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Wednesday, May 17th


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Born September 27. We first met him alongside Jim Florentine as part of the terrorizing telemarketers CDs. You've seen them as co host of VH one's that may be shelved. He's just released a new comedy CD communication breakdown. You can see him live on stage at aftershock on June 1 and on June 2 at amnesia to NC general. He's sticking around coming out what you said rock fest 2008 to seventeen on June 3. Please welcome. Longtime friend of the show Don Jamieson. He doing. Let you know looks like here. Local calls and you know I think like. Nobody in the country in this great country in America could ever complained they can't find work it out to idiot can make a living doing stuff like. What Jesus Christ did the money made them beat the creeps you guys who stealing flowers on graves to give your girlfriends and that is. Ridiculously. And taken that's always the whole world learned upper deckers are you familiar with the upper Decker I am but it didn't realize it was from his publisher of a now upper deck is taking approve. Yeah that Eddie yeah exactly you know we made them popular outlook grant to Africa and he you know sort world and any movie and then let. What they got a bit. If you've got to you know you can't wait it gets rallied to get discovered and then what happens you know a year later. Clark he gets cast on you know Louis CK shallow and even finale last year with GM take an upper deck or off the pilot dies. And you know it just it's such a bizarre cycle the whole thing. You know I I would have told you that I need you guys and then everybody's getting injured gets divorced and as a kid and you know you're used to huddling together. Your adoption. On our blog but it worked royals right now Jesus it's never really do this really number two and that's why would you just. They need somewhere to live. You just gotta stop. You'll get. My god happy and everything's cool but you know they are in a while you know let them concentrate you know it's an album. You know. I can't just be thinking about that 24/7 but it's the next woman it is not gonna be good that Alex looked quick look at what doubt that. We've got you coming to town you'll be here given the same Joseph Gideon amnesia you gonna do getting married and done their aftershock and then you can hang for Iraq as a. If that's the main that's the whole thing up like people say they can't get in America a bike. I gotta get the rock I'm notable couple showed in the area so that it that doesn't equal out at the last couple years. You know not come out of rockets and how well you guys last last year so it's going to be a big rocket comedy weekend. At least from an and the sense is you know we talk about medal all the time and by the way it's not new but you've heard that stock mode of rape whistle. Hello OO OOO o'clock O. I'm telling you don't continued it's not him changing but I I for whatever reason it's that level of humor and ultimately you. But he argues if the beginning here. It's so good. I've got a hammer you with the whole song but the trust me on that you'll enjoy it. It was a good article areas from the first slide well we've we've got to make like we should make a great mix. Rock for the weekend we should be picky about that yet that. Date rape by the fly out. Lately they like gunfire stopped what exactly. But that Mickey had never heard I cannot believe that we hadn't played up for her and she heard this morning break your face angle he urged an acoustic definitely were at the forefront. Of that of that movement that had very singular small movement. It was that it was all acoustic and and ski masks its profile. Look I guess summed up my on the creator of the mostly useless effort deckers. The real killer rock you know I was. You bet that showed well over in New York that it's was so funny because you guys got member of the band to get through that that the feminist man. Yeah that date they weren't happy. And then in their other hill and watch the show them I'm cry I'm laughing so hard. Because everybody was in on the joke of it being definitely. Got. Except the one dude who for whatever reason he was taking way too seriously right duke rape your face and he really wanted to rape a yeah. At both currently platelet those girls again. And then there are and they said there was so McCain and I thought they like lit it up for additional could you get less love art board. The I equipment at at that if you can imagine these girls are pretty good I like consensual sex. Oh just yeah. So that it will look like a rate makes for the week and you know little. You know well you still can't beat it on the air as well. Who doesn't that you. Are you leading to reach out to genotype the guitar player forward kings sex lives in Kansas City now. Well one of one of the most underrated band effort of course I was able played rock but they're so cool. I'll be crippled the drummer it was you that too is working and gunfire and sodomy. Yeah yeah Jerry you know. That's like what. Like. That's. Come here. I'm intricate schemes that has always been known for it's it's it's it's not a religion and I and I hate to say that because. He'll let that denotes skillet like that that the bands are rip off people named Jesus my king Zacks battling another room belief system. But they never shut down anybody they were so talented and so forth at their time and I reached this day one of my all time favorite bands. And you know I'm so you can carry the good friend of mine and you know he put on he had there was. Not a year aperture your theory that's went to a lot of routes out there. You know without got. Completely destroyed in hurricane span the you know kings get that index had been canceled tour he had two heart attacks. And all the work they almost got fired. You guys who dates to this guy here this rate your face. Soon to be promise everywhere. It's crazy so but yeah. The person. First we're. Q how often to open up the was it like. A good recovery might be 02. I just I just wanna believe at some point you're gonna turn that song on right before you make of some girl she doesn't really notice what's being played. Or get well don't got. Caught up. Who you of course you want to do solo stuff and and even metal blade records which is a legendary metal you know it's funny is you guys like you or me there's a huge love because it's just a part of of metal you know before it was mainstream before anybody win none of the majors and protection there was metal plate. Oh yeah man like you know like that so I told you before he offer any record deal. Help help our bodies get out a lot like your site. And you drive a hard bargain. But got back on not. You know luckily enough that would mean. So you know and that inside that we had to deal as an actor now just came out a couple of weeks ago communication breakdown and so you know still on myself. Is good and then of course that metal show that he trunk and how intelligent haven't