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Monday, January 22nd


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It is Monday. In January want when England's second place I think Jesus it's aren't that deep in January 1 levels found. Next month Valentine's Day now you might still celebrated not really knowledgeable we don't go I mean it's Florida's white and vibrant scrap payable and dinner it. And we're assuming a loveless marriage yeah. It is an excuse delayed or do you get red and I'm like why you have to do anything when I'm a big mounds and they got eight home so. But. It is very important some people love this is an important thing. Then you know valentines day some people many take it very very seriously and it's an innocent blood work everything but girl's day. They had done and he as far as. This is true. If you're a woman and you don't have a nine and you must be really ugly. Either that to your man just doesn't love being. You must feel fatigued and feeling looser. If he really never do you have this 23 months things about you look beautiful down. Beck isn't he really loved you apparently however he doesn't love you at all. Maybe it's because she's sucking men. Or maybe it's because you don't second down he funeral. Maybe just maybe he's thinking that he's had better lovemaking from an old gym socks and hand lotion and worn out picture of Joyce DeWitt from three's company. You remember. The ugly one he could shoot. Everybody knows that all women who are good lovers have diamonds. Maybe you managed with another woman right now who was a good luck but I bet she's wearing a diamond don't you wish you weren't. Diamonds are forever. Unless of course you're not only lousy let this been a message from the diamond company. Yes music it's it's. Nothing you know nothing. A grand statement. It's seasonal gesturing and I want. I'm living years ago. Everything everything feels. The food wouldn't let me out yeah actually about me AM necklace really really pretty necklace and special. Do you know just to be sweet nothing nothing all of whom I think but you know the story behind it something. No he's just a Canadian girl and I wanted to haven't met yeah I points. And exercise by him no actual bicycle on my. This reminds them. Go ahead doing this. You have formula something unbalanced I think you gonna do though you know ourselves happy Valentine's Day and they may or may not be card for the U. I think I'm making what is there isn't making what if you have nobody but if you've never experienced love I have a question I think some. If you don't use it. A series. Now. Ramirez apparent nomination. Are your June. Anyway. They re agenda. That's right. Virtue maybe. You've been looking for the you don't know where to hit. A lot of different reasons you can't. I mean over the years I think in many people members CB j.'s LLC just you know health care. Defense CPU was also unattractive. Can't and to be fair he had a terrible personnel. Here he was really hard to know yeah. An easy get a weirdo like that but we did it. Rules need other girls. Because they didn't know how to do their own town knows when the straight lifestyle then. Guys who were gone to a total conversions thirty some years old star almost thirty and he infringed verified he'd never make love to a girl. Eyes you know. Ramon goes ahead. I'm funding for Magellan there. Fast. Mom and dad get a divorce and neither one of them ever. Heartbreaking and really is no would villains are attractive they should stay together. Let's get stuck in action and pass wasn't really aggressive. I told my parents listened to their numbers for their make it big here don't look now but once you. Of course you better stay together when you go. Stay in agents carried asking blood you know progressing on the great you know where you'll never be accused of harassment. The moonlight bunny ranch you will be asked to provide cash or charge. You will not be accused of harassment got pay more while moving in order but now you're now you'll always get. It's. Important to ask exactly. What. We came on here. Our next guest is a long time friend of the show was the worldwide FaceBook funny to me. Prostitution. Since 1982 and he has been the man behind America's number one sex destination the world famous ruling bunny ranch. Alien can house and many others but he has appeared on news outlets around. In the HBO series cat house. Listen I'm serious working girls and dad and told his story in his book the art of the please welcome good T Barnum of whom many Dennis Hart. You'll look your children until you was economic development kit didn't only beat people move you couldn't cookbook if you show. For the country I swear to god this is it's thought that I guess. Other hopefully it'll all your audiences through his fellow care who Freddy got back. Yeah you can hear your voice man it's been so much stuff to talk about. You know. So much from this country gone weird on us the meat to. Which by the way you've got to be incredibly happy about this because this is exactly what you've always spoken about men. Mann act badly and that you you've always provide such a third straight forward. Business. You know decision you know I would like sex well I would caution this much money well. There we go and it's the most honest exchange in the world. Also your public record it's neat to. This could provide business