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Friday, November 10th


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A maybe he's it is what degrees Atlantic like there. Born June 14 in Cuba and raised in San Diego California in Newark, New Jersey. If he launched his stand up and acting career at age nineteen. He's gone on to build a career with the rules in such films as media man Friday. Don't be a minister south central while drinking or Jews in the bill. The replacements. May eat couples retreat. And anymore. As well as his work on the EDT series really has. In this weekend and you can see him live on stage at the end. Please welcome please I'm out. Reagan and I don't think. I. Had a silly as a result was in good to see my friend codes. Some movement. And I think on the cubes and and she never seem to do this she circled him. She put her in June on the floor and you'd like this huge never seen you do but it won't mention that she was like I'm marking an area. And if you are on the carpet public are total monsoon going. If I. Let's see we need yeah. This mad that this isn't and never anyone else in the history is standing here has I have I seen her go at it like she loves you. That's too easy and he was accused Robin on the carpet yeah certain topic just the pirated. She's getting tired angry army and I can do all those respond this lady will be spending your. Even men on the news in the millions everything's happy man. You know we'll we'll bolts in the year you yeah I noticed that I. You know as far as answering yet economic and who you know what the room talk talk that we want to August the real world. You know the unfortunate unfortunate I don't know if these reports it was fun while we go to. Exactly exactly okay. Yeah I should force to deal with these two. Yes well you know and I want to imply that. I it's true we just reliving this for Obama can open but we do live in the world ethnic peoples and certainly think it's completely okay and it's not a real situation and I united human it will not work out like it we're not gonna. This coverage is ultimately broke. Mr. let out a series. You'll have to respect me just don't disrespect that's a fact it's him and you. Well and let you know that the working out right those who moved furniture and a half a yeah do you have what we're talking about Columbus and which two things and I got and a friend Jimmy looper as left Randy. Andrea will be apple and audio for him yeah another. We notre in their own idea it did. I yeah it's a strange circle and edited and also what's the greatest outlaw motorcycle rally I've ever been due in Columbus there packaged as to how fortunate it can't be happy and you act. And that it was that got the best I'd ever get him back I. Yes Lieberman wins later woods and tackle and I got a pretty hard and in our goal and it is at this rally so tough they don't allow cops. It's a fence around it and there's thousands like 101000 bias thing and their hard. We were walking through this guy this path just concede some walking campground. People build the structures and opposes in the summertime whose girls out there stops on flyer it's like mad Max on thundered aids is it instantly. My job political almonds and anybody hand me a firearm the market that was when the white had to go to the shower them with the band and I'm not used to sit outside the shuttle room. And edited it late for them to be done and then make sure they got back to the bus and be ready and be ready to pull it yeah you're gonna backfire anyway but look up look up I was like I was like. It was a rough joy meet people on Ohio's not hidden Ohio's month of inclusiveness all the midwest smells for an opening boot you look at it. Up a mile Californians have got a lot of usually you received so seeing you that would amount of the world's changing the world bigger because it is New England is a more secrets. And also it goes back to a first heard about like people. They speak to each other that you to a FaceBook or I or a message board in my. You believe that the general across the wrong and it's not gonna go and that's not true. You mean. He's a whole generation kids grow up just talking they want it seemed OK I sought to gunfire and tell the truth that is sort of where I don't think so visas to rises. Well bottom fight. Doses. You do and some US beholden to and went back into beer yeah I've seen it and I'll write that sort of talk and that's exactly what issues that symbolic that's how ago. We do we decide that worked. Everything's okay I'm no longer that. Do you have a 100000 lows are far. And it's so dumb as you know young and stupid deedrick. Got books my beer I drop he's smaller me and I hate you know and he gave me. The hagel and I started to give them much of that before I knew I was sitting down straight legged I never thought I. I Hermosillo Mexico and he was clearly a boxer sitting down the street I memorable. You see that white flash and I can house. And he would use in your body you're. Amen I you know what I was wrong yeah. I write direct. And it's cool like development could. It. Ended you did that happens I putts run I think everybody QB yeah. And so. In that kind of situation I have the rule this. Everybody can be and I don't yeah of the smaller. Bit. Everyone. Vote everybody for who can approve well. Well excuse Cusick if we're out there when you haven't harmed if you've done huge movies and people know who you are you're. And always adds targets a threat were pitchers such a