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Wednesday, July 11th


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We were talking about this earlier a former McGill student who has won a lawsuit against his ex girlfriend after she successfully plotted to do real his career as a promising concert next. And the lawsuit Erika brown of it said that Jennifer Lee had deleted email addressed to him in which was offered a full scholarship to an elite college Colbern conservatory of music in LA. Using his email she declined the offer an apparent bid to force him to stay closer to her. She then created a fake email address and which she in person hated him. Rating saying that he'd not been accepted for the full scholarship knowing that he could not afford to attend the school under that condition. You would have studied directly under world we're now clear that last several years later they crossed paths and piece all of this together. It's the most insane story. By the way I'm a little jealous if nobody's ever like them. Nobody's ever went out of their way. Now that it's it's it's it really is a meter and a full actual crazy image went for real but. Probably my mom's the bad. Which that bitches be tripped up. Our next guest is a clarinet player who recently made headlines after he discovered that his then girlfriend had deliberately sabotaged his chances to go to the conservatory. In Los Angeles essentially taking her to court and being awarded almost 300000 dollars in damages. Please welcome Erica drama meets. Here calorie and whoop you you know want mountaineers love did you board. Of socialism walk me through this so how long you've been seen this girl that it. The use your computer password to do it to do to make it rejection letter and also. You've turned a letter to the the conservatory and how well you guys have been together. So biology or lots of holes but we had been together. I would say. Four months. A that's it could mean that is it's usually done not how long. Had you told me you love your. What you told issue on the radical developer you you've told her. I had told. But then. Maybe. I forgot when exactly but that the love was already out there. All right so I. See you guys are seen each other and each he knows you've applied to this conservatory to about fifteen to forget what 52000 dollars for the scholarship. Yet. Very. Valuable place for the money of course but you know Europe but it is world renowned teacher. He'll be instituted that really competitive and lead environmental or other I'm musician. You know. Exactly downtown LA it's really an amazing opportunity really hungry currently wanted to. And you know I've I've prepared her for months and months. And I just got this and I I didn't I'd bet that not a pretty well. And you know they'll find out right away so I got to go like well I'm I'm dissuaded every day and yet you know and you know our callers something. And so then finally when they email me unfortunately I'm not there to see it because somehow I don't forget if you're orbit. And respond on my behalf saying you know thanks but no thanks and and just delete that it changed. I never thought they set in and then. And then he goes on it bit different you know account in the name of the future on the but it would you predict you lot. By get this you know and a corporate video that you go to these Macedonia a millionaire it was pretty beat you out of luck but I can't that. So that I tiger and obviously vary. Crushing very hard. That's hard on you must be crushed. Absolutely I mean I I wanted to look at the end and probably yet it you know of course that hard but it's. It on the American attitude except one person you're out of all the outlook he got. And you know I just say yeah I guess I was good enough to read outlaw cool but it's just you know looking back not think that I was that on and I just had no idea. Pretty good. So so then how do you confront her like our have you figured I'd like EU UU sent another addition in. Were you what twelve or at issue. I. I didn't figure it out for another two years you know who are out there are people with Don we are still living together for like another five months. And you know you're there and solely mean making it like trying to help make me feel better when I was pretty down about. That. You. So so you guys I don't you figured it out as she did you guys already broken up when you figured it out. Yeah actually broken out after people like maybe six months later and fraud related reasons I thought no idea about. And then two years later like I I want that the wanted to study it with the guys the way I go back to LA and dad this and again. And I didn't know how many you looking into what he's doing you reject that. And I'll accept the Abbott and you can grow lightweight unit technician. And elderly didn't hear it accusing each other reject. Great great now know is a policy like he could indeed mr. crazy yet. Right exactly but I'd beat your attorney but why why would now protect them. That I decided to visit that I went back there that you Alex and I had it was like was adamant that I'm. And I I forwarded it to the program. And I said is that a different you know aggressive leaders or is that you know he seemed its exchange. And he wrote back saying I've never united in my life and Obama in all though. Put up while I knew that I had been had and that's something pretty avid but I look at I thought no idea. That it was my goal for the crime bill I figured that some musician out there who you know. Maybe a pattern it has a lot of its own altogether and hurt someone that wanted it failed that but to think that it was the person that I love and trust the most I've. It was you know I'm bat mobile so. I I I I tried this. It isn't about him at some computer savvy friend that. If they can help me out there but I was really getting anywhere and then. Some by the monetary you'd think you'd gender did its first though late sitting pretty easy no way would. But that that idea that a union and a little bit. What you want later. By a friend on that in May have quite sixteen. And that would we're gonna try to log into that email account of equity. I navy arguments and answers. After about a