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Friday, July 21st


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Tell me tell you that the party apart. I get together we think my god if only anonymous geese sucking yes not. A picnic people would love this but yet. There was no way to do it conveniently you weren't close enough to dementia. You weren't close enough to the the rest area serve now you can bring the rest area with view. Here fingertips. Yeah as you. I'd like his casino and I'd also like today I was able to maneuver my way here's Johnny your morning Joseph understands. Your job. But now there. At least you're networking technology here are still Johnny ceremony celebrate that. You re able to go back on memorial to go. Did you do in the lord's work on. They are headed back won't go because you guys could talk to you my friend how how is the oil business. Now it is pretty good about as I was let's move on you guys talk about the the old dude with Vermont but I also love video last night in a lot of these stories that I would I put Florida man you know your history. Yes right crazy old bastard you talk about that you're given up as busted he wasn't rushing. He wasn't screaming flailing he just lucked out there and give it reloaded emptied it really that edited. I mean truly. Crazy you casual. Exactly which crazy casual could be used to describe your product. That's true but snow isn't that led every crease and inversion. And when he got released pretty soon for those folks that. Don't have a door way to put there won't know until. Right what if you're out camping what if you're a concert what if you're. At a party when maturity you know just go to out of bounds jogging trail and in a big DC I think I'm just breaks out. You never know what. I don't want to be prepared. Love this by the way if it isn't pulls up and like at an easy to carry package that's even better. Think we radler did tiger Lee yeah the double duty both models through the crease everyone's not taken that are they anywhere weighs about 42 bounds stakes football. Am not six feet wide. Who grew up. It's a very I have no idea I mean obviously it makes Senseo people into whatever they're doing again. True consenting adults I say don't go crazy fun knock yourself out. It's sad but it's funny because it. If it were partly reminds me of those guys. There's old carnival games you throw a tomato something or knocking down or whatever because it's it's got that same Bible there's a patient at your penis at. Let them nodded their semi popular you'd be surprised. So yeah it's it's not apply now Fedora but you know they they are telecommuting every month it's kind of a part time gig believe that. Wanted to make I don't think there are written glory hole. If he really is and he's all about dating him and and making screams of some sort like doing custom paid jobs like. Maybe you make the Mona Lisa with the amount though there are blue Boyer or some of the though Oscar Wilde who knows. All right ladies and San Francisco wanted me to paint it like an alien she wanted to decorated with a with a name and figure out there unhappy with the whole of my best work might the only alien. Let me give you an idea there's gonna get you an amazing amount of press. Trump. Screen print a picture of the president's. You know what I'm actually a friend of mine suggested that I am not. And I just let you know I just don't wanna be rendition. The I got. But until then it's it's thinking about the press she would get if you took a picture of him just a regular photographs somewhere in his mouth open. And just right around the glory hole. I you know I tend to let up it would. You would become incredibly you wanna talk about overnight insane amount of attention. It would make it would it would go across the world the globe would you you'd sell these there's no way you be on the table below the orders. Don't like I did well I'd Max it's tempting if Kerry campaign. And I still you know I'm still waiting leap into action on your lap idea which was. He they would negotiate glory hole but it will car window. See I thought that it was a good idea. Another good idea portable one and I think we give them lead you did you get the frame off have you seen that old people have that. It's like a window to think they just pulled out the window shade yeah. You she's that pretty amount. Nothing about it. Yet you have one that suggested that every time I talk you like walk away without three important product ideas. I'm an idea men Bob and I want to sell these glory holes to go all over the place I think you should have different team when it's crowded down I think you should Halloween one's birthday Wednesday that Chris is once again Catholic ones you have if you look like again you can't priests around you do whatever. I had I until the end winner yeah then I'm gonna do it. You so what is this what is the thing about glory holes focus this kid comes up a lot. Which by the way you heard steel Panthers song glory hole their second album. Robin you're wired isn't it great aren't they astounding you should definitely tell them. About your business and I'd bet you they'd take when I'm on the road and use it as a prop. No I actually should I guess I saw them perform live five years great couple years we've only open forum and I'm not. I think the crowd with a little surprise conveys I don't think they've realized that there have been parity going on. It's I don't know yet I was I was talking to Michael the singer about that afterwards it and they when they love priest and a little bit on the tour every night it was a hard fought fight to get over Democrat gazette. That's not what you'd call the most accepting crowd. No bad drive with a great show they did a great job. Let me tell I'm a huge deal but at the fan club I am anytime you can see them go see them every time they're beyond hilarious and out and buy the albums I mean. Trust me that the band is that they'll connect kids to the sellout. 