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So I read adult book covered covered and that and it was. It's because is typical of that saw Nelson notice it's stuffy it's it's all good in the in the sense that adds he has a certain. You know genius it's always this material but it's stuff I never again I know pretty well in terms of you're telling stories how we grew up or we come from what what it is and I knew bits and pieces but he really gets into the that that all the stuff that they've made should truly understand the person like growing up and junk yard cabinet. Crazy hippie mom food and dabbled in lesbianism and and just you know your dad giving you later when your thirteen years old in Mexico which is pretty great. What's not pretty great you dad telling you I was gonna kill your mother. But I didn't you when your brother. Had about a hundred. What does that mean it's intruded typically psychotic iceberg like you understand where people how they end up how they end up in comedy in the in that in that world of just the observation of the of humanity and and how we punish ourselves and how we escaped by getting number higher just chasing whatever good feeling is out there. The acceptance of others of the you know. Eric stranger. Tucker the passer by who and promoting but I they always Miller. Hailing from English to a New Jersey he is a standup comedian and actor who has appeared on the Tonight Show and Chelsea Lately. As well starring in his own comedy specials filthy operation. And the point it is. He's worked alongside Mark Wahlberg in the film invincible. And alongside Jeff Goldblum in the series rings and now he has a new book. Life and reflections on the road as a standup comics but please welcome. Friend of the show dumb David Rolf. On how you've been brother. I got it. They are ready answer are you able to get fine you the picture at stake in that artery. Now you know enough for me men especially when come from a fan and a and an it was when your friends it's it's. It's a bizarre look in this somebody you you know you'll note of and then. And then you look deeper into it it's it's kind of thing that doesn't always come up in a conversation with somebody there are tidbits of life and truth and and pain and and happiness that you just normally don't reveal to somebody Lester reading a book. No I didn't think straight I mean I'm hoping that long form easier. Well and we really are they can you got arguing that. That I can't. Perfect. Is context everything that you point that out in the book in the idea that can help. Each its it's not just a a book about how high you've got how many girls you band how crazy the road is it's also look at. In all we you know. We ever gonna look at her own selves and figure out why we are the way we are. You look at your past and it kind of just deal with a at some point and then why does screw up your life as you're going along even though you know your self destructive and your and your. From reading down this IBM and Moby and road and highway. And. That they'll let it that it certainly hit it and act like. That's what this story interacting it wasn't enough contact act like. There's a real part it was really experience because. I am not allowed to eat something about a global indifference they or country. It's all he couldn't get any any luck. I felt it walls are at the alarm people here kicked off. But aren't blocked. Once you've got to hear yours you know bad experience called off. Well on the level of crazy is so good like and we know how much enjoyed the book by how many fold over pages. I've taken an end here it looks and looks like MR Gandhi was this book at this point it's. And where to start the beginning you grow up. It junk yard you grab a junkie with a father who was you know who he was a hustler for lack of better word that's what he did he knew he was in wanna pay his taxes he knew that. If you get some graduate who were big criminal or fugitive seek work under the table for a less amount of money cash. Yeah him you know who what and and hippie and and looking for some salvation there and you're just the poor kid chubby ostracized. Sticking out like a dirty thumb and in just trying to get through life. You know we get through led just eating home as a pita bread let it get your but with. Yeah that would. I you know between between the continent is yet to jump started Turkey act like a lot of comedy in general strike that. I'll say you know you'll Russell all on the community and it. The sect called the vote in those choices in life. CU and and we're talking about we're digital rights is all you have some time Duff. I goods so there's everything covered this book from. Stabbing a kid in the face and who's going to prison. 