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Monday, November 27th


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The holiday season is upon us a time of joy. But I moved here yet sadly not everyone feels like celebrating sometimes it's hard to make it through the holidays and sometimes you just need a helping hand. And that's where we come. And soundness and this this original idea was founded on the idea that there's incredible amount of really wonderful carries out the people who are really making a difference and others lives. And it's just a certain segment of us that you know if there's not a foundation clause. An organization that specifically targets whatever you want situation. Then turned into what happens when your friends can't help you would have been your families unable to help you what happens when series. Of events takes place that. Simply knock you out of your game for just a moment. This okay. My name's Katie. I'm a mother of five beautiful children ages sixteen to six my husband had surgery last month to have his gallbladder. Removed and missed the month of work. So we're trying to catch a bills from that happened on top of that my oldest daughter was born with a heart defect called in order extra doses. It's now come time however it would bout replaced so open heart surgery is scheduled for Monday November 27. That's this morning. With that I'll have to take off work without pay to care for her while she's in hospital and once she's released. I'll be the want to take care of another I'm afraid they'll not be able to feed my family oh. How to work a little provide any kind of Christmas them I know there are a lot of people out there that need help and I appreciate your time Kansas he's lucky that people. Like to show here they cared sincerely Katie. So jig is being contacted us this mom this weekend. And what we should story so. The husband. He's electrician electrician had to have his gallbladder and wouldn't you know when that has to happen this to happen though it's it's huge I haven't those those attacks in its time. And so that set him back money why is this kid take time off. And so now that this surgery has come up for their daughter she's gonna have to take their finally there almost caught up on on what their happened but they're behind on its mortgage. And the part that got me was then shall talked about about. Then I mean my kids were so excited to pepper tree this weekend like that's just the tradition our house is. You know Thanksgiving we can you put the Christmas tree out. And she couldn't find it in your heart it's Christmas tree out because she doesn't know if they're gonna have any crystals. It's in the let's get this personal growth through her open heart surgery first you know that's that's the things like nobody nobody wants to say it. But let's get her through this now. He notes that it's funny because I asked him last year that was warm. That came home last night at slightly ended. After dark as you were coming over you could see you know Christmas stuff happens all the lights. It's not lost on that you know what this time is it really is going to be about family friends and repeatedly about. And then I can imagine facing this let alone bills. The worst thing for visas. And different. And the idea of abusive family members just. It unthinkable. Now we need to beat her early this one just. Damn her daughter's going to surgery this morning right Susan the time yeah she's dissidents are making talks here. From the rear window check. Well Katie this is Johnny there were on the radios right. I can't hide and you know here at the hospital so can you find a place to talk this morning. What I can barely hear you. I mean I keep your eye and I know that it is beautiful place there is an okay time to talk to. Right so. Jimmy was sharing with us we have just frigid letter your your husband had a gallbladder surgery. Last month was that it was it that early October. So that knocked him out the evacuees back we're now. Diesel is easily attrition. So you guys didn't have any idea. What was with that he just when what happens when you when he gallbladder surgery you get sick pretty pretty seriously right them they're like well rested and what happened with him. They removed it and Irving an electrician and a Bloomberg. That you'll and that's what happened in the floor and I'm not familiar with the well lit even pre violently ill ask me comedy and commitment and work much. Where he hadn't each right. Arctic and Ortiz but it. He has a lot but it worked before in a while. So he should be OK now now that he's healing up once once it's everything's ready to go he'll be back to normal. We're. So then did you already know that you had this November 27 date set for your daughter that Christmas. And and so this looming so what's going home with her she was more of them. It or extend doses which is a narrowing of the award. And you knew that at some point when she was old enough they were going to go in and do some work and what happened. Lovely state that we've known her entire life and eventually she and her to have her and now let's say. That was the album was it the with the when the balloon thinks they know that they try to stretch that album little. First I think that it wouldn't have not about the order. Where did the balloon a couple of years ago. But since won me try to curb bout was a little sick. I'm actually tried wasn't leakage when they get the old and it has been leaky old apparent lack such as well. And salad hero cards turned left and call it to large. And and let that it. Yeah actually can Welker out we should. We'll be enlarging ever heart. Thinking concept air Portugal big picture her car. Militant it's incredibly critical that everything. And be taking care of now because that's true people won't know a lot of times it then that damaged your heart at the tissue dies it's not