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Wednesday, June 20th


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Did he Phillips is on the hotline right now DD Phillips and Hart county Georgia of course 46 program other. Who was attacked by a rabid bobcat and literally choking on Africa there's so many reasons of the story yea. What do access V. Just there's field. Being born in the south and having you know a bunch of friends this I recognized and people you know Gloria because there's just a more like you have to get it done mentality. Just. I sensed it before the uptown neighborhoods and it was completely yet you pick US. We need a little more logic like that in this world. Our next guest is a 46 year old grandmother made headlines after being attacked by a rabid bobcat outside of her Georgia home he eventually killing. In what was her bare hands if please welcome DD Phillips. DD Phillips how are you young lady. I'm thin neat and aren't normal evening I sit there were a lot of foreign. Just heard and getting ready what we opted. You should continue taking those rabies shots aren't you. I'm taking an additional well I'm not going to be in this Friday. Well my surgery. And wrap their mind. Maybe you lie in the season where you actually know how bad surgery threw him what he got to get them. At this point I'm. And one day. I'm guessing and not let him choose. The big completely re. That we want him. And you nothingness. Have you always DD have you always been a bad answers or something. Alan you ask you about Obama. So they're anti apple is at. A I don't know if you're single but. Down your thoughts. You. So you walk outside in your particular picture of the bumper stickers well behaved women rarely make history which money. In and out all their eggs in so. You see this pool coming up your dog barking. And did you know we saw that the bobcat than it was it was illegal for you that you would normally think it would do you know. Aren't always thought that being served OK I thought you know of course Bob as a question my health. And I'm bigger and accidentally evening he's gonna kick off the other way. Unfortunately did he can clothing. And then he told toward me Cadillac but just onslaught of the so little bit and I thought of moving. It I've got seal ball now I'm picturing like that that wrestling circle were based on movies each other date yet. The goal is to have back. Point eight circle that I mean I think I'm Bob Dudley you never try you never tell you back a lot. Now we lost our. City jail if you're. I'd love you I'm on right now island so you actually jumpers to drew first blood you touch yourself not today. It's you. It. I know if I knew you feel what he if you if you think he's and he sounded but he duke U member home says. What. Where is he available. Bell is one of the things that you know if not today it's not that I wouldn't. And at that point all former bobcat little else while playing. And you were you worked your hands up the body of the bobcat. Knowing you don't wait. Actually had I stepped away that there are adamant that it. The power of Bob get your act would not only. Examples to delete that we'll talk a bit more I'm Matt chart. We immediately. And not be backwards to not be down it chat about it. What you get into the ground and senate work in a way out for themselves and it's. And I believe that outlet that it was coming back from war. I gathered in general that it. Must have been ticket you pretty hard to hit it that jeopardy. 47 claw and bite mark on them. Add to excellently and we just cannot let go at that point because it has to be incredibly painful for that. The clause about trading in the imagine it's your you've got an outsider is back it's it's picking on YouTube and every time league pitchers and it's going to be opening you. Always the it was your. Really. Effectively martial. Green in the pot or a lot on your grandfather. A month dollar loans fortunate on Iraq has its alternate. And we've been excited. All my life saying I wanna look it has in the amount a lot more than I never restraint for now. You won't stop illegal problems. It feels bobcat with your beer. The land that flowing like it found out about it and then in the kitchen. Mean that's a really long time the flights of war you so that they can that they will not get old room. I think ours that our options angle it's one or so. You've you've got this animal now you think all right it's not moving but it could be playing possibly essential that he had a gun. Look we have not come down later. On. In actuality into battlegrounds advocate my father in law. K that we're back. Sealed a horrible hall following. Absolutely and on to get into bonds. And need and get them. And came back around by the time the injection additional at all. And changed it in what it means and what the united they have some well I'm not sure Obama went out one. And ready London back there are actually. And then mustang that much not a little later in about half a mind. They didn't cause I think one of my little little while it's traditional multiples are now. About Orange and I'm a sample I thought would change PR block. And he didn't get better match. I think about what about Tom about. Edges that it does is there's a perfect logic to dvd into. You know not one time not before five did you ask them exactly like. I thought the a couple maybe you know and then detonated obviously the rabies things that's all you've you've got those Ohno in the new Englander surgery and that's gonna suck and you give you medical insurance you have it is going to be in trouble with the urging. I'm and I don't mean all forms along on what I thought it happens. But hasn't had a couple. Some kind of example does I don't know Monaco on that like. She it's been remarkable responsible. I have on. But hey kid line in there about Gentile knowledge yeah. And then I've been detailing. But are slow month saying the cyclone in magnificent. I won't buy it surgeons and orthopedic documents seen. There's bad decisions they've been about making me comfortable look at almost 88. To. When nobody likes and cousy let's face are you never go there for hardy you know. And he now I got in trouble getting around that the amount of and then. A social thing. And you listen you just to try to get easy appreciate you stop my children and and sharing your story Asia which are friendly city giving any new names have you quote. And they've been that. I'll bet glee club and ball out of this thing. While it won't hear what they say look what I mean I'll let alone Graham about. As you go you get attacked two to commemorate it. We've all on. About it I mean Michael Ramos and thank you respectable way. Your beer bad ass all right listen I hope that guy that you get some rest I hope the surgery goes up in Oakland finger. And everything heals up and you know hopefully you'll get to the rabies I'm an Emmy more shots you have for the rabies and the treatment. Thank late Friday at the at the moment of my life and and an Iraq War I there are gonna do it probably optimal and in question are you may not have much larger in my hand. This is it is it. Side question when's the last time we had to beat another girl access. It. I actually quite ears yeah I McGraw offered optional. Did you in South Carolina ethnically a model I feel like you won. I there're. Broken down and then. I just wanna party would you. All right DD listen you can hear yourself in that and I do appreciate you very very much for them will be a wonderful day. Well thank you came out all eyes. You know love the eighties with an expert animal my god you know if she does have. Accurate history and it's there. Snatched admire her. I know you. I know whether it I knew for sure there's going to be commemorative dad hook. It's.