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Our next guest is the man behind one of the more controversial web sites on the Internet serial killers think darknets. It is there where you can purchase items from some of the most infamous serial killers in history. And keep it Charles. Jeffrey Dahmer Richard Ramirez and John Wayne Gacy and many. Others there you can purchase everything from music letters artwork. Officials confessions and more. Please welcome Erik color. I tis the season act as the season. Hey it's good to you tonight. Pretty good rarely do we just what do numbered in match you a couple weeks your your side. The score may come protect our Mariam child they're sending letters and under imminent each. Good good good it's just you know we're talking today about it in already get freaked out about hamburger billion that the truth is originally. You don't really it. And that the guys sort of put money obviously most of dead most of it executes there's no money. You know this there are opening up their life not they're not profiting from their crimes. Now are trying you know like like excellently. I'm to prop it. Earlier there's a couple people you know an issue that cannot go to them. You hate each and the. Well that's what makes so great I mean at that. You want to see if you want to talk about people as it drives people to this website of this stuff. I still kick myself and mr. portrait. You never crosses over the years and it seems to make the rounds it was terrible boat painting of George Jones Lucas. Week he actually later a couple of those and you know leave the political William George Jones and be patient feature. Some yeah. It. It's funny because you know want to community. The chicks were born and noble and true crimes actually you know golf here all the books you know into question right now don't you're allergic and only 200. Buying letters from you know trot and Jeffrey are there to them to. To go past the book aspect of things and you know read what you guys are actually will be talking about it and their waters. It's ignorant it in the street as just and and yours and I was surprise to recruit start that would be a albeit Martin yeah me and then later. Took full time job you know basic. And you do you definitely gonna have some a couple freaks pop up here and there but I went out of mad at them most there's just like. You know it's like it like you really fascinated by what their heads or act like that you do terrible things in and somehow you make it okay with yourself. And in some cases and end. Then after the fact a direct these letters to pen pals like what they read about it's always about the Conn they always. In that social path mode they're trying to charm everybody you know because there's that common thread was a lot of serial killers as. Is that like the Johnny Robinson. The slave master read here at Kansas City. You know that guy he was as far as I can remember the first social path and bachelor comment. Who love that control turned it'd be eighty S and and that that wasn't enough became the slave master that's not enough and yes to start killing people because it just. You know a little gets to be a little more rhetoric. Yeah Robinson who he even. And kidnapped the little baby. And hold the baby she is rather so. Yeah yeah who need the courage or total monster cycle. You know a lot of the letters you know you'd kind of via. I don't look at because they've been imprisoned medication. And he couldn't get. Need to talk. Of course who talk about sports talk about politics. Who eat Italian side and view these guys are. A lot of the owners are our site from me and antlers are total all law that we analyze each guy he's orders are just. Very normal. Sounding letters which in its current surprising to. We read a letter from set to laden and where. Are you see on TV is on the needs creed monstrous act. Read the letter read talk about the currency cheap. Or baseball. League and and it's surprising to deliberately. It inside the kite and and in trying to get a glimpse. Of who they are. Outside of the monstrous tax. Yeah I mean that's what I'm enjoying Robinson got caller earlier who was in the Ian when they booked him into into jail here in Kansas City and they said when he wanted to use the phone like he would come in games in just a policy he would come into only because he knew. And a male society that you can use basket. You know because he was only good it was a chicken tied up birds a baby who's a weakling in real life. Yet I leaned. A lot of indictment. Actually get away from him a couple of years ago quarter. He'd be seeing. This accurately that you think that we were. I cynical seat. Is. We're now seeing all this crap and. Lonesome no rhythm framed on your wall right. Now out of back like ma mantle as these this you know you can't do it and never heard problem and Felix it's funny. Which actually it badly member is obviously am totally dis honest. A couple of years ago were family members contact would want the potato out foxes on my work. I've got boxes of Robinson died. Shortly. So let me assure you. You know I guess that it made the rounds in Indonesia in the next couple letter from. Still got the letters were ones that well in the in an animal trapped. Or he he threatened to me and let's sit and eat pizza. Like for you a guy like you collect it was to you that's I mean everything else is it is an extra right I mean everything else is to somebody else everything else is we know we are beer being a boy here this is yours. Oh yeah yeah yeah you that he is adamant that you. He was gonna use its progress and done completely drowned