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Thursday, December 14th


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Born December 19 in Long Island new York and he's a magician illusionist and musician ex keep Paula just stunt performer and who has won multiple awards as Los Vegas magician of the year as well as being voted magician century. You've seen his television show mind freak. He's shown in Las Vegas is one of the time she goes on the strip and now is Michelle christening. The mind freak unplugged comes to the Midland theatre on January 16. Please welcome illusionist. Chris seemed to hope. Oh. The trip Diane Sawyer good good man you guys really against him excited about that for him. Yeah I'm breaking it might. World premiere of our brand new show called raw at the middle and generate sixteenths some very excited to look. To be on chortling nine TDs and two weeks with a brand new show in the it's gonna be Austrian and it's great to be back on initial. And you have you ever been through Kansas City before the show. No I didn't think so I was I don't act because you're you've not toured a lot it's it's always been. You know you go to Vegas and CU or or watch the TV show but it's as ours right now and you had done this amount because this is going to be a lot of work this whole new thing. Yeah its is that something like that nine cities in light less than two weeks from doing. And that number should be doing is I have like 34 losses in the structure of that. And we're going to be hit the road and speaking on the road and that you know bringing out the insane. You know life glowing choked to legitimately and then people conceivable. It's like fighting chance because two pieces. I let the teaching and you don't really kind of hit it into Mitch. With its content under the magic lot of audience participation. Things that did it just treaty. My three different sought you know that's pretty stoked character which you know. It's Wall Street pulled that other delightful. Full reasonably certain that an and then that's pretty cool whip creepy stuff that people feel that you want mind freak you know with. With people. From the audience on peace formula made. Q did you know Christopher and and doing that this performance that would really such people far. About. What happened a tragedy policy if so. It's really contribute or the first show it to be perfect picture to be content magic ritual Altria which could be creepy scary. Sexy. Heart warming. And multiple spectacular month. When I mean that's that's what people dead and you know it's funny usually of the you know there's of the of the fund curmudgeon in this world like you know magic unreal like. Is entertainment rilya dummy because I think it is and that's that's the key is it's fun to be entertained it's fun to see shows and things you've never seen and if you are here Criss Angel show especially in person like that where it lives that we're most excited. Yet people being yelled at and make me the opportunity to escape reality. All of these greens might my idea trend throughout the effort at the in the world that what they do. And they're going to be participating insurance well. Do what they do that said that. Yeah I guarantee you people see things that that'll blow their mind and you know what some of the Israel and some of that illusion that pops to delete it departments. You don't look it flies you know and so a lot people could have that opportunity and it's going to be able. That's let me bachelor might be like them Houdini fan I mean I'm just. You know and if you if you into the Houdini museum the small one in New York City in Manhattan on the second floor of that building. It is like three things and it's not been but I but I know it well it's true people that happened there and and stepped yet right. I own a lot of tricky yet pieces. And I have like a little. A little area in my own world showcase postings are very cool if you equity check out. And know that 81 tackles on the straight jacket or whatever you have built with these sort. There's almost none out there there's almost no real Houdini memorabilia. Out there at all because I think view and then I think Copperfield what a bunch and it's really very little on the were on the market genuine. Yet they got hit a lot of sort of stopped in the real bout is expensive but that it's it's really cool about them. And you know I think pretty neat on what that NATO air act is the critical that we could not terrorists. And what he did like people I hope people would take more than. The heat he was so funny is he was angry at Ted. Parker's seal mediums and people who preyed on people's emotions but. He was also you know there's talk about what's behind you talk about what he had done may you know he irritated cops and and authority figures because he thought they felt that he was undermining them by being able to escape. I mean it was a lot more than just putting on shows. I can't refute definitely a pro market tour you know he would keep you parties. The media packet that they need these type that trigger people. You know that would be something that people would talk about liberate the cooking that. Video war which each string in the tape that nineteen early nineteen hundreds so late he keep hundreds. Bill that would you know frowned upon but he beat you that and you can excuse what you wanted to show people that he without hiding in the actual Cheney's learning like that. So that you accumulate very provocative things that he was a very old kind of guys and you know cute cotton TV blood in front now press the. Yeah right that's and that was the model and I and I seal out of that would you Chris could you you understood from the beginning you took magic out of like he kind of got that nerd feel like beekeepers your grandfather was in Q and all of a sudden it was it was young again it was weird and dangerous and it was. It was it just it was about your right media is about. That means security in the McCain meet magic's pop culture he was you know beat beat its celebrity's. Across that entertainment. Lance keep you wish you'd. You know really yeah other people throughout the course of history. You know that would work product of the conflict that the Fatah conflict we dug any. At the time since the instead they'll and culturally options that absence of of the time to meet the pop culture. And I just was inspired by used to because like this musicians to prosecute and TP and pop culture which in my blood. And so I wanted to have. If you look of my presentation. To the defense. What I was attracted to what I want the form be stopped that I would want yet achieved drone and so when people come to law. The accuracy of marriage so they have been experience such event like really connect to them. And to give them that opportunity to escape yet vacancy or magic didn't show that government television. It looks statement stop big if you that they didn't get much more adequate. You know the whole family is gonna keep things that are real. Well the line between the outfield positions that they get a few things that are just like they'll be walking on screwdrivers. Protected on my entry you know which is. Mind over matter ticket and beyond you're just he's. Demonstrations. And so many of them that. That they get an opportunity to participate in the get populated 1000 dollars to this challenge at their. It's just a crazy crazy charitable and the show something I've been dying to be felt for years. Finally. Put it together and could hit the road to middle and so it's really excited. It is going to be excited I'm going to be there because I've never got a chance to see you. In Kansas City a place like the Midland which is such a perfect venue dated like at thirteen million dollar renovation to take him back to the original look. And so it's got this great turn of the century by it's a beautiful place and just the way it's set up it's gonna be absolutely perfect for up for what the show is going to be Chris. Yeah when we were GAAP screens this so. Doesn't matter what team you're in you'll be able to see everything and that all of my close up magic of their field on the screen if you can't get up close. I am and people got a lot of people participate. In different demonstrations because you know Shawn being against. It's my streak and it's it's amazing it's you know that beta two different type show that is so much much different show. And and one that really involved people. You know ways. That I that I don't to a policy and so it's a very cool opportunity get to meet people interact with people and public people and if you keep the last few their minds blown. And give them an opportunity to cut fifty practicality that that's really very very different than we've seen in the world magic. What's gonna be fun for you because it's free to do my free but when you're in the same. Venue with the same workers and you have a set deal. It can become not easy to do but but you know you there's less chance for a mistake whereas now your new venue you've got to have some new crew it's. It's all mobile it's a brand new show yeah so sure this is gonna get you let. Like Ruddy. I'm on tour right now what might treat I mean not even lost bigotry in I mean fox particular etiquette. And I am doing it church there were trees sold out boldly chosen. Last month as well. So I'm dying to speed up next week up about in Las Vegas doing my entry lies at the Luxor. So I'm dying to get out there and do law. Because it's full and do it gives me the opportunity it's to really challenge myself and really trust myself with a brain ratio. Brave new venues and get to see these incredible people that support it means it's given me the opportunity to do so. I'll take it back to give them and I had done that again. Actually and another Pelosi you at the Midland theatre January 16 and and I definitely let's talk again before the should focus this thing's gonna sell out fast that nice pictures tickets and Chris we'll talk very human have a great weekend. Tell that he's got me out thankfully US president hopes to see you all up the middle gently. Excuse but yeah.