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Thursday, September 6th


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David Huggins who stop by before. And he's a great cast. Hoboken, New Jersey group and the backwoods Georgia believes he was abducted. A hundred times. I'm all kinds of encounters had made over sixty hybrid children with crescent. Is alien locker room and now there's a documentary. Our next guest is in New Jersey man who claims to have a special relationship with the aliens. Having lost his virginity at 817 to a must beat the remained crescent. Eventually fathering over fifty alien human hybrid babies with her. Tells his story is this alien encounters through his paintings. And now you can walk through a story on Amazon and iTunes and other digital platforms in the documentary but saucers and please welcome from David Huggins. David Huggins how. You did. Very well good morning good morning and you New Jersey is that you're you're in Hoboken currently. You know we we had you before you know I think you're fast it. We have what stars for the beginning of those who don't you were seventeen years old in the woods of Georgia what part of Georgia. Our older and don't have friends of the Mary and activists. I actually know it's further out it was about. Forty miles from Atlanta north and north of Atlanta. Okay in des CU we're just seventeen years old you would wonder about the woods. Carelessly. All of those out walking around the woods. And I've got to negotiate fairly. And under the woman. You're living under Corey. She looked at this strange. English he got you all to. And an extreme no I'm holding out and now. And I'm all around them. And should get out. And you looked very. Little. And you would not try and act I'm staring at a and I want. Yeah I don't know what he's feeling and you in fifteen minutes did you actually came through Egypt shall not remember what had happened. My pants down around on the eve. And anyway I got really geared I've got. Up or not and now we own. So did you have a choice in this David did you feel like. You feel like you're raped. I don't know what they it was great coming. Where Google will we grow its richer than it was against your will. Well. I'm thinking it is and I'm thinking but it wasn't until it's very attracted to. He's an exemption to say next that you liked switches. Now so this goes home he don't tell anybody act soon because and make yourself crazy. At the time did you realize she's is a very unattractive woman this is some of the she's not from here and there's something going on here. You know that's what I was thinking back like who leash. She had black air strip eight total current rates usually apple. She absolutely large. And she grew yet looking. She didn't they very much electorally and that was that. You can think she might bishop a kooky hillbilly I mean. I've been to Georgia and there's some odd ducks. It's a big into Georgia and some odd looking people he could've just been that unity could have been used it to a kooky looking hillbilly type. No no market. The US this goes on the that you must go home now you see more than a hundred encounters and you've made these paintings after. And in each one and I've so many questions I kinda wanna move quickly would this but there's a painting. A view in that field with her on top of view cowgirl style and that's that's it to you you look clearly unconscious or dead in the picture. And she is. Making love to hear that and that's like a view from the hill above. Yeah. So the next when asked about what's the one where she's putting something up your nose and other aliens holding on. Don't let you know about maybe nudge me and so. I listen not bad. They came in they took me out. And if full adept at some type of figure equal that was in the sky. And we go inside. I'm looked a little credit. I have no. Part of the color of and the woman comes. Bench I am looking at her on the ticket for the great one of the treatment that lecture mob. He just gave you a week. She smiled and. They're cheap cable which you can. All. He. A couple denied on. And she had a lucky lot and so a lot. And cute certainly did not know. And she loved ones in Abdullah wanted to attack again and back. And that will. Situation will be boosting heart that you are. You a lot more thing what she did. And so there's all these different. Memories out now have you always had these memories and because they fled back Q at some point is there any time that you forgot and then remembered everything or they've always been. We know. It was weird. In. And the obvious 1987. That would yeah. Harmonic convergence. And how old having a really hard time I didn't know what was going on. And and you can't call an article about. The top. That would look intruders. So I wanna look forward. And that at this bookstore but they do it at let them to another bookstore. They didn't. Slow walking back toward the house stand. The only the first two that it won't do came rushing on that date. And her friend explains the ball deep to achieve. One ridiculous and if you look at it that much. Except when. Are you. You give him that. So he did so. It's and well. I am looking book walking down the street in 92 checkered coat oblivion one. Yeah and action. About Manhattan sexual intercourse with a woman. And I knew the ball well apps like oh my god here's the woman and never told you about. And after a bit and make it part of memory of unknown king look like rushing like back to. And so he there was it was his he'd done drawings of obviously award photographs these were these were his images and you're like this is the same girl so you guys were eskimo brother. And you end up making these paintings. And Allah it if I can jump for just a wee bit because Adolor time would you. You why there's a pain with you looking over her shoulder she's looking towards the artist you look to be shirtless and in the doorway of room at. Is it looks like it had a it's a oh can pretty menacing alien and I can't tell it that's my first thought was the boyfriend's back. Well you know. Couldn't look at late bout it was I woke up I don't blame a bit. And belittle the frame accurate I was in the kitchen. An object there yet say thing to. And won't duel between. A duel between. The bedroom and kitchen hello. In him a couple of seconds later. Opened the door and he was gone. Even if there. What do you think he will I think he's an ex boyfriend. About I think he's an ex boyfriend of crescent I think he was jealous. Have no idea they tell me this seven foot tall completely nude. Airless vagina holding her breasts. Painting of crescent magnificent. What is that memory. Yeah. Seven point oh Erin and I am so sorry. Seven foot tall the nude painting of crescent when she's holding her breasts. And she's not gonna hairless vagina with and it looks like she may have painted toenails. I know you know they're there were dark. But at that wasn't correct. Oh you but you'll another. And what's this what's the story would this. IE oh we're having a record track and then. I didn't number. I was with them and suddenly remembered that somebody had told that that they'd be it. And I'd totally. Anti apple might well. You'll be too large woman grabbed hold will be forced recoup from the war. Couldn't come there and actually since they did what is wrong. And that color are big league it's all my fault I was holding it didn't have pushed into Wake Forest of these. And it's all mopped all that big lead that. And then she stands at page you can look at the insect like B. New chief bill inspect actually that David you're a baby Dicey here here paid beat. And then the problem comes in holding the baby in her arms. Anyway I don't know where to baby's neck it's a four. And that that you. And I would. Yeah I guess you. Apple tiger did not all. Getting David was ask you about the giant seven foot tall naked hairless and John Lilly. Well buddy who would did what. Did she would that she was oh. OK because a lot strongly that the guard. Issue holding her boobs in the picture. Well. Actually throughout the yes. After I have apologized to everybody about my behavior. Up two females. That. It. And that he didn't say yes we would like for him in the states and in that being that you know you would have to go back. Anyway. That two women are too large when. Car look at these and they turn away. I don't know maybe it gives the good book. Ability but anyway at an excuse me ladies but that's below two it's such an apology. Mean did you get it than it did did you sense why did you did you have sex them. Yeah. That was. I was looking for. Did you it is that's a six foot all seven put told naked and do any of them have hair in their regions of the all hairless did you shape that it. No I never though in your own future and there are a couple of pennies or did it. Let you know. Yeah I can't wait to see this documentary my friend I think it's going to be fascinating people can check you at eleven saucers dot com. The documentaries out and that what the house have been received at the documentary about the paintings of your your sixty children hybrid children the the multiple sex partners of aliens all of this and a people love that they are they excited by it. Police seem to people are fascinated about. Bob what about the document yes. Listen to guide you the studio in New Jersey you shop. Yeah I could Nextel and new York and come and Hoboken and with a jump across there intimacy you. Okay great and I think I met one of my. A pain for. Allred great right at the convention kicking your time. Are more problem.