failed attempt. I remembered big league it's this or that you use on one per I don't they order a bridge. And I'd like didn't come out and surely enough log. Okay and. And I got a dog in the first page that it showed the other ago. But recovery information that showed her personally doubt it and there are a number of recovery birdies out. So that was all the proof right there and it was in and saying. You know proving incredibly. Crushing to have an operation. Like the betrayal sure ain't been back early insipid realizing. Well everything with a life so who do you consider. Of course I want it to confront it myself but. I got them you know I told my parents from friends that I despite the seek legal counsel immediately. And you know let let them that you go there and but I did that so I never really had my involvement. You know confronting her and people better days but. You know I think you're in the dark all on it and it just didn't go talk to lawyer. Do you by the way I and so on a Google you earlier of course because that they are at that picture view it must have been some kind of Hugh Hefner part of if you were in like a smoking jacket like. A row when she. She is a piece of aspect. And consider it. And let me tell you the thing I know what it is you're how old you know Eric. Product for nightly you you're coming into the knowledge the knowledge being as it. The hotter than girl and bad and the crazier the sex the crazier the girl. Yeah you know what that that correlation in my experience is true. Yes and yes my friend and it's all you've got to find one these crazy you can still below that but not so crazy you're gonna jump out of windows. Exactly that there were times that I was close to the edge. Kinda aggregate solution you're one opened 350 grand over this right in instant settlements and restitution. That's that's I mean not so you know bill being a dime of it is going to be in the tricky part but it that night if you go to a court. Has you know I'd look the situation in opposite of what I deserve it and it's right there aren't that. Validation for the opening but without the but part of China's product by anger and having her serve them. Collecting the money in real mother. Journey somebody might end up getting money maybe now we'll see you wish you let me. I can shoot somewhere in Toronto but that. He's off the grid without social media. This year I don't know how many people like in contact though it imparts UV. Do you use of the moves that you see this crazy bitch. And yeah that's renew. My money if yes which is being driven back. You it's just crazy if you look that Demetrius is much it's not nobody's ever like me that much. I mean. Maybe you're lucky about that. Which you do well now the I don't know what I did trigger like that. Listen I think the girls who give amateur by the way he's going in the symphony in Nashville for. And yet to graduate. Just in. The audience was she might be in Toronto would be doing. I thought there. And so it is not like I did back in my god there's going to be enough at the door. And then you're gonna have to have an argument with your penis. And well not a matter when knowing that back to them before and it. You've got a problem I gotta love meeting with that thing before you open that dollar trust me. There's. Runners that there's a window we can think clearly and you gotta be in that mode and when that. That. Yeah not exactly where it has that been done. Yeah I know I know my friend lit. I mean I hope you have a great career. And guy and I hope you get paid if she gets a job well if she's out of the country is it was a it was a a judge in the states right so. I don't know how that the dollar reduction in Canada oh hell even matter even better man listen up if she ever gets a job though tracker. Yes yes indeed. And it just for one moment and as a lot of the hood of a quick shout out. From my brother also a musician you made a music app that being released this Sunday at call for bar and it aiming to give for music would find it for comedy. And said it's expecting you get four bars the rapper singer play at all. And a bunch of beat it and let provided in the app democracy knuckled for our fourth BA are propping that bonding App Store we've checked it out. I just I just checked it out it's you know I saw its on YouTube ad says that that's right coming up IS and android it's going to be one of the first four bar app dot com. Yet brought up about how excellent analysts. Can keep us updated in. If it but Kris yes I'm sorry that that after the way driver do you make peace with the guy at the concern between violently dizzy like OK I get. Oh eight in the end I went this study with them two years later I'm not a cohort UNC. You can keep is that Iraq so we declared all out and we're all good now and a guy so but he would that mean billion I'll be in my career started though. It would at all bad in the. Now to the movement for into the movie it's a great story got that chance. Now I don't know. You stay right there. He's got a great attitude banks should handle it better what if because of the venture a whole list. If I should epic she was reduced due this week. Yes you just know you look at that ago. You knew each other for months and then you're living together and that's because someone thought that there there Leo he's young but at least he acknowledged this to end. This and you learn or you just get beat your whole life yeah you either learn at some point. It took me a long time. To figure out like. It probably was only in the last ten years if if it out like. Richard you didn't win among. It when he can get there. Oh my god thanks Jude and the communities they saw some crazy and Arafat's government like a Marty here and then she's she's so. I was just want to see if you have any president. I went and light up. But he does about the personal and she's in there are in the house like little difference there. I did actually increasing revenues reached the room here. She took mr. but haven't lucky girl friends apartment. And moved the tigers opened the door and saw that they were embed. Didn't see anything let herself like you did what she's. Like no it's not funny way of my test and if you that in his dog.