3000 cedars instantly. That's great so I got here on the West Coast and now we don't get very often what. You know I don't wanna him. Yeah well listen you tell me all we can do to help you perpetuate it loyal and a big about this question. Is it more women or men as it is a more heroin or gay as far as the glory hole goes. You know it it primarily yeah gay men in their forty blown up and and then I also follow a number of them the couple's CI I think what. Perpetuate it won't let people into it didn't seem to me in. Corn all the time but nobody in the real world a slight body unicorn marriage. They're there aren't any better out there in the world so. I'm the only option that somebody's gonna happen we'll set something up he could make one of these you know let me simply what. You know Kuerten in a pair of civilian a couple of farm tax let's yeah. I feel really into that they want something a bit more high quality slump in travel where four. Something they can keep calm and I get all the not but nobody knows that they're doing it. Share it too because it was hot water heater boxes are just cumbersome. They really are you know when it did so it's very indiscreet to have. I need more one sided piece of plywood with a whole. Lot in in the back of the always. He didn't just play game firfer friends called gas to. It. You think you know you legislate these appear good work nights of the season you have like it like is it your wife or is it your best pal Steve you could hum. The Disney stands up and really felt before. This is Steve I don't know. And you'll have. I think I'd say there's all kinds of shenanigans again that would this business. Absolutely no it's been a lot of fun I talked to a lot of folks who I am not quite sure if things all over the planet that bond Austria and all over Europe and sent them you'd strategic and I leadership coupled to what we are with opportunity than not are they both opposite. It's kind of wondered about how what turned out. I go and it's there it's it's such a strange thing man there's all kinds I've just it's terrible ideas for the the front of it like. Everything from terrible but Google seems to clowns I mean across the board like. I might just you should just make the most horrific once you can possibly come up with a. I'm. I'm I'm not opposed to that I about got can you burned and I liked the idea of making them just terrifying you're saying I'm thinking maybe you know giant pair of senators right above the. Listen I don't Danzig I think that's fantastic I think you'll also feel that if you do big picture of a Satan I think you should do after the nerds than Star Wars you you do princess lay out. I think there's just it's a never ending the amount of imagery that you could have with the glory hole with a portable Florio. And if they're not just spin off a whole foods division. You should look essential part of the amazing you know what ever so sucked so whenever. Inside you don't. I don't know I had a feeling that sideshow with tickets then and pain and I might get arrested. It happened that these are all good ideas listen. But some who were the glory hold ago they neither can you make that we make them all you make the ones that go on the Norway that are very reportedly made the ones now that are. Us basically self contained and sides on that got privacy curtains you've got all this and that that I really think you work on the car went for his political part. And you didn't see those parts that gave our Syria back in. This do you. It's fantastic idea. I think it's so well in Europe they do a lot of guarding their. Let's do you think but that's a heterosexual too is the dogging. Yeah primarily good yeah. Yeah if I'm Blake got that going on but it's mostly. A married couple actually. Yes they pulled the new park and again and everybody has a go at the guy's wife. Oh. I don't know that if they get kind of stand around and they lust and lies it got a little feel that they get the chance. Right yeah that's the other way that's the of these as they watched the husband of sexual life and register. Center and watches it. Yet. If he's not quite well yeah but I wouldn't you wanna easily Mickey no different things we don't need to fill they shared a yeah I'm positive that might have a good time yeah. So even those who. Hey you know when you lost them from the 800 provided very specific UK. But they are parks might be a little milk or watched got to let us. It's you know he's in the UK there parts of film treason will winding roads all kinds of prevalence of you know in the states it's it's primarily there's a target for children. Yeah that would. Actually I don't know we'll hear very well those who get picked up and irrigation could got into the game sweep. I only Rafa. I mean you know d'souza wrote here NIC give up because you know when you do more you wake up brutally redshirt so I think my old dog Elvis would pass the way I'd go get coffee. In a paper bag and let them run and I sit in the middle part. I get it at a table entry the Bieber drink coffee you whenever and he has