so we felt like I mean the sale local girls wore a you reconvene to be careful and thorough and I think population do is is this better go elbow because. Yet he didn't put your portfolio took it anyway. When the two he's such a huge difference between the Weinsteins in the world and and the guy who's like. You you know you've you've really got a great body like it then you could I am almost a month hash tag that they don't. The only victim it's never lost to me that I always thought the hash tag you know growing up it was always Paramount right. Saw you see just how do I yeah. Yeah it's it's just it's just not so there is but I you know I. Some of the hopefuls is I know what's real I won't happen. Aaron in this it's terrible but a lot of that hurt or hardware owners like I saw that with Tiger Woods where. Whether or girls. Jumped on the what do with our starters who have all but says I and the fire girl group that you would who would you have like no way you're out of your get out of here. Little pure replica. Well like well with it exactly right that rape obviously is not okay assault is not okay to touch woman without her permission is not okay. But then. That chick that they do James Franco girl the woman resting bitch face yeah those who is it that you went out there really consensual sexual relationships have been going on a while they were dating having sex they were together and he tried to talking to a mile plug in car. So much. Yeah girls entered talking about a good car. We're pleased that. Nation while I think all of them all that you've put your mouth until these yeah. Over. There and you know they're that that they're not they're here just actually you know if it's. Just crazy out there are more of the iPhone girl. It that I I looked overlooked this symbol of what occurred what schools particularly with the attention will be in the somewhat smoother and more. There have been so but I saw this one girl vote that's why it seemed. Well the first couple will do fulfill Hitler or the more the form of low will do whatever. Children in this effort that's terrible. Oh I wonder what the next sentence this occur well what do his home. And I like it here are you sir are you kidding me you don't think they're great given what this house for another day. Yeah that's what that was the central Ohio. If you know and I think he really does damage women who have been genuinely assaulted what's really cool had a genuine harm. 80 you have some that you know that that the jump on haters the ones who just loved being part of the movement some sort of a social justice situation so they're just like you know and then one time and he was and company you look me in the you'd like Jesus Christ. And so yes I I think it's gone a little bit too far the pendulum never stars and. It can't print and that's why the Lynch's life and that's what the outcome if the rest is always good because. Look at if you don't have that special wall though you don't care that you look there anymore. And you know what we that's important to come wedge because all you can do laugh but people have some disruption fingertips. Well they they did your guy and you never delayed if you've got to be twenty and then got to be something weird than 25 and elect. Yeah now I just feel odd that in him at ten hit thirty years so did such an imposing situation at the idea of having sex that you just probably shy away from it. Then this thing happens now all you see in the news a guy who's not related is. This hash tag me too we're like if you even talked to a girl you're probably gonna lose your job you showed you these poor guys are at home just. Thank god for. It's. Even worse than that goes because this was there or mutual need more than forty and still left at least six that he could yet but there's there's. Well I have no idea how guys get married and then did it just somehow except that they have to come home bring home the money do all the work and have no sex in my listen. I can move oh my buddy wanna you know at least he may have you ever want to go out and healthy Dickinson there had beaten them. But but but but yeah. Still to use so what he's we're gonna have hopeful. So aside it was you know it it is I think should make sure that the girls are blatant mischief because there's girls are there are getting everything. Adult sizes are concerned about. Sure the bi curious. They and until all the women are bi curious I think. There's a lot of what I say today that you at least half. Of all women are pretty seriously by curious is that I have never met a girl that Nicky says you don't look at an eagle to leave a girl on girl born. How much you know what are more right every merely noted its release are numbered. Higher than that done so that was while higher. And I I think that would also prove he is these couples and girls who considers it goes up but they did that you can see that gets bigger and bigger there. If Democrats because of growth for us that. And of course you know all guys are bisexual implicating even four always understood her. You you know I assume open missing out to everybody like say you're a couple that's always what list do you get down with a girl. And she said the only way I would do it is if there was no way did you know ruin their you look at most girls want to I think because. Is Dick Wolf. What if you leave me for her jealousy factor here right. And