amount of time out. In Genoa. Jack was like the sweetest man he the poor guy didn't get the brains out of that the crew no enemy and he. But he was but Boller might all art the sweetest. And when I was really sadly I didn't hey Jeff we just he just decide you can be pivotal and always give the news Gregory. Pius. I'm going to be element do what we talked about here's some. Good. I. Yeah yeah there and it has. He's what is happening text in the yeah amendments recipes criteria. Current. It means that. It's it's gotten on the you know don't look back in here or is that. There are those. Stories and will live on in the alleged. You know what I mean the book thinking of staying and he never let the truth to that if agrees to the book is incredible. Always that torture because. You know he was an important in and in the world because almost naked a snitch it was a it was a deputy like all the we you're a criminal when you've got caught you read it to you guys and yeah snitch you've got a report would fight its its so it is now. Let informants. Whatever. What I can't remember but I remember early on hearing that story of the week Anderson let's hear what they're like you know the story. Intimidated William believe never came back. I know Gallagher punched. Little skinny and crazy Gallagher punched him. Well. Yeah. Yeah oh yeah he'll be here is about a buck twenty. And he's old is a meal costs and he really is like again like eight I yet to give the look like. Looked out we keep the conversation on the here where I. Phil you'd love you and it's an important part comedy yeah we have the conversation where's the next thirty minutes talking about the sledge. Which one do you want to repeal goblins. And he's always be cooled me but. It's just. I'm the one I'm gonna do it you'll Morton and with this this is Craig and of course here's the part two of the most. He immediately says. Bill Ayers. Knowing. Greg wants more than anything is for me to played on the air like you it's just he's he's fast but he tells the story. Charlie oh my god oh about college but lately we feel like that age and title. Gallagher. In open door for thirty years. It would be most saying we're the picture Carl are. In order again like read a book. This true what you guys did and BC media explaining how I want to do you BR could actually bought it recluse past. You know gave it my book by that which could give you Jack about the fact that eat foods that are. What are like I'm here for have a tiger that I did a great deal of care. It was like during the club book I don't know what to do it and I was explaining the problem in the car. He tore the oil and what may or and he was serious or. Pulled over what you know it took it will go what are you ready by you know I'm gonna run my life I'm a trained professional. I know why do media quit running my life I dagger blow up. Or you're out your I don't know what to do and Speedo. It is published there you go on the show was almost full well what we're doing discourage person I'd put all they want a picture. We hate that they're old Leo it's the most plea person. You know a lot of crazies what curse Leo what about visual. Speaking personally assess. Without this week a charge that commerce Georgia and Turkey or. Sold out show by us were true. Choked with smoke goes what is it won't put a complete joke Gallagher bludgeoned. There was quality doesn't go to states outspoken as a group running getting we quarter or partly. Or. What we're going to extol the Acura. Cowardly for extreme cold short. Way. Watching them at worst you just go go week circle jerk who Oscars the Golden State's. Public report. He goes or or or have built them where you we will get up on the stage people waiting a couple of jerk. We marched them that we got stage closed earlier like only sing on stage. Offstage was ward did you ever is that sure we're going. Do I'll go call your prior quarter order your crazy. Or America can do the problems he's out of this. She uses that you're the only show he was even normal the other ones who wouldn't talk to. All right to not play the talk radio and did you get that will be in my next book irregular hole chipped become a chuckle out of the question. They help. I mean is he here Craig saying. As an example of is. I couldn't have been nicer to them. It example as I couldn't have been nicer club I'd give him my book and I even autocrat. I look at the airport or at night. I could ignite here. It is a litter and. It's eighties he's at bay it is all kind of sink you think is you know with you know again it was always one of those on off again relationship plea. It was so good at radio and he was really good at knowing what company was about. It's just everything else but it was a torture. In that it'll it's it's you know he'll never be a part of it again it is it's too early to go. Yeah they have been you know the end there a few times I would step up and you know what went through it like that way also. You know that broke apart haven't lost since. Having last year. And it would and so yeah. But yeah I. That subject. Timmy isn't. What you what do you think. We think mediums that are do you think you said losing Jeff or not seen his movies get made. Absolutely. Everybody would movie yet and that. You can get. Credit and and the worst. Is over at that exit bunch on FaceBook page in the and I hate that I can separate it perfectly as I don't. And they needed to work with the again. I enjoy really did hearing historic site that you would like to the right