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Wednesday, May 16th


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Born February 22 and Encino California and he is a former staff man an actor as well as being the son of the greatest western film actor of all time the late great John Wayne. He manages John Wayne enterprises and serves as the director of the John Wayne cancer foundation. It's starting this Friday he's hosting ten nights of western don't know features on HD net movies. Featuring some of the biggest western icons of all times concluding with a 24 hour western marathon on Memorial Day. Please welcome Stephen Wayne. Mr. Ethan weigh in Hawaii my friend welcome to the show. Good good good man and what an honor to meet him huge fan as everybody is your dad. Well I think you use a great guy and I art car was that the availability goods are good. Yeah everything I want to beat John Wayne and it's as my father was young man. News fourteen way up to the silver bullet. He he had an injury and job on the back while fox studio and started working up there in what he was so there. It is different jobs he thought focuses that was really work like he neglected and that he's the director. In by the commitment that pilot work and he he left collagen in the that is useful current goal. But as he developed as an actor. Something that you did that specifically was try animal. You know John Wayne the screen John Wayne in Tibet that everybody wanted to see an effort will want to have. There portrait in order but yeah you know you get your credit in about what the mission in particular. Ali and radio and there's a lot of talk about the fact that he there was a stat man that he had met early in his career. And a lot of the swagger and some of the other stuff that he you know it was a guy like he your dad admired. Yeah. We're going to duck amuck or not. In the I think they're very senior looked at was also very influential. As well quieter. It in particular that the information from those three guys he put his. You know does well he'll get a what I really felt very much what it was but yell and then he start upgrade with his own persona. You know and yeah what a career and packed. A hundred it was at a a 175 movies made a 142 he was bleeding and that's that's never been broken. Yeah and an upbeat they're counting a lot of you know the hit in his role of the twenties and thirties or they were out saying and so on every week they were indicative. Quirky western. Union's. Oh yeah an incredible body of work. There was an auction that last week is Hollywood icon auction and they were. Supposedly and I look today at the web says it is a reputable place that they were selling you true grit the costume your father's constant and then the rooster cog burn at least one of the one of the eye patches they said. And I was just like. There's you know it wouldn't make a film that a lot of lot of pieces of it was a lot of that the clothing when you're dirty work fired the one with your clean. So you know overcome and looked up from god now. We still have a he's a pretty significant collection of it's all about couldn't wardrobe and memorabilia that's illegal but yet at the the icon. Would be here on because. That we have peace with the related but so are. Let's talk occurred. Kirk double the reached out so. And written written something and they were there either April letters. Of they're typically humorous in his short and the order. Would get responses in that at the end of the current what have yet been having stricter to let go. By the Wear them for the collective. If you look. At what is. You're in good order but you know where. Your property you're lucky guy it's been. Their plane that would be it you know a couple of the world will put it as far as it is it is it is interesting in. We're lucky to have that the retention. How wonderful though the eagle you can go back and look at big Jake and you know you were little Jake and you have that that your other agreements. Like that would gift and what a beautiful gift you can watch and a thousand times you know ages and just see that interaction would YouTube you're dead. Yeah but who you know what followed was the fact R&B. Now the mark or otherwise when I was. In the part of having a child of mine since fighting because the core. Is that the Braves made. Are apparently it was exactly. Of these electric load critters so he probably. A hero I can't imagine being a teenager around the duke is it. His business and there's no chance he's gonna put up with any shenanigans and death in spite of being in Hollywood fact because of being who he wasn't great Emmitt harder. You would. You want the kind of book loving. Man I've ever. That I need he would. A harder the end you know comforter. And you know in the run up that it would fight like you're critical cry again I mean they're a little bit of that but honestly you've heard order. Really no let people be themselves lose. Didn't. It didn't didn't beat over her to have him and that he was. He didn't live in the truck of the good guys there could guard and a quarter of the I must have been thirteen fourteen and got out of her book it go over the couple Beers and he'll have another clippers who took you to put out. It is to get you to come here without him because environment here configured says it's out there and admire about her. They were saying that there was or. No matter what you know I would definitely you know he didn't even after failing as. We'll talk in the morning you know discuss that. Well well well. But it you know were shot to get that that is committed you know. German and I'll. Let you know he would be careful that's. Well. Aware that get out of hand that was you know if you your little black in the direction but he water but it didn't. He couldn't go over the top. And it didn't. You know. Expect your parents you're welcome current corporate you know offered several of your article we're all its. Though you know like get me that he and that's what the dire if you look at Africa. It really. Really make a difference that's seventeen you Gupta updates to that your your the coach Reagan well. Sure no you just becoming you're just becoming you know and you do need that guidance but clearly when a great job he did in all those other years of seventeen years you guys did it again. And indeed you know you can hear the Levin your voice the truth and all that night. It helmets we love him even more. Because think about how many times we've known big stars were or heard about big stars of behind the doors behind the screen weren't as good as the characters they played. But you know when you talk lecturing Coleman and let on what great what a great feeling. They're great spirit loved working you know look they're the camaraderie being on the sat in that working on projects turned the story told. Very easy and like I like it really acceptable. If the firm that hired and they were really ready you know that would frustrate. Him to know and you know these you can go to will be dead in the U worker work with other good people. Sure well that'll. I would solving the least bit about quick wit in the short you know it. There were talking about something that you really built you know the result for the world response. Since it was a lot of he didn't shoot people up to temperature drops down with a couple words you know. That was the John Wayne way right that he was not only physically imposing he was always mentally imposing what he always had the great lines in the movie he always had. The moment that you just went. Did it in the back Jerry ball screen as well you know if he was very hurt you watch when he goes back to. Republicans at that you know it goes back to Harvard. And walked into that. When you recall that. The end you're talking about the commencement crushed like your ticket and it the world. I can read the commencement ceremony. Harvard's hasty pudding. Yeah yeah yeah. That mean exactly and Hacer cutting neighboring in the celebrity in the book. Everything that they think they're more than go to any rights in the same key date in the sixties who. Separated by generations from these kids there in two minutes. They love them. You know by the company lead. They're cheering in and given the sting operation. He just he was there yes he was. Do what you very comfortable in his own skin he owns his space. And when people respect that what even if you know. Very very different views based on respect them. This in tonight's western starts Friday at six Memorial Day weekend of the marathon HD net movies. Anything an elite and other interviews but if you ever wanna come back in just in tell stories and just I'd love to have you back on any time and I mean I just I can't I am old and where are you. Come on. I'm judge you can do Casey it's all on us everything's on us combined and we'll just with others listen and ask you questions to lead to Wear you out. Our own thank you can't even. And in a world where everybody writes a book about their famous in law father whatever and it's always. Now that's all we mean she didn't do anything that they were never nice to me they only care about their frame it that you can hear this Wesley. Gently death. How much he loved one big Jake is one that he plays little statement. They just one of the best movies ever where he has a dog named dog. I thought he calls them dog home of the and then on time he pulls back gains as my fault near fault nobody's fault on a blow your head clean off yet. Is this. The McClintock. In the end it's other guys not gonna punch go to. We all calmed down. All three just really excited I know all I know I'm gonna use good judgment I am not white paper in forty years. But pilgrim you caused a lot of prevalent morning I got somebody get older. And somebody out of Bellevue and in my home but I won't and and Powell. Dunhill.