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Tuesday, March 6th


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Best TP did and bloated 39 degrees in Kansas City it's Johnny there Nicky paste kibo. We announced yesterday Iraq's best 2018. 22 stages. Kansas Speedway the biggest one day music fest will America F fat fighter had to punch you got a ghost as TP of course Vince Neil seven dust that prevail reds and rising ten years. On the second stage are worth Harley-Davidson staged in underwrote who are gonna smash in Baghdad and really look reported that. But a mice and men bunch of babies miss may I comment 5000 shams or is that bad wolves have Maureen. It went off the top of the Kansas Speedway and this is that this the tip of back. Unbelievable god expert we already know at Stone Temple Pilots can do under Arafat's. All I have 25 than 24. Yeah picks this year my all time favorite was this TP. Out of all the ones I've ever seen that was the that was the greatest show I've ever seen their back. On August 23. Days to spring from. More small teapot. Homeless American music billboards and TV Grammy Awards on again off again relationship with. Release comes while. Mr. deemed Leo how I'd rather. Hey good morning journey that was quite an introduction thank goodness well. Careers and just thinking about really great show I I have we ever had and in my opinion around this was as TP. It's just one of those moments you remember and I remember watching going. That that is what runs that's what rock stars look like that's that's right misses the smaller single. Some legal battle long way this is true. We go back a long way is what's command and control my got to get up at 6:20 Pacific standard time. And that and yet he got didn't bloated play in my you're Katie have what the walk to the blue Danube rose. Something nice and easy. Well law and Delonte we think about. Everything that as TP is being an I remember seeing flyers' Riley that in LA for was it was it was a mighty Joe Young. Yes yes yes. Yeah Eugene warned. There really we really love that name it was thought it was very harrowing experience when we. We'll told me to change their name or whether that's or slower side. Right yeah because you. You eat you your brother said that well when you when your when your brother and you started the day it. You know I was I was. Older I was two can join the band developed 27. Years old and we we've signed thirteen euros thirty. Just for you guys have played since you were little kids together since you know obviously well. We're around her and her grandparents Robert was fifteen we needed to bass player we're doing. Playing placed on the New Jersey sure. And loan. Robert Robert Jones damage fifteen years old it was important ftp was and other things to other friends of ours and so Iraq without the formula for many many many years. And it's it's and and you never have bad word between you guys and of all the Brothers you know you think of all the Ray Davies and Dave Davies who heard the robinsons and you know that that just there always is guys. You guys never seemed. I know let you know I don't I don't know. But I thought I heard stories that the Davies boys like. Actually went to blows like there's there's world. Oh yeah. Oh yeah I'm afraid to tourism in the eighties indeed they grabbed his base Johnny Miller's event. Don the rock and he came back and told us stories about literally hauling up and pledging the other guy in the face as artisan. And imagine doing that's my primary but I'd root against them relate to say that. Think I don't think you can measure it that's that's like that's way over the line man. Not to mention I usually don't realize you've got re John do you think he you can do it even do well. I know Robert would kill me that. It's a graduation is may Susan at her and I know I was like man thank god I mean that's. That's the sound that's the group that that that. But warm tone that is that is signatures don't double pilot. Well thank you very much a lovely lovely to work together how warm tone. I like that I appreciate that. And what it's it's it's I don't know how to explain it other than it's comforting and it just it grooves and you just you settle into it so easily and that. I think that's always been Stone Temple Pilots gift. Well thank you I appreciate that I appreciate saying that we shouldn't have digested our. Are slipped through well. Seventies funk you know what. It it sounds so good it just I guess it's just one of the quintessential rock bands that just. You know you guys know what you love and and you do there's no mosh to some of the seventy stuff but to me it sounds freshen it always sounds great and we is that I remember that show Iraq that's the last time in them. At the grade Scott story continues he was such a polite person every to Letterman was a very polite polite person. You can be a little I mean is that the polite and I'm going to introduce you guys it's 55000. Strong. And so often I think and now it's it's a lot of people out there as you know. And yeah I'm getting ready to do the announcement to bring the brand on and all actually consider running at me and a quarter manager at one of the road crew. And he's in my ear on him ghost. I'm nobody's stands on mr. why wouldn't surprise. Great report record nobody stands. But nobody stands on mr. Y wins plastic. That's ridiculous. I