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Monday, November 13th


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Born march 5 in Gary Indiana. He is a former NFL start who was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers and played for the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs where he earned his nickname. The hammer. He is a black belt and painful. Showed a column karate Taekwondo who carved out an acting career in such black exploitation from success three the hard way. Black Caesar. Hammer. Hello Harlem. As well with such films as match. Original gangsters. Big stars team hutch. And from dusk to dawn please. A man who was as bad as his pretty good Fred the hammer Williamson. 03. Curse the better news you'd. Not been averaging. Reject it sure you know. It's weird how is everything. Remember tomorrow all the drinkers survivor you survivors with a guy at the box you my friend are what in the world has one time. Barbara Garrett keeps changing it. It is art is continue to recruit straight indexer way to get things that is survival. You have to go. Yes Michael Berg at its regular some gut checkpoint. You can't do it and we don't build long time we get together of the motorcycle rallies and hang out a bit he's he's a wonderful guy. Did that there was playing right now on Netflix was pleased which the movie. Clipboard is. Garrett who have farming it out while the quote collection didn't. And back in the 18100 they've built a Hubble. Bill in the war or and the public and broke my arm to Washington DC leaderboard to invade the government. And some levels in the down. I doubt that does sound exists and that the that we get together and come to my farm and then it'll. Mistakes. Are being able to never never wrong thing that it we're the big actor element that we're. You did Pamela mr. This past week it brought your name up if she lit up like nobody's business she loves her. They allow a jet will hit on the board it was their programs here and and we had little critique of the series we note that would act in evidence that we know aside every you know and even though it's the election is. Wonderful creature I think I think she respected before that. How did you not hit on her back in the day I mean that in all truth I mean. For god see if you both singled she was so beautiful. Well it was more it was more like a stricter because. Back in the day. Brown and out of there and ill in the head basketball. Court there parking lot. And everybody to play basketball with you know Wilt Chamberlain. All the guys on the big jocks to play basketball family of about a block away. At Eddy Cue was about. What Peter picnic in in high school issued a walk back. Everybody would like look better with Jim and guys dykes is the only other issue that friend or neighbor you know anybody bother him regularly go to the deal that. So prayer became optics system. So I'll even as an adult and when you go to movies rod needs to see your way. Because I was on the Big Brother cute if you looked at and so Andrea. Never really saw it in the way. You and you tasted some movies at a time where in you know I'm a huge fan of these because of Earl lotteries a I think you're great entertainment. And beat you you know there was great stretch in Hollywood where you'll people talk about why actors and black actors who is what you guys there there was a really cool period where. Italy dole might you know hammer and always really fun cool movies. Were. It was a major problem so. Those who were so successful. At a low cost reduction. They were picked money away from the major studios. I'll make a film called like defeat to ginkgo actually on the new York and New York on basic street are deadlines around the block. I'm more because it may be mean mean to across street is it nineteen million dollar movie made by Fairmont. Nobody's in a leader. And so it became. It became a stick in their back. They're here these small but it will be deadlines around the block to record what we are making sure they stop making. The success of our film was the demise of the big budget film. Studios step forward from that. And the weight that courtroom with the call of Barack exportation it was written that it did. It meet critical brought in movies like X occasionally it would look like exploitation. They created that term without the black exportation and it turned people off. I don't know I don't know how he did it look. Cultures cultures certainly. Certainly no matter where you got to go to inner city New York City it's gonna be different leader in Kennesaw Georgia is gonna sound different in Malibu that it's yours you know. The North Dakota there's just that if. And we lose. It of political art. A mop up like a lot like stamp him like twelve to two. The heated doubt Campbell will look like get the super satellite get attache case it's one piece TV movies and didn't want anybody to see it would. The black ski lift a lot about that the dinner back in it at the notes. Shelton you know it it's green and have a good dads like the white gave it you've been building and couldn't quite hear him. You will use these great heroes like these ultra cool that we're always getting laid and they were always having a drink and are always. The guy who kicked ass and you couldn't put him out of you couldn't beat every couldn't beat all mighty good meat at these these guys like deadlocked and what time we just finished watching three movies. NF trumped up my brother back the birds and I don't want my mother effort and my dad the Eckerd deal has about thirteen years old. And slap my brother and my dad committed just you have heard about the hammer if I'm lucky at the debt grew out. Yeah. In but it kept me it was something in the black community in the fact that he needed that particular grant. We needed and he goes on the screen I gave them. I gave you grow on the screen without sort global board with the light and you know it could. I would eat equal