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Thursday, September 6th


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I started into the book last night Gary Busey UC isms that basic instructions before leaving earth by up. It feels it's really good stories. I'm pretty upon a lot of stuff like trying to I love. Finding out about people biographies like that and their stories here I had no idea no idea and it's it's a great. Or June 29 and Goose Creek Texas. He attended Pittsburg state university in Pittsburgh Kansas on the football scholarship before transferring to Oklahoma State. You launched an acting career that has seen him in such films as the only story. A story is more. Lethal weapons. We operate. Under siege from the firm from the fear and loathing. Him anymore. Now we've released a new book title producing is basic instructions before. Please welcome Gary Busey. Hey Gary how are you. I'm very good they're cute hell are you. I'm 110 I I sat down last night and started to reduce smoking gun about third go halfway through. There's a lot a whole lot of information I had no idea what a life. Yeah it's. Pretty pretty fascinating to me to. Actually hurt life seven inception rotary. She suggested that read a book. People were about meeting of them watch and people are extremely large write a book which beaches and our ocean right it took about yourself so we come mind that this is this sort take a letter the spell a word. And create new definition for that work yeah we're anxious to work much in UT edge. That stands were never under estimate this area. At when you started this dirty and at least in college I just down the road and copy build them and pick steak just I mean just hundreds of miles away from Kansas City. Elect askew favour yes talk slower. Than stand you you're certificate shall. Oh (%expletive) like that assembly. Got you guys you started life college. In coffee Ville Kansas beer or coffee bill. Persecuted because get a scholarship to one hour from the senate to a central Oklahoma. Yes and I. It you know that's not far from us Kansas City and you also played at Pitt state. Yup and then I had an injury lost those scholarship transferred local state university. And got a dramatic. Yeah into your music career at the rubber band. Whoever vandalism. And started it in colleges issue. And then we went to California. Got to deal that required. And acting started 1970. That the band that is. And then I'll begin playing currently on Russell. A bit on the state of British racing. Body great come pretty. Lectures music that is it in public RT is your friend. Richard Stuckey. I can you Ringo torture sense and I think it's the job as he passed away before. The time came to me. You it is a fascinating story theory about your music ability that I think the world knows you as an incredible actor. And an am really big personality the I have no idea that you had played at the whiskey with the doors. I didn't like. It would seem. Which have not been that picked up their social. As she hit the group I'm managing it okay awesome okay. We were injured and probably Glazer like and shut off itself for a band useful. Everybody wished he had no church on tattoos shared them the way. And it killed on the wall chilling pro pleasantly tigers in the media as the opening act with them. And Dan Morse and missing and it is today which is Laurie. The opening neck with the doors. And what they were playing they know my piano players and I think we're on the wrong trail right. Back to school in the the issue on radio. Like my fire. As I. It's wonderful how you learn without thanking your earnings because that was actually yes adequate. Yes. You know to tour with with Leon Russell to play with Bruce Springsteen and the nets you have to be a caliber of a musician and a certain kind of star. Two to walk those those stages and I thought that was a scenario. You've got you that could beat it. But that was just simply in the right place at the right time. It's okay. And in how about the story. About was it David Carradine you were thirsty Uranus trailer you asked for something to drink. All we're playing guitar may have let him get to two start with the table entry. Asserting that because that we thank you aren't. They would sit there and option on Turkey you have water. At some grapefruit huge. Structure we're record as soon as well about the outdoor we need you guys for the sightseeing coach this year so loud you. We don't fit award. That that's something you need to learn when you think you've been accurate enough. And like the set in asset that's slightly less. I. Well let's separate and Davis says there are 21 it's senseless and why should. In the equity issues. Shall economic message what I had to fight David and for. Flower on it chief Dan George install or classes. And really upset me. And I'm sitting in this seat and you're going to excessive. I would never do this side that you American legend of torture. This very embarrassing degree. It is you. But he says there have leisure. Closed meditation. Anything. He took it is okay that lower right side and don't worry I know how to play the game. Well I'm reluctant to miniature portrait. That happened. Did the book has so many twists and turns in and a district that's who was Ellis DB for some reason I thought there was another PCP story as well. And I ask. This is in the book you tell about torture in the volatile achieved a degree in your seat oh lord you sure it's written and away. Better than packet. Yet the book by it. Police you know on please please please. You learn about the issue isn't we make here oh gazans he all of mine here on our own creativity. At the thought. They. Have the that went well. Wait wait wait wait wait. Talk slower your words are like a bad sandwich. We didn't teach. Mom.