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Tuesday, March 13th


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Tuesday estimated beautiful day and it's gonna be beautiful week as our friend Alex of vinyl Alex twenty year old version with a mom and dad. Counts the days to his first physical contact with a woman. This will be his side. Is christening is aware or and he's going in there. I mean completely naked on the we're not there I mean the station's not convictions he in half off will entertain him will show in the way will guide him. Through this most depraved a whole place and his daughter asked them off like you know like the little locker room he's the greatest. Host of all time I mean he really enjoys it and that's the thing we went over and diet and and hung out and you know it the bunny ranch all of us as you guys took a question another day and this thing was when and a great dinner with bouncers at. And went over to the other brothels and just you know the explanation he likes it really explain how he. How he got them how they were refurbished went with the girls are there what's the theme behind each one. And that he really enjoys that this whole thing is a killer else's kids to come back. Well. A lot into dehydrated. They don't orange juice orange boy I think that's the best way to explain so you know numbers don't. My senior won the Valentine's Day contest for this year trip to remove lead but they weren't all expenses paid it was close it was very close he's a way to work. Hum had been a number of years since you've been the woman and and so he just edged out. Alex who is socially awkward. And really down himself down. He's got some physical challenges he's got to work through that it's all going to be mental. You know it's it's all about how do you feel about yourself how your present our right right so. He loses the contest Mike wins he's still such a gracious guy like really really cool. And who troops then but Dennis Hoff to save the day. Or here. Blow up here because my friend us on his own similar but emerged as you know and of course might see you know his story he had. This on the mound and in his father had a heart attack and die and then why is recuperating his sadly his wife got sick and past it's been since December of 2013. Since he's been with a woman is a nice older man and he just wants companionship and kind of get back and feel better about himself. Unfortunately would agree. Contest where they're different contestants or winners and there are people who don't win and alliger figured didn't win he was he was a very close second. Well I'm one in the hearts of a lot of a lot of people here the city because. I told her blow about you know we have a lot of acquire a lot of players while the school what were your city so. I think that bad because like you say that you can only go one litter flexibility for murder. I looked like defense side with this myself so. I won't be like Oprah you go to the party whereas yeah. It hurt or are you. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely valid with a very you I won't be a little there's these very well these girls you're still sentences are changed to wrap up quickly. And there are some believe me you're gonna have prepared your life but when you come back home because you're very confident guy the that he changed person. Normally teachers about it but it just a few weeks what we'll do is you'll fly out. And you'll you'll be picked up at the airport same situation do you laying. And Adam Walsh pat you on the show mobile will walk you through the phone as well from here in Kansas City and we just we can't thank you Dennis -- enough desk called and and just. He even listening via the app in and just want him to make sure everybody was cool and I think that's amazing if you do your incredibly generous person I really appreciate you. Well against do that is what they have they're all great goalies. Both great guys that vary considerably. It's so let's just look to make this happen in well get ready for the big game started eat right start exercising. Yeah. It's very pleased that record you'll you'll you'll be ready because. It's going to be a lot of you look at is if it it's great what seller but it the purple is crucial to their courses so rare to Chrysler. Courses with a hot girl is given which side you're you're you're neutral on bird. But what you would just sit wherever pocket and these girls. I got four point. They'll eat it until hundred girls or kids want my strip club while we make it around all of Alex's book could have the tribe are likely you will come back and do there. That's guests can not be two more different people. One it's the world renowned porn. World famous moonlight bunny ranch in the worldwide face for the legalization of prostitution. The other is a twenty year old albino version who lives. Parents and was looking to put some luster in his life when he entered our Bonnie mentioned Valentine's Day contest and while. The times he didn't win mercy was taken upon him and he'll soon trying to Carson City for a life changing experience. Please welcome. Friend of the show tennis hall forum and our new friend albino LX. This all right. Good for a good while it's pretty use my friend did the best host in the world and getting ready to take one admire. Your favorite listeners and Christmas show and that show him the way. Taking into that did the hallowed