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Friday, October 20th


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One was for May 25 in West Haven, Connecticut the other was born November 13 in New York City together and they're part of the broken lizard. Who who have brought us such films as super troopers club dread. And beer fast. As well as a union such films is a bit Dukes of Hazzard sky high and anymore. This it's either release of the long awaited super troopers to. Staged at the end of please welcome Kevin and Steve let me yeah yeah. That's good crutch. It was going to be good times are you locking in Stephen Meagher and remaking its it was no I really think at Nevada and Bob really was he feels like an. What may have happened but listen. We get all ticker its share we'll Dana. I know that we Arafat's authority this into whatever an extra. If you call tomorrow interest in and judge each other but not partially backed up and I cannot pass up an account that. And that's get naked eye view this is we've spent entities whose wedding anniversaries Halloween 21 years and while regrets its way years. Okay real so is that right are correct and I went to a slightly Halloween swing jazz took a car in die she's going is. Oh. The study looked rainbow bright the Chilo OK okay. Rail Ratner and telling your idea for your your your comedic take. Point 00. OK and apparently. Sure but with a bulge. Gotta have your act is the worst outcome possible. That's a terrible cost him personally I would go as slow the Andy Reid. But tonight their I think that's going to be my look and feel like that's redundant isn't that it hit so much I think when Andy Reid. And informing her and when you guys are the emperor of you doing tonight tomorrow night. Yeah yeah yeah. I'm excited about. Fletcher bashing is just so much going on that was a whole week that's right to be in the studio is Jack Nicholson and ordinarily wouldn't guys totally spying sober what would you be both agreed we want to thank you yeah. Thank you deserve littered we're on pace as me off its network and I look like it'll shoot you come on you and your buff dude you're pumping iron it's c'mon guys go eating too much but I. I think you look fantastic view that they had to turn he's my mouth here let me get it this way it started yet let's and other women in the last many years that he slept with. Oh. Like. And I heard your custom stone to. It it. Fifteen car OK so once a year you'd use swing. Yeah. Well and those are different ones but how many times have you done I think there's a lot of Ali. Because he had this mentally handicapped girl is the abuse. And that's. You can listen Rick James I think it cracked I appreciate it gets 73 IQ plate on it pleasant note and I was Bayer's Alka he's. She was a greater fool. I'm actually came in it for it to be honest I was on the phone and I finally did an interview because I was like dude it's like it's so it was so bad it was more madness. At. We'll be Smart before they slept together in a and I. That was so good that where she met Kumble Julian could that that's who never listen to that apparently isn't your wife slapped us in the last runways that coolest there others like her shower and she gets it. It. What's a year saying I have those two of my friends of manual. That's a compliment you file to your friends and that's weird kept a secret bringing that they were back in your other affair only increased should bring girl over. Yeah and eat it to the girl in the I'm going to bring his wife who might cop gave gave them the HI Angel. Okay and Isner got skewed on this. Okay. He also gets you government check for being rapid cycling 00 really attract even as she swings. He's a genius. Swear it's mine. Which usually matters she had no boobs and she wasn't crazy. Now she's crazy bigs that they can't go home improvement. And against the government check for being rapids like when you're correct that. Due out there 2000 a month that's my money goes. That's how I pay taxes. Yeah. But. Doing media aka. He leads to the crazy dormant in just this one is happening tray that yet another. Where the body. News and yet. You wouldn't share we feel for her so babies are this that horrible incident. I really don't know that I'm very packed app. In the year they share though there's no enemy and then you poke at the U product it's okay. That comes out. Yet he moved. Me. Yeah and they stripped and then insolent and and you let your wife get a joke and spoken a couple of strange fact check back. She keeps coming back though c'mon she's free she's gore felt that you leave the house Alka she has subpoenaed the X twice today. Really Mike Neff in the work she's obsessive complied should do that and take pictures of their animals it's the it's it's you couldn't write it's literally lives in the house. He's been he's filled in the animal photography. Exude calm and Kevin laws and we'll photographer. How will your personal lives nice our personal lives are fantastic. Week and it was yeah. It's definitely all broken up haven't we looked at the end I mean I kind of work husbands the idea we like problem. Ballantine the other of them are not a time again and heterosexual. Mechanism care dollar of should we are so into. Yet dealing with each other and yeah that that are happen. It married I guess your weakens America First Act. The super troopers to buy you know the line for April finalist and yet it picked for twentieth the release date. It's weird not just weekend guys it's Easter week and you. Even better act now he's back praise the lord you end. Go to super troopers do that the trailer house. Fiercely at the trap guys. And Ricky Morgan he's awfully. Now if we want to you know story you wanted to. Yeah hello Foster who want ignores his body apartment hello yeah I don't know no. I. Tyson castration. And you the two that pulled me over before they pardoned three monkeys now. Or should I say DOD's but and on. You really not remember this guy is one of its you know I heard everything set which even do that for years. Back Africans back asking backhand is great news fantastic yeah. I'm excited for you guys listen this is really at me yeah you really truly what to think it unhappy yet you know it. I don't know who are very happy the movie is actually testing highest. Any movie we've government. Which speak as you know if it sucked we would be bombed in check we'll keep you guys controlled so raggedy actually edit control everything only everything but as great as you are great yeah that's it because I. You've seen so many people screw up another person's movie yet. In other than the people with the money down dissent when you put your finger input their little touch on and they can ruin a movie. Yeah yeah but we mean and also there's an extra pressure like make it true the seek you know