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Saturday, December 9th


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The holiday season is upon us a time of joy. But I moved here yet sadly not everyone feels like celebrating sometimes it's hard to make it through the holidays and sometimes you just need a helping hand. And that's where we come. Slowly came in said that. Do you just. A single mom of two great kids five and ten years old. The man I lost my father over the summer. And had some financial struggles and everything was going OK to my caller broken into while I was at work. It toward the steering column out and steering wheel part stole a few things inside and the cost we just over 900 dollars to fix it. They had to be done because it's my only means of transportation for my kids and die so that put me behind on rent and electric I took idea. 500 dollar payday loan to try and stay afloat but that's done more damage than good now it's Christmas time yet. Just can't keep my head above water thanks for reading my letter and have a good holiday she so. Speak with her before and some questions. Her dad passed away from CO PD this year and that is obviously an awful year. And we go to deepen their personal but she's she's sinners. Which is working as they dig it tells me what to steal the car broke into you know Jews. You've you've you've kitchen window broken out and you get your steering column Jack that you've got to get new keys and they punched through all that style has to your place mr. Willis that screws up you think of it for going after an airbag knows that we. But it's expensive. Than even these. Payday loans which it's illegal. And sometimes that's all you have to turn two and I understand that but. You never again pay back that big is too high never gonna have mother. She did not have to. He's got two kids. A five building two new important. All she lets Johnny there were on the radios and okay. Well you know Jeanne cheered your letter with me I'm sorry. And that's the tough year for you way. Elements are here lecture. 00 yeah yeah Jean to me it CO PD. Yes or about pulmonary fibrosis. That's that's a rough when the US so. That's you'd you lose your father and I your work your nurse and then somebody broke into your car. I was or and they broke in my car and Dutch worked with Kerry Collins and stole items out of the car. And and so you guys to get that fix how much is that. Although there was a little over 900 dollars. And what happened to that. Well you know when you're living paycheck to paycheck and yet paid under the policy it's early in the local banks. It's what you crying. Your. So you into that. Getting a payday loan. All yeah I try to get a payday loans to. To try to Taylor I could say. And then actually now watch the old Elan are hard to get out from underneath it. You why so where you that right now jinx that your you you're into the being behind your rent and your electric bill is 200 bucks. He had that 800 dollar back on me and limited action Iguodala on the left itself. And what's gonna happen I mean it's how how how far back are you and rent is 8071 month there's at multiple. I want my. When I was Christmas do you guys. Am I don't know where it coming from. I actually wait for the yeah. That when all of the cap and I hit it close lately like and what it. You don't you do acting you sound sound really you know you're that person gets really matter of fact and in. It it's a detailed nature you just hold it all together. Try I helped keep the lights yeah. I was very important to them and they're important to me. How do just that I would. I'm only doing what by the way it was without the grandpa. Sorry how how are they doing with. You know obviously you know when you're five and ten years old Leo that's a pretty hard and learn about losing someone like grip I assume he lived in Kansas City. Yeah yeah. My daughter told me that. She'd give any thing to ever pop pop back. Yeah it's been really out. It statement the mine at the. No listen I don't bring them up clips that you might just I'm just trying to get a feel for what. Really get you past this planet I. The guy I guess you were card you're taking your kids you don't like asking for help. He certainly didn't invite anybody to break in your car but it does happen. Now you didn't have insured you you have insurance the car though didn't you. My only had liability. It doesn't copper theft. It. Hold up when we. So it's it's it's not insurmountable guys and I think. Jake would you tell me that she into scooters only would she she she closed them out to the dozer. Who's now gone. Your head. It. I. Nothing about doing. I don't I don't do it regular honored. To do water he's articulate he does not that electric bill that she spoke on. We built it right. You. Take a greater work. Well my what I like sticker current could get it was an accident they are you won only 800. Well that's what that's what we do not insurgents are just so you know how we do know the government. I'm always it's always very thin all of those. Goodness in them days. Well we you know this this one didn't whom I wrote quote well that's quite actually got so much here that's. Luckily we have full coverage so when it was recovered you know we had a fair deductible but some nobody has torn sitting so. This is it was not fun but it's obviously this should forever aren't so on chat room. That's the thing is you you you think about it ago. Fingers in so many terrible things we hear about in this world that just when it's you personally I just lost my father you know. I'm a single mom I got these two kids and and you know we all need it and we support so you lose your father you bury him in the end. Human your job and and somebody's ruin your cars and now you're worried about like it were kind of like care my kids how to like at home. And if it's you know posters who feel like the world just piling up on him and then you go to the thing you know you shouldn't do. He's obviously smartly. And do it could get no other choice. Like and you're good man James did your voice of a powerful. US spent three draft. David welcome. And thanks. It's slow summer does not gentlemen we'll distribute back up. You have been. I've been very fortunate my life and what you were 500 books. Mean you know we can do with that wouldn't take that over that paid little place and get up and get those guys away. We're witness that's that culture via their absolute ball they prey on the people who were already in terrible spot in all the you know houses they live in. Tragedy. I have no idea of somebody who won't let. Me read. This ultra bottom feeder. That if they think much of what they. That I've been hammered. Guys. If we. Welcome for them. I don't area. 400 dollars for today we're doing a fantastic that you murdered it is. We'll do it 100. Who has been. Hope for the holidays well due to limited to 200 dollar gift cards for Christmas shopping it's alright Brett underneath when you do that. I mean it is there are routed Serbia. I don't know could be construed to pay these days that's that's a lot of money my friend. You don't just give us some brilliant Christmas bonus this year and let you left over after buying the election except when you look up. I think we've. Good to hear the other team. And 19100. It. Yeah who can. You okay. It. Well. If we give Cuba caught up that rent we pay your landlord we get your electric bill taking care of the guild give those vultures off your back that payday loan. It true that when actually. There is a lot of. Go put those scooters back. Under the tree what we'll do is I'll get you to 200 dollar gift advocates for for those kids to light pollution Christmas shopping form okay. And our good friends constant you know like oh piles of 500 dollars. Gift card to shop in any of the constant he knows as jumpers and fresh apple markets it would like make sure that you have full coverage for Christmas. It. This is the good part. Yeah. Have been construed whoever you mean I'm like mom like that. An element. That would. Be good now. You. Let me. Handful of people they're very quick. It's makers. Yeah.