22 in late in Mexico and aged thirteen to and from drugs to two stories. I read this as well the the prostitute story from las vague at the beginning of the book with the comedian I believe you renamed projecting Jennifer. Yeah and I know exactly that was. Listen I think I know the story. No. But I don't think you ever. Really laid out all of the new once in the moments that it took to get that story it was. It was a bit compressed when I got it and now it's it's truly one of the most painful funny all for great things. It's strictly adult figure. Awful awful. So you some so here we deal with sort of the beginning you're dead is is a tough guy he's got. Eyes all around in our name basically for their afflictions or their outward appearance so it's either going to be big bill or toothless George. And that. It sadly big bills that with a Seymour because I think it cable cut him and a half of the junket earlier caller 5000 pound safe around as a first time we saw a dead guy we were eleven. A loving adult couple other ugly. For the that you know like you which caught up off but the certificate to the old York and he kicked in the guy in the wrong place. Ended up yet. This this is his childhood in that you and your dad dad would even accept a cup of coffee from somebody in that they have great point. He he would be politically I'm taking an F a cup of coffee for fifty cents cost you could literally you're gonna what 200 dollars off you've. So no keep your cough. You know would be well. And get corrected it just got caught in the market it well much because if you do cook. We keep all you won't and so it yeah its a challenge out to strike it. Oh the humanity in the same. They. You can't beat who could actually if you want to survive but the criteria there's a lot here that he. Many of the people there all the. But there's also the fact. Extreme. You mean you you have a lot of interest in characters all at huge influence on your life whether B. You know pornography on the floor of the truck on the way to school or or or teen death for the first time or who but you wander off with a a twelve gauge on up to shoot windows out of the backs of cars. I know would not be plugged it you know. Well. It was thank you didn't watch but wrap up certain item until an adult daughter string. We we hit an eight kids at school did you guys would get those you know we don't. If you think about it word of cars and up from the welder in the junker because it was a terrible crash what happens at a table twelve people died. So. That was not a usual this year dad covered somebody else's blundered again to distinguish just trying to get the front end of something. Other than that it you know is currently at leopard your doctor Clark simply got out and the telephone all. But we got to go well you know look what he does that pick up truck. The truck in amber and Mike they often go out there. Whatever it can't deny the people that are often that was if you drink diet pop and it does it logical content often. So you know he's a young kid learning these last that was mom. Is is it. Did the same time will whisk him away to an ashtray in India where she almost died because she ends up drinking some of the water has not been booked through ice cube and you get like a level of dysentery will you will die from from its back to it you just don't have the power to fight. And you're stuck in some rudimentary actual and concrete border. Just death wondering what the hell's go in India for those who don't know isn't really filthy place. Good. That 1980. So it was all of the circuit put god and the public commune with the like god or our world and other well and it's ultimately the material like Julia in the air and it will Islam. You know extra art and you'd try to reconcile they don't worry if you. Lot when you're there you go back in here yet again there is no language is that with the streak yet in the morning eat. And as Eric who you did though they didn't. It looked like the reality like I'll be callable holding period. The purple people will walk without it and their own effort he put itself yet. You know and that's exactly what happened so. You come back in that analysts say your view where we're at the ripe age of thirteen I can see your father wants to do something nice for you so off the Mexico we go where you find the pleasures of a of the jet inside the pool it just feels a little too good to stay a little too long and people start to notice. And a couple of Bartlett bought it yet and they're now and an active. Block you know and yeah. In the in the eighties at. Not completely insignificant amount of money in Mexico. Opposite tack here like I would think that like the lady you know there are banned. And back in. The side down. I walked into the old well well well well. All. Good to be intimidated by you know what look like civil. Conflict there that because you got. Getting all. You know getting a tropical months. That it was at the ramshackle operation. And and if all the woman walked up to me and I paid a martyr and that she yep. It's simple do little little and build a lot harder you know. And usually if he was sort of few words are what wonderful. Her to the fewest. She is gets thoughtful and and and someone that she showed. And it which could mean that if some I don't like I can only imagine what collect what it looked like so well. She did what she could hear I didn't like it and and that. At all but at the same it was it was you'll. Yes indeed you