that I. I don't think that there I don't think this is going to be one of those cases this is the perfect time to talk girl into it if you ask me at you must have that nonstop the first three way. Oh yeah I absolutely have them both of every couple incidents as well. Speaker and every guy is sure of course it's the court if so required peaceful but it won't think you're doing. Over there they're true. So who's who is bunnies and their priest. Solid right now like you know late. Well they could take a look if you don't on the from the voters say the 2000 and so those beautiful few withdrawal will receive their life. Chris educated graduating from Georgetown University. To investors look if you're an. Yet here today with the six foot pole for the bill. She's literally or B six foot tall. It's 2000. And then bill the president get it all little. The little girl that's what foursome if she's actually the most popular girl last year. She's almost almost be exercised. What she recession here and I don't know what I. Yeah. Or retreat for sweetheart if you followed could be if you if you're really good. Yes he did so much out here like it's it's crazy you look at that grew huge tournament like that they're a girl terror tape like that's ridiculous you know you look at that hill. If you're a regular guy you do not have a shot in real life with a girl the looks we're there. She's been did you want she's in nine. Yeah 95 yeah I mean if in real life and terror. You do not have a legit regular guys do not have a legitimate shot at the world would back girls cannot walk and talk to own not in real life they're not there on the shot. At the bunny ranch. You have a shot. That's amazing. Yeah and I'll tell you what that let you know that I can afford such is still. Your race over the ten minutes old too much negative stuff. Not believable but you know I've given the tendon that we'll tell you what you lieutenant huge introduced what did you simpler. 160 bisexual now. Now she's ten and 36 he must perfect. When you look at Bobby based so if you think you'll be here for these effort where yeah all of whom she's here. She's towards us her she's a very excellent so there. And I thought a whole separate war or to just you know about the blond guys that this will really does more inclusive of everybody else good. Who says he will play yes that is friendly yes. Bused 32 F bisexual yes wait 11052. Early twenties yet. Now that's that's a pretty big deal. So you. Can we can. There you see the actual air. Now it's great and that and they look great. You're. Off let's listen to this is going to be girlfriend. Oh I don't know although and what she's a fun girl. Greater Louisville Archie lovesick. They're can't figure it's or are we saying what a lot alt text your city if there. It is at best that's. Yeah. And finances a lot of Netflix and Jill or yeah. So I don't think that I think we weren't prepared this civil air. It's important that you have something terrible for a tailored search you know. As in house or Kansas City grill JJ do it. It's still a great you know getting the big part of the community spirit she. She is critical remote first Google search on that she didn't work and here is. A huge hit that started the row of with a with a sandwich shop the big quick us. For eight or nine years and win since you've I want another radio station they would they would cut their efforts it's going to stick. There and you from a participate. I'll listen maybe after that the soldier in full thing happens I was like and say we're even buses stop. Fires and OJ consumers and OJJ is never molested kids I think we're actually much better place. Shortchange. You drink you. Mothers could be an outbreak are they will I think there. We've shut the people who created false or lived there is fortunate obviously. Well. I mean this is that that they've never seen the bunny ranch you've never saw the TV show. If you almost three years on that was kept house on HBO or. Fourteen years of new confidence still. So sixty separate countries would like to I got hurt whatever residual check inflatable work for a peaceful record contract at. Does that just doesn't stand dead. Grades and you've got these I mean you wanna see like this stuff he's your guy right here is something like pegging yeah. The girls who see the girls who provide picking and they give really broken down your menu button beautifully late. Girls will spank you girl who provides them them. And then girls provide paging and that's where a girl wears the strap on. Harley. That super small girl that Alice little and so does the tear. THA the six foot tall girl. Or slums that harm harming things that few people that I like I do like to hear about the beautiful Welker. Airborne. It is this considerate because people reported so. Here's the golden copper used for the sake grow accordingly located close friends they are people perished through security. You play double walker it was so beautiful holes like Norway's. This fall short in the courtroom so the question didn't look at the girls used to say to those of us. Do that you and Andy Kaufman used to have fun with the walked up to you that your birthday party with a walker Mike. Oh your poor doctor do do. I told you sit there all was that part of their border with you. Her daughter good government. Toward I was welcomed daughter flew a few of the slope for older. It's