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Thursday, June 21st


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Our friend doctor centrally doctor pimple Popper on the hotline right now finally gets her TV show debuts July 11 on TLC while you knew was I knew it and I knew she couldn't talk about it but it it had to happen you can give millions and millions and millions of hits. On these videos of her cut. Homeless insists that popping pimples in people or each orgasm. The jewel and that people get through this you either in or you're out. Our next guest is a board certified dermatologist who specializes in general cosmetic dermatology in Southern California. She has become a global. When social media sensation amassing two point seven million followers on instinct than three point eight million subscribers on YouTube. And now on July 11 you can see the debut for TLC series when doctor pimple Popper. Please welcome doctor Sandra Lee. Soon to be television celebrity doctors and. Oh my gosh that sounds so crazy thank you know what obviously. I'm well I'm all right this is that we see right now but all right it's a lot of that going on. This is going to be you know what to export goods you went to build your house walked industry without illegally. Are out that I. He'd that if you'll be great and I think this will be huge hit it if you're either in Europe there's no. During the middle of the road pop a hole. True and I think yeah I edit that you're absolutely right and I think it I think Allah Allah realize there ain't there in Iowa. Oh listen I. He loves it I'll get sucked into it there's a point or even I'm like okay at some point them out to eat today so I'm I'm. You know what do you think about that show that's coming on it I think that week. I'm hoping that more people are going to light in there actually are some of the biggest pop but I've ever seen in my life. At L. Ever been a part of my life but they're not going to be. And the fact that the the story it is while what what what the ball out you know the people. The electric field that sort of thing you know all these people you see how it changed their life should really get. Actually going to be Gillick oh my gosh. It's really interesting for me because I was a little at about ten I didn't know. What is going to bring it was different I'll direct control over it now. And I say and I realized that I didn't think I actually do realize how much I have a people's lives in the pot. That night we did see well. Look you thinking I can put together a couple that way you know it can make it just the big gross pop that we can show that let people people afraid to go to doctors people don't wanna go AVE you know we are clearly at the size arrests are paid on their back in the carried around for years and decades. And it's crazy to a real man I'd go to the doctor. But for some reason people I don't want bad news they're afraid of the doctor they pretend he's going to denial and you you know loose. I mean I mean I'm sure most of the time it's just. You know assist. Like home yet but benefits cancer tumors that skin cancer that's so yeah you gotta give them. Well this case I mean would be fit I parliament the size of bowling ball or softball. So it does a lot you know a lot like maybe completely that and why. It really affecting their life. What are they saying we like in my Bewkes of course you have to ask him why would you not get this treated me what was what's their reasoning behind never. Getting it dealt with. I mean that's probably the question that I see in the world you know on like social media quote you know people keep asking. After that and now. When multiple and let that happen you know and I understand it. And I think it proved that that that. That while it is not a thing that happens randomly that the people to people. As well. Company. At some point here is it because it was I think it is. Your you can be fearful doctors. Shut. Out you can also not have insurance. Money peaked at saint. And how you how the outfit they sure you were up the bulk it. Up at. I think you'll. And then I'll bet it up but it. And good and I okay well I really. You know. What else costs they don't hurt. Me and asked have you don't hurt so I was actually my doctor doctor Unger. Thank god rest him he imposing a percent complete a deputy came and hoping your neck we lovingly call let me after let me kill mr. and in the and I never do anything on that pull that off they're saying like yeah go ahead some pretty sue me he's got a scalpel out he's an Audi stage and yet. It is either he was he literally did it because he was bored at work. My mom yeah I don't think otherwise there I'd still have. Well yeah enemy. And that means that lending would like ten times besides. You might look at it that he's got the video. Up on it. My doctor pulled a piece of a short of metal whether it reminds arm that he got in a car accident like fifteen years ago how often you see that. Yeah that would be cool to say. I think I would like doing. A lot of off the chart a metal arm outlaw. It was a decent I mean mostly splintered it was not toothpicks but it was it was enough that it grew around it created a little weird pocket ran in the whole thing. What now that he's too much about it afterwards and that's despite enough but I did the other night. Managed to dash my hand open for twelve stitches between my pinky just about radial nerve. And I'll getting stitches the cook. Agreement seeing literally hanging over the doctor's shoulder 1130 at night watching him enthralled with watching object that needle through my skid. When you're watching you know it doesn't. Yeah I had entered incorrectly so at unit bottle is now way you know you radio yeah. And not think that a lot of paramedics a lot lot of people like in the medical field like that nurses and think they all look at a particular elect instead of it got a lot yet you don't want to even though you might heed the call to let you job. It's kind of nice to want to look at the tequila helix structure that. Right well and puppy that nobody nobody lives or dies that Richard you are helping people's that's. That's of that's much chatter in that few of them coming here it was a poor moose. Was on overnights six foot 5300 pound giant Iowa farm boy broad shouldered. Moved he whose 200 pounds is on his back with a pair of new nose pliers and a cloth. And there he's quickly in black kids and it's on his back. It's just the most weird homo erotic on rodeo you've ever walked in on it. 4 o'clock in the morning how. I thought he raised me with it and get better instrument made him. A you can't teach these guys having you know it if they were all fed lead paint as children it's. Doctor pimple Popper I wanna see and I called this two years ago I knew for sure you read and then ask July 11 two Wednesday debut. Doctor yeah upper. 