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Friday, March 9th


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Born October 23 in Washington DC and raised in Alexandria Virginia. A former member of the united states air force uses the comedian and actor. For himself on such series as Chappelle's Show. HBO series the winner there as well as working on various MT. Many central shows and working in radio. Show this weekend you can see him live on stage Evian. Please welcome done OK ladies. I'm still an element that is show I don't know how you got that envoys to do that. I know some type move on. Pay attention it's just text to voice text voice yeah I like I like they're going to be crazy that you can you imagine usenet if you have a false sense of somebody I. I want you to military links above your head right now. And please bring me coffee into pineapples. You don't know what it is about pineapples was on the multi materials and elements. He really did. Understand that's the reason why with a look on the Muslim women people and I've heard that rumor I will not continue that can play I will say it's minute. And as nutritional value when you eat pineapple. Chris riker. You gotta you guys keep helping them. I like to keep healthy you know yes you know you tell you don't have the same way with a spared us as a bad thing at all I thought man these are. No you'd see I went there. And I know I'm vacation go back to the pineapple. Here but double the coffee that's old news. If you taste tropical. First yeah. Never been in the studio my first time I don't know you guys. Agenda scares me with any time I know Israel of unknowns because I'm African American performer. But some of the Cayman DB DB disclaimer I guess there's two dogs in the studio. Not normal you know if it. All right I would revisit all. Yeah I wanted to. And attributable to also on the mend did a good day that the British are a little they love. Companies so they tend to come on stronger hello hello yes and you know I don't think anybody scared if you don't you agree in the once the ball puncher and I want me about their two new fees on loans yet to light of these guys on here. Ask your luggage late Rick a lot of things about love about it even. I don't have an. A month ago plays I loved the media tour yet. He went he did a couple of odd things in New York annex them something about arms they should tell anyone around about Daytona. And he went on to say to Dave Chappelle isn't funny he says it's so crazy to me. He said Dave Chappelle is not funny to black people. Which was hard for me to believe because when the Chappelle show was out he's got a barber shops and those are for other people's lives couples fund. He also went on to say that armed the first season though did Chappelle's Show wasn't funny named anything. That was funny on the first season and a person doesn't talk until they couldn't think quick enough in a similar. I was via owners stay shows like is it would you what do you numbers for the month Chappelle's show's first season when the first season was a season where we did just didn't I skipped. The white black brown bomb blind supremacist. Oh yes but you obviously delighted by what you were among the first either of my best skit. Really wall up America absolutely got one skit was so don't. Net in the world of sketch got on the economy next day people like what the hell is going north and west say I'd be excited about. And for phase I'll just as a question the first season birth I content. I catch phrase it in every show. Noose on and we had so much that was a that was a season what we did dumb players blowout they declared a beautiful so. I don't think he's on was look bad and it was too bad the original housing deafening because I'm the final phase of innocent you know. I'm a fan of Cesar in ten days because one of my close these precious pieces that you know sometimes comedians cannot be happy for the comedians whose isn't that just won this one thing that I don't like about comedy right yeah every comedian and it's only one job of the nonsense always like this like a crab in the Borough of Intel you don't think I'm someone to believe that. You never know when somebody doesn't die and you should read a lot more successful the way to a but you can push what's gonna happen for the some people they give the edge it and really quick somebody get it it takes longer to know what to what's definition successor you do energy you DejaView hate right. If you're successful you puberty hit the bird and I think the number is loses like 5000 people in the world those on the wounds right. Some luxury and it was unfortunate because. Phase I made some comments images and just came from the wind it plays out when when he fought. As a bad I don't be cool oh that's you don't do web of relationships with the forbidden for different reasons but. It didn't sports team doesn't welcome well car rental guys either now. And I was so mad about one to go win like this plays on Twitter last nonetheless argued there was one CME. Yeah