sort daughter went to work here in at the party. The granddaughter came. It should work in the U a couple of quote secret smoker since then and there are capitalism bill. Lisa three generally trees are green generation said Chris curiouser. A local workforce they usually. Really just no end to do the strangeness of the human sexuality. And in the morning and keep it inside the more you. You're told the draw and the more you you can't let people know what your age I think that the dark gray gets so you don't unless I've I've really genuinely believe that places like the bunny ranch that are legal tested. Security girls don't do anything they don't wanna do if they don't view the governor's price and out you know I think they don't they're not gonna have to do a thing. Well some guys appear comes in he's he's he's insulting her he's he's not. It was smelling whoever you're just not going to be very welcome here like you still as does commended their very polite like had I think I can tell you and all the years I've been. At the rich. Only maybe once they see a guy committing just a little tipsy a little boisterous and you know what somebody whispered in his ear and he settled right down and he has a great night. Well yeah I didn't hear bureaus in. The that's what makes it fun you could be usurped if you remove all of these. It's become insecure I guess are basically from. She's she's picked to sell well because well. Ever got what a treat that if I hadn't done I've been bitten that I hadn't done. This is and you had some beautiful girls there and this is this is some guys absolutely. And all of the all Nirvana some guy who's never. Then with a woman he's always wonder all your friends get laid people get married you see it on television you see don't took on the Internet. Injured for some reason trapped outside those gates you can never get sacks and you feel horrible way to live and really what the strongest urge our entire body imagine you're some guys for whatever reason. Maybe got a condition. If you've got you just you're very very shy. Who knows but that's a deadly terrible way to live tennis. Yeah I got that produce some quality of life lesson. Sort of go. She'll step who have been in DC we can there be very. He is the air every circumstance though it would happen or go to go to comfort there. They're what I've seen is if we didn't do well who knew already who don't have the people skills to compete with girls so they could live here. And they will put out certain party with the girls of all sort of things that they turn it go all the other person. Because there's been these computers in the FaceBook hurt her 1520 years. That doesn't get to other people feel. Well Elton a friend of mine was sports. He is socially a bit awkward. Now I know I understand it more than most by being friends so it's easy to cut a deal would be an MD friends but if you if you didn't know. It would be someone off putting and imagine the incredibly hard to for him to have to meet a girl who wasn't aware of what his challenges work from. Or did you. You get your confidence level just killed. They would come to the red soles so that goes up the future they're the world 25 or thirty girls are just seven under. In your voice quality I circumcision the most so that contribute in addition to competency being the globe do that in the real world. Well in these girls are incredibly friendly like they smother you like. They're all it's it's amazing because when you come to the bunny ranch doors as it's just it's a fantastic what's got its big western decide on the outside you walk into. Super luxurious the bunny bars out from the view there's a good living room area to the left of the fireplace and all the girls their these big couch isn't. It's all very well done and that the girls to line up. And I that are available and then they also did Chan a junior kind of say hello to everybody can sit down and have a drink at their own and they're very very. In touch like you don't have to pursue that you don't have to talk a gorilla and anything back on the every new kid was when this. We're sitting at the bars he's talking liquor if we Dennis is kind of a whole lot and it leans over me is just. Yes you can just listen she's gonna have sex do you you don't have to you don't have to talk period. No it's not the best he's not regulate and negotiate. It eclipses don't expect it but so it's going to be okay but at least. Don't go cook at the close to your full blown. Yeah but yeah it's you will you will have fun if you go to the bunny ranch. It's not and you what you've got something for everybody to read. All that everybody you can make whatever whatever your attitude I and I I follow what I what I thought well let photos TP good. Very the couple good local girls for four years worked in the southeast Asia won't go to another ball mill every day. Every day and says wow wouldn't this approach people with different. They think for the people to why she's she's she's wont get you committed. But you can do that the ransom that's what it all works in this search result lack of communication with couples because. It's like everywhere that if you do this for free so what we're here say about the peso. That's every bit fantasy. And so he thinks he or won't do it so he comes Marissa doesn't look there was likes to have the same thing with the status quo. In his girlfriend. That's