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Thursday, July 26th


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The reason but I ride motorcycles. Was a little TV show called happy days in the coolest human beings I ever thought of ever imagined everything from girls to. To being the greatest dancer in and winning at all to do you know Japanese motors and the parking lot and Arnold's. He was without a doubt the greatest jukebox smoke and fantastic girl kiss and character in the history. Of in my childhood and the very reason I bought my first black leather jacket and bought a motorcycle. Bonzi the character the man every week. Born October 30 in Manhattan New York. Our next guest is without question one of our favorite people in the world. From this iconic work this Ponzi on the series happy games to his work in such films as night shift into the screen. And that water boy in such series as arrested development and Children's Hospital. Not to mention authoring the award winning I think it's it's their books it's now. You can see him a season with a hit HBO series Berry is available on HBO HBO on demand. Please welcome longtime friend of the show. Oh mr. Henry weekly U Magnificent. Seven will be. Just wait your turn ear right now an email me if he always everything. That are now that your. Thank you thank you and I look forward to our chat always. I really do. I'm so happy for you get to the seasons come and offered for Tuesday picked it up and and Barry's gonna happen some more which I think you. Do you make me laugh that because I can tell me if I'm wrong but in my head I'm 100% sure. That you are channeling every terrible acting coach ridiculous thing you ever heard on your way up through new York and L. Absolutely. True. From the New Haven and Boston. In New York City to LA. Yeah and then it would I believe that it got fourteen nominations. For any. But everything you do is good like that everything you do is good to weird and fun and Smart. Well I have to say. I am I'm very blessed in that you know I auditioned for up dictator and Alec spurred it to guys who runs issue. And. I am now a proud member of that ensemble. Because they're awfully bloody on the show are heading. It's so great I mean and and they show you respect and they love you because you well hey your great actor beat. You may be even better human being. You know I'm I'm not sure about I I would love to take credit for that. I don't know that my children would actually say that it. Maybe my youngest son. Are who rightly idolize the meat but the other two. I think flying usually. Well. I say nobody ask what they did to get the boot thrown. That's true. Or anywhere and I certainly went fishing in Italy but. I think boot through it. Actually I didn't throw it where I food in her fists didn't. I would never hurt her but I watered up already. Gotten off. On the river down there a generation not social. So good man that your life is so good at that everything's been good. Moment that really is we have a new puppy X eighty. He's six months old she is take our Lambert Google actually chocolate or. Oh my god what a little girl. It's so funny it's if we do you know my dog comes to working every day has for seniors and died and now I bought that lane disgraceful and is what we call the thirty acres and four new ducks I was following around yesterday it and until those guys have been opened you know watching them the deer feeding the deer the turtles the box. And that I feel this two maker of a parked filled with cool way. All Mike that's spent. So much fun he can kick variety of these sit by the lake and just meditate outwards. Homers yeah. If they meditating you mean drinking and throwing fish food yes. Yeah they go. Everybody got their power that everybody got their own way to magic. It is that it is really nice and I know you find that same thing up you know when you get out there in the middle of God's country here on our errors in excess. And my my ear hole. Your whole way to live change. You know everything that other issue. He's washed away but that's out of the roofer. Natalie with all my heart when I ride motorcycles were getting rid of the Nova Scotia after Sturgis will go do that. You know risk Kosher vote. Good people out there are sold locally. And the wind is the wind blows away from. It is something great about it I think you have a similar mentality like I you rightly used it. Here's you have so much going on shall anything you wanna do so many ideas that are opinion around. You know and then when you're doing a singular thing that you need to concentrate on you can lightly. Called those voices and just do that for. That you know that is still true because on the you get stressed out about whether it's real it's not it doesn't matter because it really does affect. You're feeling yesterday I opt for the perhaps the day I solidified your old. I couldn't focus I felt sand I felt like I I didn't I wasn't centered. And then I just worked my way back and then was able to plunging into the rest day. And ended it with a great Vietnamese meal. It reminds me going to Vietnam and I phone that that the soup in the morning. Oh all my goodness with debt look at short mustard. Oh lord I'm going back right after this entity. If you look at the mirroring the knowing sitting on these little plastic stools these weird little alleyways which made it ten times better. And her eighties didn't even they didn't speak English at all and anti just kind of hand them some money. And and they knew I just kept eating so many bowls of this stuff that they they they struggle to meet straights like it Hillary but I have one more pleased and yet it's so good you cannot. Lately you would like broiled meat potatoes and cabbage carrots. All my goodness I'm telling you it was really it was a great cap birth to a median today. You should let you let's listen let's go to Vietnam you enduring no ironic co Q is this Turkish foreign come off you you are getting. Entering you know. At this moment I I am so busy we are writing a brand new book by Parker. We saw just sold in the series thanks it's. The world's greatest under achiever is done. Well we've written thirty novels. From first grade