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Friday, April 13th


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Twisted Sister we're not gonna take it seventy degrees in Kansas City it's Johnny there Mickey pasty Belichick and it is Friday and it's good to see his name pop up on the show man he's he's a great friend and it it's just an incredible talent. It's fully manned if you look back in all the years. And Twisted Sister and now everything that's happened from the rise and and truly creating the MTV video. Just the the the wave peep we'd see it or saw it back and eighties he created. When you think about when particular I want Iraq. There though that isn't it period. And of New York full unbelievable to being a courier in New York City into fighting his way right back up again everything from I believe the balls back at sequences. That toy with a balloon when it monster heads to strangely and house of payers own radio show syndicated national rating works on. Not to you know I mean think about all the he's done that that the comeback with Twisted Sister just doing 80000 people a time in Europe. Unbelievable. Bestselling books. We gonna get caught up with a he's New York City doing rectal. Born march 15 in mass of people in New York. We first met them as the front man for multi platinum legends Twisted Sister. And since gone on to become one man media empire. From film and reality television to the Broadway stage it. Crusading for free speech against the PM RC two hosting his own syndicated radio show he's preparing to release a new solo home. For the love of metal. And he's currently appearing on Broadway in the music production run Tokyo. Please welcome longtime friend of the show Dee Snider. Do indeed. Say rarely. The court that he can. Get ready for war. Outward show. So crazy to for more Broadway shows that's a phrase that you know. Back in 1987. That was never even a potential idealist. Apparently you haven't I literally report shoot straight. You know a little. I don't. But it is you know it's great because you know you're that guy who just the answer yes indeed he knew this yes you wanna track yes and does that. With lead you everywhere. Yeah that was a bit of the big credit to do Tony Robbins are actually territory Robyn. But he knew like. Looking. You double standard four point as you know lost everything I was just recuperating at our hero. They are making and one of the signal brigade that are so quick to step away. They're not ready to take chances drew their exit to actually doing a story Robin is a particular themselves. Alert that you guys have figured out later. Yeah no I believe in that corporate or do you what's more metal. And saying yes to something that's scary and an unknown. It's easy to concede to fall back on your. Look I'm way to rock into that what you really see it as I don't know like I am afraid to fail and you can't you wanna be metal you've got to go out and take it as well. That was the day it was it was your fear of failure you know so I mean look they're doing this show Marco yet. I'm singing songs I'd rather doubt in my life. And I'm seeing there Lee to have their dream aren't Cashmere. Under the legendary songs and I was. Chronic care. They're hard they're hard to say people may I don't think they're almost they're incredibly. And it is a lot of it is remarkable control at all so just you know you can't run around and jump while. There again. Let but or green on your it and we're going to be charged. Or about is that people order but there were convert them here at all the partners. Did you could. I liked a lot. You are what you're to what it won't actually be although with such. As you know business. What do you do it put the barrel as you know. So it was the challengers. It is you know. If that's what records aren't. You have reason to not have at least one a hole in the audience giving you the fingered with the most intense look ever. A bigger and bigger theater hopefully but they're short x.s. No it it. That argument doesn't it's remarkable that she you know you know what they're doing here is saying. That is the whole their whole business model at that there was a party today and everybody who stole all of these reports what life. In those same world as at saint table you would have. They drove it for example. And you you're out Stravinsky and clean and you would have Aerosmith and block you know like they would all be here is equal. In the field you know Watergate and and so they're they're performing class who he is. And Lockheed is they've got opera singer they've got. Broadway musical theater receivers and they've got me they have a rock you know and the Dixie all operatives it perfectly argued that particular order are pretty well. About that is I mean this metal maybe you think about it all the the classical stuff it builds and has power as highs and lows all the stuff you Levin agreed metals and that it's I was just reading yesterday an article about like Freddie Mercury's voice for so. Who loved and why has such that we a an effect on people as that because his opera training he has a frequency that so pleasing to the U these these just went back and alluded broken all down. And it in it was I was like you know what's right when you listen to Freddie Mercury's what you actually mean that you emotionally feel better. He picked up outward they've won queens. I mean I thought we go to Vermont local coal on the first tour. And I was the only person computer standing. And screaming so loud title it was a bird in my forums of the dark band who walk work. Curry but he's. What we've heard all I. You can protect the that's a race. And it's so good DUI hate. How is your house by the way it. Or believe in yeah. Yep it's great about businesses they're really in order article you all of these people because they sit there and I would but I doubted that order a purple are well. We'll get a notion exact in an article with Eric you're you're ruled Michael disputed what. I got out. What I'm happy for you and I loved it the first time had a nickel in my pocket went down there. It probably 96 through San Pedro what you can still get a hotel for 78 dollars a night on the beach. And it's it's a magic place and it really is subject so happy for you could I have such great memories and. Yeah you know that we went down there is certainly aware of this what was well short Margaret there. And