people love the first one diplomats at the sequel. And and yet we Derek yeah it's fun because elect our main investor to get the guy who. Invested in the original super troopers is back as whenever. Investors in this one and you know he's a great guy. And he constantly I think he also gave invest in slams them India but he's constantly giving its creative notes. I'm constantly trying to create a whole apartment. And anything is that he's an awesome do we have we have problems in the movie greats and he's a good look ended talk about good looking dudes like for fifteen years ago which is through it with with me in problem definitely. Like that knock you out and scope rub OK just to be still beautiful and then he really has yet like I he and a early in the morning we summit something to do how do you look so good. Juicy tomatoes at the secret of my success at the books. It's a decent. Ten hours of sleep a night. That's what rob does to be beautiful athlete fifteen year old but jobs does yesterday's tail retail and I want something bigger the movie was so. Yes he was soaking it aperture yet. Wait he did he get popular outrage each day and night she was sixteen. Erica was a couple of yea it was a three way and together you know I was at the feet but that any mid eighties the bears his name is eighty's what is it went like this is like it was too. And and yet he was I listen again you know like he's he's a magnet he's. Terrorist you're looking. We had a we have them and wish to Raikkonen and hairpiece and he was still greatly opinion that at the end of the day you take off the way and you be reminded of just how much better opinion poll then you read your book like it. For the young age he was aliens unbelievable and he went to school all. She and all the Hollywood like I'm sure he shared the story that he's got tons just assembly area but as like I remember when the outsiders came out he played so pop. Your loved and then I mean the world was going nuts for have been. Asked and I'm going out yet. That's. And then there and you but you're in place now movie like you've got. Our core group is mean. These are minor movies seizure of regal genuinely culturally significant movies I mean entire generations and once we although the lines when you go. Okay team ran Browner a leader of cola and you know promising groups in front loaders now that we have I got the I have the diesel Andy Reid. It is true we will remain the dukes of hazard we were down members for a pretty good amount of time with Johnny Knoxville and we go to bars with him and he'd be surrounded by you know girls thirty deep. From my active and did you yeah yeah yeah like you kick me in the balls you know Brad yeah which I like but it will sure draw but it did but acted in deputies around withdrew when you look over at we'd be surrounded by college dudes with baseball hats on after the fact that. We cannot get yeah yeah yeah this is our shop today in my in their own pocket and when heating and phone numbers and and that's our lives. Did you coach radio terror. Repeal the better the voice the worst it's going to be like I never wanna be. Houston you overnights and I I watched and so I never felt for the USX. Sold credible you're talking points. Should you look at aegis and he frequently. And across and he plays a pet that's. My god yeah that's right now we write our love scenes in Tora movies so that you know. Yet we union and we're gonna OK correct yes I have a love scene in in the new movie in two troopers did yeah and full frontman. I'm doing the puzzle and club scene. Yes it. Eight. Patrick Catholic yeah I'm good Mac is back. You well listen your full frontal before I was highways or not this time now try and show at this time let me use his turn the west yours an analyst who don't ruin it. I can't give too much away about it but let's just saying. Jango unchained. Back act passed you see it all of that am. I backwards yeah I mean I am. Upside down among all over the place at home I could see it's a 300 is more than 360 news like what's 360 degrees. Around in the 300 thing and I. And it got full ominous atmosphere of nudity right. Right now I don't know exact what you're talking about virtual reality he we have standards everywhere it goes everywhere you see everything now. I am upside down right but you prepared for. I prepared for a you have fluff would you yeah Alia we have got right well weird 'cause like he was half laughing himself and the entire crew is standing like watching. The government doing. He's he wanted to be heavy yankees at the end he's gonna last forever men c'mon you you needed to be full. And and relaxed and so I had like you know it's a heavy sweat shorts. Confident and you know to keep everything Max and I had thing. In my painting a thing about this the other day is there's always like sexual harassment. Yeah things that are going on right now yet be careful. And show. I like to make up artist was approaching me and I had my hand my pants and I said that's it stayed right there. Just say you know I I need to do. And I it. You don't have to come you don't do your own soda guy but I'm gonna I'm gonna do we're a boy or girl is your daughter as of I have to do this because this is forever and it's a sure it is Jason I don't mind honey I get it. Africa. So you Hornish our regular and offering your job don't know them nor was my hand in motion I think I just isn't my hand on and as a shooter at all warm. And then now you know I I will say this it actually it cooperated. Yeah. Exactly and literally it's like then. They're like okay we're rolling and the second and say we're ruling you know it's time you can feel everything start to constrict courtroom you mindless summer right because now you're you're aware of the camera where you've seen you've got to think about your timing and everything and so you're not thinking about Julius and elect a police certainly you are that's the problem is that you're like you're like a king. Okay were on body. I'm not I don't mess around you know going to be harvesting heavy in that neighborhood but that's you know that's like the the frank cooperated pretty well for you. Do you Brett you proud of the dean's deny I was at the greens are little sons of bitches and they don't like knuckle grip on what you want it any kind of similar experience yeah. And wintertime thing. I was bag I was sprayed down my cold water at the time that's that's when you're in no way around you getting nowhere around at the end cheers no way you did you're liturgy spring cold water sugar and yeah regression bug yet. You Zach thank you guys ever asked. This COLT whose COLT to visit me that you're view it just was a cat affect how I tell everything else disappeared like Clinton. Who. Well I mean you know it's another thing meat but not a strokes yeah it's exactly right