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Monday, May 14th


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Born may seventeenth and myself. A graduate from Gonzaga University. Degree in psychology if you were his family counselor before he moved to stand up. You've seen him on this and they killed Conan it's comic standing and you've seen this comedy specials revenge isn't here. With the capital. And don't wake from the air you can hear his podcast at times tough time south podcast dot com. And his new album media and the problem is available on iTunes and Amazon. Please welcome. It and you. Apple announced a real good about partly. Due to the Simpsons opposite of a life we'll handle it yourself. Yeah well site goes election and your loved. Sometimes he gets lonely and if you think you know makes many many forms. I think that enable people. What they act like how people can expand like. You gotta get a wake great can't like talked to add at least at the gate police involved. Yet yet I. I'd never got beat up late if I add one girl. Of soccer and she's the weird thing you didn't like it peculiar after we broke up actually. She could show that the weren't working with a large like you're very. Slight drop stopwatch where a man. Every like I could value. Like I doubt. If I could look. At at at air. We are picking out outlets did you Jeffrey Toobin is through its but the group trying to shoot him in the head in the parking lot with a Glock. Had a cyclist I had had her arrest at a waffle and an international house of pancakes. It wasn't Japanese. Pounds I was pat Dixon who was fed ex my apologies yet pat Dixon had a group so crazy that. She came she was outside he saw her went out to meet her and that's who she pulled the Glock had tried to shoot him in the head with a nine millimeter. I am at the plate he would do you feel like I'll put you hear that story like Michelin dollar restaurant. In the valley part of that. Hugo. It's likely culprit and walk out out market advocate it is getting it at that op Ed all of our elders that. Only on an anniversary them all the and effort here. You like and it was wells I think that the reason a guy stays the cycle is there's direct correlation between the quality of the weeds in the craziness in her. Yeah yeah yeah Betty and yet here if your beat out. By your lady and there's that great effect happening I bet you're really. That that that's a genuine abusive relationship. You see this is this is the kind of stuff that you've covered. In your podcast times and it's too weird stuff. He website yesterday. I think it was true to be called basically just a bunch of different articles about everything from Q killers to spooky forested. A photographs you know from the past and stuff that's it explained. Quite ready to talk like that yet we all kind of weird stuff like apple figured. Now being the men in black today. In the pre Gary regulate big river killer Jack over the last week. So much weird stuff everybody's got. But. I think 25 to thirty original Manson letters in the book he's he's the self. At all he's right like I don't written letters like. Well Bonnie. Now he was a collector's summit but he collected easy but when I was in the course by it but I've been that even exact seconds. Haunted museum in Vegas. Now would now like it was like that yes he's even in war. We've the other night. I've been to the death museum in Los Angeles which is that the Brothers to that you know same owners. And that's the business that's a big creepy Dave. Yeah they're they're wondering. Too much for that they had Luke they'll get people die out like I got. Look at the about it it's it can can. You can Ziggy graphic at the museum of death that when that would does it really hard court they had to know the guy from the murder junkies. I won't be so they had it was his brother and so his brother reenacted his entire the weight took they had a model of the courts. And new suspense over the top and of course on the serial killer in the cult murders and that and that the vigils to god creates the koresh's. You know in the junior hello. That I'm like yeah and out the let's elect elect and digging deeper Butler got talent but then again. Here that way. You know I thought I don't you ever hear the it girl ultimately you're the you're. That letter fire starter and cruel to animals that would like huge indicator of the culture. She collected the McDonald's try it felt that that can hear Ridley as he got fired. Yeah out cap. And and he he was you'd of that letter that apparently he's been letter let's let the bitter about it Bentley is Bob. Would walk should not after I think he's done. And I would bet and I hit a coat and. In the fourth. Late late late. Like there are looking yeah it will clean when he. And. Its revenue up the dirty bits where she. You have dealt itself. You know pediatrician I would be hard I'll probably watch him now. He may be Lockett I opt. Here 45. So the I learned. I learned that that is not true act like an urban legend there actually is in the courtly. Between those three things that are worried because I thing it. Animals. It was borderline rule. What an animal like that cap that they're glad that particular I think I like you'll look at. I would like it to yet in my mom dialogue in the middle of a burglar. I would doubt it. And the bottom of my mom nylon and I would swirled around what helicopter Blake. It in the capital make helicopter bound air act. Or. That you it's it's so weird if you've ever delved into the staff Pete do you sometimes feel a little creepy doing all the subject research. Oh sure sure. Because you you'd be doing everything from demonic possession to lost books of the Bible from west Borough Baptist lunatics to. You know the deal ski