we didn't go to waters and we just. Looked around sort of like that is like you'll you'll agree snowstorm book so yeah I know you don't know no all of Gordon's. It's still all agree it. You know it boutique he had injured you know chill so it Greg would there was. You are back you know beautiful beach. So back here now that goes on and get loud coming out below the battle. Soon you'll that a lot of is that a changeup to produced or that it's all harder. You know well I loved the fact that every time somebody thinks that got you in your pocket you just jump out do something completely 180 degrees the way. And it did Jamie just a brief connection his production skills when I'm sure he got that view is going to be remarkable and exciting here. The people you know I mean I would look you know beyond their that are both good IDs will rule on. I do Google on it should be you'd feel like you had to work. Well the larger picture when you when you woke up literally woke up one we're cold we're not doing more. While some big advocate article he could. We're not going it would have will be like here where I'm looking like you are seen like you would would do we. And that was the point of bird we will work to be emotionally. Financially it's you know. Eloquently Lucas are doing everything it recorded a sick. Coat you know and I stopped with the music years and years and years. And my doctor Alan Arkin as he did. If you're iconic art. That. A truck or won't he indicated that he entered people. Want to hear your voice. Well look who went to Egypt every school that people will kill switch negate lamb of god is server I think it's been amazing. People raising his interest. Qaeda or reporting because once you're. Well let me look at other evil well so it's built so worried about those record. That reported to another battle collectors are all so what it's about our it's on me on the yeah out there who spoke about. Good I can't wait to hear about when you feel good about it man definitely send me some good I want to hear just any part of it. Because your those big you think about the playing kills which engage in you know. These guys who lamb of god and in its. That this is an incredible brand in its tough we when I heard you were doing this I thought of all the back to that document I just watched it was that big sister one. Burden you guys had to fight for your position to write songs as a middle how that's gonna go is going to be easy for Dina right with people. Or is you know what position does he take on the. Yeah you can you know are there. That it's a topic that people's interest it and I would go to into it and twisted sisters and Albie should you know we are like you said that you travel the world. Flight attendants found the people here. You know there is credible farewell couple years ago but it is still. He. Wanted contemporary. Certainly it was like yeah okay it should be a respect for the classical artists but he's got. You're like I'll. There's respect you now you don't even know. So well together and there are sort say the people that are responding we would be the difference in studio. People that struggle what. You know about it. Partly powered bought all the crap in the wake the sleeping giant that watchful eyes of some sort of you know it is sort of like those away. I'm realizing that and our values now I'll call great album proves. Who have little bit of traffic involved there is an ethical America great as a lot that is contrary ought. He's not nationalistic. Its assault group for its salt of the side is that let's not we'll. You know what they Olympic apple. Everybody in the US cellular. Because wherever you are needed that about what I would venture on. And we use that politically we're Americans and American. It is all about not forget that story number just your a that you could inspire people went one record against our people. I hope so because I think we have forgotten that we are supposed to be the good guys that we in the land of free and home of the brave. There's the pursuit of happiness is is written in the very the laws of our country. Life and liberty it's eight and we've tried so hard that every every side tries to take from the other side and I just I hope someday we do. At least try to get back to what we believed in what we were kids you know that we were. We were the guys that went in another country was and published somebody was being heard her harmed or are pushed down we came in like the good guys. But just a bunch X. The odd ball. You know and it is and I know this country is a huge sample. We could fight its siblings amongst each other but the minute some lower. Portable. Which. And it would it and and yet again. But yeah for the greater birds so that it truly believe that I'd go that and then as if everybody knows that they're on it could be like mark visible score. Court is scheduled withdrawal of America to get you know a potent force but again I that. I have spoke once saw it goes buckles lied their business opening and you know opening track on the album and that was placed do. Big credible war on all. The manipulation of troops is to get beyond. The trial. Itself so the Google I got making a lot of statements of this record. I'm very excited to attract and people do with. Com what quick border and in our. A don't know what is real sort of white glue. Oh over over what glues. I don't know hurt him he's vocalist. He's our part to wall gang. Our portal portal on wall. So arbitrary and that's something I'm passionate about it does like. There's bullying exists on your beyond beyond the you know and it you know I world again it's the same what is it. You know it's sort of what is sort of you know a year you don't hate it now hey you know I don't like. You got fight. You know you know the only thing that it is what appreciates the respect to the greater opposing force as that you got hit or. Good night and that it would put see what that out. They're saying you know noticing now you know. You don't need a safe space need of good hard right. That we are. This example parchment and I could avert. And every year Gilbert it was an all of our older albums and movies were beat up that can. As part of balances on. What language you likeable all else likes separate. Google Lou what they do it and go. So. You put this here in the I did and local governments school record local dentist who will sit principal's