run around have a good time to that's already had six and and the Bartlett was about an element 82 mile away. In fact there's always people were sparked a month. And then wonder how much you asked tablet that is what leverage does variety he still do it so I don't go when we can't and they pulled in that Saturday morning and literally arriving late blocked off and took what did you go to Denny's new. Yeah. Sir that's worse. Yeah and sounded awesome I hope I totally agree yeah. Temperature swear to god sermon god yeah it's above this is my glory holes need to be moved indoors you understand glory hole to go dot com this is where you can keep the privacy. Any different if intended to be in your living room rent doorway inside your house it's. A private activity if one did not intend to be something out there in the public it's just for the entertainment that you like your plan. Sure you're anonymous threat to heterosexual couples have like into the fantasy role play or whatever they think it's a stranger do whatever right. There's a girl can bend over and you know any did you do a lot of banks. Yeah I even have one that called double duty where it has lower hole on the bottom for a little bit of backdoor play. Look at that if that action tanker CU if you covered all the bases. Yeah. I do and bad one has been very popular among the married couple you know I'm married couple but not like I ask a good. I swung at the girls includes password with guys like EO mark Terry from your marriage like he moved about one. If you know my pin number and you know the passwords that let that there is no its original speak easy tour listen. I think you're again you do and that the lord's work Bob Gloria I don't know. Somebody's got to do it and I and I'm happy to take on the agenda which party do you go to wisest thing breaks you break this thing out it gets crazy. I'm I haven't been there and yet but I'm ready to throw my car and and show up you make sees that you never glory hole. Oh no I have yeah I did don't have one that and I'm showing up with places but if not a bad idea. Now make failure is more fun had a typical. You should give you some say it's the second cousin door that you like nothing was fatigue cousins on the so let's just get your thought about her yet. Now Bob tell you which side of the hole we want you on the outside of the inside of the memorial. You know one pretty open minded you don't want to paint the truth idea you know I would like came out back in the early eighties and you know back then when you whereas twenty year old gay dude there was. Nowhere to go to have sex rather than have that kind of inexperience in the less than pleasant adult bookstore. Let me tell you know that my exposure before actually when I did like twenty years old is about the only alternative you have. No no Internet no that's not an out. It's not say people would be on it was just terrible time for for people who are different and and I tell you what her husband Mickey who's on the show would. Was the guy who hired me in the business so he ran a radio station Q1 04 before there were country Kansas he's number one hit music station put together. Eight the twenty year anniversary for the show and it's sad. The village people and champagne king yucky today and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Could that they're being gay or should Koch at the met. No not even know it's against of all day concerts this is I think you couldn't be a Gator got pretty horrible and I. They've really knew what the people what the Village People have been either they just thought they were bent. All of aircraft in your cave. This is. It was a problem 1990. I'm stuck over the radio station as opposed. The tickets are selling. He gives me a giant stack and he says hey man here's a list of every gay bar in Kansas City you have to go give them tickets to giveaway. Vijay is. You know you do if you advertisements from Melissa at 1 o'clock afternoon June until he and his only guy at the manager guy clean the place court. Please tell the Dixie ball never gets I want him at hello. Guys like the manager downstairs I go okay so walked downstairs a Mike Jesus Christ what kind of what I just let me it's literally like a limestone base in it with like. Like little cell rooms like there's no boards on the rooms but they're definitely separate rooms and I'm like a Michael thinks most that got him swimming pool I pulled a quite a few. If you comes as it. That's what you wanted to do a bath house. Not a bar you have regs and dynamite in my campaign so mine where having a concert if you like to give these tickets to your friends yeah. Think mr. Was it doesn't feel like after the budget dispute and you know we're not by much at all knows I can't. Right for the ego you're so pretty damn oh yeah 00 yeah that's what he's an Angel. But yeah I picked up the out of the bunker at of the Village People in my nineteen. 81 Hyundai excel. 8600 excel and at the Kansas national airport and I remember thinking I'm really disappointed to. In effect you're not wearing your biker outfit at all yeah isn't traveling that incredibly well and that. Also I'm sure he was incredibly disappointed there was a do them again and he hatchback the small light cigarettes and I. But. These these are these the things that make is who we are today Bob. Very very very true. Stories are rich. Hey I hope you sell a gazillion to a Orioles my friend. We're there's nobody really appreciate that their pleasure are you guys always. Glory hole to build.