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Friday, April 13th


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And there. Bringing the world to hear vineyards. Yeah as new. Casino and I felt like today I was able. My Berman yeah here's Johnny your morning show on Thursday. I'm and I. At least dried greens technology here cars do Johnny ceremony show right now. Oden number nine novelties cloud number nine MLB DOT I ES. I'm not novelty. Finally. How are you may Charlotte. Oh wonderful Murray and when I'm well thank you for asking his desire is quite the machine you're offering your. At. Its side. Very powerful looks like them up to 200. And forty RPM that's route revolutions per minute. That's I've had to hunt. I yeah I I think it egg have a dial crying need to turn it all the way out and exactly does that you dread that personally. I'm demonstration and who. I've probably not what you're thinking. This seems to Justine and dumped the tribute the group would that level of of you don't need that's that's a lot to. But it better to have the power and not need it then do need the power not. Absolutely. I think this toy exactly first certain kind of conflict and they they usually want all 240 RPM. Are. This seems like a lot so explain this to somebody who doesn't understand this Michigan since it isn't easy to explain this weird it's kind of steel frame. It's. Meet an aircraft battle and they had you leg a little bit too lagging now as later on fairway and it as a control arms LA and it is back and forth back and control Europe are saying. And it completely adjust but also at this point it's a lot of people could be hurt somebody I'm Jack has look at Sunday and make upbeat first some people that I've disability as the other evil act you know it was around. Because it's got a new injection molded leg cramps I saw. New injection molded leg lamps. So what would you tell me something with a disability you tell me but if you're a paraplegic lady. And you can't hold your legs up there's like let's went that's what's good forward. I mean I seen it when people that I'm able now on the floor over and achieve all of something like yeah you need be able to be used. Right. So who's who's buying this. Aren't buying. Men's and it's a six position quick change crank arm. One to six inches so you can you can decide how how would put to death this. You can decide exactly did he is on everything crumpled it there at all content you are able to assemble it would say Alan K. They've put that out or wearing can she knows exactly that's. You can. What about injuries is a risk that anything is anything bad happened. I'm sure they are what I haven't heard of its. Business. Do you feel alone in our book on our rental thanks. That's it's pretty amazing though it set its feet. As the best consumer review in the market with a five star rating this. I and then I'm you know eating at our like or even things like that we handled Larry he had not I get so. Or are we have yet all the talk. Have you seen any warranty work come back. I know I mean. Honestly to make is that the leg where outweigh me. I'll replace your leg Mickey if you want to now it's if they got them you know aircraft battle buddies on the Mark Ellis. She's only an error I wish you could make this would look like something else. Because I'm being imagined that he killed that he appears politically at your house they find this like Jesus Christ. And the equipment or worst mine are and in their jobs. I had somebody PH have caught on fire and you know they can't get insurance company. Hey you know call your stock while they put it together wrong they had to call me they're thinking this is you know fumbled balls. They told me that they had a fire I can actually people crowding that was what is that affect. It looks like something you break down a drug dealers Norwest. I know how to with the old probably about. It's all small. You it's it's now speaking of attachments come explained lead back you don't. And so I am able backing. Attack on an event that any actually locked onto it actually acquisition or you. And we get back to pull all of if you look at it see if that has like where did that day and as you insert that I want it incredible that cap or are there. We'll start that Darwin there is it all come off at all. No matter what so so won't it won't act like I can nail gun and just leave it there. Now no not at all not at all. That's option incredible. Don't do you let do you find lesbians willingness do you find dungeon man who's who's the main. I've purchaser of said F machine. Onions onions I wish I think that's why I eat the meat you'll have another line. An initial Hillary there aren't a lot of like right emergency alert I know I like it right I will not so much without waiting. Yeah I can see how she's regular in this whole business. Well now not at all that I couldn't. Your your fruits you it has a do. All the work or parked on the outside also did you get that big guns and it's the OLA. That big power pop. I'll crank who aren't controller or they just looks much more are now. Dungeons. What about the F machine travel sized gigolo. In case you know the deal though on the go. What that it's okay to added Pletcher I urge you there but it's really really cool how has Alley is like saying there on the is. It is controlled on every news you can get it or role vertical position out of that machine. I'll lose a slider that hitters if they. I'd agencies that I got distracted room flag I looked out for serious and hand held modified reciprocating saw to my sometimes called an F salt and look in the motor true motor rotated by sometimes police. Drew though. Okay you have watched Joseph laid back they're Asian art art but I had eliminate it if they look at our old football they don't the end of the year. Yeah yeah exactly they look I you. You would not pay yourself is that where you're at currently your sexual needs you not pay yeah well you've gone too far too fast. But they're rule or your uncle listen you do in the modes work as far as I'm considered. What I thought the country. You before that you sold machines shortly. Now you you're the makeup artist or you shall make up an account or like. And I would I would make up artists where very eclectic group of people it's funny how similar this industry are unsure how to beat. How does one make do. I mean. Good part typical. And yet feeling that wedding and quiet and all these terrible need hawkish front. Right I want I would rather view the perverts getting back into the ghastly death machine then a bunch I showed you want yep. Yeah. I literally thought file while I don't you know yet if I keep people that at this. I think great transition but as I doubt that that made sure it surgery