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Thursday, December 14th


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The holiday season is upon us a time of joy. But I moved here yet sadly not everyone feels like celebrating sometimes it's hard to make it through the holidays and sometimes you just need a helping hand. And that's where we come here. You Johnny boy am writing this letter because. Well I never asked for help but this year I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I lost my oldest daughter to the same cancer five years ago whose only 22 years old left behind a son. I've been raising him since she passed away I talk to Jim about this and there's that. A pretty rare genetic. Hereditary gastric cancer that they. They've discovered of their daughter who's 22 at the time and she was pretty late stage and there was anything that you do and she passed. In just. Months. Performance of hostile and from diagnosis so that led them to understand what happened which meant they all had to get tested for it. In this ladies also tested positive. And then if you test positive for the gene that you have a 5050 chance of it starting up and did their. And with a time of my daughter was diagnose this cancer was rare in June that the name of the cancers where the Terry defused gastric cancer since this is genetic we've now learned it. My youngest daughter and grandson both positive for the gene which gives them if it. Has been tried to take a four to take care mean. We're behind on bills and trying to keep food on the table the older kids understand the situation my grandson doesn't it. He lost his mom and I was grandma sic my daughter. Passed on December 30 2012 so this so hard time problems. I worry about the kids thank you for listening and. She doesn't need a lot. We'll do that second. That fear that bomb being inside you you know EJ I can imagine losing your kid is. I don't have a child in my friends it would look so much. It's hard amendment my course there yet because death for small when you get pregnant. And everybody's like off the baby can just be healthy we are unity and think about down the road in we've had friends have something happen down the road with the child. I mean. Yeah. Just hopeless. There has been in the believes a mechanic instead of working six days a week twelve hours a day Bulldog. I don't Dana jump in here on the radio was OK. Yeah. Pictured you let it would meet them so sorry. Is there for everything but let's. Start with what happens when your daughter. Easton I am so sorry to engage in two nobody's taken that she didn't feel well if she didn't know why. In. Sure and stay calm the ER and they kept their home and she. But if I. Get wrapped it kind of pet scans and MRI and an app that shouldn't stage four. And it caught a hereditary if you get cancer. And actually reformer and she packed September 30. A 2012. That I am not only without a daughter that. With a with a new grandson now you've got a young child to race whose only night in much of the time. Behind aren't and he is hot they are thinking at the scene. I am I I learned back then that I was the carrier and I was it like now. August and I did at the agreement I had just iPad after it. You were diagnosed with cancer you knew at that time he carried the gene. And that's a 5050 chance if he did the gene whether or not anything will happen. Right I'll my children have to think that he. I have a sixteen year old she popped it up well. I'm Patrick what's my grandson he's is. He has the money is the only act where. He'll wait that's why mommy leaving. And you know other kids talk about and then at the first year that he he yes that thing in what Christmas is about and I think you can better understand my husband has to pick out or you hear me now. And or worse but we've been struggling for a glass eye ear technically. It's either try to pay bills. Your food on the table or ego and you have no credential actually let whoever my older should understand. You know what's going on they say they don't care. It's a tactic it's an important factor you work cited in the pocket matter cool. Course it does it. You. And does he understood that you now become sick like that his mom was does that to him. You in the. He's. Any very get very clean Kelly. Regulate appetite and right to detect it like he's getting while it that it are you don't like mom. You started you're you're over 200 pound it and 139. Just look surgeries. He can he hit nine of thirty mine and I'm probably keeping weight off. But I'm I'm like concerned mostly. Patrick and trying to build on and with my husband he worked at office when he picked up here me. And you are likely going to be soft on Monday. We like is struggling. And. I'm a little history you run. Jake told me that you light's electric or 677. Dollars that's the tube that teacher behind on and. And the light bill yet as well will be kind enough shut up on Monday. Yeah I mean and in gas is is behind with just a 137 dollars and when that you read. Right Martin Biron to fine. That is something that we. Might have been has been very good. He works at tiny off. Just put food on the table and in Laramie and and pay well wouldn't