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Wednesday, February 15th


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Born November 22 in Mineola New York. Beat older brother Kevin James he is an actor and standup comedian who got his start. Real comedy festival before moving to Los Angeles lending rules on such series as. And from Fargo the gain in such films as. Small car. The zoo keeper. And I'm now pronouncing each during. And these days you can see him on the CBS series Kevin came weeks please welcome Gary Valentine. Hey welcome back brother you make your. You hey congratulations on the show that everything's going great. Thank you everything. Don't lose. We're journalists image I think a lot of people are picking your freaks a lot of people out that you don't use the same name projectors so obviously related to. That they like how could they plan to act to Jordan looked so similar to make easy. You know I changed my name legally lead. You know our guerrilla Davis Schwarzenegger and that was good so books. That is not good these regular. Something else that's I guess so that was developed sense that I to thought. That we took from his before because it's it's not easy when your brother is doing something so great and and and you know when your Brothers and if it they're a little faster than you on that. It's hard to let not feel like you're living in Asia. When you've got every bit as much else that I think I think people really do respect that love that a lot more that you use the name out. Built as a matter you know what is do we don't have fun so yeah. And of course I mean that that's how you do that that's how you make it the detection work right. You think about half the show people who don't know each other and have to play Brothers or they have Q. You'll find a family connection. In front of the camera well you guys have to do is he's been great pitcher catcher craft and then used the natural connection you've. And I think that chemistry comes across little flick does and you know we. But as far as like them doesn't it has seen. You know we can't get caught up in the it'll like. Just knowing that it hit me in it was Turkey left it something that nobody else can understand. You know we have a delay of about ten minutes for groups that. Has dark Barbara is seen as truly funny and so it's contact something like a child or whatever was. Just. Dealt with such cracked up which. Those that. Well you know it's nice YouTube. But you miss Hollywood awhile and you know it's it's hard to build the trust everybody in and every actor I've ever met I've gotten to speak with in depth. We'll talk about it's about the given taken and put the other person over the top and given and the set up knowing that they'll do for you. And that's what makes people stars and dive. You know people can be so insecure when your brother you know he's gonna be the right thing. Exactly you know if you want to surround yourself with good people would bring a lot of friends of the show wouldn't. Is that they can't brains and that we want people to turn itself was if you believe the console listened. But it FO of principle well. We have consistently funny it was a matter of your acting or or any job when you got a job to do if you were going people you love and respect and it feels that way about junior days short days because you're enjoying it you do better work that you're enjoying it it's not arduous and pain in the ass. Exactly 00 plumber you wanna you know workbook nobody that's. A good look at Carter you wanna just seven. Can't you can't you know what I could shoot a little shovel work you know I don't wanna see this person does this person you know. We don't you see all the touching it like all the time I'm like Jesus Christ as dredged up with some better people. It's it's that it really is the secret to happiness and success mostly success eight because and everybody is moving the same direction like. Obama do so my body big even after the show I don't know if I'm doing this interview years and I wanna make sure that I do my best to you because Jake booked it is teased. Greg to the production and you know we're we're all sorted together and that's again goes back to just really. Levin the people you're quit. So you so what's next because it's the show's gonna do great you know that. And saluted what do you do not encourage them to movies you continual this series YouTube and all that eagle on the road stand up. As I mean look I'm doing put out our special found out there. Have been out to clubs and theaters in. Look at the tour and also writing a couple scripts and you know we'll jump into movie here and there we have time over the summer you know. Between stand up so hopefully we can he doesn't like that. Yeah I think twenty years ago you'd have that phrase I would jump into the movie to somewhere over the summer this. Well you know hey look. Feel blessed viewer am. That's for sure you know it's like for these things where you know so we got to do it let me. It's. That is the when we tell you something for real. Years gone out of its business and I had no experience and never wanted to you radio I was working on ambulance. And I'm not kidding you was god as my witness it at somebody that's what makes you think you can get a year's it was a huge injury that couldn't get beat guys like Andy Miller. And I Baghdad and it popped some amount of well do I mean someone's got to be number one want like why not me. And I literally lived every single day acumen as you do the first few years that monster estimates no I've never heard repeated again in my life. And that's it's true why not you is there some reason that's an everybody asset ask ask themselves why not you it's. You don't know if it's really brain surgery are hard to those are puzzled to unlock you show up work your ass off a little bit of luck. You might get my uncle always tell me that you know he noticed that the harder you work the liquor he got. Yeah exactly. Definitely into it you gotta you know our car but you're lucky you need a little bit of a break but when it comes at any rate we're at a. Yeah that's it that's it man. It's it's it's always about how much your willing to to put into it and I know some people fail. They they tend to blame everybody except the fact that didn't work hard enough. That was. Let's get to work your brother. You. You really a year if it's a lucky thing to keep it in the family that such a good careers and I love the fact that you are so honest about it. As it is but I can't earlier bids closed his situation and and and it's it's really good at it and let Joseph go well. Hopefully he'll many years in federal putting up can't equate what they look. Flacco or. Yeah. Why why like if you you know that goes back to. Anytime and whether you welcome any time. Anybody seen here.