there. What's your legs back the price and chicken and. Pre pre Robinson. There are. Thank you mean you know first started back in the early and mid ninety to try to clear. That he actually a couple of years ago in future. Premiere Night Stalker he got started and rittner but clearly you know that was due. And you look back in and he's really I mean like Eric. We keep the pictures from my art dealer so. I jumped on and that was surely beginning while the trojans which are mere opposition. And Laporte. He's a yearlong that they can't profit from it. Well look a year or is that they're they're Bologna eight which silenced him actually. Like that. I don't see why it's. Further our work. But it if it where the guys that is it a little money which they go far. And didn't art supplies are at war helped him on the course records mean between you know I mean yeah pictures repayment. Yeah. That's completely. Thank you are you can be as anybody about and you know indeed I think listen I see people make money by destroying our own planet building human you know prisons and and it does you know we heard many many worse things in this world that people you know that we think we're supposed to respect him for money. Where you know immediately it would be going around this world look. Politics he. In the car national news and all that crap you know it actually will keep you want to but you know sign out went and photographs or other. You know assignment to Latin. You know more power to him you know there's there's worst thing in the world than. In some more and more anger and ultimately. Signed for the vulnerable. Especially right now on the creek crack its goal is. I mean Jesus Christ meant us to detect any other day and the like is anybody told. Did you come into leaked at trump hates it pretty Foster. A if he's right I mean I was you know he please. Or entrap the president and music free man. Is he even even. Even I don't I don't understand how. You know. And it is working itself wage elite public. As a rule latest from between the child molesters and president as. Partners now they're at their quality control they can handle that one judgment food. There are. Now the problem John Wayne Gacy because he's such a creepy bastard because you tie with a guy killing people. It becomes ridiculously. Collectibles so pogo that was his own and other these reds and aces that you can. You can and made him just a reproduction. Currently legal public. Though it was a very child are urged it no. The to the web web site that the right term you know it. Of course how we can come up and lethality creepy claret citing its colonial or are all of country. Notification. That the purpose trying to certainly. Be open crown but so that's. Arab they've really become one of the most popular item right now. I've got one of mine a might work desks they're yeah now it should I do think yeah just cool thing well that. How many how many rip offs are there like when you how you deauthenticate discuss Kazaa you we see the Pope with a clown painting made the rounds there's a few of them. I don't think I think he'd he liked paying it became popular he didn't more. But that how many are real what are coming your fake like what do what do you think you know if you're gonna get real. Early in there are a couple of but it does it the eve our time on eBay. They're that are listed for Intel dollar ha ha ha. Yeah we. As far as myself I'm and it is in the interest for twenty years like you know I know the signatures. And I narrowed. The hard part of the Kenya the week hanging on the signatures really you know black. Tom the state senator Miller. The key stage in the signature way advocate the signature. Actually. It seeks signature. Four letters ago. Yeah definitely freak in an envelope postmarked from critical. You know I think yeah it goes back to that thing out it's equal. And let you know in the well he. Let's move that forward the. So who are there aren't. Widgets at the top five it's going to be Dahmer. Manson and Ramirez. Berkowitz. And it is gacy. That I think you'd drop down like that that looks like Robinson. BTK. But about Bob Nardelli creepy bastard ease your Kansas but he has his mailbox actually remember when it all went down he lived a block away. Any rain over there at the house and ripped it off the front house. Ultimately we may still has the actual mail box off the house Butler. Where you mean that if it certainly did that people want a piece of our history you know it's funny about about it eight but these aren't aren't. Isn't that. Did appear in the areas that has his business card. Or all of you know it won't be quite an equal well or who won the popular. All of these mobile. I don't think it opens our bonds are. Pray you know where you wouldn't this court. Order so. Westport. I mean there's acute and ever walking through west portly checking all the shops I don't remember exactly which opened has been away every single one of those there's no doubt at some point. We ran. He's certainly somebody kill people easily down the street. Over there there part and that he was altered the way we've we've and he would. Wear like the bigs and it's. By the way have you seen me. There's Robert Williams was the artist like Guns 'N Roses. At a much odds and he did a thing called Debbie Harry spears. Autograph signed by Debbie Harry and Robert Williams in the picture this this crazy multi colored kind of old school. Retreat this cartoon lithograph it's Ted Bundy coming over the top with a knife. It is when you have a nightmare would explain it all early in the room and apparently in New York City she in. It. Ted Bundy crossed paths