ground the promised land so where. Yeah smelling yellow Olbermann we'll bring him on the show and it but he has no idea what's in store for him that's like you. This is the only way to do that is to have the actual owner of the moonlight bunny ranch show you everything there is to know about all of it. For a straight right way you know who goes the better he had a dollar pre drill our. Roosevelt left but it may take you know a little bit over the great good. It's just not that you can't having more fun. They go complacent with certain level Ken house call lowest level of each Housley you have nice. It that's great just flick you viewed it needed another forty people. Every thirty minutes. He Hillary we sort of wanted to and just he's got a call the second depravity here it's easy greens I think it's so good. And outs I love but don't wait sound like obviously the girls are great and beautiful the rooms are great. And each one looks different but even the outside a terrible lighting structure the way the signs are built and it's a mini old school Vegas. Oh yup the actually this field goal to put food court. And even funnier is there a million people who. He got. What you you know by the way Rochester around the corner and Vince is playing with us is a matter of fact. We do really well again I was should all get a good out there will be put our little our little party. Talked Roger we put bitch if we talked about that you actually get cute were they actually. I heard. I heard what did you give him for his birthday. All the theater yeah you know wait for the first four or get pitched to previously oracle gives it to because the late 45 for obstruction. The book before the 50 well. This two week you'd be hooked up port Loko. Committee yesterday at but he took the flip but I look be dealt with what he put that secure but he should feel right. Well I if they kill you. The flu Kathy says that I couldn't always get or were you prepare your core shoots are shorter if you flew. Oh well we'll all hold formal black here at canary yellow. Is this year quote it's good distribute this could be overreaching breeder over here we've beaten. Them. Again why would ensure purity there and accorsi the girls forward if she won't Wear out forty terrico are here. I'm telling you he'll annually were sweat pants too I've never seen me anything except swept pension track pants. Well you know you have got to go directly to Europe lucid Ritchie whose funeral. That it that you can't go we've if you look at like to have those floats like a dream girl bigger worsen they have sort of a jacket with a good sport coat. And the like forty foot that was considerably from. Oh wait a run for. For a guy who's now I don't know Ron will be either. In a week when we didn't in our friend Alex can't say no you know mr. Obama now she's twenty year old version. He's albinos get some physical challenges is eyes are very good so he's got some. All it's awkward and hard for him to read people's. Faces so it isn't just an emotional level TARP and to be conversational. He's got a very. Very hard look at himself. He's a fine guy very funny very sweet guy. But he's got a terrible self image and we're looking to see if we can't turn that around. And I believe me those girls and out there right now that's their specialty and either especially is making a guy feels so good. That he wants to keep coming back and coming back and coming back. Both are so absolutely we look at some visuals and so are keeping order in Q yeah. You talk about. All. Let's let's bring listeria unsolicited if you guys again did you. It's. He although. You know herb I'm. There are some reports. It only shorted out your order could always going to be a picture I've got rewarded you with what it could get prepared for the cigarette Alec. I mean. Well first off. What do I call you looser all like all you have to remarks do all or go to order a little noticed Philly Pete you're gonna leave it instead it. It's the pharmaceuticals. Of all our concern are the what are your. Which what do you like. When you are saying it's only a all right I salute that'd all right Alex what utility ready for the big game to work before it maybe blow little. Mentally probably not physically. Maybe I don't know. All what do you mean what he made Ali have you you've been thinking about how we're kind of a grueling battle did go to the website get a girl that your interest then. You know you want a sure first. I eighty I have a blood slate. I have no rule no clue why I. I saw Bobby on the Jake was talking about her and possibly see it in her but I'm kind of like IB. And removed the interview. Before the contest bad dentists. How do you wish I believe a little aliens. A little piece she's currencies are yeah yeah move more ornery both. Or where they pick a side of it. You know you've never been with a woman Alex you've how far have you been accused kissed a girl them. I've often felt a breast. Yeah and and I'll see you sold down below. We want to appear here and we're not here in the medical field Burton. I execute what procedures. Oh my you're romantically imagine that figure molested and only yeah. Nursing home for god. I don't know what you're. I've got problems or serve it in all body so we'll tell dozens. You know I don't know Jersey based work doesn't qualify the I think he. Oh yeah. But you all kidding aside you have a very. You you you wanted to come in the studio