focal point of any room I Google eight. In word Alia evil the replacement player you you know. When you're I see what he will body does not really sure this is just of right to just not deceive you were Zain the situation in the same blue blue blue tongue and so yes because it isn't what people do they go. I'm like it either I'm gonna see this guy's an appeal anger towards him because he has more than mused about the Mimi speak bad about myself whatever. Or. I receives a paycheck and I go man if I go through this guy. Maybe a pop me and I it would. Guys guys these airports in view movies look. Just look OK okay are we would he do removed is in the McClellan was selected do you I. You like going to. I didn't Gallagher yeah it. And then there's some like that the last real that I got into this year's three years ago when I was at the red balloonist who like your great show us. Eight and is here to drink man and he's real loud and this kid gets a vote now among the first day with a pencil and now I've got a terrible I've not seen her majority right right and I want to see urban environment where. And she's pretty if you think distance of seminal if access to stop it from buy you a bigger the fastest. And I just a might big scooter ride any drinks seamless for them watchman quorum and I know parity know exactly I agree here and the second Hitler he started and get to where exactly Marty at a dead run and and is that doorway the red balloon where Adams out of the gravel parking lot of the oceans can hit some in the world. Well I mean I didn't want to address that. It was the vagina that made me crazy listen looked out the post wrote it really that is why do we get up in the morning vagina. It's through its worst Ireland. You know and it's ET to give that technically there when I. I thought we could and I sort of accident and what's your world like those I doubt it who would surely merry season when I was trying to. How the worm. I wanna hasn't kids are many kids. So much XY does that approach skewed the real now and that's really cool. Alec Alec OP the people's kids yet. Forget you know Triplett god it's I'm the godfather and oddly cute on uncle. Actually. I think so but I don't want them you really feel then that you think medication so what if this finding was Kennedy. Once you adopt a kid. I was thinking about redheaded kid at just to make it doesn't look like America. He's it was a political. Yeah that I am in America quicker but they voted me that you friend laws a growing Q Lamotte. As good as it wouldn't admit it immediately moved Lamotte. It's good news if they did they would do loan and I didn't miss me. Look at the limit of what I let him. If they ever pay it the hope they've learned. Kids in her last minutes on a mall their mom actors you know they're bored she triplets and that two identical girls a boy. And could not let these kids or their parents and she had to work on afterwards. Two animal Wen date or two to go home it's mama's got some table eighties. And you didn't know. She's not let the score I can quickly. Quickly to this day they'll see me and he. Replied I mean and really learn everything and they repeat every that's the best thing news. With a pure. Yes it. The back world. Only that who would speak to what it is reasonable. Wouldn't you envision him he did go go back book book and 22 pocket. To shore. I kind of look like it's my body count you should. Is fun fun music. It was you know yeah if you. I don't know ice got the god gives me. Anything you'd like to know why you got the force that's yeah Lou Lou Lou low. October. That you bickering about who called Halloween a I can't print this year was all it was all it or six sewers and yard each of them annualized where you had originally it begged creed we don't all you ask the NL yes yeah original we're all of the land to yes. Yeah aberrant or mineral lake and when he won't and and I. Seems like some votes from people when you're young college so there's always fills the screen recently that yet he's my friends leave them all over the Atlanta got to know which ones you showed up. It is creepy old beat the twinkle in a tiny birdcage that was out and give in easily hung country knows can do against him because walk up. And. A fluid movement in the. You know being Cummins a comedian Dick Emmons lol he's a friend and he wanted dole in Dallas Texas mailed it to somebody I don't know here you're here and they. And marry this shows that they shall from all over the place bags and that it's it's funny if you got time edged him out to disgrace when you like we might as weathermen it's not it's two problems and I get that twenty acres that they're and we ran side by side. Hang out and shoot flame throwers. Yet. Flip. Charts. Flame or plants dot com yeah I swear to god. Some of play indoors yeah I have a real shoots thirty feet it's amazing I get a movie like oh yes. It. Emergency button and a played argued that. Are placed door is is without a doubt the greatest say there's a sense of power and they're not illegal anywhere except California. You wouldn't go we're right all the guns you have if you would have claimed or. So playing them at cars from. I turn on the different video now creek because I'm like you would let this if you wanna come out issued the flame thrower. You'll laugh out because it's a dangerous US. These things like they're that your insulin again our friend Matt garrido. Okay all good. And water. Good thing. Yeah. That's amazing. Yeah that's the legal don't worry