come back and now. You've got this experience and Richardson about these characters you know like who's the guy that that there was that Walter did that lived. Well look at the base connecting your guy. It was done. You go on the road it will let its Social Security number in my basement or out of order concrete floor. In the area of work under the table and what. Effect will allow us in the receptor which with the guidance. Is it. We did you do that it is a lot and I don't know what all the debt or Jordan met in the early differentiating and everybody else. Because it was normal Angel. And it's. An important. I don't it was a strange. Age group you know open. It looks like in an environment like that and kind and that they don't end there are a lot of option. You understand that now we're talking is used racial dove David I've written a great book it's road dog and in. You know I'm sure from from the Tonight Show would you at a much much bigger places than where he started. You know and Jimmy Kimmel Chelsea Lately and TV shows like shades of blues great actor and invincible and and and Comedy Central but. You know backwards and bill is chapter we Tuesday by your grandpa probably didn't even like Italy dressed you twice and wouldn't even call you by the name dove. Because he just thought it was a stupid name. The paper right there are of course if he didn't plug and you know Miguel although not an accurate. What is called deputy because the only difficult with to get my act moment. It rained out the all the are actually a particular. But let me directly with what you what you should go well who's in the morning and I thought and I think something sort of it simulated a little bit that the order received sixty. The lack. It did just. But this is this the family there's a little legend in your family about your and your your grandfather's. Sister she had a hot dog. Yeah I get somebody blown out yet here. Are the the fact that the move on the back it looked back there and you know we did that. In here to party. And down and the guy turned it a couple of months at. All. That was the propane and ordered it not while truck and what. On the block that she acted not the movement they are not added at least on the other as soon as that she had that. She had that I think about people. You know it was a rough well now. You need to talk about that that is what you learning from your grandpa on about your your great aunt and your father and and you know Jeff George and in and big bill into Walter and all these guys and an English school here now catcher chubby cage and it was. And that's you know anything to make you stick got bad U working that you're you live at a junkyard which immediately Richard I'm outside now. You. The girl that you sit on at lunch reading your your homemade lunch repeated that your mom would make any of your existence of the Thomas the vegetables. And she decides she's got a clever turn on your. We got a part in fact the fly. I was at which is. It. Part of it is that the aren't the ones I shall but he. It was Eric. Wood and and well. Well and and I love this guy's in this is the way I really love the way you wrote the book because it was all these called accident so. Is covered that chapter about crying on the inside leaving the building and eating your Peta bread machine at a little trio loan you'll little political exile bitch in the kingdom of children and and that Google is. Fret not kind compassionate reader for later in life a puncher bully the boyfriend in the face a couple weeks after that an effort in the back of the seat my buddies Camaro. They're not let that thought that the technical error you know Miller on the really vulnerable and and. And that's what happened to people in the will be here at our site to go to our. Think I've dealt quietly and you're vulnerable and defenseless. And you know all of those other thing to hear it for any number of double life or psychology. And nick are all. The audience but the one of those one of those problems that at the moment you know that I inherited our Iraqi support for the route. Because it was the. And go to the new guy and the you know I only I picked up all the ability to hit it will work to pick on somebody. We'll take advantage of somebody. I'm. Well I think if you're at odds he. You. Don't. Don't let don't with people but all of that it really defend themselves. Now it's it's it's such a great truism and my great uncle poly to mate and you'll often hear the phrase always punch up but that that's what he would tell me to. There yeah. They're they're more targeted at the better light ultimate. Well and ultimately there's much worse than being a coward you you know. It's it's it's cliche but you know Howard only guys went arms I coward dies every bit but it that are. It'll only once and you you just it's so terrible to run these two huge issue these kids can you deny figurehead. I'm passport a little bit has been teased his five or six kids you know the common for yet you finding a way. Hurt the I would do videos over micro credit to your little world all around and caught. And yeah I