bus I'm critiquing what they explain that to Dennis what you wanted what what why did you wants to do that. Our. I I used so you. New heart are extremist. Because. It's. My I play like the idea being questioned. Why. Election board say hey she's hot she's hot but unlike. Is she really like IQ is attractive but I don't know played consider anyone pop. So I'm like I don't know what. These standards or her. Society economic or lower I don't know. Why are we courageous spirit and so are a very. Careful about politically everything I heard all the bad break for. You know your you have been available at all there's a tree which you also have you have you have an air. Three or four Q you're very good child support payments on their way to the HUS resist. So there's so there's an upside to being it's element that's there it don't. Neat that's down that's a positive way to look in his life that's exactly right he's got no child support payments and there's no one paid some debate every single man there. It's true. You look at the way it was going to idea I think is because he doesn't. Have a grasp of his eyes and what is good he doesn't know few looks good he feels like he's not a good looking guy he is not capable of having a good conversation. He gets awkward when he talks to drills am am I getting that right notes. I feel like you can have a conversation with them. Would anyone like I'll even I'll be you know one person actually in line in turn the person Miami's talk longest to. Tacky tie and then have a conversation with people on my blog at yeah I I don't know what I look like and I'd love. Lol I don't know of one. Border Patrol they're what what you get a local butcher. A search or pop vote trolls that are. If you'll open up. It all that'll change. I think effective way to returners and so you have picked a picture of church and if you're why it's so there's. You get our secure contribute your reality reader there because they get it out. Sure but either good or close to audience. No I mean he's got a global ready to go over there. Spirit through an enlisted and means gave up a little bit you know I mean I even give you any advice get you wanna come and there are trimmed up. And that and looking ready to go. While there. Yeah I'm points are well worth your huge army and then since yes and from what I need to be able so. Well that's what I wouldn't let me just let me just older brother on your presented shave your balls and took everything out. Just as is get them out of the way maybe she commands through. I'll move that liquor particular senator these issues to straight razor bulk up easily fill bring it. Let's listen to a little a little out. Actually open a hole. Yeah have you ever changes have you heard groom yourself like that Alex. Yeah yeah all of it should be carefully you'll have a mature reasonable isn't it it is is gonna creek mall out you don't wanna go and that they don't re re oh. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. We entered its computer do what if you don't actually do it a few days before. And yet you don't get the all England did manage me she wants to sleep coming their happy you know be excited. Any new rules. Grew quite slow can't sleep. Or herbal ones would you plea that I before this. He'll always wishing me master magnet. So. Whoever. Won't we've always we've Q and current I've got third place didn't suck in everything Ramos. Armed in my book clearly the girl who didn't change you clearly don't like common solutions simple forehand going you nervous in Poland excited Murray and I also bumped or change if you have a hard are doing. And then I'm going to be therefore. About 24 hour news and I'm not a war initially bear. Are you like a more ready behind the eight ball. Good Alex that mr. less certain murderer. Okay. It's sort of you know if you actually could have told you what we Rhode. A bunch of hot (%expletive) yeah you don't need to get our quality community spirit it it is their Hokies QGT shirt. It I have is the other side of your life. Yeah so let's take you to Croyle. That's it that's exactly right to know where but I think used go with the flow and you gotta be flexible outs they'll listen. How are you some pushups and shave your balls I'll Selig all right. Well okay. How large. It rate decrease should birdie and I worked hard for ITY eighty against it besides. Among all the unpleasant yes. You were poitier gave you a miracle worker and I wanna see how this all works out for you. Well that this could this be obviously control trouble a lot of big kid each for whatever reason. They're wooldridge ribeiro because look at what like this city can be a whole lot worse weeks I think where they'll cheap hotels have apple didn't listen. The right direction yeah I think if those statements that the deal will this all works he's the best deal they. You you are the insulin and his telling Kelly. He. I don't. I. It's a new audience you want to shorten. I'm telling you otherwise this would be good for him though he will come back new and you can tell he's got some. He's a he's a little negative nut not to the world around them but internally like to himself. So he yeah once she feels the vibe out there and he gets in a row do you I think he's going to be fantastic. Yeah I hear you people who provide the proper bed and you don't if you. Thought you'd be excited to be certain there's resilient guys have sort of therapy didn't pick