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Wednesday, October 11th


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I'm a hotline right now give for an obscenity debaters on you know from office space and Napoleon Dynamite he skeptics show American housewife in its second season I'm telling you guys it is so I didn't communicate and mixing Katie Nixon from eastbound and down that and Mike and Molly so did. Eight total to stop eating soft cheese as well I was pregnant with you but I. And this is what happens I think that's a weird thing to say which child okay fine. But shouldn't he be focusing on kids who need focusing how school cat well. I don't handle it. Course. It's yeah yeah became apparent plans and tech boom tube and Bernard yeah yeah. What. Talking about it that's that is not how he gets pretty sure this. We're just here as a way to put in Alexandria Virginia and raised in Paris France. A few guest roles on such shows as the fresh prince. And quantum leap. He landed the role that brought him to national attention on the Drew Carey Show. You've seen him in such films as the Beverly Hillbillies. Office space it's Napoleon Dynamite. And balls here and now he's fed is one of the stars of the ABC series American housewife. Please welcome the great leader. Have you been to the U policemen. You may have what a great show what a fantastic show. We have such a good time doing it it really is it's a total pleasure to do. You know I really get along so it's actually really felt that they have to wake up by recording because. Go to court and he's somebody at five according got really like. Well if you've got that great weeds its humor to you know you get from Rex cuando to office space the balls of period you know. The Beverly Hillbillies and James Bob what I can tell you like this this is your level. The only I definitely have a very odd ball the bird. And it brought out with Greg because Greg. Good I think it's the character is probably closest to look who I actually have a what I like. So the writers really break had a viable separately which is really thought my. If you think Greg is going to be the conventional Father Knows Best sort of type but it really is these kind of erotic and it is sort. It's typical thing like. Well and in the idea of like people because I know all these and we all know these families a move into the neighborhood probably a little more than they should. Tried to keep up try to keep up presentation in inside just as kooky is and where does it possibly meet. You know in order to build houses except under an outlook that you know everything. Governor but it definitely don't belong in the neighborhood but they need to be there for the school was really wild hearing that clip from the pilot because. They're built upon geo who played by on the show it is really really funny but puberty has hit. You know art as it always has changed so much broke the pilot he's got a Greek you'll grow it. A couple without extra real. Greg he's he's he get nicked the little mustache and real light one up top. Got a little little domestic. Categorical and grosses of relax. It yet what exactly. And just the idea that you Peta people like their kids and it's made me remember. Our parents'. Generation ours especially like I don't really lied to us a lot. Empathetic with Asia and I think you know I'll let little bit targets but but the other parents definitely like you know. Yeah you know there was a time until. And to our parents anyway there workable public communication about everything like mostly just punishment doled out. Yeah no that's all it was you don't touch yourself could Jesus hates you if you do I mean it was that. Yeah. Threat Rockwell typically people. It turns he's about as Eagles a bowl of cereal. Yeah very very sweet. Bob's mom told them that he EPA Russia he'd get worms and he believed it up into second life. Oh my dad no Keating told me that when I ask you ma'am please music in that he was out of history. But for a but look. Okay. I was like oh rubio in retrospect it was but I actually the amount of my parents didn't know something they didn't know issued just making it. Here so am I gonna talk about tonight with a mic house at ABC by the league as Kansas City county thirty. It you've got to get over an embarrassing moment in ballet class two cents on an issue. Alia Daniel. And you get excited you know it's an analyst so you. Are. Corporate type symptoms pretty evident what happened in is to deal that. Let it can't straighten that side of things happen at some point. What he get a bill. Listen I knew eighth grade don't Wear sweats to school. Right here at an angle it's non com. Where are still it will all work just to make sure. Really mum tell you that these it telling how good you had it when you're that age and my mom told me she's English Joan. He's the best days of your life and I'm thinking. Have backed me at a permanent Boehner and nobody likes me and I got to ask it like. A yeah that would let go you have to look. I have that was really speak. Rather listen. They give me the rap but it. She combined the show more men always like that beyond deedrick. Thought I'd drop out anything and anything.