office and an ulcer oh well. That's horrible but good long haul it's just as well as we walked out of school and we'll have the corn crop report. Yeah. You know I think prepared. What we don't want our kids and Oprah are you afraid. That it report. You know what it's it's it's true though we do taught a lesson. And get people now that that is the course of people somewhere mysterious right now what I can't believe you keep you can violence. Listen and you need to let that kid he took the kid's world is not going to be fair do you and if you let them costly beach who doubt you'll be beaten down so small you'll never. Feel like you have a voice and he writes that to have any strength in the any work. If you don't you don't beat the bad guys I mean that's that's who talking about you being the police and eight if you come across. This line into my world I will absolutely defend it and that will make you pay for it. Though it didn't and indeed. Indeed he'd Mario what's it mean to beat your credit. But it is deed you've always been that way and we still have Gregor about the uptown theater god knows 1952 Twisted Sister you coming up the stage to fight that guy. It's always been that way. You know what. I'm not a popular a helicopter but it wasn't that got it wasn't a batter with a bully. It was a weird look weird. That's weird that we that we Wear women's school one point. And rocket out there are people out there are literally ones that we can't do that would hurt security. They're crisis it upon myself to fight back. I get a little about being a bad guy I looked about being violent person I don't consider ourselves at all absolutely lover not a fighter but it took about. Not allowed someone else. It's the Dick PTU. How you're going to what your bird it was through how you act cratered yeah. Well once you become a coward in the if you stay there or let you drag that around LP stitches get taken out bruises heal which used to drag around that feeling of being a coward. It just gets bigger and harder thing for kids. Yeah it is it is that it ended that's what I'd jump start with its on it would you know early and you know. And I was never a problem. If only you can get some opinions the acting could really command your shale. That's I think that's why you advocate that I think there's a lot of reasons you've hit icon status I think. With the marquis left on rock and roll and on politics and censorship I think the fact I think the story. Comes with a great deal of respect and I think anybody. You know once they see how hard you fought how much of even the record labels Hage in the beginning I mean was the one in our guys about his boss at the record companies and if you can is this tape again you're fired. But predicted upon who threaten properties mentioned the name of the a credit he went to the European side of the drop anywhere worker and pitched the president of the government. And that present one side of course a lot of hard habit but I mean yeah I mean you know against all odds. People you know it's always. Well it. If people out there try to like make decisions for you and you gotta keep fighting back you know get an adorable I. Hope people are an inspiration. Yeah well and then that you know the fall from grace and in fighting your way back and not just in music and radio in books in television in movies and you know I'm still look I I still wanna see more strangely and I hope he really do get a chance to do that has. I was 20 Nikki how good that movie really is now it does hold up it's not cheaply done. It looks great it it tells greats at the captain howdy you know it still works. Org today apart over there I thought I hit it happening in the paper over but I do about. Our production company called what to store all production company cradle to grave that we're working at duke or so. I'll let you know as far as you know that's what it's Margaret Thatcher. Just the next level and work hard and straight rated in the index are being. Worked on and and you know and in and sort of got to move forward. And hit it created. It sure. Yet what could be political block to block. Approach to work on a show that would make Paris wanna kill themselves what they learned the ball. It. I did purple father grandfather was totally get that suicidal he'll get one or not and so we created this cool it chill and Netflix just bought it when towards production on Mac so that a lot of the bill on. In the real world and other world so you know. I get get at a record and a partner on the beach. It sounds like retirements. For retirement really really awesome. You know you're never gonna quit you you literally will. You will expire from this planet with a phony here and war in the middle of the debate into somewhere but you'll definitely not be sitting in the chair. Local artwork. To feel they're at it in the retired you know. There. You go right now under review working. That regular people on the other legal. It will be part. Of it merger partner. Could that well. Acted that it would be yeah I got a lot of different things you know forget it go about challenging. You know they. We thought it. They've got a great read valuable valuable service in the little. Stretch for the war it ought not an easy path. You purpose and purpose created its it doesn't matter what you creating which are working on. It would have to purpose. People retired and I do believe that's what kills they have that they think they've worked their whole lives some job eight. And they think they it's gonna be great guys and that when I'm supposed to do that's an awful feeling. Although you're O Robert. And no doubt it was. That we see my friend I thought you up for you to view a couple weeks ago I went to. The haunt convention it's the trans world ought to mention it's for a professional clubhouse and Lewis it's the national convention. Equally. At all so good marathon that you just there's going. Just ridiculous just ridiculously kickass. Those are a little. There were pretty word popular route but because I've got it right. And or do you ever human body has won Wheaties and helped him with that you ever get into the business and count me and ultimately if art. Will call listen. But he voiced my friend Olivia and I'm happy for you and I'm glad you could spears and everything's going great I wanna hear that record. Everybody in the world or corporate or are out. Here. Part of Obama.