9 o'clock candidacy Tim and he'll see huge network I mean this is going to be strong your beautiful you do well you know I connected people I'm telling this is gonna work. He won't leave me you know. I yeah I mean I I. Mean I'm not really looking order acting like that it like kind of technical. I can't believe that I mean what is that the people started to hear an echo what was going on at crazy like. Well I think I think he's going to be amazed that I don't know how much you've worked with and can only show. But to elect my friends my pal Jesse to pre with a full closely and show. Go from ingesting it sold millions of records worldwide toward this world car again. And that's huge but a reality show he could we remember going through Nashville and walking down a side street. And if he couldn't go six feet from eight to eighty well that's on talent. Cameron who get the fitness that you. It's they're all people are very excited but they feel like they really know he went something like. Yeah I am I and you need targeting apple they're not going to be so much you know. Like craziness that he and the people got mad at me you know what I mean and it's you know yet I'll ask the. I think it's gonna Mike more of what you heard you know like we've when you want to get somebody you're eaten dinner and Kate take a look at this picture yet. Look at that happened not yet they you know at a and you're going to be. You will be just practicing relief and I hope to the movie opens a huge success. Maybe you haven't. With the important part and it was not really quite not finished filming what about two thirds of the way. And it is just the cases like I don't know how they find it there are many things fell and beating people an amazing stories so. You know I it's actually more than just simple popping it's really think that I do at the dermatologist that I think at least fascinated to see what. Kind that can conditions out there in general skill and my lack of at and how we can help these people. And not treat people like that at some kind of strayed well program. As somebody that. You know is this is somebody like electorate you've been right thing you know. Unless it's a good friend and then it's it's a nonstop talker this. I'll give me Bob my Buddy Guy we red motorcycles together all over the country were rated good to Nova Scotia and back and sun in the summertime we'll bust out his psoriasis and so I mean it's a non stop leopard joke it it is yes. False. Yeah yeah out underneath in the development of poppy get out of the better. You that you you've got to go out and just opinion and ticket in my Rebecca come up the house. It puts tonight I did when Jack up my head we called the important it was on left side just let them. Felt that. Flatten out of their I hit. That's exactly what it was I'm every EE hello I was leaned back he was behind me and pulled it out. With the tweezers to help the government for its just we think about you I think even drop in my mouth that's going to be the gross things ever happening. I. I do garden at that particular artistry you know well I work with some very simply disgusting humans. No kidding doc. Right now on T there's no less than ten or eleven in grown hairs on his neck and face. Well I mean that. But I but he brings joy at the same time because he has sold an alcoholic you know you know I'm doing. Now. You there's a whole other resentment that is fluids are from the but he told me this and this is not my rent and try to give him some offered advice today an open what you Gilbert. I go dude is I think if you take your razor and you keep it really cold your roots in the cold as possible one they say they used to say that would help with a single and there's. Will be that the cold content a little bit should get you know like a little important. So that that caused you. Probably their hair at the kind of I mean he'd be a little bit like that is the kind of critical to shape. I would think about it you know let it a little bit. Thing is gonna put Aaron back up to cut your hair. Too short. It the fact is that what happens is if you if you like what you block clubs you're paired with a group did some hair at the little underneath in fort. Attica for the seventh and that's what I have a chance to connect cola they're becoming ground. Don't you actually truly want to protecting and Eric you wanna not really true in your characters short try to you know commit to the circuit that it would not allow. Or org the group pulled completely. Well don't get the poker gonna start out well or get a little bit caught. You wanna try to avoid that end product is that for. The automatic OJ. I'm not happening yet but. It was that the total removal. Experts ridiculous that route. I made problem or think like that it. If you have blond hair or let there has been ink color your skin color. Really can't beat that absolutely there with saint Specter. We app because it was target that it would hair color so he's the best person as it was dark hair and didn't quite get. Did you look at me. A city that's well. You're the best doctors and lead again control. You can read and.