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Friday, June 15th


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You're bringing the world at your fingertips information technology dollars. And videos as two girls like I'd like his. Haven't seen that one. I'd also like to say I was second bleach my Berman when you hear the Johnny air morning Joseph understand that sometimes. Places like your job. No matter what really. But now there now and as always your memory technology here Thursday that Johnny ceremony showed great that looks great. Paid my. Ebert you know how it. I'm Gregory you guys I'm. Looking through this and rectory at different levels you get into. I've seen it before. Only to Wear deal if you tell people your fashions at yours is they'll actually send you close. And into entire wardrobe like the backer in stark that would record the month problems and the ones that whatever. But it's gone business this is genius and so a recently divorced guys maybe if you watched that game. And so with a cold. So you've got gift boxes for him but that would include workers well. Exactly GAAP and even it means you have to cap and sell amount doesn't matter it really geared toward men there's nothing about them or your trek on and I'm actually attempt at it Bachmann but I think I'd like to get them out if that much equipment and I'm like your truck that. You know total side. I'd love drinking too much and ordering stuff on line so I get the Julie buying it and then the surprise of forgetting about it coming to settle into the box but it really. Went up my pinball machines thoughts. Electorate up to that you get that despite every month that ever in a different site so. Every month to get the next hearing it like any different but China every month. Well and that can really that is what most men want but to that and a look at the different slots with Rick recreational pilot which is the beginner box and you get. A sleeve power wrecked cream and he has improved TSA approved lubricants. I see ring but only if you yourself are really need to see ring if I'm just master made them myself. Welcome back to her question and why why it because if you that the rain lie after eight you're gonna actor can have the fact that you. It was a partner it connect to strip the Blackwell. It's gonna make your Rex and I'm lap longer it can make your explosion more powerful so you know we kind of a guy like in election. It might encounter our punitive like wanna make that last augur well you want a lot longer look at it you'll get. And you want your blocks. Powerful because that you are you know again doesn't dampen Netflix design like you let up on catching in the corner you know I. Think that. You'll. It goes true and welcome from a hard Catholic background that I more shameful rhetoric when on the corner I went to be over Witten and think about the group's thing I've just done to myself. Know why there and I came when it on that but to me let me tell you took you. Out. In let's let the heat it's you know. Let me tell you why because when you have to read it looks beautiful it's the greatest thing America has received we watch you all they can't get enough of watching. You want you know me it looked like creepy angry chimpanzee. Like it's an awful look for men and there's no way you like watching a guy master. You're giving you know and talk and yeah her. Well that's it. They're directed can be no answer. If you've ever caught yourself and I can we would go home he's actually quit and quit. It was so horrible look it's a terrible. But it. You know it. Every scientific and a place that is it. They're pretty healthy for you that he'll actually help them longer and prove your irregular and actual interaction so why not enjoy clip experiment that's right we helped out that it now a lot. You UK you have no idea how much I've enjoyed ipads and porn it's it is degrees bank of my adult life. But so you have recreational pilot. And you get the sleeve the power to create the TS improve lucrative all the stuff or get a captive in the mid level which it's a little more expensive thirty and even have a commander fifty. I and then. You'll you get one box every month as recreational music as a cap that are commanding one box every three months. Which sounds a lot like marriage. Wanted to get a little bit higher and there and a lot along airing it in the vehicle that spread out. Yet eat it not that you only eat at one time everything not that it's that at all it'll really take a beating bitterly for the. And it's a pretty nice looking group we do a lot of adult toys this program and you get the PX the big ones via. A PX master beats mostly its like a little machine. All the stuff the super high and by the way. This has come pack. Everything that packet and very plain brown but that Berry street yelling label and it went he opened up eat everything inside its. Great little odd that you know it's like a month one back at camp at the rollout out. That kind of acted like any kind of epidemic done it act or don't you know what I mean more when you're out. It it you know what note that it is playing. He's such a nice it would be nice if you get a body like I got a buddy who's here and go through divorce I'm absolutely innocent. That's very can that I can ensure your Father's Day this year is not going to be great and people. I'm getting the cart dies Stuart bell eyes view are you did what any man because. Any person doesn't do that at normal and that trawl. Now we want to take reckon that the name on it make it on experience you know like it but the record club yet keep the luck getting it he but I'm. It is that the but to be on it up fun thing. It would do this endless at any guy who tells you as a master beat is a liar I've had women here talking to my husband doesn't go reapply it. Is that what you think that you know it yet lists I. The way actually no I'm sick like truly sick if I can't master break that tell you know like I mean I've got a 104 degree temperature and I'm probably almost Canada. Even let you would consider that. Absolutely no up until a 200 for a good iron three pushed through. 104 that's like I get into the coma but like it it's so great when you finally get better because it's like it's like you've been abstain from the man at the Clinton who. You now this is also you can get this first to be great for new excuse you can do for couples. We get and we get a couple boxing Brightpoint. He every month and a little surprise and it Beckley checked art. Program. You know you might get like the game and apply a coupon book from my yet that you know. Think the issue trying to definite fine example of what he learned to eat he died at the top couple that things might matter tried to warm up. Or maybe some white paint on it maybe some like anal you know. You know nothing but fun and hike in its ordinary Johnny but if you opt for any period time at. All fell. Actually incurred in unit at the picnic and a lot on our. He's I'm back on the term light it'll. Man you pick on activities that and I think just a little. Really feel like you know that's the greatest entry point you can just talk into it sensing eyler. Anything the word ass it just a little light it like it's like calling for the issue of mouth hug. I think you have an it marketing net that might be in a new term. Yeah it's a fantastic site listed the home did you in this business bodily that you offers business. Now