I mean I won the drawn out when. No Darnell take the high road you don't send big that's a good you look. The reason it was really listen to me because I know days ago as such don't do such a home humble guy and all the way through thick you think that's so big. So big that it pre intrigues him and that you know he mailed and I mean if you stick you keep it together because when everybody you know does not Hollywood to give every stroke you have wasteland a great sure you have money girls and everything every time we turn it over a magazine each other television. It's easy to get but to. Lead and is easier than to say bad things case would they lose they say to go crazy and out so arm. I tell myself that I'm one I have I mean bound minor mental breakdowns. Every. Here yeah I'll have to be more closely fun people can afford to go crazy I told him I counties if you can't afford to. For two weeks again how important streak down Times Square remember Clinton as an all out. I love what I don't have to be a man the last Mozilla's site. Three is that a good term limits I become did you we did you freak out a little bit when that when he said look we're we're gonna cut the Chappelle show but I didn't reason and that reason why is because the words on some polls show. So Charlie Murphy when what really making a lot and so was new. You know when you you know you start somewhere you small contract though I know how big is going to be. So once it blows up before like you're entitled to two more modern but we're. You'll contract descended she don't they know they don't just go hey you know I think they might might enjoy you know Michael Jordan I think the last year of his country's leading to media. There was time for Henry negotiate he said I want 33 million dollars for one season or I'll go to another team and they Timmy is less guess what they did they give that Tony pictures of thirty million there that McCain is an entirely like. We weren't made a lot of money comes Chappelle show's first season. But we would become and we were becoming a household name would become a popular church and so I came home dugout like. No we we we make in this wee wee wee we we're powerful blow and make money. So I solution to a tour. And I look less than it would on this this tour. In those meetings toddlers and Charlie and that's and he was really developing snow on the development before that's on Charlie Murphy. Had never done stand it. And I cannot bullied him into doing standup because he's such a tough dude like this I'm all right Alessio missile heartbeat and I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll talk morning. But I used to bully miles a year you funny and she didn't from a microphone we'll see how tough yardage so. Oh yeah bullying Charlie Murphy frightens me even if he'd gone. I had my dad and I blew them out like we don't do this to work talking about all you had to do is they try. And it it there will be sold out. So until the until all of my preference I mean did it. And Charlie Murphy young when he first study he only had ten minutes that's all we need it I was headline in the time bill Brad Gilbert was still on. Just only come up bill Byrne wasn't bill Alberto Tomba didn't like this song before you knew he's going to be a force to be reckoned with Brett but I was like I don't. You don't like even with the money out there let's to a three way split Gilbert wasn't properly. But I knew that Ed in Dilbert to show there was a major but don't tour and now you know my guess we should filter in until I was like it'll be dull and Charlie can see. On the over fees and headline in people talk about. Like. You being funny and being tested imagined. We're gonna tow bill Burt at four years and you combine them every show. Every so good natured game it would it would force you to yeah I'd never had a night to be okay. You know and I'm and so we started the tour now would make him money was found in May get some decent money. And the show goes back into production which means a lot of tour dates here that we had to counsel because we had run available for Chappelle show so. What we found out the date wasn't coming back for me it was like. Yes we know makes him haven't got me the money you know but we did know it like when they told they was going on they went home. I did in his home to DC I didn't know admit home back to Africa right it does listen Michael being called a deputies okay it's clear enough. He left. But I'm I've never was upset about it because it looked at elect. Discipline also gave me the platform. For people to see what I've. I've been doing for years and what happened was born in the yeah. He's always figure our team that's usually happy in this world here Gelman I'm sure has been great and you move on yeah and also what he'll be crazy not just. Can you come back when you radio. I did radio like I did three stents the radio probably last summer they reveal. Was maybe five years ago and before I was governor I flew over twelve you appeared a bit of three stations but look fast