it take off yet get a kick out of the month if they are. And he's he's a mechanic in so he's been he's been working six days a week. Just long. At every week. Swat is just a lot and or can't imagine losing your child. Was. Did you have any Easton was she'll literally daughter give the kids. I have fortunate and I have three daughters one son. I would. And the one that appellation that my older. Most of the other the other you you're the kids have. And he had a big test is a toll Zachary and mandolin. I'm pac three all these little round yet not been at that Iran has intent if she is obviously. And then of course grant. And then my other older child she's been at this is not on his older. And their struggle for a little bit. Late in me coming right. It paid down and we don't and that's not any surgery I I actually have a a picker to understand here. I don't know what you. Fire. It. Not to say that to solve this problem it's a lot to carries a human being to to leave your kid at age 22. And then. Is that strange I think. And more tidbit that their guilt feeling of being. The person who passed genetic. Code on to somebody in grade it you know because I've another friend who's. Has a genetic situation and there was a lot of deals. Although not fatal. And that being sick and it is Fulton street do you feel like they somehow. Should have been tested in the should've known that they could just somehow they caused all the now you're raising your grandkids. And and you find out your six year trying to hold it together and you've got. And since this is the lieutenants has 677. 137. That's the literacy he fifty. And in that if you through Christmas and that's applicable but you're you literally under 12100 dollars. I thought. She. Kiki the depth to save her rip was behind anything else multiple times that's all she needs just to get over that hump and continue the fight. It's here's the start I got a check from neighbor Eric. The other day Athens Graceland my friend his segment he's Hayden. 350 so there's typically think it was in my bag pulled back with you fifty down right. And hey Donnie. I. Think yet there are not that I am. When she announced that her daughter had died on December 30 which is my birthday. It really tackle. At the situation it helped whitbeck 200 dollars. When you've lived there. That's right to a vet techs and I don't know if you were a lot was made it 200 dollars. What I needed for. Any US bank just told them hope for the holidays any US bank and just to walk in until hope for the holidays in the middle. They could. Chris and he ought. Brittany welcome to the show I'd done. What can I do for you I'd like to donate 200 dollars to life. In August my dad was diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer. Only forty people in the world. Just last week he got notified that it is no longer progressing so his scheme I was so. Great that's great news. I understand. How she's feeling you work that they've that we now it's not working at all. Rough. He's lucky to have a you have the money sure I'd I'd Julia me my boyfriend will. In US vehicle for the home. We're at 715. Months look at UP. It's on our books progress that we've mark armored truck driver and what we call. I don't know that the kids or I could imagine that a lot of car which are yourself. Network can't let Rendell well. Excellent excellent that's gonna make huge debt and towards getting this situation just a little bit easier were one George welcome to the show. Where they don't have matter again big bigger and our our our portfolio. George W. Who just troops should show up seeing a little bit you know. The bank you're there well you since they should call a radio station this thing. Bewildered when you get older than you started Shia ordered up a crowded gym where I can. I love. They give they're trying to get home I'm done and called bad Meche still work hard calvary Oprah quote respectfully what do you do. And they're sure for the part art. As you know say for Christmas. Brought great starter right because they're or. And you're welcome. They're idealism did a really good arm and donate 200. Where's that put up the that's 12100. We got a venue close it out for us you're good man. Say thank you very much and you do a great date for the city and we do that here. It's the good thing. Tell me if you hold you. You what you should you do this every year when you do it every year. It's it's the right thing to do. You know I'd. I'd feel are things look what I do and I you know I I do a lot of struggle family then you know it's this just the right thing to do. Dana. Either listen I don't know if you hear that but that preacher electric bill and we'll pay people 677. Preacher gas bill. And we'll pay that 137 dollars for you also have gift cards. You know what I'm gonna go ahead and give you 200. Border. Patrick and then 150 each Wear your other kids and I know they're older and know they understand you know let's have a Christmas okay. Oh you're very watchable I. I think it is. Everything he's got a thank you. It was not me it was that's the strategic. I that he needs some of that but think that I met my daughter barely. And I appreciate your way you're offering.