Brothers and articulate and BI. There's a never ending what your creepy at the egg overload him and I've done to myself from like that it would the stuff. Oh yeah I do like you these are like they do like that in the you know people think that it may think these guys appear at the moment. It big like that existing doubt. What about them at all happy. Back out there that that it is to watch. Yeah like. Green River view that that it act. I mean she's playing well we think the woods. Yet looked it up corpses. And the first the old America racked. And by the and you talk about it now if you're white backed away at work. Well they just caught the guy whose accounts when guys got the district level yet and yet and and that's. That's pretty over the time it was it Patton Oswald's. Now deceased oh yeah. I mean I think what. And that she had written a book on cheap and politics they really give a lot of credit back she kept that case warm and then finally the DNA came back and pinched his old guy 72 years old he got away with a man. Without this and he would have what you did on the rest of his life somehow we got bored and I didn't picture a killer ever stopped. Like it added I would think so you don't earlier it was like. If they get away and walk out I think at Wrigley like long he slowed way down. At the end and act of a bank cut him and all the way it happened early 1982 in the streets eighth and and over the years years years. And the idea that my camera. But they held onto it a crime figures years. But finally the technology all the exact match. He pulled out a way out it is it. We are greatly all people 8834. And then by the end you'd just like the pocketed baker. The people who live by the end like. That the main complaint about that they would shut up. Then he had at Kansas it was Bob Mondello was a big one. He's sick and that we had judge Johnny Robinson that was do it he started out as a he was a weird transition if he went from bondage guide to the slave master until he couldn't get off on that anymore on the total donation of human and that came if you just are killed and stuff when barrels. And yet you let you know not to follow US EUK. Well we don't yet that you decided which Italian. Ultimately that became more fun and and the actual killing. I guess that there yet he asked the police he that in you like the fact that you could get it straight at my computer right. A tree and it may be viewed correctly that are meant not cool they get like yep that would threaten. So good so good excitement of then you flip it around like on these times a podcast let's took about death. Like LBJ's giant penis which I didn't know about until I started reading this book from a Secret Service agent who we met and he didn't go into great detail only that. LBJ knew that they used to be a swimming pool in the in the White House it is incidents I'd put it you know the story right. Oh yeah like as you'd like openly slam and Margaret I want to show opposite doll. So he detonated. These guys from other nations you know he got prime minister importance. And he'd say we all skinny dip is Earl and so they don't have to be some did you get the guys from China Japan and and you come out Texas as we. It was psychologically damaging to them before the negotiation. Oh yeah yeah that he had called Jumbo BP or the big server and out law so it felt odd future to get it out. And there was one reporter. It is opening the door open that there. And and just like that reporter who interviewed all he widgets young dog out. And that supposedly won at every act like Al. Why why you would like Vietnam referred to resolve that that's why. Makes no cost and it is very funny across the board. It estimate yet of every year global history. Yet look a lot at one. It is up. Won't do what we just it'll make you feel better about yourself if you distribution will agree comedian Dave Cummins this is weird to me because. I love you stand up and and it's good image we and that's the thing it's always had that quirky things do it in and I really love. But now this is this podcast to me it also feels so good that you're doing it like like this might be your new thing. Oh Berkshire and that's what they're and what we'll come up like you know despite all that I ever had my life. And it accommodation that the podcasts like to start with and that the fight it out here every week. Onside. And yet had like some decal they can act as if it's that allow. Let's did you teams. I know I don't like. A book to direct it here picture right here in law. It's great. Like to use it I booked the rest of this year. Yeah that would be it animated and it about I'd like that at. Everything. Let's talk about HH Holmes nobody HH Holmes who probably six or seven years ago. He would die. He was amazingly prolific and got away with and diabolical is ability to conduct it leaves a mixture of a kind man in a serial killer. Yet peaked our about the the were you missed it I believe. And then he. And they'll quote is it what you like they did a great. They'll quote it to light you know university medical or any ability that money in that. And yet he got a Chicago. What world they're saying it was more about body. It is that everything worked as a threat it like out until he built the team hotel. Almost for free you hire one contractors are working with him a lot to keep Orkut. No doubt be paid and they you know they leave that job site. You know make it historic I might later you're. Another group are our partners are organs out and make you the people to tackle too much there you know like people think he could kill. It appeared. And then he filled with maids who were. I wouldn't have family or they'd be Eddie. Illegal aliens when they did and nobody was gonna listen and then he was