but terrible and if I hate it it's. You know what and this I think that outside the door debt that's all right and I can tell you love what you do. How does and like you know you UN like people Lotta times people are ready it's not people. Yet enjoy its people like OK I wanted to do this thing but then I got married had kids and I wanted. Roll the dice on that you know it bad enough and visual entered self involved and. They all think they're funnier than the comedian they think their mortality than a singer they think it Indiana they're frustrated. Listen I showed you Jake actually. It takes an actor but it day yeah now they're miserable play it takes twenty minutes to get somebody understand that man I'm. You heard me. I'm like a weird breed because. Always think economy on its debt and what better outlet to be able to like about come over a funny bit of something funny. I don't have to wait for that night to do it in the possibility get most days I was he cracked and Mike Wright almost all the and the best thing about it from me like the best that I got to when these two million New York don't do these say something about the debt the local vibe is like you do a funny bit. And get laid on a day you may see it got worse from Bo while calling for a sign anybody young man when you did how would you like that's the best film which is. No and neither can deceive you guys listening and applaud her Mac huge radio market yet certain radio at New York being the number one don't know for me and every time I've got a job Heredia was never an episode it was like. Someone we get fired and you've got to try and they try to pull another group together just to see justice indenture and how Communists it and and I would do a bang up job in an orphanage out it's not none of them was like. Do you like okay we're looking for the Israeli prisons I just feel I'm bored and the right decision and until then turn to work. It's almost like I'm I knew I was a paramedic and a regular job because I am on the glass over there and and so he's welcome where I was where he's always got usually I hear everybody's got here you can. And that's the thing we could raise may I look familiar yeah. Love like really weird okay thank you I don't even like oh cancer zero. Yeah we've got bags and blood of 90 do you look at. Do you know I'm just I was we'll bring that. Two of the greats truly the greats Charlie Murphy and Paul Mooney are also two of the hardest interviews if you don't know but first here it took years to become friends in Charlotte you know he was very. Defensive obviously it's has been a Big Brother Eddie Johnson to stand up and he was. You know hard. Trophy was hard for real hard like yeah it Wii version coming MI just listen boy you know I shouldn't I spent time around. Eddie and so on and I've been intent and as America's place. And you've been around anti child in this entire family you know. That Charlie Murphy we're grown up in the funny one. You know I mean with his wife took a different different than you you went the other way down when he gang banging down just a would you detail and he was all meant. He looked up to bug that funny but Eddie was to perform. I was like OK you would take something that I don't feel that he was sounded so good anyway I'm gonna perform it. The editing anybody else to do and you can just tell people hadn't spent all storage hiding the gun story you've heard a lot of bigamy and all that stuff like Charlie was such. And like would you say it like you all are beginning to imagine. Eddie Murphy being your brother. And maybe last twenty years we took them from Eddie Murphy what he did wrong. You decide you wanted to stay in the concourse there as people let me extra critical David going to be they can always think. You're nothing like you wrote and you got to also take consideration Charlie Murphy didn't have the environment to develop like I do when I started. Are still open might run the study was like ten people and or is just sort of like. If I bomb he never heard about it. But Charlie Merv thought is open Mike is your selling well. So the pressure of Eddie Murphy Daniel brother and all but one thing I saved the thing that really preaching about what I suppose so did for Charlie Murphy was there. When Charlie Murphy passed away when everyone when all of a new cycles you know nobody says it. Eddie Murphy's brother time now if he had his name the other part that was child. And then you have you have your blood GM and everything in Italy and in the end like the last time we saw each other. It was it was it was always great for years and years of great between India but he was really im so happy and he had settled in. He wasn't angry he wasn't defensive any page of whose theme is love made an analyst I was so happy for him because a few times like nearly eighty committee got a couple guys and I'm like. They're pretty sure guys bulletin that we've done is waste and I'm here. And you think that he had the look like if he did little Gonzalez to my hero of the bad guy this wasn't