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Thursday, November 30th


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The holiday season is upon us a time of joy. But I moved here yet sadly not everyone feels like celebrating sometimes it's hard to make it through the holidays and sometimes you just need a helping hand. And that's where we come. Sometimes you get better and it's it's a short letter. And it's not most eloquently written and you get into it can you newest. It's. It's hard to reach out for help but it's tough when you feel bad about yourself. And just about yourself as a person but about your appearance. Woman it was when two years ago at an emergency four way bypass surgery. They took it on my teeth they were bad. Cubs ability won't. Help me with teeth I have nobody to afford them since I'm on disability only get 75 a month it's hard when you're self confidence. We don't have you can smile. It would just be really helpful like you'd have some hell thank you very much so. To insist. Assured. Letter that there wasn't he said the most eloquent letter. But when we start talking this man. He's. That diabetes and it's not been controlled well and it's you know some people die from it it's not as easy just eating better. You know anybody who has never known anybody with diabetes who lost somebody. To diabetes knows and it's not. Always a simple as just. So it's starting to look into this and I didn't know that you know when you have diabetes in the interest. It in huge amount you can have a dry mouth and also to which glucose. And it abscess that he. And what happened was. He's diabetic. And control and then. He had to have the surgery but nor have the surgery they found his teeth of an abscess. So they couldn't go win. To do what they had to do to save his heart enlist the took his teeth into that infection cleared up before. They went into something so me. And now he's a man without. A way to smile to look at people. He's on disability. He's living hand to mouth. And going to the grocery store he's talking about shopping. And we events it's hard for him to look at people. You know it's not something he did because you can take care of himself. It's something because. It's a big deal. And emotion. Hello Warren my name's Johnny we're on the radio so right. Yeah Barry Gibb insert I'm good I'm good we that your letter and he spoke with Jake for a moment. Totals about. It's happened would you you. Worked all your life diabetes became part of it it is not controlled. And it's sort of ecology a lot of trouble with your health correct. And what happened with your heart what happened that day went grads has seen your mouth and and it. I didn't realize the effect that these you have on your teeth and apparently it's it's very bad inside your mouth for some people. Yeah I went there and and I kept in and they get the heart GAAP. Could have had him for advice as he went ahead. Monkey law that says they had TD. Emergency. On the key first of all them would be archived. And how long ago was that. Years ago. And so. Your heart is better now. You're you're diabetes is still very tough and I know that you've been suffering from neuropathy and that it's in attacks the nerves in the students in the hands servers or in. You don't have any teeth and it's been tough on you because you feel. You don't like to speak with people who were faced in his right. Or. The leak out. Usually when they go there but if you're in pain and people are talking to me and order basis stayed on how. And I doubt. It is it's really wrapping yourself on this. And you've reached out to people you try to find a way to to open. Because. You're actually. A pretty far through the process if you were to get dentures it would seem less than a thousand dollars. Yeah when I checked them all I think in the world leader bill. Our mandate under virtual. And play disability. It's. Like to be just to pay my bills that are afoot than any president this. It's. And I. All the problems we have in this. All the problems we think each one of us that the things we face every day you consider. That he no longer. When the people in the face. If you're ashamed of yourself. Nothing you've done. What does troopers who lives by himself. This terrible disease. And then on top of that you've lost all your social interaction you don't wanna face people you don't make friends you don't speak the people because. You're ashamed of the way you looked. You have here. No hidden in the back might get two billion dollars for his. I'm back where they get myself and according to a pair of what is said. Good head start went to me that there. Like and I just let go more with great seat for I adventures that I was in my twenties early we don't want. I would go to the Denis school they were there on or whatever and then it would it would brought out. Everything you write your mileage is is still. My daily nobody's ever seen me without them because. You're right we don't have to eat. Yet you don't smiling you don't feel good about yourself you and I know you introvert you don't speak the people. You don't present yourself to them you just aren't constantly. You're always worried about opening your mouth then know you have a beautiful flower you should everybody smile. What do you do for you when you when you've changed you've got you venture. Well all the talent pool. Where Reid take pictures or you use you're smiling you show your seat. European with a huge self confident saying it felt like we are hopeful is that I have still got it. About which of the two you can go by and hope for the holiday. An eagle plane US bank in them hope sorry I think you that you. John welcome Visio. They're good morning John Edwards for 100 dollars putting it lies. I have several family members in my life to have had diabetes. Including an own goal whose lawyer not well controlled at all so I understand the struggle that that gentleman going to look like help on the air really hit me directly. We're living. I am in the insurance business some according to investigator. That's that's in Cuba you're good human thank you just stay there problem by the bank that I US bank hope for the holiday director of the radio station ultimately come. When I think we got to do is we've got to come in. We checked with the damaged in that. 85900. Look at the whole thing done the sort we and 100% can. That's that's a pretty good beginning here and here Dan. Hey good morning John a if you got to work. And I don't see where we delayed gate that's yet there in cold front runner not wanna go it don't it could stand. These guys who work. And I'm. It didn't tell me about this it's it's pretty amazing you guys at your at that you're all pretty much done for the year and you. And that we get a lot of hope. And so this discussion come. Well no we could simply are stationed on a little more work and now. But it does not get together and and and do some content. Yeah we got 500 together and. You know and and and I heard this story this morning and my grandfather died of complications. Of diabetes so. It's unlikely that it went dark. Yeah. Thank you very much and until those guys. They're probably isn't there right now. Get a hundred break. They do for you. What do we know what we're actually come at you hundred. I was gonna throw a little more range of gruesome. A little extra if for the dentist at the back regular check ups. As sort of or. Good man what do you do well. We're already. Over or air. And salute him Bob have you been weathered the I met Bob came by himself as well though it before matter of fact that's and we became friends of that as a coach your job treat. That's what you oh yeah. It's I don't know it's definitely. Mr. Goodman she would love. The curse all the way to see it. You want let's figure that out Symbian and need to implement. Ventures Bob we'll have enough. We met Bob is like that we remember and show us that does strips connected today came by last year this was then head on his mind. She always loved the show and the program. And that it was given much. Corwin. Yes there. So Tom. We've got you covered under under Dennis we're gonna get with your dentist. And pay that upfront and we're also going to go ahead and give them a little extra friend so weakened. Had some follow up care and recovery one that you have. Do you believe that just get those but then also have the check ups and just make sure everything is going OK about right. What do Cuomo. Well it. But Tbilisi are people. They're about myself. And things that even though your own disability. I know eating healthy is really important. Our friends that constant knows pressure percent freshen up a market like who helped you out. I have match your disability. For a month in food and another seven and I mean if OK if you woke. Think ignore your routine. That's the picture. I will. I'm going before we let you go. It was a vintage you really smiled. Are what this year. I would say at least figures. What we've been dual. Weapon eleven. Let me your god is great you.