up the literature. Acute regular viewer be the polls also accomplish local schools welcome. That is Chandler are or appear to look great actually could darken a great education. Yeah it wasn't it happens to see a guy like Allen who has never got you know he's got a failure to launch situation he just never. Gotten his time at bat and then you have guys who got the bad. You know and get married at some grows beaten to death and emotionally like every piece he was stupid you're not funny and I don't like you know bang you bella. And those guys would you put these hard to turn back around again that the beaten down the never starts. All of beaten. Yeah the beating was he's our viewers. Caller you're done it's it's just finally say what they go through and look at. Particular girls who threw it works the other way too because the from what. Yeah I thought there would you give you speak is it feel like. Well this particular for the use and what it's it's just it's terrible but he you know where you're the. There will work reporter have looks at where we go to church there and that's that's what we do when you change lives that Alex will be changed. Hey a different note yesterday we had Jerry Lawler on and we were speaking of you and your ears were burning and now bombs and Buddha. Andy Kaufman and tell the story of the moonlight bunny ration and how. You know you and Indian and bobs of mood or else the bunny rational Bakken wells from the seventies and early eighties right. Right and. All I don't know what it was great great. Old war but it will blow over those of you have. It could you be you do what do you people are people that think that roughly it was a good. Well what they're cute cute picture or two girls. You know what were black what little white leotard. Who wrestled through death to see you go to Russell hit usually do their do you want. People would though that the atmosphere is really important place. So do a succession law only met yesterday because after talking whose mood about it he was and was it about. He loved the idea of the theatrical yeah okay Juba of wrestling and in the healing the good the bad guy can get that opera action. Or was there a little bit of finish that was also makes than you think. Although I know British. In the what are what are what a great way to deliver a church in particular a bit out of that it is is so basic. I would dollars was bet this strategy look at it that he would go to the room if wrestle or what wicker. There have been of course they borrow a little bit of effect everywhere it is. Actually it. They had there were Russell threw their discretionary area there does particularly in Kabul achieve this status. We still fantasize about he can overcome it every story you can tell me they do it's what she wears. So amazing that something Bob's mood that was such a great and to us spend time with the entities will have very smooth very nice human being. All you need either the basic guide me know if we've seen these writer will leave it there of course we will see here's what period until the end of if that you've moved on comic relief because well a couple books whether he would be produced movie bit of the flu. Which of purity and that's what I do that's vote majority of those as its killer. It and and now there's a documentary about making the movie about it. You know that's. Exactly. Actually I was a little global vote in the future Gerri they show up all the behind the seats on each. Here they took that is a great editor so very prepared rhetorical that it is to have real well threw real well. Can't wait to see that as well listen I got a got a jump but I am and again thank you very Iraq. Taking time personally handling Alex I mean that's that really is so far above and beyond the call of dads and he did not only did you begin the air fare take care women in Buford at. 24 hours but you hanging with a new walking him through and and that that will go a very long way to turning his life around. It's gonna change it around his dignity supplies are what about mr. Becker there's. Still walking a little page in. I I thought hey guys I'm I look better then good thank you are prestige that Dennis. It's a whole whole reality. A word about shoot yeah. If you don't. Spokesman for you to walk up right. Yeah you just keep you. It would be an awfully easy didn't you think the length of season things in my life and it was a big struggle bearing that in the hilt. All I have absolutely. Actually I would already be gone this route before. Yeah and I think what if you verbal fights I may get hurt or worse looks like he just does about boys. It feels like the voice since it's. Security preclude the clue he's been down there are better before because this is there which you have to do what's useful. Be view of large bore hole all right guards who told Georgia. I listened. Keeping judge before we'll talk next week and Guerrero. And we'll get everything can also get yourself together for a rock fest my friend because we've got to out here wearing off and here we. Beat her great great artists that it would only do. The Portland gets so the Gypsies what are restrict the sales days. Oh his burger or cute and he's got what level are available Allianz and he's got the devil's double awful enough he's in the back yet without with what and make sure that your you guys get handled well moment. Aren't great but I nobody believes he can break it.