to method are we come as the tunic and dozens of wider than it has gone. I don't like that's what matters. To him and seriously what's the region with some girls like that line and expect a couple of poor tee we'd we want to put replete early did you like Richard gay and became a beach ball stripped naked. Photographer can look at. And I wintertime. It's the term hello commands though it was not. If a little mementos and say you got to see the photos oh yeah what I've seen him make two million fluff yourself in (%expletive) it up now a car. It. Nobody told you not to. It was really remember having read it. I don't know like well like a dog Pete like a baboon Hambrecht and let in the lipstick. It. I don't care I don't think my guns and none out and they had penicillin for that epic. Kennedy now in the wind I don't what was really burned out. Bartlett swinging he's been doing I told you not to lick it. Yeah. We this year fluff thing was in for your love scene different now my legacy so accustomed IE you know we film the most disgusting love scene in the history of our movies. And ethnic flat out tell you why. It's because my love scene in super troopers too is with department. Outs have there I know it was brought to fruition we brought this relation to show good literature review in making jokes swinging so but like with in the last year. Our lips have Glock. And how. For people don't know guys eat. You're that you know each other for since now I'll nausea and a long time I mean it's been coming for a long time is that tensions and Billy it's you know and it's funny because it's like when the issue of seeing you know you get nervous. German view. It's what you in the actors that you know the day's coming everybody's got circled on the calendar not you know not for any like to lascivious reasons as well because. As me and if you're heterosexual it's not. Kyle Busch sugars now man. I'm gonna make out with a guy yeah yeah oh yeah well also. And he had not just any of this guy Andy Reid and yet I and I don't pay it meant to give yourself over and be critical element to deal with these. So that's the thing you know like it's there like when you shoot real love scenes it is very easy to confuse the emotions you know you're there for six hours. Filming a love scene some of you naked in bed you're touching the credit that I am with you you you feel incomplete to deal get wrecked cars that are Israel -- people you know that you're grinding year you make you know over and over in your. They're also there are people around you select your if you knew that you're holding each other and being protected them to another half an amateur and the I electric Jack the cat and a couple things that milk and you know Martha maintenance is your duty to graduate. It's hard the sorry Larry and I could she would be offended if you weren't wrecked your weird way exactly correct but can they see people for a lot of yeah that's how co stars fall in love because of forced into this into our city and it just it connects especially if you have more than one love scene with the person and it's been out over the course retirement is that just. But not these co stars but no they didn't fall for each amount he did you still friends though not yet that friendly look at Venus became the mania and I thought our hardest and I are furious and he is you can ruin a French people can know that. It can get it on and comfortable they can't full penetration. Then I think it's. Yeah. Definitely expect that and by we I mean there was you know. How I would say this scene can beat. I quit I mean you know to be relatively quick but it was it it was half day it's. Let's make it out. No I know I love it started rain which changed the whole dynamic here and then it was like the notebook yeah. We're lately was that doesn't count. We earlier there was an outdoor scene in act really in the leaves via a when I start to rain like you Natalie brushed the hair if that's. Yeah so you know we get that don't Legends of the Fall of mrs. Eddie Sachs. Yeah I mean you know you really got to raise the bar for the sequel so that's initiative we have throws every cell phones like it I never did catch our second half sister kissing every sheriff did yeah oh yeah the whole crew was there and they're in a is that when you shoot when you should love scene with somebody it's supposed to be closed sent. Not a lot of cruise around on set and if they are there they have to be quiet and respectful. And not make eye contact with either you like you have to be comfortable finesse that your friends that these people you know already kind of yes some don't some of them yeah I don't waste water that's an organization that would love scene everybody was there as. And this is steal cage and I'm not just like oh give it to Atlanta yes exactly right all the rules out the windows as a the heckler shouting stuff us anything for the the right yes that's what makes you actually yes good quote no that's the problem that you sit that we eat that your mentality we're writing an inning for the laugh and you write it and and eventually you realize you two should do it to do. And then when you're doing like one errant yellow. Or teased into the fifties back back back to create an identity of the man. I know we once had an exploratory camera work on a really we found a vibrator. I do that with a camera and a threat we went hunting oh yeah I know you can litter it's agrees Americas as it goes independently zine as you can literally see the world. Is goes all the jump terrible documentary opening of the. He had good company but it's it's dark as he gets right to this winter and then all of a sudden because the little camera starts to Mickey in the end it was merely. Almighty he's inner sanctum so you had a camera. It has bought yeah I thought that we mr. tapper your. Career so far with the camera into this a radio show you know guys that we don't know about her music managers. Did you post that video so I'm sure you're out of the FCC. Did. An acute where you hear from and I think it's a kind of still seen as balls but that's. And when he's gone in some way that someone just left the bat what you show what you just got. This body you guessed what Africa. Could this I thought I'm not that's not what I don't wanna see okay are accessible. On eight months the months here's his deck yet. OK okay. Lot of parents and Hamas. Yeah go it's the screaming it I was hobbling his extra genuinely. And then just you know. Oh nice again you're every wallet back. In the studio. Because that's and he. She didn't fit piercing Emporia Godlington. All right you know he's he's never heard the end of global. And. No new. Don't think my legacy Janet they numb that they had him. I. It works that did it for the chemical and your kids. All of you know only there are. Humans and