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Tuesday, November 28th


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The holiday season is upon us a time of joy. But I moved here yet sadly not everyone feels like celebrating sometimes it's hard to make it through the holidays and sometimes you just need a helping hand. And that's where we come. Arms letter starts out him when he was. Yes I am writing this my husband on September 26 in serious action a work. He fell fifteen people in the latter fractured his back broke six ribs and collapsed along. Spent nine days in the hospital. Including the icu was lucky to be alive. Thankfully he's recovering. We are two income households so it's been a struggle to keep everything going my husband's got that helps. Anybody in the family friends strangers as you can imagine has been very trying. For him not being able to provide for his fame. We have five kids board home and once serving the air force. Brian is the most amazing father not just from our kids he coached little league football Odessa for years. I'd love to ease this burden off from little be able to get caught up on some bills and make Christmas a little easier he would never ever ask for help. From a life who loves her husband and family. It's tough. I know these guys. We're built to not ask for help because we feel like somehow it did and actually accessed because. We can't provide. As we can rise to the occasion. And that's not the case at all again this is not and it's and up. You think about how serious it is when someone gets hurt like that in my neighbor neighbors. A he did gears to cut loose the stress. And broke his back he would crawl out of the woods and it knocked him out for months when I tell you much like it could paralyze them with Ned Yost. You have filmed in crest is almost killed them in the view they said he knew he was in danger of dying it's. It's real and you know yet it's in and get behind this woman talking about now apparently his boss it's a pretty big renovation company you worked for. And they have been giving him didn't register a portion of his check. But you know holidays when you have kids site I grew up with three Brothers. IE I know this story all too well that my mom worked my dad where did you didn't have those page acts. Italy took a few weeks before it really went bad who the slightest Erica and catches up with your record now. Who wanted to make sure that she dropped to kids yes she's she should do it should be. No this one this. Hardworking guy. Just take a hit man. And M what what happens. You know who takes care of you. This is not the adjustment is Johnny there were on the radios that okay. So I got this letter GQ brought it to my attention. What happened with your husband. Are aware. He fell about 1215. Feet of a lot of and get back. Didn't accept it back and hit great. Broke that period. Punctured lung which then caught. It will later. It lucky that he still here. Sure no I have a friend who fell from a deer stand and maybe 910 feet and it was awful form getting better and people we know it's it's real though the boss have been pretty good and he said he's gotten a small percentage of his paycheck. But it's it's been since September 26 we're talking you know all the way through October that would be through November. And and what you think he'd go back to work in a couple weeks. Let's hope a little bit clear to the couple weeks at. You guys. Use what's what's so me this and and don't do that to be upset but let's work our way through the what is it that that. When it's got you worried what's what's what's the what's the first thing we should talk about what's got you really bothered. And we were behind the unrest. Much in there Willie. We got a great at it from November but the way. Oh another six that it this week. On day 2000. Dollars. Electorate that it was here last week. All of yellow week behind on daycare where it's yours it's aired. You have a young Miller currently at the youngest boy easily for. They sort out here that if you if he doesn't go to daycare. And you don't you you can go to work. I witches aren't. Primary source of income obviously right there as my income. But 120 dollars a week daycare that yet. Probably too big chunk of whatever you're making the first place it is or what proved. Bills you know are we that we track issues. You know banker street Bernard put money toward Israel there. If they get to call. It's not a not a situation never thought I was by myself. Know that I was reading your letter your husband's have always been hard working guy you work you guys need to do your best and your family he's he even coached usually Little League would. Yeah and parts for at least fifteen years. Literally. So he's he's a giver he's a guy who helps. Here's the match you know. The last person that would ever ask for help. The carrier he's not a guy I'd edit I know I think in the huge hole on Arab. Not being able to do anything you know it's completely a 100% out of control. You know but the letter. Our he he he didn't at first. We are now there. You know he. It's pretty shocked fairly. I guess. Listen to when I can imagine this company is named and this is not about. Never never never bring anybody new paint trying to get my hand. About the kids that it they're 201614. Boards really. Does the youngest boy in in an injured second youngest girl really probably which are most worried about the Christmas she got her. The older ones understand. Never fully know that for the first year he's really. Giving correct that and it cited. Which makes it even more stressful for me it is. You know. We have to choose between eating your forgo preference third couldn't hear what table are carbon electricity. A typical. Very typical collect. What he did but how do you say to a forty world. Mean you know it's weird. So there's no explaining that it has not and I understand. So it's everything and every