yeah. It's so ridiculous play that did you well he came to the car idle week. Bull (%expletive) you gonna. Yeah. Yeah yeah they're not illegal that's right I think and you don't get people's attention. It linked militants and we did not wanna set a little too far away. Didn't come through and lift some bra and I'm from listener I'm telling you. We're way across the street I don't do. And wonders if we understand each other. And it's I don't probably. Well it. Yeah appease them best this keeps the sound that is what I'm all five. You can build one. You gave it lab pre built about grant. But if you these you have a friend got a machine shop you can do for two I would remind you. I literally plant you you do at its August due to tap a scuba tank. And just threat that's easy up and all the other parts of bees are available at any major hardware store these CO2 to push so its closest and there's no. Oxygen in the system and three gallons of gas in which all three of 4245. Seconds. It is of his lumber in 45 you can you can all the Morton sixty cents so hot like it's do that flame is is this yeah. It's it's a giant. I have for you builds girls I love this machine and a peculiar thing is not my thing but I like Alex shooting kills me he bill Oklahoma this little tour. Mean well that's. It's. At least that double barrel 45. Arsenal I I'd like who'd you it's yes that's agree with. Portend. The shot and isolated at forty mile long colts both you me yes. Of course yes. I'm not because we're gonna look at even poker against my I'm. By the way it is I don't mean it is to. Come by what you did yeah yeah that's been your he would surely there's an. You'd 45. And actually this if you it's 45. Arsenal makes Thai company and they just approved. And it's a double barreled 45 and releases both the rounds. The same time like like again double barreled shotgun it's 245 rounds coming up at the same. It is easy polish. That your fitness and well. You. Wow well. Look at this. That's well that's real. That's what I'll. That is it saves on the side. The toy ball. He's the other ultimately it's a little religion and endless Internet and here's here's a slow motion round of a Dell and you shouldn't slow motion here. Eight rounds each because of the sixteen wins and I would only to each other and they side by side 235 grade that was. There for a month. Oh man. No official cause. Kate double rounds. Where there. Thousand of violence to end dealers and second center double vital. This in other words it was 4000 grains. Of fatal sand dollar range and above 56. To achieve the same result. Whether single battle linemen and it's official we would need to shoot double figure owns what do changes a magazine. Gambled there two seconds. This is before. Yeah that's that's we need we need one for each hand. Half of the breadth of the the time for the holidays. Listen what's this week we may Christmas. Day. Now let's levels those who do this pygmy goats international ad is for sale get him out of Oklahoma. I don't write this at an upturn yet I looked out in boats move another price either of their before. Warm and sold yet because it's the first of its kind of which we Judy's TV sponsorship. It's the face amount for a bailout a lot of. Even. Bunny rabbits. And that's the only way out. It will go Doug asked about what I mean I just think I siddiqui. A neo Nazis got. And I didn't want me the that's. I think it's it's it's mentally he's on not just. The Franzen got angels with him problems you do in two shows that two shows tomorrow yup Douglas is going to you. A man who probably did yeah well I'm like figure out in negative government. Cannot. You know what by the next time you come here. A big deal work for companies may have won at my disposal by next summer I'll tell wouldn't shooting the listen for real goal in my favorite monthly. I I really. Acquaintances don't buy it through well yes you're the only groups and we have. Yeah good. I dons a revolver a week cycle western guns they like. The 43 through for decent this year as a local python's like that actually it's low below us. And just to protect that house you know people. A childish I'm not even at that place I'm like it's west whom you can and ultimately he. I'm summit coming in Vietnam for me and an area you had TV and Elway you know ideology and holds them. Yeah like if you don't. Bristol and you know I I'm like yeah. You're a month about. A loving guys sharing is caring that's like the heat I don't know comfortably they'll rescue me. Of course although it's you know gives you you've done you think about. You know all you see your life and it's really cute and grow up super privileged and had the easiest life I mean. You've seen the world I've seen the world. What are people that you have to queuing to run. In the yeah. In the best out courts. So. You look at your comedy comes from your acting like all the you can see it comes from real placement and just listen I I only say the real truth. I think today who were not seen in the Rio we went through everybody's. Tommy PC. And it doesn't work and now know that that's not as far as retail there's nothing being hateful and being honest. Person. Honesty. Legislative. The truth. Will set you for your. And it helps absolutely. So. All this you are impostors in. The only problem was it became missing over the last year people think talking to meet them accurate. He just plain talk and Fella how do your job and let him feel like I'm kind of that's not bad that's not honesty you're