webos and I will do Williams going to come close to home. Even need a guy because he just he's terrified because you knew his brain and his ability to show all you have to destroy you in seconds was always. Right here when my numbers are younger or only thing comes after I was community since once I went California I want to come store. Purse amounts two. Paul more than proforma. I've never seen anybody can go in his. On people too and did. And it was an apologetic. It was I'm sorry I didn't mean that we said it he's shot from the company is like as it was sold these girls are. And you can cut the gloves and yup they had a disclaimer. When you what you didn't fit it do you if you're easily offended at all. If you're sensitive to get Obama is please don't cut me good or not you're human and I love it or you how many times you don't notre if you would have bought into was whether or however you take it. Yet Sunday was like you know they they vowed they are like oh I can't say this because this prisoner abuse at the school. In the sale and it cost you get it probably cost him a greater stardom. Yes and but he's been a one of the most respected loved and everybody knows Paul Mooney I mean he he is he is comedy he's he's definitely a run and rip currents. He's written so many shows and finish our Richard Crowder I love him yeah I mean in his book is really good man he it's and I think general what does that whose name of his book at them. It was conceived it's only a select the lies why do Muslim parents. Yeah imagine looking and he's he's like oh this jockey into clearly articulate he's he's got that beautiful bird Elmo here he's. That he sees is already deciding what broke her ankle crowds is a good title match up. There's another in India. I do love him as well that there are still doing it yeah of course you beauty and Brothers we can just imagine probably two shows Friday military. How can also and what ashy Larry from what that did the screams come out quite as they. All it doesn't own. They don't like I've heard him say no man we came in we thought you were gonna do as she Larry how well I do actually connected. I'll I'll talk about stories come from. What it should do well when we believe that that's scared first thought also be social if you took that as an editor. Cuts don't everything I've done I probably spoke for three minutes of two lefties and to have he has reason that. I didn't dating Camilla dialogue so I knew that whenever I came we cared I had something deeper and make it character a funny porn sites in unfair what I've. Couldn't wait for the words to make it fun had before and so on the script only care to all they had was this guy who's going to be in boxers and track issues. And I was I when I was younger guys to shoot guys and the whim of mother will find out she's a mission doesn't really know what you think that they should do my knee is all I ask you again. It sounds. I think what is scared to be as she wanted to be so as she. That car right how much money people me Osama let. Right and I I'll go right to tell until five and everything perfect so when does that to David Neal Brennan movement causing them to do so would even co created. I was I want to beat as she and it was him a letter on paper. But I mean and ashy Larry. I don't like carrots like I didn't know Charlie Murphy with the and thousands on that sketch was is designed Eddie Griffin was the first person. I thought about proved to be a special guest on the show yet so let's get to design forum. Eddie Eddie Andy Griffith and it's been and Dave Chappelle. But I just went in so hard I remembered trying to put things bullet. You know you don't lose that's all I don't know like from. From actually. When I did testimony Marcy son when I blew a pass out of my head hit a good idea I didn't want anybody coming out of Beirut say no to the I just go for you want to reaction genuine and I think I'm the only time we did this ahead of I've and we didn't have that they didn't have died and how we haven't I don't know guys. So I got bad guys showed us that moss is on that rule out. And they ended at it every so hard that there was one part when I came back. But I came back into the diet can Dow was in the skip. But it was that it Caracol Bledsoe must let me ask even the trash bag full of I was I'll take you transits on. On script goes like he's supposed to get a contrast. I went to actually trash can't I wasn't props and I took the greens as well I got back to guys like I want to take everything shirt is funny. Did you think that's sort of pardon me currently but don't you think dad's Chappelle show on the kind of comedy and be uncomfortable. Comedy that. I'm laughing about you being ashy I don't get ashy to right right and so or the blind racist right like it did more to make everything just calm down. Wednesday brings out the for the best thing about it. You wanna if you want people listen to what to say that you know you can preach all you want. Doesn't the best thing to do comedy when asked when you want. Emily wants