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Monday, February 12th


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You're breaking nowhere else to hear fingertips information technology got its classic videos as two girls like I'd like his. Haven't seen that one I'd also like to sell a second bleach my breadwinners the Johnny air morning Joseph understand that some better. Just like your job. New things on the Internet. Otherwise there. But now there now and as a racetrack memory technology here Thursday that Johnny did a morning show breeze that looks great. It's ignored them. Hopefully they can use them. Sorry I am here as well welcome the show let you do in the woodwork to new. Yeah if there's a good chance if it was ordered this morning that it could possibly get there by Valentine's Day. Yet those. You know we're we're. Give her a little but the date is sometime. Quote that we will deploy them need like he'd say he got a good chance we get that by Thursday for sure by Friday. If your order today. And let's face you probably sending this to a loved one who really gets her daily it's added it's kind of even better surprise to Michael. Who missed me about it who could has been. Exactly exactly it's but no way of outlook. News and I think it's magical I mean itself as a fat chocolate. Marry me. Yeah I mean you know a lot the blah blah. This. Looks against his nation in the school. That ditching that juvenile records and great it was. He. This isn't this isn't represented him above a mail ballots this these a replica this is hyper realistic they would call. Or others wrinkles in the testes. Yeah I you know it it's got at W realist you or all of it yeah. As you said it is only if they're angry in a little hurt. Has yield on the box that says eat. So but I think we're the best birdies you know later on the Google the shades are drawn to us and eaten at its. It. I. That's the second wave. It was the same group it because it actually. Did droplet. So more people but even even if they got it and they know what. Yeah now if only you need to do a deluxe version that's it Denver's. Well the word. We're working on getting silly some marshmallows is horrible like barely Cadbury as a special edition. Without being a what year was now I am it was burnout so the learning process. It's it is fantastic in view of the upgrade of a personal note a personal beautifully written. Handwritten. Note so this one example is great. What's. He mark I just point you know. How big of a huge bag you so much took the time in mice and as you go F yourself art and there are varied. As the only thing you know we give vote we did it. Handwritten like bat in the media law. The I love goes order. People that are. BP to go to a lot different relationship like if I remember one that was more. It maybe it are that are that are not in the user so that wanted to earn some certain. Your three year absence chocolate covered strawberries and eat it and think of the it's. Believed that say we didn't think that was in these people say but says the product bars. You know. Want people the world lot of different. Is atlases. Well this is so good about things but it's so good that the because it's all about presentation so when you see the outside of the spots it's really well done its looks and is a very nice box of chocolates. Gilbert up the engine giant block letters heeded the and just in just a baby. It. It's. It's fantastic I have so many people and just like I wouldn't let us I'm ready to give after the split diabetes. It's okay but how much it cost of sadness that 3435 bucks right. Yet we're recording nine. So that but the special that additionally about one. Aggregate you know obviously that it. But the seller for. Read one report brought them. Every year. On the news that is limited to bark but. I convert the even though and it can happen and you know. But that after round and they lead Europe in the product well. Aren't. Indeed anywhere between the 199924. So. Because that solution. If you really like to trigger some of your. More liberal friends the big scandal that's elsewhere trumps fear you could include that I. Yeah that that that was. That Bennett a little bit more. At the last people get it or buy it doesn't mean it the candle smells like part. I would sell good because. I get less than everybody another troop supporter at all but. I do laughed pretty hard I see somebody losing their mind look at the liberals and excuse is that Katie to look at their own audience at. It is screaming and running around us the room and circle beating themselves and obviously. You wouldn't think you'd. So that's that's a time when I want mail than Campbell just abused that job wind. It's tough to make this whole thing so funny we listen we know that about it scammed. It's a completely scared that day it's a big test men and it's it's not stimulation about it nobody enjoys. Except well I think maybe women into. But in less than they feel like our game and if he buys me didn't I doubt because there isn't expected bar that. You know it's like your birthday or or neighbors like I feel like we should both agree that this is a done deal I got this is gonna race. It is a guy like you know if you bit longer girl you've been at this is a great thing to send the person you a lot of people get dumped in January because this is coming up. And so I mean these these field. Oh boy a lot are like your. Just this is just that Valentine's. Oh well there's certain round. I. Or four for so that we deeply concerned about. 