know that I will let you go back and he cycle and yet if you are a lot I look. Let's go on and my back pocket and invite me autonomy and I thought some built in. London moved. And Tom Kirk all the right and people won't end all and the guy I looked at me I've got to act and while not. All foreign. Well you know and they will want to and I sort of let it and and came back with a right hand with a knife and I opened up all cited the. And then luckily the it. Yeah a bit of that inflict and I don't know where that law that pretty scary stuff. But you know people normally use a knife is a threat. They don't have that they don't have the stomach for that wet work you know to really have to do it. Yeah well I yeah you know eight and it was the bad guy you know late what do. It is hard at that and that she couldn't chill up with the indictment because. You're good fortune liking it directory. And all the somebody. So it's like. Yeah I don't know I. I don't know what hit them both to yeah. I can fast forward I think of these stories like that I have heard part of and I get to a chapter Cleveland the dragon and I can't help but feeling this. And at. It's really. So good I almost called you last night and that was like now. Nominally in Italy doesn't mean I'm reading Hamlet or argue either right here at the right. So it's that. Because apparently there's as many there's many types of comedies. Shop owners and and it's there's one in Cleveland. Named Mike. Who. Which you do morning radio he's got a drug open to brother and he drives up. So very sporty stupid guard not befitting his age you know strippers and he's basically just a cancerous Erin over your shoulder. How will cut rates. Eat. You say it appeared in the open and there's IP and because lord let me say. When you're such an able and what they make you change and it's because they don't like yeah here payroll giant. And it is just until he read these books you everything comes everything is as you might. And it's just. It's a good due to walked in this world that you and you become an adult and then suddenly there's some success now after being downtrodden beaten down and ostracized and alone. And all of a sudden you realize in high school. That you can get cooler at least that way cooler clothes. And you become little more popular you even you start to play football your final year. All it would. You know we do our he had artful. In one day and so he elected leaders what you're. Like I was either. It appeared the more you know I'm a little Murray and and well suddenly started out on the earth as it with cool don't want any. Facts or they'll never leave you know. You're one and well their child that would clearly be view of cultural. And show it was well. You know. The thing behavior and personality and all that you don't get all the not the case you know due to the man and equal quality about it. That's it and you and you then you know you start getting aged are doing comedy you. You know and you realize it's it's nervous at the first time he tried that it's pretty good it's not terrible for your first time but the feeling of acceptance that comes to an audience that suddenly. This void that you couldn't even name. Is is is getting a little warmth that it. Act one year because all of it like are you talking about what. And you'll do really well actually. Yeah it. About a local you're able to get away all gay all the dark. I elected. They saw. And if you think you're you'd be here also why did hear something. You know where you're out there and it kind of lack. But you've got this great. You know hunter S Thompson and the way you cow ski Lenny Bruce way of explaining that I get like I go. No I've not been and should be so much from like I literally couldn't spell my own name where you go black out for six hours. Yeah yeah yeah I agree I feel remark that and there are a lot of well what he would have a lot of good at locked and you're. You have. We smell her own a GT even tell you the stuff the stuff that we've done like it's now. I don't I don't regret anything like to meet its its all of the building blocks of what we've become. At that I didn't get raped by a Dutch guy you. Couldn't. Well I think people get all the and that what happened get to that and Goldberg. Yeah. Tactic and a lot back up. Wouldn't you cut it to itself and on yeah I mean I wouldn't wanna. You know I'd want what kind of liked it so that got billion all of its own kind of law took them. This. Period the very nature. Oh are you kidding me the stories about Amsterdam and mushrooms and in the truffles and wondering about not running into a friend of mine who's. He works for a he was I would definitely at the time doing pyro form and it just happened I may. I'm an extremely Jody does it out here I'm going through customs right now for two days I'm like all of and he did their hundred times so we walk into the Smart store. And he dismisses whatever they're died you know whatever they said you should take he's like all take twice as much as they tell you why I'm so. But I am there we are Bates yes it just it frozen snow swans red light cobble