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Monday, December 18th


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The holiday season is upon us a time of joy. But I moved here yet sadly not everyone feels like celebrating sometimes it's hard to make it through the holidays and sometimes you just need a helping hand. And that's where we come. That are sort of Johnny my name's Michelle. I'm hoping you can help me this Christmas or. My two boys the boys ages thirteen and seven. Lost both their parents in the car wreck mother my sister. I was lucky enough to get the boys after the parents passing at the time and it was a tough place for me and I was really give up so when. People say the boys. Are lucky I was and I say I'm the lucky ones have them in my life. I'm disabled due to Parkinson's disease knives seizures from time to time. As teachers. Diagnosed seventeen years ago and so it lots of it's of awful disease I've seen it take people in three years and there are some people that live with a let Michael. Terrible effect on you that's all I have a friend of mine that I went to school with just I guess apart it's lists how terrifying is again. Now that's that's. We do struggle but I'm behind on bills and I've never been able to give the boys. Birthday party your Christmas and they're really good boys that can't stop thinking about another Christmas and they may wake up without it. As well in the wake up to something. Thanks to take the time to read my letter very Christmas Michelle so kick started checking on this so what happened was sadly. I'm divorced parents passed away a car accident and it was either Foster. More or go to the relative which sister she has parkinson's so even though she was on disability she's dealing with the she's in so eldest boys. In that. He's doing the best. Gotten behind it. It's doing. She's available was OK I think she's. Lose. Re a little back Leonard says while the clothes and school medical expense and talk about this case you don't think about it. And then on disability and excellent source. Then it's your parents. How shall my name is Johnny there were on the radio is an okay. So pictured you let it would mean. Sorry about your sister she. Yet what happened. Galen are eagerly on interstate and because Ben and well child. Of the all. Let's keep. OK okay that's that's okay and so that's the thankfully the the boys were not with a unit that are now. So you get that call and then these boys were gonna go Foster. Or they're they're gonna go to you and so obviously you would want to because there is your family that. You're struggling a bit himself at the time. Yep that would have you. Couldn't. I understand so one of the kids at the time was was he even year old. Re back. So it made it very well. And so you've had these kids since then and you've been raising them yourself though you're disabled you Parkinson's disease and you've had for seventeen years. Yet I was pregnant that certainly are at our. And that you know it's it's it's I've seen this disease take people so fast so this is awful as this for you mean it's. Or summit goes better and I know for you it it it exhibits and seizures from time to times for a yet. And I have great UNC. Not allowed to drive any more. Noble. And so you're you're disabled and that she'd been raised these boys. How how we can buy what these kids. It's hard. We managed. I'm Bobby Franklin apparently kicked out. Do what we got to integrate. And art. Art tell me about that too that the action. Otis orange heat. That mr. right couldn't hear. You your normal boy you know I wouldn't say that while at the period. And it could bring it to you as like such you know it an aero which actually section. Of think against lions. In. Oh about our army she'd let them make. Each box didn't make trips to Britain where it. You. Should keep I thought. And meat chicken immigrant she and indeed catapult corner or that. The mom I'm sure it doesn't Maine you know. And I don't know it but he added that would have allowed him to. Think that I auction around and it it. It makes that keeps. He smear my concern are out of that. Philly they can somebody turn away. And. Shouldn't say it should. So what's the situation here lets you know the electric bill behind 400 dollars your gas is down is behind seven that's a considerable number. And what's your what's you limos been pretty good about your rent. They're wonderful and yet they average summer bird years are they now that situation wouldn't popping. Let if you would like again to make your very best and we just love it kitchen the so wonderful to. How far behind. Well hundred. Let's do what's right what's the month. I'm I it eat. And what's happened in the past lived with the boys and birthdays and Christmas. Why don't. We don't celebrate didn't. And neatly trimmed mean. Drug treatments tree on the certain things that. And and we knew that we can't. And birthday we don't treat the proper. Here appeal it. Didn't you know it's. Sure of course has little kids. It was it you know when we work on this whole us here at. I don't wanna they'll. Baker opened at