there. There's people. If there. If he acted you or that it can be frustrating you appreciate them from the as you know that. I think you know that's exactly right. He it was like watching a guerrilla fling who once somebody else. A year let me. And why does the entertaining at sacred spot you yet it's working with an electric. Beat a different. Circumstances. You know but it but I missed the Bible. And a cross comedy I'm telling you he is a record sure. Absolutely com. Everyone comedy as a story correct and the and you know are all that I kept my old stories. But I hit it is god and it's you know. That the tragedy that all the little Brothers on your screen and but you can vote yet again and wait too long ago we thank you for not talk about a year yet let's. And aim and meet the improper and that I mean I'm tired of screw these guys let's like it we'll we'll guarantee the every show we'll sell out and we'll do you do that Thursday Friday Saturday or at least a Friday Saturday and engage you in here and and and just. Re acquaint a bunch of people how incredibly talented you because you've been busy. But we didn't do you live anywhere Craig at this thing and all these years I've known you. I only know you to be on the road at all times if you're not doing comedy your hang with that out if you're at it with another and but it's. Always every day on the road. I book all right sounds all well United States. Around baseball games football games. And concerts so that I can. Go to every. Stadium. A lot of it. People in the it well every stadium you know so. And I wanna keep as many concerts it's always just the struggle last week that he but part. There are part of culture. He he would. Mike McCready mixed in appeared on a comedy special look at the couple years ago. Call the worst congress shall ever once you immediately cool video. I was with my two to go at Rick field. And he let me just build on stage them. The justice idiots in this. Yet it's really great. In and a but it all. The response to that question is I have a home in Los Angeles I'm just never home. And I'm always done that but we're actually is the idea that they have that it shall come to figure that those guys different mind I it is. Get Johnny walking out of that span and then a potential beacon but I. Yeah over at the end Prague yesterday and Ethan praying for awhile he wants it's easy to come out so it's true that the outlook. Yet let's talk about the bigger and there's so much depth to share what you guys like if you're an idealist you're. And you don't know the whole precast there's more rock and roll and more funny bizarre situations. If you've never have you ever seen anybody eighteen year old birthday party picture in the kitchen and then he points out as you realise that slash that's nothing that's Axl Rose. Prior to being huge. Like just eye on the cost of appetite for destruction it though he goes on and on and on Metallica's like. Well walls and by the way it's the greatest. Lars Ulrich impersonation. In the history of colors. When when who wears a few large either airliners. It won't hurt you. If you compare it to leak the port could be a lot all. Every time I talked to clear from seven dust and it's always the same. I like the did this story. Largely took seven dust out east is legendary. Legend. Wait which what do we talked about what what are you could rattle when he these guys I haven't faced that. On you're OK I was just in Atlanta. Two weeks ago and it drummer in not just. In the yeah mortgage and oh director public pressure and we. Well it this year's eve 99 going to go out. How is warmly at the Pontiac. Silverdome. Where the Detroit Lions he. And the bills put it this concert honorable and even if calico. That it is and their view. They're called separate. And Morgan told the story. You know. Clinic whose well undermine. He served as a couple that you go out Clint at that time in his life. Clear. Did not like people but it's great don't hear about people what's in his face you also. Has a sensitivity. To any jokes about it indeed your heritage he's part Cherokee I believe. Com we'll take it milk and also at the time there was trying. Struggling. We're staying sober. So a lot of reason to go about playing. That in mind is that he does like anybody touching it states. You struggle over a bit like any jokes about his ear heritage archer. Walked into the threat perception that it's a well built in the room except for Clint and Martin walks. And with its hand. It actually goes. Wears what well. How. We've grown up at the protocol. The I want to see it all. Just over the port of low hall. Well. You're out at a Google. More blocks or repair their ilk are all. So much every day in. And what that come out and have a barbecue and now because it's. If you want a really cool video post oh. Will air on stage what he'd pop O Reilly. At great reach a 20. She just hear it on your pay for it. I will to listen. We're gonna get a date together and and I've got to share would you disgrace land. So I bought some some land bought my house so we're gonna have the god and a barbecue you've ever seen it's got a pond. Thirty acres we got flame throwers oh we're gonna do at all. I think if you thought about how. What is already. Get. I always gotten weird it's super route that you will have full appreciation that you will enjoy it. What won't have to opt out vertical to apple that. That Libya Achille to see Craig and we'll talk today about what you've got an idea for. You're funny man I. What you.