true. It's true man we laugh about it all the time that you hear those awful stories we got laid nobody finds out later on she was due in filthy things somebody else couple people yeah you know right yep. It's it's tough to degrade the every. Think people we put each other upon his purposeful. But you're you're that's special one you're with Cooper girl reporter for the social issues are prince's future queen shares her kids. How can she blows thirty discrepancy in the third group would guess what she wants to do you do you have to Google asked. Wreck well or at some point you did ask a girl and she what she went on the other way are you you know. It's it's we've all experienced that some girls look at you like you're an animal because you wanted to do doggy style. There's a woman who have a dog yes I do actually actually what I would choose but your face that don't stop talking. You know it's gotten that puts you to let it soak for folded so true. Are there broker or from what Parker started the ball woke my wife that she says she prepared and they have little hope so all this crazy. They're in the sucked in the world such as simple frame. As it is here in other people's wolf it's so really this good thinking that experience. Yeah it's it's amazing to me that they did there's a discussion about that I just I don't really simple view of sex. Eats you know relationships are tough you know their marriages are tough long term relationship tough. Money disease getting older kids bills what ever that's all hard to do agree on politics religion. But the Indians and sex is the easiest part of it you can't do that. You should not move forward if you could give me a new girl and sexual you don't connect and it doesn't work you shouldn't go another step further because. The other stuff coming I get this part the fun part doesn't work. Like if we can agree to disagree on politics or religion but in the end I think we can all agree it feels good to get your genitals slicked. We'll do everything with a serious problem. Those polled say it is so I've settled in what is good experiences. It's so important though. If I have to go through and there'd be rich. They'll pick one girl for. Eric how cool are you from all of those considered seven locations. That's a couple so. I feel bad for you on any level of despair I think you've buster got. Actually flew into it. Absolutely that's the part where it's I got through three and out and circle that. If it's just it's also always have it both sides they studied. We're gonna look at the make it better in this particular back particularly serve you well. You're the greatest sin there I can't wait to see you win is that what. The people because they can have called it relate it. I know all the above you will sort of an email we can give us a call we're gonna entertain every single idea every request every reason why you think you should be the one over. It happened at flights and in in a trip to the bunny ranch without us to do the broadcast live the week of Valentine's Day to celebrate with us. I'm in it could be anybody over the years and so we think the girls would rather girls particularly members terrible palsy Jesse. I mean listen you're a guy he wasn't really Arizona ever it was tough but he a lot of confidence we want to. Guys in virgins there were 3233. Years old you'd never know what it was like to be physical no kidding aside like. You know listen it's the strongest urge you as as a male and I think his appeal to the pro create all these things are costlier size. And I think I give yourself alone which obviously you're not having sex and and you don't have a girlfriend either means you don't have anybody. But you do need something to kick start you at that moment and sometimes this is funny isn't always a trip to the bunny ranch a good chance of sex it's not. Scary that you can do it and I grew gives you that confidence when you look out because his the other thing about the bunny ranch. Girls are amazingly aware of the psychological ramifications and how much. The mental game comes into physical game but I think there's so much better dad than than a lot of other women like they truly get. I'm a guy feel good doesn't matter. If it's a long term relationship or not that that debt. Hit that little touch of that those girls are really Smart they'll just go okay get on and do it like they they run you through the whole game. We asked if but I think and that's the book with your with your sister they're going to be called him. It doesn't have to be a sexual experience in the week it could be a wonderful wonderful schools without it all that we we had if there's if you. If you didn't want one experience and it will still drag on for a couple hours. Go to the ethical guy out there it is different with very good one of the global placed yeah. We'll have a wife experts look we will as good as she daughter. Yes that's exactly do they grow another room they'll they'll have sex Q did you slow that are. Yeah really I thought I listen to me it's great to your bush got a lot of stuff for the next couple weeks have to follow up without why beyond. And and catch up with everything that is the bunny ranch since everyone in the world is happening would you. I you Lebanon these can view menu look good sometimes you have good days all that weight is off when you do these look good you knew we want to