offering them. And this this place and rooms they didn't have you had trap doors and it always didn't go anywhere and all that led to the basement. Crematory in the debate that he brings that you'll have to look at people. Deposed leader what room he could like that begat a fire burned to death. He would get their insurance money you have young woman like that didn't look you know we're estranged from their camp allot time. And he would give a white teacher while he picked out that then they disappear. And I keep it objective replica if they're they're truly is a public skeptical that truly get the chance he could have also been Jack the Ripper. As an act crazy. That is you can it was all about the same time for him but but the heat was you Monday that he was he is. Yet there he. Of the branding is this from using college because I kept the body style business with that person would actually robbed their is that for parents like Chappell wanted. Where actor you're killing. And at one point your property records where I can tell you about something open air area for a little while. If there's period 1888 his whereabouts work counted or they think you want there's no truth to it helped a lot of. You know arguably kept that record what you do I was a record. There is that you would open air and if you look like lead up to him but there is that it gets an leak yeah that. Who get them provided it does look like an AK tell ultimately couldn't help would be. Any media at all. Listen to sack with the income that was podcast. I it's it's the next level I I'd I'd like to know where you were the night that Art Bell died because I feel like you should be under suspicion. It I have been very art it. Apathetic. Are built so eco. I was at a by. The. I don't know I actually I don't. Should you look at the IRR. That he has over eight like I. You'll be that. We recovered the free based kissed he is a hardcore. Try to Mason and so it was moos on the show and that. See you did have the bonus fifteen on this free masons when you original calls of the curious and are they did the looming on. Like like yourself what speculate it will even with accurate they're all teary. It it was a rebate then they killed those women in which almost went in because. Prince Albert. It's supposedly by actual. Black male crouched over late Gypsies app is. In the crowd like if that's what it will make people that the killing I'd be crazy over the body. Online you look at remake it via YouTube you read the comment section. Half the people in their state. Right. Being as I know lose and moment and T who. Are the least evil human beings and maybe you've never met so lonely he might have a touch of evil but the other two don't think you're capable of that the true. So she'll pass nature of serial killer I you know as you guys a month hats in the tiny cars I don't think you guys running universe. Now welcome here noted it out I got a remake that. It secret group it drives people crate. Don't want to group the group shot toward that might take pictures at speaker and say it is going to be torture population up creek bank. We figured it out. Skull and bones. Skull and bones that they aren't closely there was a video and a nation that that they're acting out some kind of a ritual that it's not real but everybody's head game completely awe because it it's got a bunch of you know. Said. It. And Elizabeth were on the people just symbolism my guess eight that was happening all the ritual. Oh yeah yet a lot to do it that part out there people out but funny. I have a second tier I thought for a walk all the big blizzard after that little bit and body. And we had a weird secret and Jake. And well played music together and it that mattered not it be growth is that wanted to result in fact I of people out there that they live body okay they're a part of it. But if you talk about even you get a little bit political battle in that in them and mind control categories like pizza gate how make a how to make life selling the truth. It was a well labels said if you want a light that if you tell a lie long and if it becomes the truth and. Oh yeah yeah. He gave Big Apple actually make real effort. On gotten people that need every day actually because I want to beat me try like NN our satellite out with your career thing. You know how how great you did I think he's here. No need and he didn't used easily cruising crazy as likely as you walk into the joint you act like you're the craziest bastard in the late that's the idea that we don't picturesque. Britain is that would even that be agree or what I try to believe that we'll like at the peak negate. Know that it would greatly where we have all these Twitter spot all the you creepy fake web site if you could pay people they think Eastern Europe. Not a lot of money to create a fake web site and push out whatever message you want and they put your heart out. And real people put the same act act in each American people and I'll say Twitter account underneath them. It'll start to trend at the dark trend that real people will see it not dig it it was back then they'll tweak it between your. And treat them people that they call it but the truth I hear all that basically that's that would be. I was out. And I should here on the fake newspaper is big news that such an interesting phrase. It remind me of of some other parts of history so I look back at and raise ludicrous. And I'm sure you've made this loop and press was one that was called back when a guy and refusing. And he said the Jews run the press the media is against BC can't leave anything you write the newspaper because it's on who can press so when I heard the phrase used again elect EEE history always repeats itself. And by the way right now he's the closest one