coming back. And it her age she's you know strong enough now this is that this is not a a catheter. Surgery coaching they're not going into ephemeral artery this is they're gonna have to them at deuce is open heart surgery this morning. Which does he feel about how she doing. A huge concern here. She's cute been. The issue of a little girl and she's in luck in. Trying to keep let me. Shoot laughing all the way down at all. They kicker back surgery. And it. Keeper everybody else happy. So now this how long do they say the surgery will take this morning. Still the only certain percent and and then something and I see you. Seubert couple days. You're gonna take some time off you are a pharmacy tech and then you'll take time off now obviously because you know she can't move I mean that that's you were talking about. And I don't want them because we don't know what it is but they're open heart surgery he's incredibly invasive and that's it you're just until you heat up. It's no good way to move and you need somebody to take care. And see you're gonna take time off and and with your husband unfortunately in the school letter tacked up that you behind on your mortgage correct. And Tony the situation how would you your mortgage. 975. Dollars. If you're behind a month. And then you've got five kids of course Chris went sixteen series thirteen dominance twelve. And Kylie and Cameron you're six elevenths and but we're we're you looking like a home and I know that it's it's been a little tough money. It hadn't caught back up on everything except at Wimbledon. Oh yeah back to work and I'm. A good under your power your water your dash your OK they're more about his kids for Christmas. Do you want who have no idea and have them my kids it. And I mean that they at Christmas they. Really don't want. I was reacting to Chris when going in this morning. There Eric. Certainly there and I think. Cameron secure sold his two little girl would mean at least eleven you explain what's what's going on what their sister. I'm. Is that Cynthia and so on our hospital in that. Didn't expect insurance haven't really cherish and (%expletive) in there that are. There's a search your heart surgery and she's. I hear and understand that you let let me get here this morning. Well four actually she left him. It is organic get that are loyal last night. She didn't she didn't understand what we're here again today. What is what is that. What is the ducks say about Chris when this morning I went when they give her prognosis wife when they tell you about the surgery and and how shortly afterwards and in this. You know not let you know. I mean you know that she'll probably be better for awhile but so let them see it. Her heart one of the big. Write. It world. He'll never beat. Normal. Plus if you didn't like him. There's a lot here obviously the money we're gonna work on that I just I think about it. And I'd like you would speak with her mother about this to think about when heart surgeries and that's it that's cool. Opening up your breast plates. Spreading your ribs. Into the heart through sixteen year old girl like I can't imagine how horrifying that his and then Brothers and sisters know and if you're a. I mean you've got. Well I can't imagine something like. It is make it mine if some was to happen to Jackson. To have to go to L I explained I mean. Even though they are the youngest is only sex like the love he would feel her sibling and then and then have to say shall be gone this morning before you get up and you don't. You problems here. Decade. 975 behind on that under one mortgage. But diet should take that must off Jakes what I'd like to think about his name that more U which puts 975 to use its woods 1950 in 1950 and then you've got. Six kids who believe in it's not a lot but either 200 peace. That's another 12100 dollars would dissent. That you. 31 fifteenths 2001 it's. Okay. It's it was a on the morning. We are going to donate so. This is sale. Tested there. Did this poll which name. Nathan Nathan when Youkilis. Her own moral thing. I heard always report this morning radio commercial for question your throat or. They're very well make my contribute we were both leaders are there. You kind of emotional this morning would what is it about this statement that you would do that means. I've a friend of the tree service lets you know technician you're coming into a pretty slow time for that. Still live than I knew people were written you know show up and while both worked this year. You know I got pretty healthy is that you know you don't realize so he or sometimes they'll be here. I can I can't imagine. And it's funny people call it karma people. We do whatever it is that but it's the truth is good brings. If you do good things surround yourself did people find it more good happens to. Are there. There are curveball. All right my friend listen you know drilled and helpless Michael Bay in the US bank dropping him and hope for the holidays or 7000 square period the radio station. Just drop it and they know all the accused of any US bank in Kansas City and say there hope for the holidays and they know an account aren't. You I know who grew I know your park or pretty duo or leader. Obese all your parking lot this quarter so. You're good man I appreciate that good they're good made other human spirit there yet you're on the good morning. I don't Goodman. There like there without a dollar. That's a great start Jeff what do you do for a living. Aurora so Google. Again that's you've got to get way to slow down for the entire season and it's there are going to be many more on the leaves are getting picked up. Everything's getting definitely consulting and that's only if I physician knows so you know if you go into the solutions. And come up with a number of a thousand. Really got to help people out and can't. You have kids. I do I have two and at my lowest there's. Been through