was there. So my guys are busy hating church where Nevada yeah retained and you can go wherever he sees stripped. Oh there was no way it was a bad it made me laugh because it was such a great weirdo moment like he wasn't overly aggressive murderer did images funny and I looked like. All I am standing on some figures. We'll end. Is that they mean by classic as we were to. Something's gotta have something on the ground in front of the Mike and the move to reflect legs but there was a little a little member and then they're right in front of it. And that was put footprints on. There aren't. You know what. Police shot that you know there's. Sounds again that's so there was some word from recollection is multiple rent. Did you dog it was fine I'm always remembered fondly because they just it's such a great weird thing that happened to you very wacky. Yeah and so again there's a member's watching and he was like just a serpent. There I mean just. I mean pure rock star. Lou step that bush or was mighty fine. You know he's made it in he always will be. I hit it in and bring him. You know I'm so glad you guys didn't and it and it's decided to get out feelings and hand the whole thing up. It just it's too good the bad guys have too much future in front you guys when you hear the new album you know they were only under and I know it's you're not. You're not hurting for material. Well we got a lot in the tank let you know yeah we do between Robert I was just there's. Does reassure urgent materially you know. You guys how these guys make that work and how do you guys keep. These forty million albums soldier doing it for the money. I am and I we'd level engagement and this is this we'd love it and and you know. It's been a long time since you've got sloppy play at least we've loved. Every aspect of our. I've arcade you know there's there's so much creativity all across the border. And just loved going out and playing for everybody in the end we get to see everybody and we just love it. You guys beat army of anyone another great project you guys. Put together a low due Patrick and other Richard was an Asian amazing god. Yeah averages which is incredible singer. That was as close a really fun project because. You have a great ratings here I'm from the great Richard Patrick that was well. I was so from the bullet that Rick would probably answer and eventually. It is a lot of questions about making the wall. You have great. I pray and I love re read the drummer and he's such a great weird though this week. He's great yeah and I love rarely hear blues lover he's just. Just great cap they're. Yeah he's he's just got that weird quality about it like that the project without them I did pick. And and and dark and add in Georgia when you portray us so good in a weird and I don't know why. But I'd I'd almighty thing those guys put out. I don't uninteresting to won't you know. All fluctuate nearly as I used to put us. If you can just check last week for parallel a couple of gigs this summer's that was Jonathan. Jonathan Davis you. So he's like just check me if they Harden was gonna see them cut lonesome no. And that what you always wonder how how you know the meeting of the minds here that all comes together I mean you know this raid and Doug insured jealously. Or it's far out there and cool you know but how that's started ever really asked ray and over the it's great and if you that kind of stuff kind of. Yes the ground and I see get out because it's you know it's going to be an uncomfortable three way. Doesn't pay one of the most soulful beautiful voices in the world. And you can essentially and you talk about Raines was kind of aggressive guitar player is he in the senior you're done doc could not get it together. And they always are bracing for each other in the ring who just. A fantastically. Talented we know what I think was mostly there to see what would happen. Yeah no you know it's funny then I didn't realize. To somebody sent me is that you're kind of checked if that was a permit anyone and I'm. None directed to work out in front of course and I watched this video around quick and I won't read it will be back here. The track he's the theatrical drummer. I didn't I didn't realize how. Truly truly. Just incredible it was to watch and play some video and then you're Robert crossing at least to have video man. Send. So you have this reform it is it simply missing and Egypt are really realized were what ray was doing back there I do use doing. Silently through and through what I was hearing but there's also what were they when you watch where there's a whole. Sonic explosion. Visually well he's such a theatrical drummer you know you sound so it was a lot of fun there are record won't torn waterfront. Dean you're such a rare guy your guy with so much talent and such a great career. And you're so happy for others and you have such a load of other humans. Everything that was spoken rendered in that area you know there's a difference in some musicians. They're just another professionally miserable and they just they don't really. You can't yeah. What support may may have really get to do this once ran. We'll get to do this wants yeah. You know. You really you really like other human being you like seeing them do well you like seeing what they bring into the mix. And I think that's the only way to live. Well you know what I think I think that