Monday, November 14th


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You're bringing nowhere else to hear fingertips. Information technology dollars classic videos as two girls like I'd like his. Haven't seen that 1000 like today I was second bleach my breath when we hear the demeanor morning Joseph understand that some better. Just like your job. The lines are. But now there now and as always your memory technology here Thursday that Johnny ceremony showed great that looks like they. Killers ink dot net serial killers think I NK dot net. The foremost website offering her beauty collectibles are letters Morton serial killers of violent crimes currently in the news and very interest it's shown great. Erica White brother. Hole. You and so you every Democrat around here you me and someone Vista offers you make in the news. All the current year. Old who single. And eat eat eat lunch or. There and that means yet. Your your little your little muffled Eric can barely hear you you be clear. Now that's a little better as a little matters that you Simon knew him. It is this this is my rises. Sean great. Was he aware of your website so when he was arrested he immediately knew try to get some. Are out before he'd toward China. Are used an. It wouldn't it 48. Crew that we are worth. And Denver. You know from from some audience that post them. And her history in. A country. That holds. A little. We're from from Shah there. He. He's he's quite a little artist is an enemy that is he's. He's even even likes it and so equal I was trying to read quote in the Mir won this and which apparently plagiarized from rehab center. Inspirational quote and I don't know if he understands it farther torture. Kirk. Okay Al he told me. He owed more for. Half of those letters. On each side so morsel for the cap. Now is he admitted that two it's been going full confession to the cops. Yeah he's he's. Told them he told he should. Be yeah. GOP. EDE. Stopped. Shall chip. Yeah its word means there. So turning this week have you been speaking to him on the phone. The program corpse you do matters. And prestigious. Hum some and it that's been talking. He's missed a. He just fully full full board distance. And he he's as are her car. Any KE EB big guys and thanks and keep the big guys that currently there are earned me. And I'm ready to make money. He needs stickers and Coke called as a people. Here's. Yeah yes and he's he's really gonna go for he that casino she's got an Ohio does Iowa Ohio have the death penalty. It. So hopefully he'll get before you suspend those lethal peanut money. And yelling yeah at the ball. He can make. He can make money that you get us to make it's yeah it's a complete Egypt's. Right precondition to some of Sam law doesn't apply. Are certain journal editors and ordered. The air to leak an equity. Meaning. Between inner. They took it. To me. Electorate. On each other current month stuck teaching career. You don't act be it it bothers people could ease obviously you know he's if he's. If he said yes I'm a killer Denny's around after deserves to die and you know we all know he is as a people's seat even if it's a meager. Amount of money. That he perceives that nobody wants nobody comforted all you know so you know why people sad but yet. There's still a market and people will buy this and people are fascinated as as as I think Mostar some won't go as far as to purchase anything but they still look at it you know. We how many hits a dentist does serial killers in that net. Coming in we get around. Her. I'll handle. We. Sold our. You know we ourselves greatly right now it's Christmas either. Where people are hurt my. Record. Tree. Immediately we doubt. In years. To get it. And last week we are very likely. Just came out. Yeah. Can you. Your two leaders that. It's yeah actually yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mark it. Crispin it's gotten a form. So it shouldn't judge Burton and it. Will. We had a good let's say October either. You know it sucked this don't eat meat. And we're. I don't immediately. Took. Pete this that they really becomes its history just it's I think sometimes we're fast Baghdad in order to kind of give the finger. And and and try to you know cut off your chest out against the inevitable. At times it just it just it's a way of dissent that is so creepy it's just over the top right it's. As you know the entry into chart where it is opting you know. The mediator or you know. The store where he does interest and we're we're we are ever so we'll certainly didn't get a story generically and so it would still chilly in the you need. He's eaten story you know ourselves just just start it. You had a however have a real job or is this website supported you since since the inception of it at at Uga if you'll be able live off the sales illness. Oh yeah that and eat as he is well I like it at. Chipper to her apartment. And asserted right and so. What. Do you honestly what should. People have built in each parents you know. Yes indeed true it. Tell Larry what's the one thing you kept from what serial killer that to use like the you know the holy Grail of serial killer murdered. What are not shouldn't look to trying to over in Asia Carrera is a little or he or not. Wouldn't be in the wouldn't cops have been. Wouldn't Sanders. As. Yeah it was won't let. Or any. Script I auction option he won't look it's only fair he there's. You know like you and and other art and. It. Is making people happy everywhere you go. You if you if you just really show air collar serial killers ink dot net website burger Billy. Is what they sell collectibles are letters serial killer violent crimes currently news again and facing from this Ohio Sharaud commercial and great. Who just got arrested September 16 I believe and so it's a solvent over the last month. It is and strangest thing but we are fascinated by this aspect because I think what scares them most about these serial killers. Is there almost always. Incredibly normal incredibly normal outwardly. They've learned to have a dual personality. That and so was doing an article Eric about this this great guy who said he sent a text. Said now meet the other army but he's really honestly it's clear that abilities just instantly change and turn this monster. Before you stuff yourself back in this this normal suit again to to keep walk in the year. Adding new talent in a. Halfway normal like this why it is in the public did you know or. You know a little code and you're in that well it's arranged you know it chick from. Turner saying much. We DKQ how it. How many years was beyond our. Teach. Them the credit he purposeful and he's good looking guy. You actually eat. Terry in certain it is back there are so. And here it is it is amazing Bob Bordeaux from Kansas City he ran that little. Bob's bizarre bizarre hurt in that the Westport flea market will really speculate luncheons Jeep into hamburger joint. I mean I'll be jealous at the child wandered through his shop I don't know if I ever met about member but I know I wanted to that shop ten times I was in my teens and early twenties richer. And it appeared near where is our. His heritage. Guys like give some guidance hey you wanna come in my house you know I don't know who now really where. I'm not gonna get your fan and I don't want about the Easter. But there. I. You know I took Angie in the stores like I think what was happening he was young men and who were looking for a bear and and that's where it's used port. A. In order what does. Whatever makes him tick what are what should you. And I'm always afraid of normal looking people than ever for that you'd be neck. And I know serial killers ever look weird intimately until after the prison. The world of the historical extorting you know they're they're tight street. There are cuts aren't. And you know all of the neighbors you know. From Arctic parties from Marty let certain certain role. Model target. Here. Oh and you find that they've been in plenty of skin suit that they wanna Wear view and dancer and moonlight. I. Yeah. It was there. But I appreciate. This morning the website syrup it was in. Net. In the knees because the show on grates. I was appreciate you Jake is still freaking out because he's received Jolie's. Us from the. Did you show me move. I'm don't. Appreciate.