how does it feel now liked it liked the W I get rather. He. Added. Six months. Are. I. Yeah. Work also you liked it. Very excited about bringing it out he's having it coming out party it's fresh it's fresh yeah because he's this will be his first we are free. Has it make you feel. It's not the fact that. If here's the latest threat at like you swingers parties are you gonna be the magna and Alec are our kids can be like nine net. I'll. Be. In London eight. Are there are crimes or that you're swingers party and you just striking out and then your wife is just over the getting drilled by everything now. No Eagles are back when she goes to grow on me and she's debate. That's how they do it I never understood that either it's snow yet you don't want it Hewlett. Thank you throw her out there and then you guys some of the guys yell at a bankers. Ali that's all you guys are trading vagina. You're there it's vagina border. His confidence. You may look at him but he's got crazy and has accomplished if not kind in what he got an apparent. That. I can. How can. Her. It backpack. Yes we Iraq. I'm doing the show at them in years ago first show actually you brought live broadcast on Valentine's. So I'm sitting there with a off in a bar and we're drinking. And I see the hunkered he'd gone the route. Coming up if she's crying like what he'd do this we're gonna almanac as it is all bad I'm I'm genuinely. Game the debut when he was packaged in bottles of water if she's. You'd like yeah. Okay you meters he got as evidence that such as crime while you know what he punished or she's never gonna have it as good as you. Ever gonna collapse so shall roam the earth. The searching for your equal but she won't find just the Hewlett-Packard. I'm zero and oh yeah. Yeah. That's by the way to describe that camp and after a love scene. I a couple of bottles of water that pac man was like this get done and for a little bit earlier and I listen back to ninety improper there finally back and the boys and super troopers guys from club dread and all the movies that I was reading through this public. Him again due to hazard a dredge super troopers beer for. Then assessed a broken lizard yeah yeah yeah I am really closely each and as the best. Oh my gosh strings and no no connection with this new movie she didn't all that now. Non meant to you aren't you we're talking about doing the sequel to beer fest I don't know if you could crossing just could she so it goes oh she's great she's unbelievable she's amazing and you know it's just. How old is she now like she's getting almost nine almost ninety and she's a beautiful woman but yeah unity that oppose her for what you mean she was like a Miss America contestants yeah. And so we be out to dinner with her and she was telling us like such stories from 1930. I couldn't hope that. More like until you can you can you can give me a gift it would be a night like that I'm like. Tell us more if it I was about you know do we knew we were in new rock I think he ended up yeah that's what that's what it was yes I think she had JFK story. I thank god like Calvin Coolidge I have. That was a hit from behind and now we have another and that's what I was at and that's so great and we look like I'm John Daly but it's better than money than me. Yeah those moments like I've just insanity really can't believe I'm here right now what we. You know there's a scene and in and in beer fest where she's talking about how to properly chug a beer and by opening throat rates. And so you know she pulls a summer sausage camera and she's like you know let me show you on this thing in and we we stop her from doing right now we don't sit in the script. She was actually in the deep throat it and we built a a telescoping sausage. So she got her class. I actually like the magic trick yeah yeah them in in the prop I built it you know yeah there and I think like a weird is that now I don't know casts which and that's the one that that's the problem that she. She went good do it in her agent somebody was like no no no no no no no one's the that you're not doing that instance usually didn't want to do it. Let's think about your grandchildren music but I want to yeah. Make decisions which is garbage and India and asked about it. We noticed that the Germans were excellent drinkers yeah sure. You get that good most of the time let him little kids. John little ridge to be an excellent beer drinkers out there. And one thing they train I get them suck ups interesting high altitude training. And with the king in marathon runners at the apple hasn't talked to that extent Moses. Of the actual Germans could pretty much in and around. I'm myself and probably didn't leave school at least nine inches. Here it is bigger and they don't have to demonstrate that's and to let it let us to the German government and also practiced by drinking the you're kind of live by them. Who the way they can glands. Because it PH bounce now all because if you can drink who runs. Kick in until it's. I don't know but saying it perfect but it can back into old quality to him. A commitment and. Afternoon maybe that some of the finest dial in the interests of getting it did. And he's going to go break we'll come back and we've got like Hewlett and the Atlantic real quick you guys in sports no area yes and thank god somebody says yeah. It doesn't work from there. Call eight years. Score. Okay see with the school. Gonna fool all. If you worth Harley-Davidson north don't forget that 20000 square foot warehouse. 2018 models all the styles all the colors Harley-Davidson's. Fort Worth Harley-Davidson north I tween and south of the airport home the Chris here let. Good morning boy with the raiders thought they got a won twice. But they Adams stopped life. But in the end it Oakland touchdown pass with no time left on the clock there at Kansas City and 3130. I don't know whether the game I mean even even even than human that the calls at the end to go back and forth and it was it was compelling television. This is the chief give organs. Just look at do the weekend to rest up and then what extricated her neck with the Broncos. But the united Arab he just Marcia would come off the bench onto the field that looked like you get Marcus Peters out of the mass. With a greater records show up an official rejected from the game. Likely safety. A minimum 30000 dollar fine going to be suspended for a game that across McCain object that looked over onto the field and grab an official cost about a 100000 dollars. We're also Marshawn Lynch it was for the raiders he and market beaters that are friends of the chief. There's there's this where fresh visit Donnybrook on media on the field. And Marshawn Lynch is on the sideline ride out the field to kind of break it up and got to get. Peters out of the special set between them Marshawn Lynch grabbed