the biggest. Biggest downfall. We can have as a human beings not finding joy in another person jury. You know because you don't know what it's from what that is as jealousy. Yes sure insecurity and jealousy that if you can't thank goodness and the greens are always great let me tell you that if you are one and you'll. Guys like you know that didn't look left it to get to know a little better but Brian from AC DC. He couldn't wait to make you anybody in the room looking better to summit but he won't put you over because it gives him joy. Yes. Doesn't let Brian there's a permit those cats. He's he's a lovely man he's alleged anywhere is a beautiful ad I can't. I've considered entirely out of storage storage for the one and wonderfully giving human being he has. Well let's see here man yeah. Yeah because you know Jimmy truck idle and they're not greed that's. That's hard. Yeah yeah. You know I've always found that the again I go back to face the greats are always great it's it's the middle and and that's fine to be difficult but. Everybody from from Jimmy Page and elegant and intuitive to David Lee Roth is in whose whose quirky for sure. But he still a great innings gracious and he's fun. Why I didn't really you're moving around there really really your early you know when Robert I worked for flights. Opening up you know we we are kids we'd be opening up from lake. The local Monmouth county heroes you know look at initiation of these guys like you know legends in their own mind. And I currently being treated so poorly. Fringe people that were. You older than it's for warmth and a lot more popular than that which you learn. And I was like man that's that you know. That's shown this to look at that I would ever wanna be like that you know we believe that I shared stations so you know. Well this portable four and I don't know. Yes it's just it's all I've learned very early on might as to what not to do. Sure. What you spent ten. And my mom kind of audition where else. Actually that was my next havens and yeah parents that sit up did you learn you learn to be a good human being Indian and that's it into you carry no matter what your profession it's. Yeah you know. How surpassed all sort of gratitude you know so you know. Are you actually have managed you know Chrysler could get me and I. I don't take for granted. I don't think we're still we we really level we do. Because pivotal figure for credit we'd love cannot replace people his relationship our third show as a chance to lay off. It has just really really really wonderful that you really want to be out see everybody and just. You know I'm trying to read I don't I don't live let people cool ownership in this bad decisions like all of ours. You know I I have a duty to go out there and respect. Give everything I have for for people to attendant and come watching it's really it's so reciprocal. And it just it just belongs to all of us not track how argue that. Think it's he brings so much usually to you when you see people singing all the lyrics although assault since last effort only jeers and they're still. Relevant and can they didn't sound fantastic and the show was always a 100% advance. And then you're dead there's a responsibility there to to make that circuit happened you know it's it's it's it when you guys you know when you connect with that audience and not every bandits in the same way. I mean that's that's the magic and to sound corny it really isn't and when that energy happens you can see a band elevate and and get something more. Yeah and the whole place celebrates everywhere than there yeah the yeah that's what that's what's. Purchases so groovy battery you know this suspicious that might really does belong to all of us synthesis. Then it's just penetrate that's all you know. I'm so looking forward to wag the show it's its. It's going to be great Kansas Speedway June 2. You guys goes to five finger death punch guys like this heal some old school from Motley you know guys like. Not only join and who lives in Kansas City from seven dust so those guys and a new album they're going to be out. They just it's all over the place yummy at all. I've become friends with Craig over the years and we switch out once blossomed with forcing them. Isn't it great that he's another great human day. Great great great can land. All cards all honor character and me and just and and strong quake. Yeah I watched him play Hamlet godly man that guy is he he's just a 100%. He knows all the licks let me just. He can't get into that area and old Jenna and become dear friends and and I I couldn't love another he's another great result of the most beautiful scenes and in great human beings and I'm proud to call him a friend or brother. Where kindred spirit yeah. And other groups just little things you know I don't know if not we just pick Clinton and you're just let's just kill friends that he felt I was. What would report another schedules and use satellite. Jump on the occasion to hang out and shot in the future are you more later but never wore it's just really cool air. Militarily. I cannot wait till June 2 to get through until yesterday came out strong out of the gate of the and I'd really appreciate you taking time being I would love to have you on the show. I love being here live played Germany and when I look forward to seeing them you want. But Jewish settlers June 2. Spiritual.