people love and you could laugh at stupid stuff yeah. And I think that arm when you talk about race issues and that doesn't have to always be angry no it doesn't have to be politically correct sometimes. If I'm self deprecating your shelter OK we all laugh and it. Our differences without being people that don't own brands like that we must each other's balls and it gets angry we will know what. Exactly anything to do one thing that was so dumb about their show. It's like you have arm like some black comedians don't perform I go to come cook the only people that come out simple black people. I want them to say when I know how Chappelle show touched America's cause when you do my shows there's no majority. Of anybody. Now says it's like black funny ironic that Asians yet but you don't always get a platform for people to see that that's what is left of Monticello. Killed him because he broke down the so many comedy bearish when so many things like nobody saw coming I mean it was. You know we I think he kind of started in living color years and years ago yeah and they're just mean it was a whole new place I can do you think about it almost. Maybe that every. Fifteen or twenty years they'll be a shoulder comes out pages. Rocks the world let people always say they like do you ever think to an abuse of polls show. And apple I'm quite sure people said things and they won't Flip Wilson show. Of course the president sending hundreds of partial shares that sentiment in living color always remember rebrand better than Van Halen there's you know anyway always will always be something like. You know you can make our black it's not better will always be something. That comes at the right time will be called on the record we're a different thing to talk about Mike what changed the world will change and its outcome he's always been about culture and I mean it just because of looking outside and it May Day you know the Carlin route. Just seeing what I. Hi every continent we share in the usual Smart and one thing thing molested when you hear laughter. If you like if you word play. Comedy album right now and and and then you just put you here. You wouldn't be in detail what Conan anybody who was wracked body let Brett. LSU won the real corny comical and people have a hopeful. There were no bid when northeast yeah. Web web economy just diseases such had just told by a man where don't worry about it anyways idea that we become so. It's such a strange world we live in right now comedies out the window because nobody's afraid to say anything I'll noted an emotional component revealed here is that you can't like I'll say it like. When you like. Went as a comic. When you start worrying about what other people thinks what I don't think. Didn't you editing yourself does that do you choose giving resemble those of social. If we wrote those sketches like. On this person be upset when when they had to do stuff do we. And mob mob you can't please everybody and I would say the couple disclaimer out and had to say that go horribly and I am the amended the comic that. The fans that much defied do is gonna be everybody in this can be what do funny funny funny under don't don't go to a comedy club. Expect them. The comic to have the same kernel towards zoos would go to comical you pay. To hear the new person's point of view on life in the what do you see it don't mean like this. They add that up on TV I'm telling you straight up don't come tomorrow and then met with the world become right now with whoever you voted for now it's it's it's just eat they put. You know why nobody laughed the guys and I I see it because when I went home. Out of first got elected doesn't Imus and also to sign about it and if I was angry you know and I realized when I was going to marshals. I was Delhi and oil is because I was seeing how I felt you know but he and then that's it you know it's stupid. To be upset with someone. Over who'd you vote for a car right for you guys that I. It's it's dumb it down there like button and it truly is down to be mad if if you. If he does something silly and he gets duped on this not political that's Cooper on the famous and confectionery and altered after that I themselves and just when I just say truck is what did. And that even Yoon gets in that can act like that in him because I've I've I've made in my business. Not to attack. Not to be mean but you know it's something that's Obama show is until console. He joked it's it could be canceled for a joke but it never can be too soulful funny observation so when I talk about politics won't talk about the candidates stuff. It's an omelet that what is funny and what to observe funny thing is never too I don't anybody kill anybody so come on we have a good time. Mutation did I believe Melbourne so much so the Guy Ritchie with the beard and you're looking at home. A whole lot to look at my dearest closest friend two weeks ago like I always say that you know Obama that's what my co. Yes well he told he's got to caters to sketch stomach cancer. So he doesn't know what's