stone bridges. It's just so humble jumble of of of flashes of memories and laughter and yes. Yes. Access and play. What are split in its second if you multiply and watch them fight. And what is right you'll come out. Of the district court sort of combined. So you we want this and you know ultimately what I released this book is it's a love letter to your wife. It's it's I know what I've done I know what you've been through I shrewdly I wanna stick it out. Because ultimately as we walked through this your life we've come from. Your wife and breaking up being convenient roomed together her reading the moped you guys haven't told me your life you're seeing the things you dreamed of seeing it again because I travel costly like you want to go and which you'll say all my life I've sought something I cannot name. And if you want to rate you want with this world and there are moments of happiness it feels right. And it well until I let this go to my wife went out and lock on the board to ride. I think. And I let it lie in the court at the right and they get it if they are buying raked my ankle and then I have to go look at it would conceivably hold. And and that. Opened their birthdays and you know all these up would have a say in the. We know again we're you have to go home is it to you need surgery but it could be weeks you go. Yet to leave let's sucks. You come back to New York he says well I don't know if we need surgery or not but lucky enough to go to orthopedic here it's going to be a couple days and you get an email now he's just. All the terrible stuff going to a Rome hospital flown all the way back to the states the smash destroyed ankle and it. Then he gets an email from a buddy system and I thought we were gonna meet in the south of France and I'm here. What the gulf farmer I'm the head and that's an ad that was an ankle all all of our. I certainly wouldn't be a date. I ended up getting on a plane with a broken ankle calling it shrank. And and getting the on the beach it's strange place psychological. Words it's weird you know like oh five. Well. As the head anyway. Yet you and in some odd night I am such an aberration that was full of just destruction. Because you thought man I'd rather be in pain and miss this moment with somebody that care about and and we market. So it's. It was you know that was downside. And you guys will eventually you adjust you rubric you break up. After this when you get home. All we welcome back you know if you got that are important to control level therapy and my old saying that the pieces back together and they're. It can't return to the stories that I'm able. You know it is and so successfully put a number of the pieces back together or not. And kind of relate to somebody and and done at all they're woven into the all the. I thought that at the last page of that was very beautiful it's funny because ultimately what would you talking about this guy. Is all this drugs and hookers and the fights in the standings and your father. And your mother and and every. Well unbelievably over the top story from Vegas to Amsterdam and and so many more in this book. It all comes down you saying. I wish I would have acted the way ahead because I was scared I was afraid that you were gonna take it away from. And. It's like it or you know that the whole area that I hear all of that up a lot of the kind of little bigger act because you like the restrictions are you out of the air. Yeah let's let's you know I don't want maybe I'd like well. What would it. Air ankle like in the bull are active and you can happen. That he will work. Well he did well he can get extreme you don't a wreck all on the line all the all of yet. Now he can go to this life like what you said the fear biting dog. You're not it was sort of you know tough you're afraid. You look at a lot of the patella I think a lot of loan DC think that he outfit in the world. You know that somebody wanted to be able won't shirk law and but it ended world somewhere. It is a lot easier if you're in that manner we actively and people. Absolutely there's no doubt about it. What you said. We smell around and got the book is great it's called road dog it's out now there's a lot more stories in this you guys it's that. It's it's one of the best books I've ever read by comedian because it's it's not like any of the book I've read by comedian. That's an article that. Think it yet thank mark carrier and you look mentally how would things suggests. We're actually going to I think right now we're going you're indeed referral base and that it. We mobility. And your fumble after the morning do something within the life. That's that's a commitment to the Q are you actually stunned the drones Eamon. Like art show what would say. You lie and it's I was just in the city over the weekend and I you know that would drop in on people. And so I hope to see you on the road suit will be come to Kansas City and combined hit the improper and let those guys gnome and we are full in support whenever you roll through here. Thank you know what they're really appreciate that we're all YouTube offend them and really.