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Tuesday, January 9th


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Born October 26 in Waterbury Connecticut. As a team can work this father saloon serving drinks and helping to break up fights. He studied acting at Fordham University launching a career that has found him in such films as hamburger hill. Steel magnolia is in the line finer. The campaign. And many more. You've seen them on such series as deep blue as Willis is Golden Globe Award winning work on the series the practice. And now you can see him every Tuesday night on the new fox series LA to Vegas. Please welcome Dylan McDermott. Can gradually. Well beautiful intro that I. Future killed this is that what a great idea for show and this is and this is fair hole. And guy behind this twosome this is this is all part of that same weird mind you know trust that the Bruntlett the campaign and everything. Yeah that's why I mean there is the executive producer rather it was Adam say Chris Rongey and I was just like you know these and I get my credit humor that you that the campaign so when that came along I was like yes but how is it because. It's the best way to go to work the last all day long and to have this kind of sense that you were. Which is licensed in your words is perfect for me. And that mustache is whoa. God thing. That's how it all again elect I read this script the mob that started growing but immediately by itself she goes like this is that is that much. You know like this on most shows are face wings. That's great man that a bit but those who haven't seen it because I'm going to Vegas this weekend in that. And I flew the last couple weeks so I just it's like really on top of in in my mind I'm like man. A bill those flights even when the direct flights from Kansas City to Vegas. It's always the same like adamant in control on the way to based on the way back. Two women are crying and talking their husbands. People's squandered children's league college funds people grow. So there's so much hope on the way there. You know everybody's retriever or they can visit the have their way and I'm gonna wait and and then of course goes to (%expletive) But yeah exactly exactly and that's when but the every time. And I got blamed for coming to the my group too vague she'd never been and we get on the plane and of course has some girl sitting there in the southwest lets his. Excuse me I'm holding his teeth 'cause it's my birthday. Or some move another election was. So my birthday we're hope I have a lot of Mike you've I don't care what you dropped out your mum all right you can eat my ass I'm sitting down dug into this boardrooms when these that you sit and sit there sit I don't care what I don't care what fueled. Yeah yeah it's it's. As somebody characters on that flight Opel. Like we weekly game called judgmental bastards. And we do it situationally you would love this deal. You've you've seen go okay what's the biggest three put drinks that's one point. People dressed the same Iraq school. Asian version that you picture whatever it is that's perfect Vegas burst of five buys the next round of the next bar. Yeah. They'll very least you write has all the perfect characters. Well airlines I mean it's it's a great backdrop for the show because you know we all lie we know I'll. You know how painful it is to fly nowadays you know there's so much suffering involved was going via lord sort through security. Checking a bag getting on the plane. Try to order. The food you know whatever is getting up every so it's so it's so troubling each and every time that. Because that's suffering there's humor in it and that's where this show kind of fall in perfectly. Oh yeah and you've seen passengers shaming. On there to back. That ultimately to grab that follow me so how will they go and are there right now and if I'm on the site because it is so funny that site. Yes and a girl believed that runs edition I'm telling she's a scream she's next. Really good showing Kathleen isn't it. It's particularly this next episode it's you guys haven't checked it out tonight 8 o'clock a box it's LA to Vegas in that yeah I got a hopefully there running and on and that some of the airlines do now because we went one better thing to being too much on a long flight and in this whole Syria will. Yeah you know the world the show like this because it's such as serious as right now. And just sit back and have a couple of chuckles you know is I think so important for everybody. Yeah no we didn't. Please yet that that's and this is the kind of stuff that island like truly love. Like you know in in a by the way there could never be any way you knew when you were shooting the campaign the campaign that was looming on the horizon that the. Now a way. Uh oh yeah I would move in Korea now. Yes. Well you know you've there's always room for a second and tell you there's. Fairly in the you're gonna do something great what you guys I am 100% sure of that I'm sure this shall be huge it. You're welcome here any and now we give you my flight to Vegas on Thursday. Please do have a great aren't they human.