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Monday, June 25th


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So. On Friday as we're getting relief. I see this headline on Reuters. Ran across in the age of trump evangelicals back self styled top US pimp. And it relies. Hoff was cut because. The conservative Christian vote which is the greatest thing I've ever heard and I'm like he knew these buildings over the troubled around and and now I have always said he's doing the lord's word yeah. And now suddenly the of evangelicals believe so and I thought there's no way disease you know these sex Haiti mobsters for the most part. And die but. It says let me walk you through this year so this pastor's evangelical pastor. Victor point it's said he clue decisive pretty independent he'd won the primary he did not ask god to deliver Nevada in the Republican Party from law. The vice divorced author of art the pimp who campaigned as the trump the program. Although Christian groups have long rallied against the State's legal brothel and Fuentes was willing to overlook puffs history is a champion of luck and thanks for his victory. And people wanna know how an evangelical can support self proclaimed pimp went. In an interview from his home. He says it's simple we have politicians they make they might speak good words not sleep at prostitutes be a good neighbor. But by their decisions they have evil in their heart Dennis Hoff is not like that. You know it to say that I think I think offers very straight forward. It is I love this after all that you'd think he might run it much. He's got a rich and famous and surrounded by hot chick I don't give a god damn what anybody says about. He boom that is my drop. Our next guest is a long time friend of the show in the worldwide face for the fight to legalize prostitution. Since 1992. He has been the man behind America's number one sex destination the world famous leg bone ranch in Carson City, Nevada. He spearheaded the HBO series cat house. This cinematic series working girls in bed. And told his story in his book the art of the week. And not only did he recently when the Republican nomination for a seat. Nevada state assembly. But now in the shocking turn of events word count of the state is that he is being backed by Nevada evangelicals for being the most honest candidate. Please welcome longtime friend of the show the PT Barnum put an end and the self proclaimed Trumba. Dennis Hoff. Here. Politically it is. It is. You know if you're good at that the way people are ridiculous you know really followed died there were great and so by those who are suspects funeral. There have been killed me. It's awful news and is that it is this is just so sad in. You know in the world is is a lesser place. And it's definitely less warm and of those two guys human if you that a million rock stars and but those two guys they were as real as ray and. All the bulk of the people that have thought of doing without it beats it without the truck some. Do it just credit. Country you know. It's great. Guys you know they. It's it's it's is guilty what. I expect you know they didn't have a party of the year. A Christmas party of that you're dealt. With the Christmas or returned to do away because you get killed there on stage. And now it was it was I mean they were going to be Kansas didn't do our Christmas show. Our twisted Christmas a week later and then I'll remember I get a call from Greg at 2 o'clock in the morning. And I've. Just set up it's hard to watch that in just stunned because nobody we'd never seen anything like that nobody ever hear a guy walk onstage the concert and murder people. You know. It's just it's unthinkable. And especially those guys you know those guys and watch your brother be murdered in front view it it's it's beyond comprehension. The it's it's sad day in the rock wall and it just good guys let firms in the you know get a little let them know whether as a fugitive on the wall of effort they're. But it goes out there. When it into that let me ask you this. And we see that it's like what you want at with homes for the business for like you prove your point you could win. Now go back to being happy this is this people receptive life view. It is as they do that it is that the local boy is considered to the Republican Party was. That the government says more about that it supportive. There's just it was a great event like. Or at this guy I would support the super right though. Republican naval tax sector and with the support that law votes in militant problem is not supporting a didn't have the right children's book. I listen you're gonna win this if you want. I mean by the way you've got to be stunned when you found that they'd be the event evangelicals. That at least a good chunk of them. We're gonna back in spite your whole war mongering ways. That's occurring easy and yeah I've talked about stuff and it's you know. It's listen I believe everybody's religious views are their own views and nobody else in business that and that being said you know. You had to be stunned when these guys didn't try to Hamachi would tortures and burn your house. That's absolutely and it's just the people you know it's it's. Acute. That is expected in a mother's. It's just great people budget. Here it didn't look I think it does but that's been diluted that where. Because the support that we couldn't have been too it just did it because look at dental glanced. It's step up because it is despite its actual blood that was their thinking about what equipment grip but. There anyway. Everybody sit in the world outlook or vote for him we're told the ministers who told us that. It totally got that voting Booth put the button trot. The the same way with me yeah. It wouldn't compare that yes and I'll tell you. He says he can do it without invitation. It is similar to grab when your girls against her will he might end up and god damn hole in the middle of the desert like. This totally in my head I'm not I'm not bashing the president that's not my point my point it. You if people wanna come down on the idea of the cat. But the truth is it's regulated its secure its clean nobody's against their will. These girls make that much money as they would like to make it make a big leave anytime they want. They're not junkies they're not held prisoner this is not such trip this is an adult doing what adults do because that's what they choose to do. Whenever you that he would go to Vegas for your money would be genetically cards are right. Degenerate about it. You want you will like sex it's a strong surge about it. If this is what's right for you but it's never against will in suite that that's the huge separation for a you have I think your I think your business shows more respect for a woman's wants needs and will then doesn't that society does. You know you're I agree with did you write some Newton comparison. But it looked at beautiful girl didn't terrorists. Overload branch and its if you look at a little list dot net with the producer mentioned which is such here to look at that the political. Utility. It has been its first you know the AD group that you're protecting your book or oh what is order. If they're gonna beat some