Tuesday, November 21st


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This Thursday as the most special day and day win friends and family gather around the table to give thanks for the things they receive the love they cheer Kendall. Forward with hope into a bright new year for some Thanksgiving is an endless nightmare nightmare filled with the raises their goal is drunk yeah so we don't they are rattled when they. And then there's the endless question when it's that there are getting anywhere else joining gonna give me your hand yeah I'm fighting with your brother doctor to do with the age of women out here. I've been awesome mom that's winners that none of them you let down your entire family out. Look at the line now and Johnny their morning. Why did the inevitable. Dark as we give you the Johnny they're more. Getting back Graham on. Good morning until the Thanksgiving pretty much been. We're giving you a chance they get away from that nightmare and I don't give. Rebounds I didn't have a you see in the argun bigger clean. Siberian Arkansas hi this summer and show good. Now and that may morning Joseph. That was the gazillion. We've narrowed it down to how many. We've got through he writes it. Great. The united. I got now. Discuss this and picked our top three that would that would definitely got. OK first up is wasting your guy fooling years ago is get his lady from break he was left with his girlfriend's sister. He didn't say no to it you banker told the sister sister Alyssa strap a couple of years later right now vin that you Thanksgiving again. Right so they've gone Thanksgiving together parents got involved they found out about it and now they've since bright happy cheer and told the rest of the family. They point out how bad he is they'll get drunk had a couple drinks and they pass it on he does not trained by the way and he's observing all of us. His girlfriend who he's still would have. You know then the sister still brings this up each time the kids are confused they don't understand why everybody's mad at him. And a sister as a side note still tries to make advances at. So that's what's checklist changes and yeah there's always the guy now that the reason would repel you on this really cute guys. Little higher than 5% will probably little little thing Fiat which includes restricted by. First when the first one to three when you first on the Syria I. So next up is Tammy you first off she's got two cousins that are heavy meth users and that you shoot the lock everything up. She also has to do if they bring anything with powdered sugar coating on it used to be questioning. She's got a cousin who spent twelve years in prison and when it's dinner time. They eat like they've been imprison guarding their food that entire time there at the table and then you've got grandma who's 92 years old she's up false teeth. She will take the now after she's dedicating hard foods usually she likes to drop them if there's a glass on the table next to her. If not you'll just simply drop them on said table where she also uses a fork to clean and pick out the food from that debentures and that. Also is a side note I have no glimpse of their always rattling around in her mouth when she does Wear productions too to get togethers. Tammy is hosting the dinner again this year. And for the record she also videotaped all her belongings because of her method users and that is the cousins. So she knows that if anything goes missing she's got a record of it on video. It's actually. There and then you better third person who is Kathy that Kathy youngest son's baby mama who has a three year old I got together when they weren't high school. They had the baby Mamas now with the oldest son. They're all coming to dinner for the first time. Kathy noticed that she looks pregnant fairly up Kathy mom will also be coming to dinner and each year she insists on cooking. However she shows applicant or too late every time so dependable. Then they have to gay uncle. The example tends to call things out as a where last Thanksgiving and the oldest son that was when he's gentleman's excuse nodding on the table right hire an annex at the table so he started asking him he what do you want what are you taking like giving all copy on Bermuda though you know the type thing and tell us all right what are you taking. Are you on drugs are you high right now do we need to call the hospital. So that's what old Elisa Hahn with goods sent snaps back again uncle saying well second he's not Cooley. Then you also have the middle son who's a bit of a drinker and he's ten to get naked homeless kids are around he likes to keep it clean. So he'll only strip down to his gearbox. Had. That's a little stunned that she also said when you lose any of the family have boomer out back smoking weed and the other half during. That's Kathy that strolled the girl that was Kathy. Tammy. Any of that agreement injures. Kathy with half naked son. And that is an ex GI and maybe an all in baby mama that's right because of the two. What was the first part of that sometimes you from the get the the youngest son but that's youngest son knocked up. That is on Sanjay momma and and then and then the actions of the oldest nationally and she's got some issues clearly avenue. They'll some showing to be showing you some and and skill factor in the air it's. And you get them decide that you know that bronze ones like Iowa's case against the burst onto our captain play tree to. Less than you know you know it's night and point nine that's not 1% then that's. A tenth of a percent. Days damaging blood just total Clinton goes oh I guess is that the point zero mire because I'm. Few. I think that's Kathy stay out of view your listeners. To first for the three. 576799. Toll free 186699. It's going to be the Washington guy who was got caught playing in the sister. Who felt guilty and told her sister now the whole family knows he's got to go over there and every time that they sit together. They drink a little bit in the pretty soon said wife starts when I know you're looking at my sister and it's on. The kids don't understand why everybody that you know. Both Amy who's got the quicker cousins the prison cousin who just got out and guards with a knife from dangerous food maybe he'll grandma who with the dangers. Then you've got to have at these could descend the younger son as the baby. First baby's father now that girl jumped to the oldest son and they've got a new kid on the list or some hostility between them with the second son the middle son. It's that guy that. When you drink to drink he's in the league like the naked just. He's cool though he's just he's out of the boxers and briefs by the kids the other people outside just the act when Elvis songs there next up to oppose gay uncle. Second yeah. You're an irregular. This got a big sports anchor guys got to get them we just been circular Greenway. One. In the morning. I I've overcame me because the current law which of the two or three hours platelet mr. hear him every year and you're to put pressure or decades. Until it. Earlier what they. Certainly ankle. That that that. You wanna. The only quality that he. Like getting. Why don't I he has a lot of I'm Ali. I. Herb and herb they're not at all that you've been heard the human and. The movie yeah. Well you know. I am that and I ever go at Ellie actually there are few other members that you. You look like we're on the holiday you go after all my years I've learned to avoid so only your round at I want. We hit the post Thanksgiving dressed as. You have to. Yeah good morning. Warrant yes it leaves it I'll vote. For me. That's that's. What Cathy. Well that's 10. But we're art there. There really is something to get rid happen there gets an ex boy half naked boy New Delhi old Betty it's all there and get the the super detective who's losing his sexuality and so does is he showed a modicum of sensitivity towards the young man should try to have an aggressive. Intervention that can help out certificates of just concerned. That day so yeah. That's nice to get into his boxers. Theater before the get. Did you pull his skin yeah. I who's living mongoose guy who wrote it out and put had blocked it for my daughter. That's never gonna go well for all that business. Missed a beat. Apparently you are now we've already seafood delicacy. I know I. What does it had to carry so we get this third day you've gotten all happening. Youngest baby daddy oldest new daddy middle naked sign assumed is the cousin who's here are gay uncle who has. The other ones are so cold out so he vehicles economic. And think oh. A mom in charge cocoons and she has never been. Is that you can't get a chance to run awake at the UK you don't have to go you can call the artists to commitment. You can leave animals behind you don't have to put us. I don't. He didn't. Regulations on the first annual and we have. I needed it thanks a lot of the.