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Thursday, December 7th


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The holiday season is upon us a time of joy. But I moved here yet sadly not everyone feels like celebrating sometimes it's hard to make it through the holidays and sometimes you just need a helping hand. And that's where we've come. Sometimes get a letter didn't really. He a lot of thoughts to him. Why things happen to people and experience I was like no you know they did. Don't get sick because we're bad people don't have hard times because we're bad people. No rhyme or reason sometimes you just think it. So much to lay on somebody it take so little. In their situation to try to get. The next rung up the ladder to try to get clear at all. And closely remind these letters that. You know we talk in numbers 10200000. Dollars. And the idea that a couple of few hundred dollars can sometimes mean the difference between survival. And and going under. We'll do a million dollars Sunday. It's letter came in Jake we shall we which. About it says hi my name is amber and I'm a mom of two young kids. Last Thanksgiving I had my first grand mall seizure in my sleep my husband woke to find the bad state because he'd never seen that before I've struggled this past year. To find a cause and the medication to keep in the bay at this point we have failed to do so in the neurologist or a point of no answers no solutions. And he said to Minnesota's Mike Mayo Clinic. For more valuations since my seizures and follow the normal pattern deceive we can try another treatment to stop them I've had to step down from my job in November. Because the seizures getting worse she was an. Competition. Someway has been is the only one making the income at this point he has a second shift really hard. After having my second 32 thirty minute seizure. We are ready for something to change our trip to the Mayo Clinic is December 18 to the 23 so of course it's. The middle the holiday season the money for the trip is hard to come up with a you Christmas miracle for me in my family. Here's a point. All they want. These. 450 dollars or five days and we'll deal with it and all they asked for it was hundred dollars in gift card for guests. Which I don't think you can make them back and a they're gonna take the food with a mix because there's a mini fridge in this. And it's a mile from this clinic in Rochester. And I just. It seems like such an incredibly small enough. Have to struggle with what you're dealing with this and that after getting into. Deeper she said twelve grand Mal seizures and I don't know if you understand what those are the April 1 order temporal lobe in the area. The bad like it I mean those are ones that. You know they're the ones the thirty minute once the how many teams plus the 3850. It's fifty seizures and so you can't drive capital where you have to be careful around kids you know he's got two kids who. Just babies born nine minute just for kids. To the trying to make this not frightening because they have to take the kids up and down. It's into the ago. We go from one minute. Having you know you're not Haitian everything's going great. That couple great kids everything's fine. Effective one little girl birthdays today to cover it. We open. Hello and good mines Johnny there were on the radio and okay. You you just litter. Tell me tell you what's happening and you you you've left work now that a year ago you you have a grand Mal seizure in your sleep what. Yeah. I me I'm not Ulster. My heart then. And woke me our look at you know me having is he there. Aren't hearing it about 5 AM. I was never went and that's mission so he called 900. That would be starts. A year long journey her. Having here. Hey initially couldn't. I let tracking. And seventeen a works and nonsense. And over the last. A I have. Gauntlet that it has seen. It in your packet it made it clear. Which is that as saying in a backing. Sure they don't know the answer because I'm sure that you know you get terrified you go get an MRI and they checked to see if there's a tumor or something and. Right and you don't want to be. But it seems fine you watch them. Plan. We have gone through. They afford it and make entry there are exploring all. You panicking and that he's not injured. Or check or cash. I mean she knew what it costs at a couple. Seizures which is issued back to back learning how forward. For over thirty minutes here. What what when you come out of that would do what. Condition you. A lot more and not really knowing where you're out what's going on. It's. Q. I'm out thirteen. At my husband informed me content. What went on here and making sure the content kind of what caught on I don't. Remember most about it they're kinda light. Either now or are. A it that I can he order. Remember I can't. They'll all come out can question you don't know. I just terrified. And there's a diesel that homered they've been in public if you've been we will work. I am I had Q. Actually Alan Yates you in the on your right and on my L 08. And instill that it was right to keep my company. Waiting on the right down himself we can either get lucky is that this old war. It was killing on. And yet I haven't opened over a year I have all the money. A whale got. What would happen if you have a seizure part of your children what what. What they did they obviously can't understand what's happening. How might your old well let me turn to day. We have a protocol in place include them. Armed with my daughter Heidi. Lots. On video calling. Her rock. Can hurt I'd. And explain