the official covered by the collar kind of shut them. So he gets brought out of the game can't skip the trip on the official and so you like the preakness pretty epic fine and could be. I regret any of the I was in my front yard trying to sell them. I clowns consumers. And we don't exactly in my house for Halloween like I noted it was a football game that's unmatched music began using it didn't do have a good. Which I don't know its own I've never liked sports. That we can you judge could see your eyes right there I think it's time to goto at. I may be telling everyone in this town watch that game last thing but him. That. There. Produce setup I gotta get rid of the group. Does that only happened. The Dodgers beat the cubs and eliminated them from the National League Championship Series that's what. Our president and fortunately he worked. Obama well. They have Brinkley good news there all sorts tonight with The New Yorker rays got a senators tomorrow. Hollywood casino or underdog Sunday. Big wicket under course were on Sunday with Missouri Kansas played an exhibition basketball game. At sprint center. War hurricane relief that system at 3 o'clock in. I respect I got to Muster enough. Curt but what a student there your beloved next week for you to be back story. We're quite happy sure I'm what undermine. Yes you can double yes or any Latino blood. For the blood slightly. We're discussing are he beat them 23 immediately. I don't know I'm done and I want don't quite wet like it because he's secrets that you know in our pockets exactly what I'd like when you're gonna die or how it will definitely gonna you know I mean worse. It's so good at it shows all of your blood lines would any any new blood was introduced like in the literally within decades of the 7085. This bluntly came in this blip like him and wanna be and where it really gets down to like your two types of Neanderthal DNA backpack. I came in. Higher than 78%. Of people who ever taken this test I have more near the will be an L back. Yeah I did pure Neanderthal you know and I'm like Atlanta cave man and you think that the worst like if you could play negativity yes or something to break your neck. Murderer and I put it. But it's dangerous Johnny didn't throw he's befuddled me with a coloring book. I hit it off at. I was like come on man you're I want you might just because it's like everybody's families all war hero right here yeah there you find degree grandpa ran off with Nazi or something terribly yeah. Does that mean like if you know we got time machine and went back to the caveman times like all the neanderthals would look like you know. At a you to be their king and their circumstances. So I didn't cave man is pretty good at worst I'm just but like you know he's gonna leak everything that the gonna go back and projected an aids charity. This incredible human being threat and I'm like I'm Justin Tuck the Feyerick my dad he's become a buttery in the do share the company come on Ricky Wright. I would think there's great honor of being the king of the caveman. I think that's it'll be the original I think gay men yeah there are legitimate looking at the thick hearty picture right now are aiming at an error an adult his hair can't yeah yeah. Why make. Her case manager and her husband as well acknowledged his Puerto Rican heritage although I've gotten is that right by her husband actually got me in this business. The third 28 years ago Democrat country music hall of Famer program. Couldn't be whiter more buttoned up by a golfing likes extra starch in the pants. Everything is perfect game would you room when you met him and you were a child. This isn't quite a child but I wasn't at that she never lived away from her home with an accountant and. He how much Childers he he sixteen years older and and so were at dinner and just Kirk brown a lot of different people and I add to staffs and the question which has probably connection that's bad part. Erica again. If so what nationality are you knew. White. It might happen. I don't know. That you can have at 1010 years candidate known viewers an anchor and it's kind. Pancake man. There's a lot of beats. The Irish English you know whatever it is definitely got to get it spit into the twenty. It's you know it no effort and all that you can you know I get them. I used to even grown up in New York City and the Puerto Ricans there a little stigma attached limits so nice to share denying to my friends that I was Puerto Rican. And you know Thomas Argentinian and in the pro American embassy and you know parts have Spanish. And definitely at that everybody was mixed Kimberly got to this neighborhood became Spanish yeah exactly and like I literally I realized when I was like 33 years old. Oh my god. My friends don't know that important weekend. This is just our culture and I've been hiding this this whole time he's my best friends in the world. And then like I just kept forgetting to town to another five years. And they the guys tonight the united visit New York seemingly have to teleport polygamy announcement. Guys as my diet that's exactly what I've I guess as exaggerated ordering an incredible respect at a candidates I've been remembering its latest for five years and I keep forgetting like. I finally remember you guys. I'm half Puerto Rican and they're like no way at that no answers I'm half Puerto Rican they're like no way and I was like on here. Yeah I. But it's the in it just it's the gift that keeps on giving up our mind and the like you know the Puerto Rican day parade in. Thank you so quickly always told me I was apartment anyway because there is being racist I. Yeah. I honestly Jeff. But he used to ride with the use of some brown of someone whom brown origin and again. Mike we just read it depending on the date if it was anywhere in Ayers into the Miley was Mexican yeah sure agreed to leave Hawaii you know he was just didn't matter. Whose group with a cute and it just I don't implement this news and he denied he was Middle Eastern. And he twelve people who was French not. Really absolutely accurate like like changed and like France want like like that malevolent that I'd like is eight it was just it was in the eighties I think. Just the hostage crisis that I don't care you know alien world yeah absolutely at least and my family secrets run the gamut of child. Statutory rape really got all my dad's military right there England Norwich wrapped in a bar. Doesn't really understand these girls sixteen a crack. But. Also my mom was very beautiful was she sixteen. No and I had to address had to marry him and he says yes she he comes back there's still dating he still the base. In her friend this bill to kill off to tell you. On. Which appointees say he just throws up an XOX I. Guess how I was only 22 at Pitt and Mike. It's OK and then touched the worst he