because it was the forties but there's many many versions is exact and. Ball and oh yeah. Like Portland and I like that your lead hopeful that I'll let that. I never thought propaganda the air analysis tool will be even like double that I. It was not actually it was the people here feel about it goes back to expect that if you're that far out there that they collect articles I. The people always like it that all single people think that got called patent Jewish banker in the bunker so called in the world economy. It like that look back this early literature called fort although I have which was created by essentially the precursor to the KGB who is Russian property. Yeah. The formal FaceBook. And we have some media we had a school property until I have bombs at my house over 1973 Vietnam propaganda. It. And I've been making liquor liquor cabinet. We've got to we wouldn't we didn't have the votes we know them detonated high altitudes and it would drop leaflets which we use FaceBook and he. Yet it's the worst build this stuff went to Russia. I books build this stuff. We did that emanated and that's the way we've always circumvent their national news page as a matter if book or its droppings. It's that's. Dignity people he met with enough that we support the populations are to believe that the whole latter move. Yeah out like. Start up you know I think the hell they're about videos on line at spotlight that activists like they have billing dispute. I feel like a lot of people or more people aren't like all Breeders' Cup to. I mean they're not. That yet. But you know you can read or over and over and over and now that portion. Think your stuff. It's crazy. It's crazy. People look you in the jungle Aerosmith living on the edge what do you think it's about. And that's what's. I had peoples it proves just hope we don't look you right the hi DeLia I'm like look man I know you drive a car even had kids. Film and you seem to be a productive members of sake but you believe that got hit back hard edge of the years. You laughter god damn. What I look like it get that mentality like it like it occur could get the big ball coming out by. Now. It now at its. Think people that are you wet weather that we went to the moon a much. It. Beckett cited the latter that are act here it's part of the letter or deport the people that thing. It did the American stake in the lane picture of the Russia we are superior. You know it or technology like the military life. We had no. Winnetka a look at the end ever it. We've been they eat every extra base that they keep. The roots go. And really the real lose this year actually flat. And and that he felt that evil leader I Walt weird in the world I Walt without any air. That the appetite dark quality guy quality it goes you'll see it it is the and you get to the aliens too that are that believe the world. Well guys it may. It airs foray into crazy when adversary in the showed that twenty years ago that those guys when you talk about the ripped millions and they were taking him right arm and then you can sometimes see videos they say that. At they're they're looking at somebody on camera and they'll lose their facade permit and then go reptilian that operate back and human again. It it went the wrong way what we're hopeful. And that it. Oh my is the thing I was asking him fancier flat yet okay. So why are we lying to people about whether it's flatter around what is the what's the reason behind the lie what nobody seems to have a good it. But we got so. Somebody other than lease out real people were saying it was a big lie in the military perimeter out wall to keep people from. Being able to see date yet again there. And I at a military contractors. Then did he eat he found out what the comfort in the latter how much it would cost to create a military perimeter defense that the and actually manic. And basically the operating buddies you round I truly and it would cost 75 trillion to guard the wall but their no vote. I can look at it if these guys have done it they're they're hemorrhaging money like no it never embers but people like no wonder we're debt at a. Might it might pretty quickly install the people and in Hawaii right now Google flatter at home so where does this volcano coming for a right thank seemed to be a lot of hot molten lava coming Aniston from a very thinner that seems impossible. What a lot of burger or problem don't leave Australia fear that with. Don't think it real. I don't I don't they are Kinect but everyone. Really is a liar. A lot early but the problem wouldn't. And I thank you art but I brought it around the latter. It. Great it yet we we knew we don't have to be logical and you don't need any reason in your life pretty pretty incredible what you believe everything that crap. Aussie guys if you find this fun hey listen the time suck and I could do this all day but I don't forget he's got a new CD baby and the problem on iTunes and Amazon. Make you do and the problem Dan common CU MMI in this. And that may like chaos I can do so that you ever need anybody extra on the show I'm always. It I would love ya I got an idiot I got Abby yet I don't have. We get myself I would love to have you use that he felt what ought to be a very that would bring. Listen I your and that might world and everything from designer babies to the Jonestown master from calendar oh. To Pablo Escobar exist I think it's in interest in the world would it. Yep Miami is being active and people people who are or acute before it. But he is well. You guys by the times time so I guess that's one word times and Cummins thanks relationship the whole thing out. So it's good to hear voice I hated you looked up only two next year but let's get to the props. Secure and they've got about Obama talk. About it.