children's mercy. Right where are out replacement sorted and then its Coleman hadn't that she's in great went down there when they lose what. That's and you've you've seen this what happened what's what what what they are to expected as. She comes through this. Well you know hopefully things but that it would strictly at the end there could think there's stopped what they're doing the Turkoglu then. So go and there are no it's it's via old bowed out of new conduit and there Simpson. Recovery is. Being he's sixteen you shouldn't be picked step by anybody else it's a slow process to recovery and the question that I hospitals and a couple weeks and Coleman. And that within that I think she can be hopeful Christensen who goes that'll happen. And I certainly would never met your mother when they tell you about the rate. Of survival rate of an open heart surgeon with a bow replacement. Earlier I think. I know that was discussion was had but I just I feel like they must do what terrifying statement as you know no matter what the answer. All archer different that they think if she's got it or explosives and that's fell right in the real house what they do know how to do without. Lot of complications so I think she's going to be in great hands and notre bickering and their children and. And she's gonna come Roland. It was going to be happy she couldn't continue with the long healthy life exit. Goodman kept a very good mental outlook about the president's character you know US banks hope for the holdings or bring a weather radio station. And here Kathy hello. What's going on GAAP. To donate 500 for the family yet what would. Boys and I just can't imagine one of them being effective is that it's what we know what to do it without each other. I just a super elite kids need to have a Christmas certain we can imagine what these parents are going through and not knowing if they're going to be able to financially do it. The mountain climbing right now which to me was so astounding is that mean to be behind on bills that he's he's. Insurmountable that you think about it battle means nothing when you think about your kid. It's going in for heart surgery and urged all the that entails it's you know. That's that's hard earned. I just can't imagine. That you drop off in the US bank home for the holidays right here at the radio station venture is oh goes the correct place. Thank you you know thank you where we we are at 18100 dollars. We needed islets in 100950. For the mortgage for both months and then the kids need twelve honored to be 3150. Dollars. John Walker the show. Good good man what what can I do for you today. I would like donate 200. And asked who would you do live. Drive a truck and get the money in your pocket. Yeah yeah yeah we got kids. You know I got to hit me Q school. Are just coming they need help. I'm blessed Pavel lectures so. Like dealt well not the other don't bureau spot I can only imagine being in the same spot you you over the road you know. I'm fortunate enough to be local. Could it have been here. John I appreciate them and drop an open US and the trio I want that in the city welcome written radio station okay. Are appreciated thank I thank you by the thank you Brad we welcome the show. I guess. With them. Some odd story 500. That was a good it's so good brother. Yuba 100 dollar human company. I know I'm actually director what. Third out of this administration. And you hit humane. We know that. So you're really giving away after a divorce and Jeff Ziegler. Who if it. You've got an extra 500 bucks for an. Yet damage or not figured I'd help out. Much record. And you put us and replaced with a little while we're at 2500 dollars and 31 to hide your Goodman you're really good and Brantley in US bank over the holidays Tillman account the putting them. One more at sea here Jeanne. More job or without I saw that just pop up on my screen Jeanne what he did get a thousand dollars. I bet money all year long they've done my to your gun is open holidays. And that this definitely sound like somebody can use it more than I can't Jeanne do we meet. The outlook of the album that you Jeanne. How matter of fact every year we come up here at Callaway or day and now you think that you have a daughter. You told me about this that you save all your world. At what you do remember you view so what do you do I Jeanne I don't remember which you do through I'd much rather. And all the years you've put a little bit of money away from each page to do something for a whole. Other I think we've been doing this. Are. Almost at all I don't know but all day. You admit. You're good man job that's what. 3500. Dollars. Eight. You get paid if you lose the whole time. So here's what we're gonna do Katie we're gonna wanna pay you back mortgage at 950. From October. And in November. When it is that is well that 970 fives that you won heads of two months if you give his name your mortgage company we're gonna send a check directly to them. And then I'm gonna grab some gift cards a couple hundred dollars each. Each each girl one boy so for Chris when Sarah Donovan tightly and I would make sure that I know it's not a lot. A couple hundred dollars each of them okay. Right you don't want. Also different cost and he goes like this help to make sure that she's getting better Houston. Greek food silicon. Thousand dollars in gift cards to console Price Chopper suppression market that you can take in there and feed those six kids your husband. And I hope this money goes groceries so. I'd like that and they would like to give that thousand dollar gift card. Well this could do you know that it. We'll just get to where you need to be for Christmas that are in them. And through that tough but that you've gotten from. Oregon thank you. And we are pleased once one favorite we please let us know when when Chris wins out and everything's through so we just so we don't know. It.