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Thursday, March 8th


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Are different indicators on the line right now portion take a Missouri anchorman or forty year old virgin and semi pro that all of that's nullify these days it's all gone it's all history there's been a good morning remember after this day. This is the day he becomes part of royalty. A grand Marshal. A grand Marshal moved into bestowed upon him from the city of Kansas and. Born August 24 consistent Missouri. While many know him as a scene stealing your form is working in such films as anchorman. Year old version. Snakes on a plane. You forcible. Can crimp us. We also know him as a man who has tirelessly give them back to Kansas City through the big slick benefitting children. You can see him on the Comedy Central series and another period and ABC series it's Goldberg's. And you can see him every week on the CBS series of subcarrier illness. Move on March 17 he returns to Kansas City to this grand Marshal for the annual Saint Patrick's Day parade. Please welcome longtime friend of the show David Kempner. Only degrades. Mario of course you. To see which where I can't wait to see how you weigh it can't wait to see what you write in. How old's I'll tell you. Since those also. It's so probably the first tower for a while or probably are aware normally I don't chair but. You do have to be quite. Yes. Conscience. Conscious of of your your beer garden birthday and it's not Marshall it's a grand Marshal. Yeah it's pretty pretty big deal. Maybe they'll give me some type of cap and jacket. Of course it has to be but I would assume that the Moammar Gadhafi out of sync the with Clinton Knights of Columbus hat. What are you writing a little you'd expect it yes yes very yes. Those who have military parade than anything else positive. It gets and I actually have Ford. 1973. Vietnam era propaganda missiles at my house that are six feet tall that are to kick and a cart right now we tournament liquor cabinets but they're complete we can literally put them in a car with the. Well I guess we literally will. There were people wherever people notice. You just instead just bombs all around it. But he didn't seem to get what could go to law and it's so if you are a hundred feet and you know you you want tomorrow when my flame throwers. Oh yeah. They're dealt with it will be in use. We've got to we got to put some really magical together we we need some. You know due to read some smoke machines where any some lights we gonna need some PA where we need somebody to play guitar that we need everything snakes. And yes Tillerson. Just leave it and playing guitar loved player. How great them OK exactly what a wonderful thing to be asked do you adjust image you know. This is great you grew up you know so close to here you go as far as Kansas City is concerned you know we've annexed tipped him. Old cold but of course. All the people I think what people who figured out what occurred in this city to vote. I'm not happy that. You know which of tensions favorite son there's there's no doubt about that. Why I do I guess I'm not sure you know yes let's. You know. The real life and hit the city and my sister polar bears so yeah its its its home its. IPO level would come back here social ago so. Talk about something for a moment how even had time to have this beautiful huge family. To be on the show on C a superior donuts CBS another period Comedy Central the Goldberg's on ABC. I mean you're you're running on the networks. Or true hero we're here create a new network you war I mean that's crazy I mean really is Medicare network would probably work. Which really don't fit in your firing on all cylinders. Yes pretty good I am pretty happy I am pretty pretty busy for a few it's it's fun. Well Paul with the best alternative and children to be busy so. L and everybody's happy kids in grades. There was still a little Friday although how did you list documentary coming. All they're still working. What's fiction movies take awhile. So they're sort of all still. In production so. So we had a lot of they have a lot of people will talk to. He's coming down for Saint Patrick's Day parade QB your march 17. And then you're meatpacking town June 2 for the big slick that for second which by the way coincide the broadcast which. It's funny because both the eventual sellout. But I will invite you I know you're very busy but that would be remiss does not invite all of you. To rock fest that date the Kansas Speedway you welcome to combine give any spirit trying to make sure everybody's taken care of his passes and it gets in and out easily but I just wanted to extend that he's Busch been so kind us. Bet on this Saturday it is Saturday. But there are barb barb positive we watered times you do a hospital visit. Individual polling. Turnovers. And then we'll do the Cheryl. It's back at and I knew he did I just a bit I at least one you know offered up because you guys have always been so good Jerry under share. There. I'm out. I mean I was continually limos we we do not limousines. You know Oregon guard people you don't hit a. Got there he sees through this so well. Barack and I. On the same wave rather slow glide in my another busy. Day. And it's gonna be good to see that hopefully he'll get a about it we'll get to spend a little bit of time together to save Patrick's day parade is and who knows a great kids he tradition and they've. Got back when they finally go back to following the actual day. This is on Saturday which is fun because they they believe they're a decade or fifteen years ago they decided to always put it on a weekend. It took the fun out of it completely another weak day he took the jail where Kansas City took the day off where. Yeah it was drunken and stupid it was fun. Apparently it's one of the bigger ones in the country so that's sort confront we have final problem here legit that we can say Perry's. So it's really got kicked up a bunch. Yeah it'll be great man and a and again the grand Marshall that's fun as it. It's grand Marshal I don't know why do I get a graduate you're battle. Guess she need. Don't like did you like this hostile feelings giant let you'll do all right armored drive is great yes you water. So cloture vote would come over just covered with. So many ideas so many ideas to work how do you. But I love it. You portray trigger what a fire truck social spiritual leader but also an old Chinese fire truck I have a fire I have a I do. Ordered roar you. How did you fire truck synthesize you sideshow which. Until they tell that it was shoot 5000 it's 2750. Gallon pump pershing 2000 gallons a minute. But it's a full sized fire truck it's in 1985 peers. 195. Items Susan yes. This is able borrow your shoes that you could go true truck. Maybe I'll just come through on the side street and look more and out. Are they weren't your own parade route. I just I just get decides like dictate the stats and ward and the parade. A renegade route your. You know we're all this started their awesome. Anything you need access and as I know you've been super busy man and doing all that working got every single us I appreciate you know it's 5:55 in the morning in LA. It is. It is. No no no oil was up here. He's heavily the garage. I'm in the garage floors so now it's now reaction of certain social six torn between what we still have so crank our engines. You are you're a saint and a true friend and again that will be fun to see near the grand Marshal can't see Saint Patrick's Day parade and of course. And guys the big slick roles and it will sell out if you wanna go you've got to get your tickets are one of the events you've got to do it soon because it will sell out to go to big slick. Obviously Casey's dad thinks it can grow hair done or. Listen I'm really to go back to bed I love you you're sexy beautiful man in your far too busy. You're great this wall will see opulent single for all the other Friday put together of the prince Saturday so. Our hope Gergen as you guys. Would love that and hello everybody and Douglas Johnson. I'd rather be.