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Wednesday, June 27th


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Hailing from English town New Jersey he's a standup comedian and actor who you've seen on the Tonight Show and Comedy Central as well as on such series as. Yes and repression. In starring in his own comedy specials the point it is. And children operation and these days you can see you again starring on the NBC series shades of blue. Please welcome from longtime friend of the show John David York. You. If requested that the quote while asking. Now. A pretty good then I'm pretty good for the most part what color. Now that's they were on the show it was so excited man at first of all congratulations on everything dude you're just give me your. You're getting their man to do it. Yeah yeah yeah when did Simon trying to. I'm trying to do some decent work along the way and not every element of the works. Do you really are people don't know like and I hope that you finding time by the way to get out. And let the demons roll a little bit and that you on the road in and do some stand. Yeah I was younger I did attempt improper last week and so I'm I'm gonna start trying to work on another hour on. PG you know put. Welcome back and I chose that was in Turkey get back to what those little five minute piece he couldn't product that would have failed polices the poster. Joke jokes on television. And so now they'll I'll get back out there with it and soon. You mean these are my favorite guys his book if you read the way he's he's real dog in its infinite degrees looks and you would talk about crack in them. But he's opening one. Oh god it's him that's exactly. You came out the other side by the way how's everything and all in your personal. And like it would look pregnant. Yeah. You know material so I finally. That there is everything's you've got a little plays the game and a couple of there between good. Idea property communicative regional play here. You have the likelihood of major domestic violence has been lowered to the point where every couple people. And that eight I mean how does it change there's no use that so many years on the road and you're such a loved comedian you're definitely can be as mean as well and people respect you because you really have a great sense of it. Now we move into this you know shades of blue and crashing. It's at just got to change everything that's a whole other audience at that doesn't know about the other side. And hopefully hopefully convert personality ticket filter on me being on the road something trade this year something else. He could be that big move in people so which created from the that it won't be doing comedy called the for the most part people pretty responsive and and giving itself. And so what will school you fill me except we haven't spoken since we think is rejecting after after the book came out. But you always urged to Zito movies. It's share right now I mean that he gave an actual big east peace in you know building something you'd Brooklyn N. I'm moving I'm moving up security at their lifestyle going on that we. You know back feuding cracking up to a substantial stopped it he'd been there at all. And then back out on the on you know to strike could go get psychologically it. Currently being with the way. The you know I don't ever change it. Are you ever afraid that could lead to lose them all like these I think in in a lot of inspectors at you want to purge like. All you can beat you got to hold on to something you've got to read something to the next place. I'm yet. I can figure it out everything I try to look forward. I don't really spend a lot of time think about exactly control. I'm not a big social media person I'd that may hurt me up I'm OK with irked by that beat Beckett and make or another area so. It's merely to try to try to he could think illegally. I solemn. Degree of influence over I don't like Egypt get back in the erotic. You you what do you building Brooklyn. I thought our rebel chiefs. Of course of course you. Of course you're gonna go to Brooklyn. Which is probably the real estate market in the entire area it caught fire engine to a few years ago it's it's every hipster in the world and you could just sell glasses glass at him and Richard. Bump up yet and yet but at what. I thought but I think that oh yeah definitely right. To account for the lighting levels of whatever but they'll cope with the market here two years from now when we got our C about what are currently. I understand the dove David off if you differential who's such a group can be and so at times in his life so off the rails whether he's and you would David Lee Roth. Lower. You know he's there's only for me you story and you know it. But then there's this other guy who understands business well he can do owing anything to be a serious actors and book. Eats it he's been very much is and you. It it's the carpet you know. Because I've tried to create infrastructure you know I make anyone of those things got eight get drained you know the I'll look back ago development show it is he not that great out there on the side but it depends on any one of those in Kabul light. Eat eight what you're saying and that's why Hollywood picture chip dead rat because defeat. It's so much insecurity yet that nobody knows what's gonna work it's everybody's smiling look around the room for somebody to help out and I don't I can't look like. Decree on building the structure itself. That's what I try to do both creatively and you know and actually in terms of a picnic so that got no other income street and light. I get a lot to smile at people I don't like. Good for you that's exactly right money is not about what you are or stats it's about freedom it's about a new blue did you go and creator Matt worldly man. It's in its explicit anybody you read his book you wanna find you learn to survive in Hollywood you grow up until and what the junk yard boot camp at negro it. The it appeared go to your accuracy yeah. That stranger you know. On China on its feet in median life. And it ain't I live with an apple exit the creativity the structure and not the Lila. Don't. Feel like yes you're creating something in your creating its infrastructure but then there's the anarchy section of your brain that wants to set. Of course got separated that by China but not go out. The problem you're you know pig forgetting one thing that becomes the and all the ball starts to get strange sort try to keep it up going off. A battle hurt me and certainly area you know what. But they're good at helping others and so I hoped I think a net positive yet. I'm telling you what my favorite people in the civil airplanes and it will. If you don't come to Kansas City in the improper that I would have a new York and just kinda. Technical look at I'll be out there are some portable that we get together edit you're New York always let me know I've got. Biggest. My friend can graduates and everything that don't forget shades of blue Sunday's incident on 9 o'clock and NBC. Look for cash for crashing go by the book road dog and again and of any time you're always welcome your brother. Philip appreciated what.