being. Right like I was I just a straight shooter she. Wears there's a difference honesty means it's actually a real right in your opinion just could you say that it doesn't make stretcher and gaelic means you're doomed. Right does the level you ultimately. It doesn't make you know armed and it's yeah and that's where comedy comes from the this. Think that the absurd. Look at us as human beings that's what makes us and that's you know a system all. But the crew. Was raising money for Puerto Rico. And tomorrow whom black eyes and out of Seattle which ones you pointed out there rule we're ticketed him when blue rinse them out. So we made movies list keeps. It didn't and you may notice is on he's attempted. But isn't there isn't going to listen. It's almost like him you figure out the folks there. Fred Dyson and out of shape. Or prep and we just we're just. Choreograph write me in because it is true it is no you have to. As soon. Keep your son's street clean. Absolutely. Absentee it is easy it's easy and know your tone I know you don't beat Hewitt were busting his balls when we concede to his face well you know we mean right right right an error. Rest easy like I don't mistake comedy for being hateful because it's not an end they'll be able gold cup is a student reads right. That's that's a that's sort of I say specifically. You lose you. Because they need something. That's owned 24. Or what what are our 2004 Iowa for technically but you know. Is that your view toward ground who have to yes you have to that machine eat the monster has to eat have to eat yet. Then that I'm that people are now. An outlet that. People don't understand that these that these machines work on ratings are ratings come from. The easiest way to ratings if period a few years ago was if I tell you what you already know and already believe and and you think I'm giving you information the zone this side gets their news station the side gets their news station. And all they're doing is regurgitate what Jordan thank you think it's genius and you end up in Miami law. I. Yeah yeah well. I had a buddy I couldn't they took me forever to get him out of floor house like leave you live in it even before monitors I'm likely you have to leave. It just it's crazy watching the marbles to stay in my view it's going to Q you alluded to listen they had me thinking. I was down in the day before is that correct. We don't perform. Well yeah. Yeah yeah yeah I would got the hell out of it isn't. Couldn't get a playing ultra. We got caught it droll. Since I was last hole and could not I don't know what happened and I'm. I am not. And why did. He's got the right. Listen you know where they're you know what axis Smart place to live with him this is the net worth as movements being. Ever. Because. For me to travel a non control. Yet nights. I got scared Lugar on serving for the have been sort of influence. I seventy west. Yet and loses big bar whole body of water. In. A little. We do but go across Mississippi River Saint Louis well I know bear. Okay. And it was very after the Missouri entered an outlet. Deep in water at night. In bridges she won't do. Mike good. So let's begin. They apology train of all I want it she won't do you know who you asked what I the flyers. As a gift giver and she was an MVP of the year if you. It's huge ships that are anywhere considered Key West we had to centers all the way to Key West we couldn't fly to Miami and then go over the Brando and my purpose than being laid. Up regularly go over Catalina Island blade around my. Oh. Lou. Records and how much and at night out the late he's human a year look. Like assemblyman. Delegates can get an ethernet couple. Puerto. When the tournament. Don't leave the timing on the highway Mamas don't shoot let's start. I wrote a jet ski from Kansas City year all the way to say Lewis on that Chris grant because he really got a big guys media as a result. Why obit. We craze that really bizarre and had read my spot ahead at a summit in room right you know let's do it gets about eight hours. Why Oprah and I don't you forget exactly granted a little trigger on the jet ski and just wide open tank to tank and just as the rivers are real flat you know there's no real waves aren't really smooth may just be windows I mean hall. Estimates and really remote and really is beautiful like a little tree branches and evenings down on everybody into bigamy its original someplace I have well I'd. I'll be. You know it's a good question I don't know amid deep deep deep enough for borrow a lot are slow. Illinois involving sudden form is to have it it is no guard where look look I'm delighted it. Now lol yup that. Should be slip and also. I get it does so well coming up with me. And we have some good good so don't water. Yeah. You group near the ocean listen there's a bridge product card not a breed Smart man and I've never. You know you won't. Lose the you can go and stop and come back. Well then I mean. You get injured when that we have all the way. There's another way around there. It's used in December when you were cute I don't know I think you put the other life. You know I think we've really had this other life. It's totally possible that we can't keep trying to we get to hit Iraq in or something with some big water. Because I go to ocean actions woman though should. And it gets win. I've combed through food laden and we hope you can't you don't just hang out. I know who served in the lucrative lucrative movie. Well that's enough again. The sharks