excellent service for the that they disagree get separate 500. According to the radio operator you couldn't. Move that girl how tall is she should just hold these pictures. If you could do all of between art art respect. Let's bring. Are breathing air through civil started here. Longing what are you doing and why you wake shortly. Saying listen this is clearly. You do in the lord's work and I inherit it UA currently. What trouble did you guys get into last night. I'll. I want you to actually yesterday at the we're talking now about the journey. In. Viet and then and there are easily you know they have. He's he is important what you do listen do you think he's crazy for. Screw around politics when he could just have the good life he already has eased. He's got a great bunch of girls he's happy his business is successful. It's a stress free life for the most part why at around with these terrible human beings nosed politician. I you know I have wondered about her out while I I have been on a lot of his political. I'm campaigning and that are or what about that sixteenth and a and and if it came it eat diet and that they did it change their mind are replicate it. She was like lobby people median Thabeet is big woody has parity gains. That aren't eager to know there are being. Did you intentions and certainly his intentions are fine I mean no I don't doubt that all but one truck would this listen. The business you guys or is infinitely more honest and respectable than politics. Well he had to the people. Certainly in need somebody and he he had. You know he had certain that they need to. Icrc and now I think that she felt like it's the art Durham and and they're not in the kind of article the Akron and don't we get support Edmund. In my pocket and maybe at some of the ticket then. But it accurately cast itself. Priced item in and then important you keep him if I can put it back on the phone and I think. You know they'd been productive meanwhile public inspector that your certificate or your your little. The law and close the cut into the hall let's put principally. Well but. That are able to pick up the street from the firm with a bit of pop up and put it protects them. Let me tell you something here's what you should do and what these guys don't understand is they're picking a fight with a guy who loves to pick a fight so. This is that the fact that they're gonna come against you like this they have no idea how far you'll take what you gonna do is you gonna win this handle. If I were you I'd would it make sure everybody's nervous and then just might drop that boom don't (%expletive) off we go. As I go back you're happy life you'll prove your point. Yeah well that the conflict here does. Yeah that it. They're they're infection every other year so it's it's like a father but in Carson City. So that they that they were electric. Look if you you know it's like this so Rupert that the absence of much more at the more more than it might that the suspect due to the region is so workers can be shown now. Following the super legislature. If you're picked the name of the book you know it looked real. It's could be prostitute the politics with a real or slower. You can do that's without a doubt listen. The girls who can sell their their their their talent. It's up to that. That's to me that's the hyper feminism you Lambert who you who we are guys. We you know there's men who don't like that because they'll they want you to be like their little sex slave right they don't like the idea that. Now you're oh well I mean I can't just take that from you can't just have a it so the good that leaves it in and I don't use the word empowerment but the idea that a woman could be empowered by the ability to sell whatever she can sell. It is I think it bothers a lot of Hart's war old school guys. And they make it selling morality but the truth is it's they'd have less respect for women in this industry. Wouldn't that you do move some of welfare your outlook right so it's good theater there. A little while larger. And doesn't know the Republican Party supported me. Libya Iraq. Let the stone with you can't it was a big move because they do much so didn't go about your problem that is shortly. And let them to a good that they also well. But there it goes. We'll let you felt about it as tall as. At 12040. And then they were like our girl. Reality TV show you produce these these people in these series if you go to a book he is the troubled world. Bullet that sort of resonated so it's just who else. It's it's listened this is an amazing story and die it just it's fun to watch it but what everybody listening. This guy's politics clearly are not identical. You guys may notice that we're friends and we've never argued about anything because I don't care who you vote for disease I know Dennis is a good human being I'm OK with his political views and he never asked me about my. Guess what we may not be on the same religious back and we don't care. The giant that's what we like. It. Yeah exactly and I I know that they give you every day because they're they're here six goes every which is the great. My well it's. I'll back up that either for the legislature. To put it well the let they are out. To hand crank between vibrator looks like digger with a Robert on the they went through Roberto you. It is that this book the book by people Portugal and you'll go to those. This you know this is a crazy story and it would just be careful out there like I worry about the weird doesn't it in the net jobs in this in this world you'd be careful. Nor does the attitude that bill that followed the political little of them carry a weapon or so all. And I do. Yeah there what typically in the a. Oh yeah no it does keep hitting. Against India picture we get up to follow him a text to picture this new guy but you're gonna love it. Or. Great to hear this way that you're looking at the fiftieth and or go back there or did you Alter the worst thing about the selection of the that they get. Locked but I'm sure it was a lot of fun. It was crazy Sturgis radical camp in the throttle. There you go here I think it did. A perfect idea or they lose the credible or what was so so who group. What would be your next government that it that it Irving blue you're gonna put all the higher goal is to integrate. In the Kennedy of course the candidate who spent what. Billion dollars. There was a huge YouTube or no money out of Ole I hear is that a bit. And you're well you're gonna crash as a minute that's not even a question I mean if you wanted to cures. It though it was hard court over the war it was like that your law that you can try it with that note I. The cause of everything including that you'd expect there there's the legal system accessories and a. We the heartbreak of psoriasis that ultimately. Oh yeah he's that use the word an ending to walk the face this year. It's it's. It's unbelievable the characters such personal opinion. You know Richard used that we did this year's mistaken applicant that doesn't have ever affect you does it still hurt your feelings well you know you've been so worried. It's sort of sort of move along of course I love you brother and congratulations there it is it's ridiculous.