could do to some poor girl for me scoops up and it suitable they'll Arkansas well yeah so. You know you sure do talk funny and here's humidity you've never felt good. And it just so I find this out and public debt in Europe then and it's not like your dad you add sex without it ends like. Know times were different it was OK with children back a bit and that's just let me ask him it mom you war. How old was she when Euribor. I was I was sixteen I hit exactly analyze and entities that you couldn't have kids and I ended up to elder brother and then of course the three more boys came out. Bratton and I stuck with four boys yeah Redmond boys and I think I report or nothing but bookmarks and stains your underpants and four British caveman. She's a little bit from power of the classes at the right into that could even dream could rise to radio innocent and didn't admit that it. You guys if you just joined show by the way the show the really shows tonight at the abroad tonight and tomorrow night. You guys I'm so glad you're back yeah I major it really is fun to come yeah as the studio it's time what you meant. Sent about Schubert and yes I'm disappointed nobody was asked to be cameo. Malone. Lou Lou. Okay. Where we apologize Nikki took action. You would. Tension can be proved that we yeah. But we had a ton of because we had we crap and that thing rights we re like five million bucks on a tricky and you just I just seen it yet. And there we had a 250 people like that how much it cost you to get as good as extra and or there was a scene each word. There's only one guys had. Word. Yet on what happened what that was that like we we sold that runoff he get a line in the movie. And then he bought that I think for 101000 dollars and then we offered the second one up and immediately the screen actors he'll call us up in the like woo woo. Well yeah as you can't do that in the really you can't sell parts people when doing that firm. I know is on the funding side yeah it's it's. But cracked down on us what you Dick yeah I don't honestly doesn't agree it would fund money yeah great talk and have somebody help me glitz and you know. You can always makes somebody work situation right if it's a short little piece. Yeah oh yeah yep me Janet and together you and even an even if you cut the scene. He's still. Presented to them like he sent it to them digitally like here's your scene by the way and at the seams with far yet but at the bar yet and so they still get it here but there's like there's also like. 250. People write that came through X extras and whatever one of the guys have a show us by yet I came was in the thing in Boston which are monster yeah and but yet coming you know. Joseph facetime if you don't always in the first anchorman in the fight scene we I think was talked about this before was on Jay was in that he was on the news team. We will ask for all it's worth you have a look. It's because gig yeah I mean you can see him right I'm more pathetic than he is because I'll stop yet he can't stop it was my friends are over yet. Here's Jake Jake and I I'm I Wear my friends out about intrigue doesn't ask if you. But but but I I know a semi famous human. How does his performance and credible and that he can you bring a beige suit he had a baseball bat. I Wear my kids out. And anytime it's on TBS or whatever Brett. I haven't vulnerable and Obama and daddy don't really. I. They had captured this guy now avoidance. Absolutely won't talk but when it. Tech and made a movie catch and made a movie about the pine -- about George and I saw some. On for fox sports yet not a call didn't go well and he's a brother Matt yeah he's not like anything good for a real friend he's he's a Kansas guy Eric there aren't that the Missouri grand reminded us today it's a kid yeah Arizona history while those guys you know and William. Big slick which you guys if you ever get the oh yeah Garcia can't do it yes. Read into that chair hospital the children ask for a better hair and guides did you play the case you guys like sports you get the yeah on the actual field yeah and dies then there's a bowling tournament and then there's this huge auction and everybody is on stage it's sells out instantly yet and it's it's that's great it's pretty fantastic but not so comes in and just. You never know who's gonna show up but nobody gets. I heard about half that. Yeah it's weird that. Test yet we've done I mean we've done a bunch of NHL charities and it's pretty much the same kind of thing you wind up getting. At the end of like after all the events you get pretty drunk. Gloria Rudd pulls moms so Smart she bought their first year area just off the stage so you can all it seats for everybody. There were serving your makeup to loosened everybody up chair a judge became this ridiculous of it views and he could have been cooler rat and when you get your boomer teachers you know his brother. I was all right and who is which one is like I don't want the things I believe Brian Doyle right now probably millennia ago. Oh yeah Jessica. This seat I would audition like last year. And he was auditioning for the same exact part that I had Odyssey putter at the Bill Murray showed up and again sports. Yeah he bones by the speedway are minor league yeah where you periods. Own the team or someone that you. Is he the only team. Cink all there are okay independent that's even a minute he's. He's holy Grail is. If you can get him in packet supercharged eighty K apparently we try to get him in the first on right because it's an EU can't thank you doesn't have an agent or manager is calling the messenger and a telephone number yet. And then and mail response here yet and maybe not and he didn't have a cell phone until pretty recently and said he wanted to protect kids Audrey. Yes and I mean he is the holy Grail may be the funniest most elusive. The smaller light fantastic you know we all love him. And now he's shows up at a random wedding or basketball tournament walks into the middle and an old story about him and then we'll talk trash guys yet on EP. Yeah I. Yeah I think you know I mean this is I'm not supposed to do this but I think we we offered him a role in super in the original super troopers. And it was just like that like we. Reached out and then we get a phone number and then you call that phone Hillary did a month and then we like kanga. Yeah Thomas back. With. But as he is eastern and one of the great weird I can't tell they're really fun. Area needs people think is you know you guys are normal guys you can't you get to do what you look great comedy writer your friends I mean what can be a bigger gift in this world and then. Doing what you love and doing it would your friend. Yeah there but he's not you know I wish he was still making movies because he's not really I mean he'll show up now unlike. Like a Wes Anderson