gonna happen what to how told him play out he told me I'm upset that he's gonna wait till Monday Tuesday Wednesday this week his tests done. And I couldn't help myself I just I text him on Saturday morning before the test equipment and we ministry knew that can't answer to. And crashed. Into all that we don't know I want your your dreams anymore. We don't have that we don't have the ability to emotionally. Vulnerable each other so you you make fun of it a month that's why I want this this this in this mess and that's why it sometime to come. Oh com we come from a painful place yet but doesn't record heat he's also got clear this week by the late July as good -- in need get a read those stories are scheduled well done tumors that can generate up to tumors that can. I was at my disposal he's let burst into the bottom lip. Gentlemen allow you let me tell you what happened this huge game missing this is the luckiest Harry up whites Oscar watch faster. When I first met my friendship and compare starts below the eyes and goes to his feet it's disturbing any you know I've written hundreds of thousands of miles to get their motorcycles that. Key he literally went and took its first test they saw the kids and they get scope the next day is in this GI. Anyway I didn't get those in the what it took to him at that moment they took him out. No indication no surgery he'll see him in six months they think they know exactly how it went no radiation. And I mean three days before I'm at home I don't ever talk in his cry like a pussy because I'm just I'm terrified rather lose my brother and I. So yeah technology and good luck this guy I've ever met in my life. I go back to you what you said late night comedy. The consummate like comedians are the last true speakers and where yes the community is good job. And like me. I'll find some humor into everything I can go to the funeral absolutely not that I'm having fun but I don't let you know away. What else funny moment the movie plays ready you know he'll if you do go to retreat away now literally had three c.s running in my head about what can happen but common gets kicked over nibbles gonna whatever it is all all of it may be moma show up for the I think everybody's species like whoa I didn't know billion moments bogus and. Yeah I was I was dating from 1931 of the all other big moments count none that I. You know it's a really sure about that my dad passed with do we go and that's what I. You sir Richard opposite look look let go would the gladiator you know that you can find it you gotta find out if I don't agree and got a phone. So different energy dads know about the destitution. How many women should have much to my dad my dad was it was street dude who's been turned newly hustler are in decent. And he had a lot of kids in the eleven women to gain in kids. You know and I knew anything about it might have. Eight a little Brothers is such as right and then more we were like in the house who went on the sooner than. I was in. And in the room a little girls kissed him on that comes. Into this. That's great I mean I don't feel enough. Really doesn't and let it happens right it smells like that took third in front of you as a realized my mother was one of those and. Yeah I know if I'm Obama. I like and elect and that was like something like there was there was there was say it but what will will win win win. The funeral it was just it was. It was a celebration in ocean and as sad as I was like for him to have some of those old time Wednesday that. Just say I'm in no doubt that they before we had a view. Right and also it. Don't just too sad to excellent for Finland and this is here. Yeah I'd say yeah. It was going to be funny nobody cried because all I can be here in the very it was like when you think who is that should. Yeah today days took the podium one hollow and instead is the result like. Yeah I. That you think could not help themselves and dressing to the nine so they because they knew the other whether it either I didn't always yeah always thought. Do they don't know the certain look like the I'm a good no jostling. But it was some. There was it was it was just an ace oh my god it was it was so funny because each one owned progressively been the difference to us like I want this column wife law I'm wife. I was common law wife from thank you sir do what they deserve the age India once it was like I was his lover. Went for my when it's almost as active games and hit one. I doubt about doing this and I'm. I'm real I really didn't know. We would have wanted to he remained well I'm glad he's like that's 20 yeah but what would best save somebody's life. Does it but one has a moment that would what I learned from him like what what what character was a web you wanna say what loyalty was and what works in my. Trying to be the best at what you do just that and my father was and was this was a stand and do you took friendship. Really seriously you don't like that if he. A criminal past. But let me make them you know those crucial up. Do those those women showed