100 or February. The well I think I think into. 3000. On the over the years has. We've we've read our rhetoric he's our lives. US now. Jay was coming we don't use your last name because you do your parents aren't exactly clear what you do for a living. Certain period and did not grow and grow well here. Or there's. Certainly though people in that it merits if it's. You know. A month from law now forty it. Might like. I've heard the talk about it goes. You know bell south appearances on wind it really doesn't what war. Because I know the town you're talking about like what the type of does most of you go to the diner in the morning might as always you'll farmer catalyst in this is sitting on top of this year but because of placenta and the and it was a look at everybody would when we went. Who's now. Oh yeah yeah yeah. He's got a copy here every morning yeah after the worker couple hours. It. You know roundtable discussion. Don't really think you want to bring a child. So. Purchase and sell chocolate. Peanuts. Over on the west tends. We always Dario there in L award. And that's when your forefathers did you punch of armor and scream fake news. Yet. It's it it's have you been able to quit your job yet mentally and leave totally on this. Yeah Korea. As well. I let that might the corporate world back in. Our computers or here. It's the American dream right there town may not be proud you why am I gonna make his mug shot and Utley and I. Hit it but the they census hits the sweet way to make a living my friend I love is there's a lot of great reasons about that to order this. All times of the year for birthdays or anniversaries. Bert I just don't like Dijjer Boston next door neighbor but listen there's I mean we don't you know you don't wanna start up directly with a neighbor. But you need to go passive aggressive I am anonymous yeah. This is. Little lady says that neighbor or later it really. Talked repeatedly in your yard. Mean. Urquhart you know Mike this is it really is because let's face it sometimes is not worth the law the lawsuit or would the trouble you'll get if you go head to head wrecked. But a lovely thank addressed especially for someone you work with maybe you can hang up weather office the day it's gonna get this you can see them open it up. There's a lot of joy luck joy here you know trying to make below. One. It Dickey judo work that come Dickie you're doing that come. In that if you hurry. There's a great chance to get him about it in the future before Friday but for the low low low low cost of 35 bucks. It comes about it box the chocolate because we have. They shift and testes. And also get a note a very nice balance. I figured that it your way you know emperor on it. Anybody. Order a group righty then. There's a bunker at the 25% of the news. Is here eat that these. A. I don't. Could you pick Iowa and Eads the city. Now you you have to spread it won't be it will be the letter. CK. Who that'll and I don't think it's yours and so the second part yeah. It will meet with you didn't see that we prepared are you want. The it's eight. People the rest don't you could help them when he arrived at. Its high Arctic it's. Just get online and remember go to him hootie and the huge door that. And there. There eats the 25% off your. The you know. As a service will be repeating it multiple times throughout the show as I'm sure. Everybody else show will remind the audience that that's they get 20%. Who quit making news speech at number out. There EZ. Yeah that's that's scary that he yet it deer eat the one word. That he can't thank enough and it. In big enough for this huge flat. You are doing the lord's work or your parents never find out what you do for a living and you become a millionaire was as one of the tasty chocolate duties. It's great but we do the girlfriend. Earlier and how she feels about this does she tell her parents went public and does. Yeah you know like I realize. Aaron and I. Kind of like Robert isn't the first time I realized they had what are out to dinner and some key. You yeah yeah blow this thing can. You know once it's going to take care of the baby girl. Absolutely. And that it we'll wait awhile and then it's just tell them you know it. That was the month. By the way where did you get a model of that what words that come from. What so. Oh long story short these. Audit from the blog bought the product from poured out. Leader in open fields and yet I didn't looked utterly realistic. Remember kids. To be sure to come hurry at that talk of the it's about time. 25% off when you think she can dare eat the. Eat the chance. Yet and it's. Did you know have a big island deck I love deck high Arctic. Dairy the beach you'll have a de Jong in your inbox.