movies some make them play straight. I like and I would like a little more of the old Omar pitcher might get his get weird it got problems that. Rushmore. The death years ago yeah yeah I love that movie yet as a great we'll get the phone number column opera the those dot com I don't knock off one that was used yeah I'm gonna surprise is who writes the answer is do you yeah. Owners and there that's all really comes yeah I mean president really got down like what you ask immediately yet you know it's okay we reference it is you know you're talking about like our groupies that we get but we're in a comedy troupe we get true peace. And that and that's not a sexy is groupings. Who who. Who would say scores high should rupees from. He you meet you I think you all right what defense sounds worthy it looks I was the highest testing character and who troopers to. We have to come and can't say that you guys that but he only beat me by like two points. Well step you take the hits like nobody like you take comfort for the good of the that this of the movie yes yes think yeah. But he AE there women gotten they would mean you guys testing. I was as is I got you know recently I got offered a three way. It's clear and Rochester yes doing shows up there here and I and two waitresses. Offered to I mean they fled the owner of the club came up it was like these two waitresses they wanted to do you. And I was like ha ha that's hysterical and they walked up like a minute later and they said. They don't I'm married and their crooked and it is that it does that count as cheating if there's two of us to fact check back at. No. The answers about what this is the problem is we're talking about what happened on the on the Friday night yep and so we're talking about this all weekend you know like I'm. I decided. I wasn't yet married until I can do properly. So late I mean you know let my team and I have different T yeah. They don't like that late meaning I was never gonna I mean it's you know pretty much ever regret. Until I got that. And then I got you know married and I was like I'm not gonna amended as read American attitude and my wife but this is the dilemmas like yeah she has set my wife has said if you if you're gonna cheat on me should there be hot. I can't be embarrassed the people have to be able to sell Schwarzenegger run a lemonade stand if you got to Fort Knox shared risk reward works out here. She's doesn't you know she's like I want people lose say like OK well like get it now like he slept with Giselle have her back now I don't let me definitely particularly like to see it differently chick that I can see exactly me Ryan Gosling yeah. That but so you know we the questions like is does this three way with this count as like something exotic enough. I mean they work you know they weren't superstars. Will she give you a freeway when your wife they entertain. She would see Smart ideas Smart women okay. Think it would they never actually do it but they keep you on the line under it hurts like nailed it would like to get back at it now we're not stop why you know I don't know I mean she's you know she's. Liberal enough collection was like in my bachelor party. She said you know I would rather have you if you're gonna have sex and revenue is due with a hooker. Then neither girl and do it that way when I say you've said that from the beginning no emotional connection and you like it means and that doesn't mean anything to that we're trying to do it doesn't call right. We ratified Mike. Had sex with just a stranger and never to see him again. And again yeah. They're crazy out I'm like you know it's not all right I get that at that makes more sense do you I did it does but I'm like. He's chairman to motion anyway so they know. Thought he was really emotionalism. Like really opening up what you thought letters handwritten letters of ID you know he's deeply. You've you've you've you've crossed the chasm of mine and he said that's what planet like I just wanna tell you improve every kid but I. And yet a and it's up for a. About it and that's the thing that's so we saw with these with these two are you back Willis I mean you know because when when two women are on either side of you offering. Themselves to you that's a very powerful thing and I felt like a real life like a snowflake. Like that night like handling I didn't do anything. If brown and me we hung out Canada hires for the hotel travelers are we talked in that's like the philosophy of that you know like OK it's its three leading off for T this is this is an exotic creature it's not as good as getting it but it's good I mean there's something satisfactory about. I was asked cheer went all right listen yes so there was still another night in the again and and so. I you know I was like OK listen up because he also are gonna have to say no to the two women and it's like then you're like what kind of Amanda mind returning for his cannon is announces. This is the unicorn you know and so like I but I sent like the waitress came into the backstage as a lesson. And ominous sound totally weak here but. You know when I got married I think I took about all to myself to. I can't I can't do it at and Micah and and the one interest is was like you know I like I feel really bad like I felt guilty you know for like. We'd like for offering Mecca like I would think about all day like I'm really sorry we should have done that. And as I know I appreciate that now and she's like measures like but the offers still don't know. I. And then so there is back on again like you now I unison and I had to go at the end of the night as I listen I really you know I appreciate it flattered. But I can't do that like you sure and. You bet I do it well I wouldn't I'd screw it up. I would. Even if that was the Cape May the guys Louisiana throwing them what I come on every guy who doesn't want. But here if you know if you feel like if you can get up and you can get that at home that's a potential situation area then you know. I would've porn hub just master. He's excited not amateur Greenway it's like. Yeah well you know like my my thinking is because in my wife and I have been like we've been approached about it before. Then he retired like now on this night elected a risk the fact that like. It could cause problems like. You're really in love well I love my wife apartment yes. Are really really had no malice or did you think so many people don't marry the right person and well I don't know that I married the right person understood. You know I mean should they choose an awesome lady see in two awesome kids there. And like and that's really also if you like you can do you like you can tell you really your most of the time I am right there tyrants Rangel enough that she's she is Mike the ultimatum you're gonna give it to me twice this week and you're