up right yet they know that means he was awesome you know he's dressed I got a couple girls that they showed just mistaken I think my chance to make sure and I think I was there about and then in the end when I was little I. But the only kids he had like one his theology one that all of us to know each other we won all of us are really should we want to let you know. And that was and and I was visiting konduz cousin was albeit we wish them we if we gave mood. Adult respectful farewell. And we all look like closing Guantanamo Hamm Brothers is the lights out those relationships don't really work I could just so much resentment with your mom's whenever my. I don't know yet do we was a gambler you just can't gamble because he pay you had some women like that really. Understood what they've. Meant to have my sibling love London in if you weren't always this when you do Chappelle Putin you know I mean and and again that the wired almost all the things you've done. He must have been so proud like on. Objects of my dad was. What might we we did did he came out and I think when he came on I was don't come we tried to use and he came to an emotional and I just wanted them moment. You know I mean I was happy meals like it was nice crowd I did I do show and I want him. I was like Dick. I'd like to show on one him say was. Probably allowed. He says it takes it it was OK but what you should have done. So what do for the doubles match those. It's always like it isn't out their own food and more and that's sort. I've always wanted him to say that I was a funny person knew he would never say it but you know he would. And I was like yeah there we don't think if he's anything in this and I'm descendant of what he taught me as I started off Stallman that it isn't it kind of faded. I want him critique my show is wanting him to say I love you and probably you know he didn't and like. You know. He who we'd love to. Colleen Murphy. But again when they recognize the other did anyway yeah that's what it wasn't it wasn't my comic he was like man that do cause my father was all about who's the toughest. I mean Ted do we get to Scott Allen let's face he says no. Yeah we love the way Charlie Murphy looked when you sound and everything. So converted back Bernie Mac was one bit and Freddie Mac was when his fingers do that and a back problem. Hours ahead. Backlash of that back so you know I went like when we go in the burning they passed away. I was like am I danced only looks. At on this for you personally. We're going yeah yeah. I read. It. He told what you say sign me and solid. And very much pace but you know who alone and just welcomes. He's suing his fit. Snoop Dogg and. Wind at all. But before it doesn't win like a couple months ago you know I was told until he was my son and you see a man but he's a good reasons it. Anybody. Can tell you what she's doing right. That's going to be going to be passionate or wrong now now and that's the reason why but I thought it was funny he was still burning yeah. And I would that was the people and a dead man but I love the fact. Like the two people dead. Did she was just favors I'm happy that I respected them and what they've done in the business right our displeasure. I tell him a peace agreement so pray for him to say the goals is to have his friends took there was scuba you know within my dad he would never. And I found out at his funeral. She never. Say it son. Proudly. But. We're his friends and that's when I know it. As I would baseball we're told to me as I mean you days quadruple toe pool and he's always say. Know how proud he was that you didn't know they made him proud because he was so tough like people feel when they but the people around him. So he got excited when his boys like man. I saw your son and my dad like oh yeah. He did what he did what so that made him feel good sheer respect and love other crucial too soon and lets you know what was don't do stuff that I. And you know I hate hate the fact you can windows embedded in television now it's imaginary thing. You can turn the fans and love having this tournament and come back I would come I wanna think anybody has ever fallen month to live from Chappelle's Show from its heels a white. Lucky person be about we'll watch and one of those entertainment I'm weekly magazines a couple of years ago you and they named it top 100 Thai television shows all time. Chappelle's shows listen absolutely and why you're so for me to be a big part of both those. And the story would mean with a wider holes on the first season otherwise it. Thousand last season why. I was excited with this deal work me back from last season wife and I got nervous because I think on the on HBO anytime as the last season of the show. The brightest kid vindictive. But the last season as I was guys that was hit hard. One Nickelodeon man is trying to go to the bathroom. Don't call me pineapples yours yeah. He is to. Come out roads made any any time anyway. I am and I really have fun doing this members of what you do you go there and presented them.