in. Heard of that. Yeah I. I didn't read a while back. I don't I don't I found in the unclaimed for two paid ten dollars. Worries. Now all of a war and bring about you know what afterwards I'll see you picture because it's actually been in my closet for a while. That's spray it like it's it's it's numbered serial numbered it's it's by Robert Williams and every area it's it's a cool that the. Yeah yeah you know I like we trainer could but it can't street in. And I think we are at least. A little attraction to dark history and taboo subjects and they're out that one of the reasons that the solution that should keep an off you know we're. Here pillars of what we're giving people an opportunity to. You know the guidance you know for the most part he will only see in the old. We hope go to the side of the great when I travel I go to a place where there was terrible terrible. Terrible loss you know and it's real. Whether you go to Normandy or we go to Auschwitz mercantile. They're still walking through a terrible piece of history doesn't mean you love it just major really interest resets it when I'm curious. I've been to side you've been this public swearing here. There are at the church abounds in Prague. I. Went photographs of the couple years due to a show later knoller serial killers ink and Kate it's. Of fasting website. Which had been their big cat Combs and gone. Players have been through you know the different churches the creepy I mean so creepy things in this room today and saint outside Notre Dame which holdings. Editor. Is there. Two meeting where country legitimately won that he. The museum of debt. I've been I was there right for months ago. Good people good people we think so we talked quite a bit in India to New Orleans location. And the guys are doing the same thing that the younger shook a little. You're getting these these grayer you know pieces of art history. And removed from what they say among them you know England. They're scenes. And distinct tomorrow. Don't yet know it was incredible just off Hollywood boulevard. The end towards one of one and it's when an aunt got it's GG Allen Brothers and Murr. Myrtle yeah this relic is usage you know you don't nobody goes in there has an edge because they've cut the whole Gigi and funeral setup. It is fantastic if you know who the murder junkies where but almost nobody see that it. Someone whose dad never play catch. But he does it's fascinating because what death is coming for all of us it's coming it's looming and so we either afraid that but you know I think that's what it is a Buick. Yeah and that's I think that's. Are you actually you know that that's what it is for me you know I mean is there is inevitable you know is telling him. How we how nature yeah you know. I think all the worst ways would be acting and this year or. A brutal killer. He'll look like they're Robert go lower DC. Or burned me. You know and that it just hear a lot of people would also. And interest. From the people enough for me as it is very concerned. We never claimed to be a psychologist but I think it's obvious that. It's not that for a jump from the Florida issued in the gay nightclub to name Bob Orr Della. Or John Wayne Gacy who were clearly self hating homosexuals and and dosage mixed with some other issues but any liquid they would do they would pledge themselves and and it would have to. Kill to somehow make them so it's absolve them and I think you know. Right yeah that is less. The whole jarred Robinson stories it's. Although he didn't go after you know he is listening in on essential. I compare Robinson a lot EDT. As far it is double life that he. But there in Maryland are going to want to create global life is really no. BTK so I mean BT yeah that was it. Exactly. Exactly exactly. Cut interest in silly about the UK get caught it early work who our next. Don't tell me I got time I get to give. OK real well quit a couple of years ago on your library GK eternity might intrude and armor that kind of look. They decrease eat better and army general and just sexual predators and from what put in court. Well long story short he turned violent group to the cents. Later hopefully in security and the FBI. Knocking on my door beat each and my letter which today. Telling them that I was. But serial killer. It's still well you're trying to entice them and you try to speak his language and he was like hey your creep. We my letter that all our. BQ there. Oh god it. Taking care of one and eight really pretty good cop bad cop or a little too well I was thinking teacher woes are pretty cool guys you know. Who is very stern came in much question. I'm out at me for about an hour. Under that they all. The with the business trip me in the right do you permit I would would cycle and they may. But it won't won't work well in the current story the back so it started to hope it goes this week painkiller. We're a little age but in my letter. Crap that gets it right. We have bind torture kill that was the BTK Keeler. By the way the drastic crazies in this. Tens of it yeah. Hi Eric listened to his website and serial killers I NK dot net serial killers I can't plus don't read TV murder chips which by the way very nice it's the next step up from suicide girls is is achieving creep your hot sexy Greg leftist. It. I saw that nothing goes would have like a little born my friend. Listen I believe there. You know what I will send you a picture of that don't lithograph from properly. Compared these things if you let him and his ability and I'm not looking to sell it but and maybe that would maybe just use your career. It is only law. Will Eric all the collars you think.