every wounded her heart. What would she tell you about two. The kids' Christmas and so I don't understand they don't celebrate like that they just they haven't had they just don't celebrate as they move on from the media. They dissect it doesn't happen. About Christmas. For instance the I mean they've. Typically I think it was just last week they. They decorated piece of paper as a treatment and. I. So it's God's. We get them tick them for themselves will be on fixed on the rental we paid well the seven hundredths 19100 postal it's. 2300 dollars that we talk about Christmas and you're talking about a real number here in your material that. Yeah. Tweet with you that it is receiving it if we go that route 22700. Bucks to help boost its position. Yes number number. Yeah minister do the math right we've cleared 12100. 07. That's in nineteen us who were. Intrigued. Us meant a couple hundred teach kids and that's when senator boxer. What do we do you see experience expenses for the boys Jake. Closed school. Medical expenses doctor bills is that it's this is that these kids and to how are they with the with the closed I think they're good with their clothing that's the expenses that she's had to pay and she's had just want to go back at school clothes and then heard you know haven't done doctor visits with a parkinson's. Well you know once. Your friend. These guys. Your friend from the lake. Can't lake like a whole yes he's a lifetime friend of my husband and he had not heard hope the holidays. He he was from which Tony just moved up here in this last year and he heard us last week for the first time and said basically I've never heard anything like this and Boston card just. You get so consumed in your day today. And here's something so simple as someone needs clothes or skip something you broke his heart and he wanted to hope now he made a thousand dollar donation he said. You use however you like. Is what's to get a nice I was. The sound that thousand UK I didn't tell him thank you. Morning. Hey Gary let you get if that thing. Thank you mr. and yet. Only two schools. And if I'm down at the hospital right now with a brother are our concerns and a daughter that had open heart surgery and there radiate out in a kid whose huge name. And help out. Your daughters of yeah we get it later on today and hopefully if you plan that would your brother and love. Doing. He's been here three weeks shouldn't probably another three weeks so. Lucky to come. Yes sir you're the man Tim you can US bank hope for the holidays if you have the money you're OK with that. An area that we're god that made it. Rob. Yeah it was when. Early Saturday morning. Here it might encrypting like to donate and that's all up on the on the on the board what's what's going on there. And you know Leah. We have good lightly just wanna help someone else does who was not having such a great time right now so. We can't know we'd like to donate 15100 dollars and for the boys about to own an Xbox or. We do. 800 trains and my Japanese PM we're target companies is a director of HR. Who got to know those are good jobs that 15100. Dollars plus that an Xbox round that's a lot of money. I like we've been blessed like that we have decent. We have between these people they care about the temperate to take care or somebody else. Question. This is my friend that this may be the shortest home for the holidays and better and everything that this. 25%. To fifty that's that's it right. Some fifty. Michelle. All right so I don't know if you did you through the phone that you bring this year. You're ranked tells you landlord is will get that back it directly to your landlord bring your gas bill it that caught up in your electric bill that as well. This and we and also have an Xbox a friend rob your kids so he's as good as friend's house video games. But it added the tree. Also I'm got a couple of 200 dollar gift cards people out and buy them some presents for Christmas all right. We'll catch up there are plenty. You either I admit it this year. Also T want in a one of those green with. A rights and we get here you to sedate the team runs the store and yet. A Christmas tree the charity pre lit Utley gets dull yet this is on the thing it all right. I hate you so much. Everybody has. Well I immediately. Well listen I I was with some of the costs and Tino. Namely this weekend and it would also love to help you up it should you've got food in your. You're covered make a great dinner on Christmas from Constantin those have been a 500 dollar gift card from Price Chopper sound fresh and an apple market right. Why did they did so much. You'd never know how much I appreciate. Yeah. Going to be all right and yeah and instead of admiration or are grown accumulate in either I did that mean you're a not an inch. He gonna keep it a surprise us goods keeps analyze it let's let's not Tillman thing which is you know is. Hope is the best in the world so why say nothing and wait till Christmas morning just put that tree up and let him wander. Leo thank you never take your big enough or. Not. Everybody admitted there by every. He did a liquor.