I you know we act is not reached out sort cult and to get and day in future are out of it even open 1981 and Mary. I. No meat and we've been ranked and get that date we have an adult or. Particular Alpert what's great is the legality are actually well we're not setting it up and eight men are out you know we've been in the adult fitness for thirty odd years. I'll reap great relationship with our standard we know the quality products get a quality product month emerged that a great white. And it's illegal businesses you know while conventional as it sounds sweet but the constant challenge and never. Omar should well it's its pre recession proof I mean think about it alert section of the one thing like listen I'm a born rich one ever just listen what I get fired that I'm gonna wanna have sex if I got to raise that I'm gonna wanna have sent it doesn't matter like if the sun comes up I'm gonna wanna have sex. And when the economy goes down art sale. And activate to get it it and it is easy. People don't want Fletcher and it's not buying a car. Our television. You know you're getting a few dollars on yourself. The belt up want something that you really enjoy it and I think it and it can't get people recognize important that I copy acts like it's. Listen I think I bodies that had been married and they get no sex no affection at all and I'm like so pulled and explain this to go lover I go well with. You can move him your best pal let him have no sex and not have to give me your money or washes clothes or go to him or you don't call him because you're gonna stay up two hours intrigued about it. I'm just it's insane to me to people stay together who have no physical attraction at all. I've completely arrogant I could start to be unhappy. And we'll just what what what are you getting out of one person's us a servant. Hit the ones loading over them maybe on their birthday like you know those awful you know we've all have friends like he gets laid on his birthday is Lackey. I don't understand why people like Portland puppet in a relationship like acting but beat out that you're not announced the eighteenth century it but being equal partnership between TP all. Women opt in now Matt options now gotten to be in and it situation that guilt when at the end but it's going to be Mary. You know out there could be in doubt that entity now high point the low point that you might these picture at least but the fact that a now I can't change your party affiliation here are making up by about money with the aspect that but at least make sure that that. I'll be part of your life with a. I could be the most incredible argument in the world and if the girl who relayed under the bed naked I'd be like and I'm wrong I'm wrong completely wrong. Let let let. The one thing you agree I swear to god I look at her Regina and it's it's like brand new every time when you could never get tired of that like unlike a little kid reading comic books in the dark under the covers a flashlight to wake up and given that the butterfly kisses. And you can do bunny goes with. I told too much deep in Africa. Yeah looking in my but it's. My commitment and. They hand out if you wanna buy this your husband get a divorce more bite your dad your good did you ever buddy that's a fine idea when it for yourself that be great. It would be lifting way to break up with somebody. He's he's he's like Lou. It might end up quite adamant that absolutely in knee it's not you're seeing. The only. I. Mean yeah just hanging. Promptly answer. Good idea. All of this is available at hand pilot now if you get these proves this subscription it's all girl when your subscriptions that right. County template any panic and yet it can act it comes every month that he's a good month to ninety bucks a month it's free shipping more I think about it. You you know it felt that amount that you you know that I am not and that you literally at different at different experience everything. I think to be inching did the co pilot one for the you know we're comes into something for the ladies and that's Obama pull this one real quick it's you know flashlight dramatics there's a lot stuff on this and I mean it's it's pretty fantastic with the the quarterly commander co pilot boxer comes every three months but just by the time you're probably border something something new happens. Exactly I think for the wonderful thank you about being in the industry having regional chart yet the product change caught the plane I mean. There's always something I knew if you wanna talk in Asia and it not Google or Microsoft it but factoring industry regret that we integrate everything in the industry leader in them are keeping up and make something you expected better. And you know that Neil we have that at about our act out. Are on now that you are different aren't they hit the market week where are the first pick up that are caught are always a that the Arctic front Macbeth at at what. You know what difference that's what people want something you would get. Case in point this is what that your industry is always doing well we have Viagra but we can't cure cancer you know saying. We we have imagined that we were pretty serious. What you need to take away our corrections we get that business done. Boehner pills. It there at gap I mean like at that people want it it's important I mean I can't act like ethnic otherwise the guilt king. With just having a great and healthy life and that you rarely do you want you know help our customers achieve the fact that back in the they can achieve and there are so many toys in part on the market and make what you have been better. Well women again I'll go back to this you guys have the best. Our stuff pretty rough like all we're doing is just jamming it in something this over to pretend like it's. You women are just so much that they are you guys is more beautiful. Smell good it looked great near Kirby. Again we're just like hairless apes just go and outs in this place. Then market you can see brilliantly at mapping out their app with app that the technology that. You. And it's. If I would give me that the night night talked about me in the Alec doing great the network. That's passed. And that's an hookers there. Yeah recchi got to be god. And oh barely fits missed just. All right listen you sold I think it's incredible the hand pilot dot com and pilot dot com and we've got. Do we have a captain box that we gonna give way to some lucky. Bother. Do you where are you doing the lord's work and die anything new we would always look at you back on again. Thank you all the luck in reality that they're really appreciate it. Hello hello. Jake terms you know Dick. It so used to looking at that direction. That's a good job with the new girlfriend yeah. And every whose real name I. In the that. And pilot whose dad needs some of these debt that the the really consider gift actually. Well geez. That was clearly has got like nobody's insanity. And and I look did you beat. Do what you know what they're gonna go. Not do you stay. Content Brody. Felt that. It come into Baghdad with the alt. Wounded in the house London yard he should give him a gift for not. Having being. And it currently using says he won't recognize it and get a gift for not being a mother and yet you know it was cash. I went to the casino won some money. Yes that's right a friend of birth control ferry left in her purse. You do real good taking your bills. Yeah yeah.