hear about it. A community do a lot better job he would do it you'll like this could be a good. Apparently it is great who would put you on the but there's more evidence that they also couldn't singles floor for a sort of a last. With this there isn't great he's given back because you didn't warm McCain sort of implies. Sure there's this guy he's been there and so a lot of sex the money range. Are you that you beat up. Well listen nobody doesn't know much money that not only set you get a free magenta and installed. I don't know why you think C automatically thinks I'm supposed to take care of that for you just assume that. Well look on your face on reality and what do you think you're just gonna get it I don't know all I can. Me yeah 'cause I arranged it. Who gave you this awful give you point. So I talked on the land like these guys can play and we'll prompt you did you appoint who gave you his point it attract. I'm seeing her of the time and that didn't do right and and I give allegedly pointed can he ate at one time who love in the new kid that. So. I just shimmer in the first year we will let everybody laying the night before we got oh yeah we learn not to send listeners before we got there yeah. There's another staff got there before everybody everybody gets laid before us it. And there and then there was no show really because the first and we didn't show but they're out Leo. Pretty happy yeah I was like wolf it was kind of wanted to happen during the show like when we give this away when you go win this you're gonna broadcast live with a few will leave us. And going to a room and they come back and explain to us. Allen wins what you saw what. He taught you yeah this is that it's. That that a go to the website check it out but the bridge dot com but I mean if I order. A guy especially like you know I think about older guys like Robert Crandall warrant. So we can be used a lot I grab and that. I mean he's a good candidate when you think oh am bows his great kids to college ball and more in the grey he's eighty holds crazy fun things. Some barely I think that was 8586. We team mr. Jim Greer trust me he's only eleven. Please try to make you have the lowdown on runs out there on the good news down every peoples is where he was married once we she left him and for a bank robber chastened I'll hale went around Baghdad I. But he's never ED never found the love but can it be funded a guy like that again right yeah. I had tapes and some guy who socially awkward some guy who's got some kind of an issue maybe get a helmet and it what did you leave your mind. You know I mean I mean you certainly do and you can but it's hard enough I've got all my sense is now in its imagine. It was any more awkward for me faculties and yeah it's bad enough this. Book overcoming this they have an Aqua Aqua. Not everybody you know it's really to see a group will never know you'll never know how hard it is for a guy like. We hang gets more difficult every day yeah we have like the fool to cover up our fear like that's like guys act the way they do a recent do she guys that super grass is certainly don't care to see that it that's a film that's just something. The more insecure the bigger the wall right there version of it and so would you lie. I mean that's that's how bad it's like girls like all you have to do say yes. It looked at. Yeah it's true. It's weird can I get the rejection part and I completely understand warriors are going to get it makes sense nobody wants that that's Oxnard school they'll feel that. Eight results to get laid an Emmy and if Kelly came just at least like me a little like he let me here to talk to me first and held that progressed and that's what would you go somewhere with me anywhere in public I swear you'll make it battle okay yeah but we're just trying to get past the no way we're going to be. Their estimates hash tag me too quick look at it that you know because of flux it's tough measure when Goosen got loose like again like it for whatever reason you didn't. Failure to launch you don't want it there and we you'll be amazed over the next couple weeks as he wrote this thing out. You will be stunned. At how many guys legitimately. Gotten to that world they can not. Break out they cannot. Meet a girl they cannot get that place of of just social. Erection let alone intercourse and you'll be stunned I mean. It sounds ridiculous to say here's a bunch of thirty year old guys who have never had sex as say the number of dudes who haven't had sex chat I mean you think you're listening right now. Oh I legitimately. Like for real do you think. That's because let's face in your life you don't noted by deal because I don't personally know anybody who battled it who's ever had sex there's one or two people I would guess and if they've not had text and I've never straight at Aston I have you ever had a woman I know one guy who's twenty. Probably 26 now which isn't really battle between four and I'm sure he's not. That's it that's it they're just want overshot their stereo alarm that overt warning that. Over 12100 formula or no access it's just not the way the world normally works but there are more than you imagine. Out there I would I mean going to be surprised though I'm not surprised. Question. So. Yeah if you don't use your. The series. Now. Emir airfare and accommodation. According you know we were. Okay. You are. They re agenda.