what's going on. Don't keep her on the until he hit a quite a bit. They had a coffin or not. It's got to be just that there imagine seeing that. What do your parents go through that as a kid now how incredibly frightening that's going to be for those kids. Are hurt. Because she's a little bit older and under you. Yeah. It'd occur scenes. I have not working and Aaron and me in court Michael. And he he'll. Where I feel like my brain that are they're able Albert L. And he knows that link you want to watch the clock. And it it it where you are or where or right respond to our. She has been at that point and McEachern club at. Like he gets you thirteenth. And both good and I did they're my daughter and my Orioles are and what it initiate. And throughout. A great Barry Stewart neighbors and got them. And bear kind a big deal. He doing on the art and you're like gene. Look at spotted on mommy. Yuba and got an appointment at. The Mayo Clinic it's happening right before Christmas here this is the eighteenth. Is the day you need to be there correct. Aren't yet out it markets on the eighteenth migrate it. I'd around 12301240. And I'm Oakland. And he'll stay there for a few days now you proposal letter as you just all US forces here have a hard time paying for hotel which its ad. I look what is it what you guys like seventy dollars a night topped. He acknowledged that should put our. And and then you think you've been you've done a hundred dollars would get to a very gas. Yeah abruptly quit the wave. You know we get are now we figured you know it's in there a sit com and you know one kind of why were there. And so but then just told me that. You gonna take drill groceries because it there's a mini fridge and a room. That threat we didn't. Rarely have the extra should be able to and our meal served a week brigade. Out of the. You're beaten the for the kids though since it's so close to Christmas what. The reason I understand the reason you're taking them is to make it the less frightening let not to leave them behind so they're separated from you guys a Christmas ran at that point. And so and just trying to find a way to make this a little less frightening to. Yet with everything. I don't want that you. Feel like we're going of the change that. So we figured it would try to make it like it's in the chat. Like that happy birthday today. And then we have Chris that we were trying to make you find them not just. Pop culture what it means that. Here. And she's okay and her birthday Jake said and then failure Bure bills are paid. We got hurt or taking care of what pretty Carter dealt with the liking her now or should Wear it would. We we do we wish. We are that. Christmas. Our mom dad. It on the back burner. And because it. When I don't know what's what's worse apparently. Not knowing why you're sick and having these terrible seizures or not. Being able to give your kids what you want you know because this this. Situation has unfolded in front of you. I don't want to look at that Obama didn't say I'd. I picture Crittenton. And medical. No one did huge. That would straighten stuff. That. It's. We'll. And I. All right so. It will hit 415. This hotel and we're talking 200 dollars gas and that's going to be at least 200 and we're not even go. The entire time so. Do it quick Google. Before the cold there's a Texas road house energy. Four miles from their hotel in the mail click the district so it's all the same there. And indeed. It's five days but he at least 500 that will put into gift card for the rest of that and you know. And to. He's a nearly sixteen. They at least 60%. And indeed. It's gonna do good morning and that. Yes we'll that you be. I wanna do an 800. Degree started. But they are poised for a six month anniversary Robert pancreatic cancer surgery and they out better. And how's he doing it. And it's that you need not to not to change the subject but that's a huge thing I mean that's. But at oral I'm cancer is such a killer and you slip. And you talk about being the luckiest person in the world and good on you that's fantastic. And they are amazing and she's going to be purple. I thank goodness you drop off in view of the US bank account is hope for now. And then let it. Yesterday that was were to win. Just Harden in the in the guys that I did trucking company to agree on the dirt to Graceland pin and I know these guys. So. Give me an envelope. Over the holidays open it up and you know. It's incredibly decent to do that live as it's a check for two grand so what's I would posit this is that you super couple levels. I'd take 500 of this so we'll start at that floodwater from. Jeff hardy tripled. You can check in the past that. So we're flat all right all right. So now we have hundreds of six. Out in the morning. O'Donnell is Jason agents and. Say that I ordering her mudslides. I Obama acts like this kind of go through the exact same thing she's been the only. Eaters that are actors don't know much about either for about two years now so. And just them you know if you have kids gained in the and you have a job you know if you don't get it via Phishing is not easy enough and you get used to than you have to step up from net not to mention that you're. You know your frustrated because of you've got two kids for now that you're trying to race not frightened men and no eight year old kid should have to know the protocol. And the guilty would come along with as a parent. Even though you can't help but you know that's them. Yeah that's been talking though that. Why me type feeling you know if it doesn't nothing happens to us