I've spoken prime six months. And got mad he's got you know he's got. The theory that he's got a little syndicated deal happen. And so Eden is the lark you know I've been out tour and. I came up with the idea. Like the idea of partial to replace that battle should. So what does it take Guns 'N Roses song that combine it with the current reality show call you think you can dance. Which mr. Brown's. And that we get all look at that we under how light I think that all the content. So between the damn thing and that's Mac they all look like 500. And they knew that of the intervention at all that he's an attention. And that's when doctor drew comes. See yeah that's exactly right on I think exploiting the human condition is the greatest thing ever. All that. Purple and eventually that not degrade Sheila. Yes yesterday's and it's sick of them I feel that way. Right in the old bug kill because it could combat it drug like every crappy thing it was a light on it until it it. You click on its way to stop it blacked out forgot I did it. But the key that is always laugh another drunk friend with you who at least engage you go all that was greatly needed that he needs a make him make you behave look at. Yeah exactly. That's a level I've got the Kansas City. That's it and B you've got to get your suit a global policy like two weeks has been when the dates in the aftershock show is gonna be. Aftershock is going to be on a June 1 so that's that Thursday and Friday amnesia and then Saturday Iraq's past. Yeah aftershock it's going to be straight up I think comedy show when applicable in a couple of the comics Whitney. At work Iraq crowd. Like ideal and then amnesia that you might rock and metal by. And I got Italian man as excited I am rock that excited Diane. And me and it leaves the and rat all of those cat. Even more excited. The play was it stands at the GO Egypt's do not other in the great metal Roche. Roche it's a great names that little. Range. I met and many of the metal metal metal Roche metal world that the I'm not level of the bay and Atlanta Greek name as metal roof. All you need to know. In general growth. Of one group. Will elect is no real bigot contain. He can't be contains standard normal. It's mental wrote. That report. Now. That's it we you know what you wanna you wanna stretched a little bit when you warmed up you went. He EU three subnet terrible condition if you try to go straight rock fest here actually hit aftershock laugh a little bit then you get the music in the middle of it on Friday in St. Joe and then by Saturday. You're all loosened up you're all loomed up for the big rock fest the. Exactly and you know again it's such a great day. I got a split here I'd drop with throughout a lot. Of bodies. Also about what you allied you know we have this. Well what ridiculously frightening thing. I have the babe trampled coach her biggest song we ever had you wanna play the drums. Well I was playing playing with the media knew it yet they can we you know I had. Bureau coordination but we actually had gotten into grew. But then I got cocky I lived it like is that apples and he's black community across the wrist so hard. In purple. And. Swollen as the mother. And yeah so that particular moment they opt instrument this year. Because I can collect exactly three weeks. At the web or experiences in life wouldn't do that. When I am just rode up with the with the guys and jackal a whole lot and I jumped on the bike went to. Lee was Omaha. There's either counsel blogs but that was a great great Bart shoulder is like a thousand people that couldn't action at like 800 Easley. And we've been out drinking all afternoon and all of a sudden just Oakmont payment almost twenty minutes and like so we. After the clip is bumped his eyes would take quarter and I'm on the picnic table behind the bar he's completely unconscious. I'm just barely old non and they dig too she lets see and be mostly has come play guitar and I played that rhythm. Them before I know. But then as we're getting towards the so I realize. I've just she's guitar I don't have electric guitar I suggest you talk he's got so I'm like I'm trying to get it back to him and it couldn't have were recovered. He's in he's looking at least give me that boos he looked like he still don't do. Actors and it literally is against that the part bridge he has gets in my ear that big redneck or Britney. And yeah. At which point it was like I took a hammer and beat a bag of cat to death I am a huge stage volley. I looked over at Jeff were early he looked at me like why would you do. It like why. Why. I just I'd. And as such it I'm Kelly lake slow motion awful embarrassment. Just there's just a massive boom from the crowd. Oh they did inhabit and to boot they were like oh god jail. A cook at. You can throw a you do that on purpose. It was that. Oh. Publicly he played a Banesha those guys you know it's got these stuff are you serious bug. Old plumbing and you talk about these guys who live like some of the best shows. Yeah he did like you know you'll put anything out leapt out there just leave it out on the stage obviously those guys question. Yeah let me and you feel the instruments let it you know get beat with. Now we're gonna be good looked really good and we got three days together again guys get your tickets now Dover an aftershock is happening that Thursday and the Friday opened SA Joseph friends up there than Asian metal Roche. And then of course to be there all day with us at in rock -- 2070. We moved to Kansas Speedway about it. Yeah yeah now I'm looking forward to that fact you know I need to actually helped me broker. Something with eight because. You know he says that what can Nevada battle shall be sold about cases of rough that it is promote it he would give immediate elk being. He had not come out with the car so that you goodnight. Need to middleman here it's damage to break bill could mean to speed away. Talk about that yes the l.s help to bring the pink slip you know it goes Google. I'll drive around like out there at all that you. Who went to have that when you have el camino DNA which we all day. Gates it's just right which is correct and link it because all things go weird the Jesse James Dupree Kevin Bacon. Circle. Guess whose company is putting out that. Is partnering with Sammy and putting supplying the pineapples for the run it's the same company that Jesse works we had to do his suburban. Boy it's the it's gonna be there could be a rough week as well. This is gonna be horrified. That which means we have a great connection in the liquor department say it'll be there waiting on the table for you that's the case of each. Yeah I in my liver just gaining notice yeah. It's going to be fun and. Okay so you might wanna lay up drinking just a few days prior. I think to keep that checked liver Latin clicking on immediately. Right exactly now I don't believe I'm gonna go out. Market I'll be prepared advocate to help on the soldier question also. There are companies who will be. Now house you a couple of weeks. Right it just so happened.