television channel and injured daycare. And art ever did you speak with Santa is coming Santa. Inherently a person's true yeah. Sunday we always do that we character than giving them. You know for me it was very hard. I didn't let that show they you know the backlash padded into the very. Painful this year you know now Victoria if they really. What's madness in which is big thing this year would he seek release into. Our whole. It. You know what they're typical boy and think clearly in the current patrol. That that the incidents. It's the dogs that that will help them money yes yes. Let off the gold. What's you're fourteen year old girl into. I'm in very early it got close to your. Debt yielded only sixteen and twenty Spencer. But these two. Or you know anything forward. Outdoors. If this. What you you'll think. It's an emotional Berry. Inherited that and everything together. I didn't want Bryant to stress about things because. He needs it you know. I've tried it but if they don't want to hit the sad that it it's a lot since then the baby today. You know he'll lay awake at night Beijing. And since that it. And I remember the story I remember watching my mom make that decision on whether or not. We were gonna get groceries. She'd already wanted to milk. She RT you know we've gone back to the left overs the art have been on the you know you always tell when it was short because you get into that certain kind of food that was. Maybe not as great as the other and and then you would get the face to. The way it's the phone in the other room when she image he would call and he managed he's a young. And. You know Houston summit polian altogether. In the end to assume that she's decided beauty. Which. He's never met. Somebody. Yeah thousand dollars from them that rent. Lexus to B 190212100. Plus daycare center 120. We know brilliantly. So if it's you know we want to enter in fifteen bucks right there were a couple weeks and is configured port eighty a month to go to daycare. Couple weeks. It. On the whole thing so we didn't 17100 there. And number. And you know what helped us get out this little guy and he's four years old woody and do you tell them that. You didn't homes and it's not coming until they did even though we told you fewer big boy he'd he'd be here. And what does he believe it doesn't. And. We need for the kids and millions. Still around my head around everything it's no let let's let's let's knock out the first let's it's at the first let's let's that in 17100. They're good morning. Good lord that. You don't know that men can do pretty well you you wondered. And 15100. Which and Kevin Kevin's. Which routes that you still. There are more of them are Florence breaking years old country look at our friends give her if you'll. You know overcome a comeback Kansas City it's refreshing to hear you. And there is that a little political rook your intern get well urged British Open elf girl here and I just. Others. Think it's right so the oil wells. And in all the guys in the pipeline those guys out there welders who considers. You know they people who actually like your typical for months at a time with their families friends and that money hole when they get hurt no money. There or wherever so low here 000. Yeah no it's hard work really hard work. You get the excavation company in Kansas and yes sir well in California which and they. September girl though. What is it. Felt. Say see for trapped underground medical people use your good man and appreciate that you're good at doing me. There's always. Oh you do think US and Marcus because I do for you. I don't lose your way I understand how important three year rule book it's over. There are no one can that is going and I got another one that's on the on the way you know. Our can do this year because I was so you guys every year. A lot of nice guys do this you know are all gotten 100 dollars for the family I understand election go into the same thing but you know I got. And I got enough money to let me go rent and stuff like that led my daughter had. Couldn't have belly my wife's parents fit in the early Singler and I want to give a hundred dollars in the Stanley you treat you mugs are of course sectarian led. It doesn't matter I have five dollars five dollar and get that that's what I gotta give. They wanted this I will do the same thing for anybody want to do anything for anybody. And good men injured it's always known that and wherever membership for only 12100 dollars and people are wondering. What's gonna happen with their rent how their kids into the day care well I don't know what's gonna happen it's not only a hundred OK it's it's that the took huge thing men and Anke what are. I appreciate your market but also. Crystal what that you see. My baby girl like that just you know excellent Hoosier baby girl. You alternate. I hate. The double by US bank. Clear is that your good person who has sent them hope and homes for the elderly. We have 350 race. Yeah good morning there. Right there are gone how you. I'm doing that right donate 500 that barely read your would eat what's would you buy them books. I'll just didn't invent the Internet you know they have a good curve for marketed and. We've pretty much got some good bills on the on the Black Friday deals so nice out their solar. And you can end and you thought is that to help some money that would not to spend it on yourself or by the kids even more acute. It's pretty amazing. And then and then as a man to man I mean I know of that man's body don't wanna you know pat or anything like stagnant. Man this is it that are grown men know you can provide low. Right. No it's it's way we've been brought up it's it's it's everything our fathers were. You know I want help my mom struggled nova that my dad know that we ran out of money. But he brings page tome and turn it over and he would carry his orange everyday. Thank you never bought lunch out when he was where you're