because we're bad people happens because. There's no rhyme or reason universe and that way. I can't imagine. I appreciate your brother very very much. I'm an open US bank over the holidays. Let us guide and run. We are probably good week. Who with the when he worked Baku. It would 130 construction worker. We are so well one of our members. In the limiting the. He's not able to travel on the job anymore who actually getting started these feeders like this. And yeah its own. You're good bunch of dirty bastards I'll tell you that. The trade bill this story on one day and then your whole life changes. And you don't know why and. Stop it. You can you can take your kids anyway because you don't you can you can have a birthday party. Everything in your life is now changed because you have the ability to understand when this one. Could you sit here witness than they got a little bit. I could even imagine. I'm not well you know it's at the bit to probably go up and hopefully appreciate. US. They. Where 12100. And hear from. There. Michael Michael and oh I got a hundred foot four or cool the our only poor going to be Cory Booker as well but it yeah so that he screwed. That's what it is what it is you. What do you do for a living. I'm a laborer at the landfill in an opponent hard job. And yeah I thought what so agreeable to it what procedures she got septic. I noted flew frame remember. I have been built to go to the doctors little loser bulk. I couldn't picture lose a Marmol couldn't. Get any thanks so. We could under electrical amount will. Oh it's huge it's huge and don't use. Slit my friend lists their little girl. Hope for the holidays in US pledged to on the account is hope for the whole. Doug. In your read on yeah. We'll that you. I'll start out. I like order hunter college and what you call. Well when I was growing. My grandmother had seizures and it is very tough to watch. And I heard this story and just really kind of harsh during cell like broad. Or is it crazy that it you know and it in such a great help Doug. But to think about what's separating them from being able to get to help she so desperately needs it's such an attainable goal but if you don't have it in you don't have a way to get there. What happens you don't go simply don't go and you survived the best you can just. I hate to think that and I appreciate you dug your good man. You know I think we all we've all been there one time or another what we have. Now even better how to do what we needed to date and on past. That stuff. And in it so fixable if if just. It just takes a few of you that you guys who change in the world. You admit. You thank you thank you for what you do for him. Never stated. We were 14100. Curtis welcome. They're made and I got a potter book or vulnerable healthy so we. Our men actually worked with him or the war in I'm going back to school over in Casey offering. Good for human graduate from them. Appreciated if you didn't neglect was hard enough to go pre made him. Yeah right in typical punishment. For you rather that's you and congratulations. Appreciate it doesn't go like this thing up enough units of the greats. Are lawful all of them. And yes they're what's today. Are important they don't. Use. Its direct if we were closed. Yes there. Big cleanup and her three years or magnetic about later. The human that's that's. That's an awful awful. This period is. And you know if you would it really people have no idea how hard it is to it. And methodically working years men you know that's your your street hero to me that that's. That's a fight nobody will ever understand it has gone through it but I know you know. And that's that's great that release and I were. Were there at 16100 dollars. We're. This is anything. Christmas my feeling any imminent election for fifty for the. They're in those gift cards that it's okay. And that I had 200 of course twelve on the other four that's 200 Greek and there's I think in the night. If we were to pay their hotel bill. Directly and I gave you 200 dollars and gas cards a 500 dollar gift advocate to others at Texas Roadhouse restaurant up there. And then come to 200 dollar gift cards. For either target or Wal-Mart for your kids for Christmas would that would that get you. At least through the holidays in terms of of the financial situation Levy just think about which got to get through the mail. And our friends content Helio Jimmy thousand Gil and his family would like to give you a hand. And than house with a 500 dollar food cart for its it just a gift card. It's just for any of the price shoppers some fresh apple market it's a constant he has had just it's like is that just like a little gift card. Ballot bowl on current. Absolutely they will annual gas to get there and all you have to worry about it. It's just getting better and finding answers about finding out what the what the answer is this isn't always an answer you go to Mayo there's nothing better. These guys will find out what's going on with you and you'll get back on them get back on track. It's what our Emily because I hear it and no it. Com and I didn't. And me. That means the world is at. The words listen but yeah it's. But would this take care if your anything else we don't know about. Well I think that's the one gig and been ordered out. This should remind my kid print. You can read. There's no let us know right when you get back you'll you'll you'll send it. I. Am nearing an eight. And you. And they're in a trick in there and excellent and the trying. There's nowhere. Is the thank you very Merry Christmas he's an opinion. Makers.