talking unicorn. Skirts have to put in print literally as opposed net last weekend so I'll go if you do this thing tonight we're doing it at twice that I got it out. Twice this week good for you and I do when it after the football game it's gonna happen before the chiefs came before we leave this could free you don't you wanna after the big game when Michael that testosterone coursing through your body motion limited aspect and making a slap. I think I can go first thing in the day so I know I'm not getting hosed on this deal I just put off the fines and a dealer I've been drinking now is here is. That's and just seeing it so that you enjoy. They are full and hurtful in girl. We get you don't take a run at that but yeah it's when you talk sometimes and anal and in the works of land whatever. And you and and it's not exactly give you like. But it's. It's I think you've come up on the outside looking in to at least I mean you were three where you're you know this thing and all the not but yeah. You guys not trying hard enough. Hollywood is asked men and I'm not going and is now tonight and say we're doing anal twice the you haven't committed any decent amount try harder and that's what we're giant steep it yeah it. Economic front doorstep. Oh email so you didn't. At the assault battery. As you listen to this number. The growth. And excessive on fancy things happened that magical and the significant. And I know she's very very nice but it. Now. There's that thought. But the but we're not my numbers were not a spike. It. I think anal is overrated and their at their I think that the vagina. Vagina as an Oreo cookie and that heinous is a hydra. I. Pressure. They told you could never have I've got a really when I'd that but I had to hide rocks cookie cook in it's not as good as the Oreo and things like why go to America. You know why go into the mean it's been ignored the vagina yeah. Simply because you're not supposed to be we'll all we can't penetrate to supplement the Greeks though they say the front is for babies but the back is for pleasure. Really that's what degree. In Greek this hold the Greeks and savings. Bank and it and they say that Internet that is automated and act like it couldn't happen. That was the damning those guys those cigarettes and bunkers he they're like. What day it was nothing for a uncle and your your Jewish kid under it arrivals to get your son of a day here he's nines Tanya knows yeah yeah it generals feel a little leader you know cinema to the wild. Look differently at a as I its recent girlfriend who you know like she was she issue in the first when they did in all but she was like. Let's do some anal and as it all right. And so you know we did a bunch of times and find who at one point. I was like you know. They do you like this. And that's using nobody you seem to at all I didn't look for. But region was it for a long time was an issue before his marriage with a girl here locally. Is she couldn't orgasm and list it was anal and I took us. Critically Kevin and there. It's critical. He goes home to just not cool after he was like. You really bummed about the altogether we definitely yeah I'm like these are demands that it does to people. You don't understand that's like too much. Pat pat pat jail yet okay. That's. I have an NCAA Nina Easton he needs an anal in your life. What do you honestly I haven't I am area and now again. Two jags win these you can. Steve can speak folks here it comes the problems we can you see Johnny do your argument to cabinet and the ball. Twice and you listen you know top bottom of who leads it it's not again on its share idea at this point I'm like anybody else is what the compliment event. The game and watch it goes in the bathroom like now. If you think means to me for you'd. Thank you I appreciate that what what was drew you to me just compliment. Just tell me which I can sense of cave man you I don't know if Hillary didn't even five is foolhardy. It. I steered myself in the mirror I'm not advocating I was looking for crow menu and yet. That bomb before had to help before so we'll see seizes my Cranium it. Yes that's perhaps. Not a it's not cool. V I'll hide my passion now it's slightly Latino blood and that would be you know you can be cool is like. If you had the only motorcycle and cave man times have not. And you just arrived in the economy. I'm 78%. You. Know that's pretty Nike morale of your as your top progress in 78%. Abruptly exactly right. Monologue that 1% said it because that's right. Knuckle jagr MC that's threatening. I'm not watching the knuckles drag it. You sow good seed again I really about to let you guys came right. Yeah you guys. Have to do and you don't always just been so I appreciate very much later on apparently got a huge damage I can't wait for twenty. It's been awesome to get the movie this weekend guys don't forget in prop tonight tomorrow night don't miss the show it's going to be an incredible film. Your favorite blizzard club dread it due to appear that the super troopers Kevin M Steve back me. Really really good gentlemen the president and accounts in. That part about the comments that you guys are such good comedians are so good at what you do it's been friends a long time. Yeah long time a longer time humor in it like we're written on that yeah you know I hit it anywhere you but it's so hard you're worried that you won't. Fred we try our top of that today about how am I Cameron last time we've had the fight we I mean it's definitely seek out him lazy mean we can't fight anymore. I don't know you know I think we're just older we've mellowed out at her hand we have the unit and Kevin and I I can remember like one or two. Good fights that we've had yet but where you jet fighters now there are other fighters but they haven't had a broken is it a creative meeting last week we've we've witnessed the can't fly. Yeah two little less funny what's not funny yet yet this was something else. Enough and we needed to do indeed this is look at not human nervous lately actually looked like he was getting hot yet I did have to go legitimate go to bat in my left. Brett and I came actively where we're at to have like a really big sort of complex and in the in the office there and I came back I can hear the right. But I guess there was some Honolulu. Now Iraq is not funny it is funny well that is so that most of our our fights like well I know it's funny well I know it's not wanted back at half staff at. But money and we can do Tommy Chong and she's there and you know how they're due back in their cool with each other we know to be forever but yet you know I mean ego and money to apart yeah. And then I that we Leone money Symantec and definitely making money and power. You know he's got every coming out you know yet things and I come in anytime and always gives you. Morning she.