opportunity. A killer actor Peter white people yellow people could people who people operative everybody. Related at all into the black exploitation genre and that's why. Making movies and doing the kind of movies that I. Good all specifically that charter. You live that's what you live well man you do you think you're you incredible football players you end up in Kansas City you go from that you know what what do I do now well it. Pretty handsome people seem to her. You know what until there. Well we really don't know what the connection I mean really inaccurate but I told him what I'm doing now the concern. I'm not doing all the kind of project and rant and I would like to do a great outcome. Ability. All the characters you know so called black film still taboo. In Hollywood disparate groups of black in the settlement and put an animal be put. Great guy cared that I ever present there and I don't. You keep you know what I think to be fun to put together some kind of a go find me an Indy deal go in and you have people been pretty successful coming up that money over the years doing that you know. It's really grew up the crowd from the U Ed Garland thing yeah. People love you friend and lead people lead to a cryptic on and you've always been bigger than life and you never stopped working how many movies did you do in 2017. And program of about ninety right now and about thank you so. But including my attempt to group collective you're a liability here. I get exactly what you're talk about it on leader Peter you albeit producer who we are going to bring them over to Spain or Germany Italy actually. That's kind of what happened bill. I think that's what we this this is not a dress rehearsal right in this is the one like we have and you. Right every day get up and take care business. A triumph on the phone support it destructive to bite from London to commemorate what are you got a record. Who signed a Cologne I mean because I thought that I do is not intimidating to our market it's intimidated to the American market that the black and is that Eastwood type of blood type. Who stands up and smoke clears I'm standing in your ideas it will be guarded. And well. I'd like you wouldn't exist in America and the next day you know did back his exact. They would decorate every black. You know you get a script and Hollywood propaganda was sixteen or they're reading it may well paced 36 a black man walks in the door article and it. Or somebody can use with Lawrence is. Yeah what would it get it there Leo and now without merit. That but they'll go back a little good acting. Of course there were actors but it can't be every black and it looked different America they're real hair. You let that bad wig maker and bit me. You know the argument that kid's. A cryptic on. If they invite him April or you know it made it work it perfectly. Knotted writing and so its current right we recovered. Listen I gotta tell you crazy they don't know what you are. It was so much fun to see there and what look at the line and have people just you know you have that it's not like you quit doing movies your living on Sunday from fifty years ago. I mean throughout my entire throughout my entire life like negotiate hammer movie you know Fred Williams wouldn't. You're you're two years to go out there and evidently I don't get it I don't. No question and an additional eight. If you leave with a all the girls that's what happens. Rector problem that. You do what streak with a golf club lately. There and it I'm I'm updated every ethnic up what today every day all they act I just got to get. I ever got to you say what's so great about got it noted that. Well that I told Pam Grier about the incident when you're late for the call and you're defending your neighbor who had somebody who was with the breaking into their house race. Victoria had Ulanova with a golf club and drilled a couple of times. That is directed at you because I have Greer director of corporate appearances. Ridiculous about guys. There's. It neighbors get to bottom our parents and I'm living it got appointments are not straight straight about real life. I'm my mom. It is alone. The guy part of a break it out nick that it would drug abuse they start. Do whatever they wanted to do in the neighborhood one day they came about it till my mother she can't park it timeouts and more he's moved down the technical. Partly it's that they were turned what was happening called me. I came back to Californians are gave back to get where they were caught my body at a remote name bubble. We're pretty bad nick or is that your current date is yet to their movement. If you Galactica governor secure border right now strap it around ticket not the street is closed up. If nick. Hit it into the open yes it's got it ripped a bases. Because I could make it won't be edited and that's where we're predicted came. You know because that whole thing is and I'm like there's definitely the movie like this is a great effort moved into the record we have. You know it looked like it yeah bright yet you keep you get the name but look at you think he'll. Are good. At. You. See people who doesn't love that story like somebody's mother's threatened items that it's a bad. Idea triumph over over evil you have. You know that that aren't we we love those toys that you wanna believe the world is like. Yeah at a moderate negation that was the third written record became fact we got together I got my plans to get a and we get the get go off the street just received a committed people like that is so we had the conflict of the got a lot discreet entity Italy the public split up. It should be able to help you do that they you know so there was a story it. At any time you're always welcome him and exit we thought about chip. On Friday with a degree in management checkpoint Goldberg a Netflix and attitudes could cross paths. Well and they are apparently apparently they have a cobra is a good repaired late indeed. Brad believes in and hammer you know.