my backyard. I don't some oil or initially yeah yeah it's just like hold. Mom that I retire when she arm action outlawing on your hand. Now what's your what's your current relationship. Adding. Although we hit it. And I didn't read all bought out or break our. You your hand. If I appreciate all walks why would. To use this so well girl I know and wheeze to act. Be more friendly benefits now she's she's finally I knew she finally she would at some point just switch teams completely and that she's had a girl for many years now I'm like listen. I'm talking to go I know that you like penis angle because. You have only still and go dental Pinochet title what's in and I'm trying to come talk to about it whereas Lebanon and transferred more than 1520 years. And that she could go did you get it done it's not your pizza some problems all this it's everything around the DS I don't. Yeah yeah oh yeah. Since I thought you guys would definitely want this machine. The fact exactly as Merck and it is Libya and everybody is what art that exactly yeah everybody I need it and the market got heated and how else. Just saying you know this is is as much more serious you get it all I'll let people won't want off this whole it's making it. Thank you glad it's fantastic by the way into an oh congratulations and you when you're in your girl about have you I assume you know each other at least three weeks into buying a house together. It's century modern I wonder what. Every girl I know what level who's a friend I'm like where you live now only moved it another go see okay. Thanks to keep our debt. What's up what's you'll joke it will urge them let me bring her second day her furniture. Right and you monitor it if you. Get ready before but it's you know like because you're comfortable with your you know making a commitment to win being there. You know it all makes perfect sense a girl little commitment it's nice. It's nice. I feel well I feel that this would be a big boon to that that that world also. Now this is a Ford 991 there's a 5991. And there's when the other machines you've got you've got you get the pro gigolo what's the Slater. I want a fighter jets it's another acquisition but it's it exactly that is wider focus and attacking more of rocking chair there's image of arts. Places like Greenville go wrong this is earth earth safe. This is agree and it's earth safe. Today expected as. I mean probably outage I'll avoid it I mean there's not a part obviously but it would machine. I'm it has to catch you each were attached different dongle and AirTouch it is backing up compatible compatible but he can also any Arnold that you want a Mac. Flatly false or we can expect. And we get Idonije and I. Are asking if you got companies don't actually you're ready to get hooked and it. 65 dollars and seventy dawn zone. Pressure. On everything we're doing so much and they share my love it. They literally no affection or anything he there's nothing like I don't. I'm like I'm an advantage you don't want it. You why you you this although you can handle you pull and then you push back and forth and when you rocked the subtle that the disappears in the machinery comes back out again. So how well they. Right surging you can find me on there and we're not bad I just family missing. We find it up. Oh good for you now have to. You laugh. Then you have one of these. I'm no now I mean I I travel acquire a funky bunch and I get a huge ratings and things like that. Q a believe that you you've represented this company and you don't have any. That's injured. How. Which Martin backlight it theatre though I'm I'm all about back positive lifestyle. She. What you know what that presentation what the F machine. If it's it's it's this reason we get up in the morning indoors or sacked. Why would I even go to work and live under a bridge eating beans out. I went into my work which occur our on. It you you're doing the lord's work. Yeah exactly. That was your bringing F machines affordable machines to the masses. And that how pleased do you think you've sold overall more than a thousand more than 5001. Ever without them I don't pleasure been more like 5000. And if somebody were to have purchased this wooded comment box as the picture of the machine on the siders are fairly discrete. Everything that we sell I mean it's gonna be discreet but it really depends on my career I think it from. Of course when you pull it out at brown box gap backing out to be an old pro at machine crop that is and it you know GAAP signaling was hurt. Actually the sound off. At all like bread or anything. Yet. The man named this not you. Are you. Glad about iPhone elements in the UK maybe edged the they began her junior. While we could be that are hurting here which we are working on right now how we actually get out or better on apple machines but oh well at all. The slider in the one listen a little sand mat what about my alimony and I hope. It. I'm an idea man Charlotte I'm just trying to help here. I'll see how quick it's been a hard for a big right to. I think it's fantastic now on Charlotte the big question is how do you talk does no good sense of surrender company in this sending us when to give away. I actually that's why format or you know basically that he. Well Larry I know that bogey on the white cop will be. You are a wonderful lady it's. Beautiful congratulations again on the. Parity knows yours I like that last one you showed me which one don't. Settle on the green one of the little black when did you shed that's why we're a black eyed but the last one goalie union that often. I know you. So that he's human yeah. And that's the that's a one size when I like it's the slider yet to do work on that one net. As I go work out finally exercise I can be a part that yeah. I only you with something interests and needs but what do you think these. You imagine he's watching golf in Houston yeah. I just want to go do. This yeah staying the movie's not about horse riding. Good. Yeah. It is yeah. William tell overture disparities on mock. Well you but I remember that doesn't. Or I may song they're kind of galloping type songs. A man I feel like that's my little bony union Mary that he did you know what. You could put a stick on the handle prayer out and apparently it. Got one yeah we get a plucky I don't know why we can't give it toys stick Porsche the focus of the as the older kids federation and turn to. Don't Dong Dong the song that was most emotionless. Not good not bad nine you don't want nothing to do with the golden goal. You know what I feel like Mae and create more lesbians and lesbians in critical lesbians. Even though and yeah. It starts about their personality. And then goes from there all the reasons for not awesome and all the distance. Okay.