are checked in and I assured him moments. Because apparently asked him unleash. Some weeks the so when is it too salty who's the woman who wanted to solved if that's true. At present I'd go all over the world scuba dive everywhere. And everybody wears a golf and have hundreds of dives and you know we've seen some big sharks over the years but he says. Some. The hawaiians. Were far. At all. The Hawaiian the true servers and not. I think that's because they don't want to get it. All was sure forgive me anyway. Maybe as always though it's always if you if you do it's always the server they commune. Mean you know from San Diego wants to serve we heard about North Shore right. Negative legacy is a lot who bitten off it and yes. But not that brought in any way it did lead the league called the ocean the growth if or when this end of course. Amy really that's what they you know you can always give you food always it always provide I'm laying on the board of Eagles look for a liberal. Supposed to learn. All you can. And norm in the same. That's why didn't you play. Claybrook. Why won't let you know yeah. I gonna be one moves. We're losers don't do a little you could you just Miller made birdie now. He doesn't want you brought. That's what personally hubs or servers it bait buckets a bit in an illegal because it's not their normal food aid he looked like she from that lets see. The county will do you do that are. Austria oh yes both our neighborhoods mean in a green here you're recent shark that. Okay. Egypt and RRR and American air. I was even. Would you go cage diving we'd get the news and it blew out new feelings that you are a little oh well I've already you've already been. It's not let me bid put an extra half. It's. Already rights right. Amid result absolutely draw sharp jump out the water yet kicks the can take you did you are you. Similar to the other side but we did beat new album didn't. He looks good good very good that the book kidnapper. At. I I yeah yeah yeah. Charts in the but I. I'm a little Carmona with the Brothers. All. In one that I can't slip it only take you where you should you'll be allowed to stand out. If you are obscure the board go to war. If kids slim look man there's no under there but again I get why that wouldn't be comfortable if you if you are not good living like you know I wouldn't do I would give any if I couldn't swim I would not get in the deep ocean. Trust me I guess and that's what might change. I wanna do is learn how soon does jump to look like how to do jump in the water. This are we are vulnerable. Children cheer yeah. When you learned to dive and then you take your air Wiki you know you got your catcher if we listen. We're doing a blue tree. More war way the motorcycles and they'll call you daddy is maybe the greatest of all time. And what do you say the growth rates through routes. Important principle had to have that it was the Miata and first. Of all let's. But does not advocate. I. So see you do in this couples. And its the water layers of Marines and you can see Bonham and whoever loses ninety feet. So that we cast through moves. Jason Bateman Johnson rural. Film. What a great bunch of guys don't do it. With federal and importantly to the conduct of offense is in red tape side note I met him when he first did. Was swingers yeah and then made the and he wrote a crossed yeah I'm not exactly the wrong from a Chicago that is for as a and then a return to about Wright says at first and elsewhere that he did you know double as personally he wrote and directed. Was made like him trust me while the time Obama accused the millions he and Lamotte live. That's your heart attack. Political and Alameda LaMont as you look at you with a piece of you. It's true it's just I don't know we get when a shot so much about the about the Mongolia Curome aria. Out this morning to announce a Mazen and his lone Mikey. You know cozy. It's crazy I mean. Does Google do biggest movie of those Monty need to correct don't you love a good guy we like all these tools in the business and that people in the world dome and you're a nice human and you'd need to remember your friends your lol you did. I wanna see guys like that can be beat Zambrano. Let me looting that's below what it doesn't I'd you know I'd die in this last month puts him in and what an impossible but what an impossible thing to make a friend who would like it really is tough I think. Well an. In life but I'm actually competition I really. Let people network yeah I do is live. The net fake yeah. No because in become diaries. It's no good men and it's because it's not real that won't be there when you really do need some. We. We met on replacement. We're. Feel like the director and how moved he moved to recruit. Well you both do well. All right listen and Tom proved him fly don't play him throughout Europe while we didn't run them on your. Equipment. Football equipment not the pass out this is still bit. That was after I can't I can't sit you can't say when you see it. And I'll just call everybody moves to cancel key Allen and we would. Does that loom so foreign to those issues like cowboys and Lleyton because I love the movie list of kids in this town and a Baltimore. People Baltimore's. Tell you Q all right there always. In a boost you know to Tennessee. Why. I don't do it didn't we've finished that bottle I. It's a I've never had him on the show but he'll seems like it's like you do room that there's what does that with movies he's doing Narnia there and does he -- what -- Garrard yes I watch some outtakes I was learning and training with that Manila where Goodyear got to him my. Black value and have you started going around matrix mean. Sure when we were really you know online on a pop a little loose he looks good man I mean it's real you can tell that he really can't learn from one tomorrow food Mona view and fuel. I don't you do this you know. Life. The good life it really is mad because you you toward people you love you like you make it cool things you enjoyed it. Look how fast is it that trip did the job you hate. You know that real what's last real job yet don't blow a true mind. And Atlanta. And actually might be no no but I mean a real lately I mean I mean really not a real odd like I I I. My last one was I had to drive to school so our. And you still want. And you still want it I. That's our eight left. I. Radioed back. Unplanned grabbed. A couple words at the I can't protect you should see Sunday jars in the Sunday does it make it to the side in the yellow fly out of it you know top there fellows in identities yet here and there may Italy to Kansas where I grew up on satisfactory. So I'm seventeen years old. And I get a job this factoring in a Goetschl the first day walking you can have. Well first and knows his boss is the parking lot and I'm seventy only the gives us an. Milwaukee in all mentally handicapped adults who live a way of living facility like there. They're run on the edge of like if they can do okay you're not when there's a real job right there and money in a cool it. But just some guys but some guys down sugar says you know related. And again maligned at two jobs you can put your hand in. Put the stick it on and then it goes down when you put the lid on it and you put four toolbox and that's you wanna to on the line while so I'm on the line and add to their. And I'm working and that and if you stripping set aside and do you break. And I keep I'm not quite up to speed it's too fast for me it's great big guy next he's huge number six foot 31 and that he weighed 270 pounds and saloons and India. He's looking at me and and it Susan screwed up because. Don't know how to do it. How does Obama is an excellent idea about a hundred. I just made a mistake you think yeah. He gets even taller and yet it. This. Is definitely. And then all these people and get them. Pat it's the same definitely gonna eventually yeah yeah I prepare. Yeah yeah. Yeah every time ever I'm definitely an additional. As a Trenton witnessed and stormy and every time I met him is thank you don't know what. This goes well for months is not as I'm I'm a month month and it accidentally. That's a layered and I swear to god and you got pins that you love with it. You know I don't have that yet yeah I've been a. It was the last terrible job I had that was bad bad business. That's got to be I could go another would be kid Freddie Mac and equipment yet. You monitor with. That's the rulers it's not that guy and used when it was a deeper I got picked on high school. And values adult and he was there and it was he was better than me and so then it all runs downhill right here and I believe in these two who had a reason that you really want to do. He's a little intricacies of the doomed because he did little to do is break me in half and I it was. Of them my of this just got to meet with Christopher. There's a lot of people. Oil and you know you don't get it just had the industry and then sit there quietly jinx that I'm typing over over to England have to go there. Yeah I know you don't get the break that up from the inside Clinton's. Like you to meet you heard we got to go to. He has not yet. I see you guys got your television dodger. Are there you are right let's amen look let's make sure what was we got a picture number. No there aren't here yet ultimate human and if you got timed about the way it's not far from where you're performing you can shoot the playbook for real idea I have wanted to do our adrenaline going and let me know what you would you leave Sunday morning if you lead a party like Monday. In you know maybe what announced Sunday. I mean don't trust me I'd these guys never put faces on any being in me. Whoever you like I had everything you know what we've worked on. We give filled with gasoline. We get some big balloons filled with some options what do you do you feel we're definitely haven't yet but we came. Human why wouldn't. I can make this thing called a gas line. I take. Three gallons of gas on us six and I. Atlas small charge of black or the bottom and run a wire and electric match. And hit this thing with the Bible about forty feet away it shoots a Hiroshima style and hear the rule with the crowd. All watch issued this time it's for. The new noted the videotapes proceedings. Here. Yeah I'm a little bit by a base to do it very easy stuff anyway. Who's right you threaded their bones ultimately mean he's been viewed magnesium. Yes and blow my feet into anorexia. Like Appalachia did you ever ride their bike I'll give us as absolutely part of investors failed my. We all started with that iced over sort of through you know region recently Kristi demons and Derek yeah the full movie to get the volume Bob yeah you recently had used on all you have no idea on a semi around men be that's as I listen if I. It they're gonna kill me if I'm blown TV yeah. You you don't know. That the I could see I love yeah. I don't forget the things I love it. Tonight tomorrow night he's done in his speech to Wilson loved it.