always scared and and he never. My mom with how did it to the point where she would get sick because she was terrified she never wanted to in the field. Less than. It and that limit. Yeah. You're good man appreciate if other bucks to go along way drop them off the US banks don't hope for the holidays we'll put it right make them. I got exactly Goodman. What it was a screen Adam what's up with the U. Well giant like that take care of her rent and just. Donated thousand dollars. You've got to tell you what that's that's great move at 35650. That November December rent. That's a huge weight and that it gets a lot farther along in this. When you do and what you would war. Four yeah about all mark. You know they set about then that back Amway that thing and equipment I reject the very check it out so the way things we can. With a thousand dollars and we're would you do that comes. He's still there. Well he led ultimately serve all of them than me pretty good so can we say they're. You're breaking up a mama put two and OJ before you I love your brother's stay regular kicker Adam. Not to mention thank you explain to hope for the holidays US bank where we that's 1815 and now we're we're a hundred us. What we were talking about it so that's rent electric as the monk the daycare yes now we're we're we're got a 10050. But really for the little boy. Yeah hundred bucks before this. You know. The we doubled in the report that just. Beat them at that we all agree that it's most important that we more than. So what do you do you mean. When we're this close that we we just we. Expect the fourteen year old a six world understand yeah of course it would and that's when you even put that. We have to. Good morning. Faith god made man. Hey yeah I'll sell or weird or like to donate a lot of folks are no stroke like men and women who do you. I was there hole and it knows their house. And broke both my hands in my space then so after. Several solar treatments six months or so on the one sport struggle to get back but you're like no matter what the favor I don't. What you're good man because it is this that fast. You know people Wear their hands of people who. Who work outside admit they were ground equipment and dangerous situations you know it takes a split second to change the course of your life and your back. Here's your neck your head everything your arms your hands everything to go to work with a every day. People just we take it for granted that always going to be healthy man would you can't use those those extremities when you can move and you can do what you do for a living. There's I can't imagine a more hopeless more helpless feeling. Yeah its fifth well we're real creature Goodman US open. So god. James William. Gross actually. And your commitment and stay right there US bank all right. Thank you John when you. Hundred dollar pre done an excellent man that's weeding through about her locally. You know it's always. The working class guys who know what it's like to stand there would do those things over the absolutely. It. My wife and I both had made his third street the last few years I was out for months with very third so I know what it's like to be this this struggle when the would you point. I'm. 46 in Hawaii our yet to go out on Diana aren't good. Out of any problems here back here but I go to work every day at work. No in twelve hours so. I'm very good. They're good men appreciate you US thankful for the holiday so we're right account Richard goes right to a more apt word thank you guys there. We still need 150 is expected to. Alley. Good morning good morning. I'm. Like against a 150. Actually at my birthday because it's funny I really well it would be our appeal out there and help out. How old you. Forty humored it. But the great thing to do in your birthday a great thing to do whatever what what could be. A better gift you know to you in from that's fantastic. Well what we're supposedly gonna go to. I don't know and then probably get something you know better for them but obviously need a lot more than I if he meant. Must have agreed that I have a great husband and I have great kids we're very lucky. What does it mean there's there's a lot kinds of a lot of different kinds of people in this world and I've always found the people that. Prioritize. What they think they need what they really need and how they can help others it's if there's a big difference and that would give an amazing thing. I don't. Really care. Makers. You have that you get to 17100 originally to cover all her elliptical at stake here in just got. My thinking. It was 150 for each kid we have recovered in the month of being here and let's. Yeah. Poor so if I feel like you heard. Some of them completely overwhelmed with some say though. But the main thing. Well listen you give us your landlords name and we'll pay your rent directly. Brings your electric bill will pay directly. The name of your day here will pay a month of daycare. And then I'm asked heat though and and get some gift cards where today from a would you prefer target or Wal-Mart what's out there you. It. Okay. And guy. We're on empathy for Madden and for Avery entry Hayden ever Spansion so that everybody is now in something. And in and out against them he would never act out there who could have no idea published that book coupled with. The system. Listen. But I remember he said one of the toughest parts of your week was deciding between bills and groceries. Our friends concert you know would like to help that with a 500 dollar gift certificate to constitute those press choppers on fresh apple markets. Yeah. Do you think you guys you have no idea what that means. I hope it means that you guys will be okay now that you know he'll go back to working a couple weeks that you know Christmas Day will come and madness or. But the river bordered on the ever. Forward. Important. That everybody over. Bankers that's their concern that they don't.