to physically. So they're done and Allison were writing a brand new ones and we have a deadlock. And then I'm going to New York because. I am pop promoting Barry on HBO. You know and talking about troll now. What happened we all law with a thirteen and the first time I was nominated 1970. And I never got a chance to actually gave that speech I wrote so I think I'm going to assume that speech if I would if I. From nineteen sort. As you win that proves there's a god and I'll go back to church. Okay. You you wouldn't. Think I'm Kathleen anymore I'm just mostly guilty. Well you. Are well built calculated on the night is that interest thing. It is that what god gave to keep it in the lying. He gave us all of its bouncy and then guilt. I think I I don't know why it's good for but. Sort of we all have it no matter where we come from all. My god grew up Catholic within Lilly told you if you touch completed you're going to jail and I realize it but 1920. I'm there's no reason to stop masturbating because there. And hold it hold it are you telling me. That I can now actually touch it. I believe from 72 years. Oh and who I think being shaken man known him for so many years my. Well let me just tell you I am now. Standing at all. At that. So I could tell this story I thought about you because you're so incredible. At it it relating to children and seeing things through their eyes. So in this is that really true story I'm so he that's worked on the shall forever. His parents who take these crazy vacations. And they be doing soccer camps in soccer away games and try to doubled in two. Vacations and his mom wanted to catalog so she suddenly put them by some suit situation let the old style film cameras angle smile. And Hayward you goofing around or whatever and he would then tee it said no smile really aggressive within. And then. He was trying to smile but it would come out super goofy and somehow this and so many times. As they we didn't realize for years. The reason let's win the pictures he's really trying to smile he and a smile. If you ask him to. Oh my yeah. I thought my god what it children's book the little boy who couldn't. My L. What how was it a muscle thing or just. 88 personality thing where. Eighty literally couldn't do it if you if you ask him on the next. I asked him right now it looks like he had a stroke and a medium not trying to halt the one side goes out and it's in his eyes can't smile it doesn't all smile together. It just it really is because asthma yelled at him so many times. Is that right. Or the country and that that that we combined with vacation time in yellows and between games we do different sites at the moment pictures from Harry's. And that we retired against us is that on this a good friend bought smile. Smile Hamas ma didn't get smile. An engine that I think that I go to a giver like I was is that no it's not like your hat like you're enjoying yourself and that he told you spent. Exactly that you spaces that the camera every time. And it came section and at the with the and to this day he's like that that. Like I would agree children's book of course I wanna have a happy ending the children's book with the dealers to smile at. You know like you know it's so what you should write it. Let's I I wanna I almost went passes to use a few things that because you're the one you really get. Well you know how last night part of this morning we're not going to see her. And probably right up page 100 into. If you are. But you know I love you so prolific in you have and the best time and it's not like you working because you're afraid you're not going to be able to pay your rent you work because you can choose to if you love your creative and it makes you happy. Yep that it is one other element that I truly understand. And I understood that prolonged time. The moment you're not relevant and I don't mean famous. The moment you stop being cost effective. You could be effective as a tutor you could be effective it grandparents. You could be effective arm up at your shop that community. Either no matter where. That might mean you stop being effective are believed future light up like a race. I I honestly think it's the most important thing to do a whole time. While we would appreciate. How we collect articles aren't just come from Mexico. And they would then there and you know they would it was like. They all find that they went fishing again. And one of them is still working and two of them had retired to. And what happens dad. Seriously just to music. Idea. There's so much time Natalie I don't know what to do. And I'm telling you in unless that demand figures out. Something to do doesn't have to go back to work projects something that gratify him to do. See our democracy in here. I could not agree more I couldn't dream I leave here. And I but the point now I'll leave here we hear what I thought I got a bunch of old 1950 bowling Alley slabs before the demolish this one in Kansas City remains. Had a vote would go on the hourly yet. Yeah okay. We've made six tables shuffle board sixteenth for my house kitchen tables like dobbs moved out of that I thought in 1973. Vietnam mere propaganda arms and we turned him into liquor cabinets or one. You know we're we're you know put and that's the way you're getting heavy equipment building bridges but the but the point is only that. What makes me happy he's creating stuff. Right right right an and it's different for everybody the only thing it. I'm most important thing you can do on the error I believed that the granddaddy of them at all. He's not kill somebody. And figure out. Why is going to. Legally. Armed sparks you war. Com your imagination which will keep you shortly which will make your entire bean field. Post surgical and you go to. We will leave the seventh the Tuesday. I believe the books at one and that will be here we'll get there late Tuesday night will be there Wednesday Thursday into Friday morning and that I fly to Portland Maine. Meet the bikes take the ferry Nova Scotia and then work our way back across Canada to Kansas City over the next nine days. While away now let me just say Portland or Portland Maine. That the other end of the country are Portland. Are the Portland oddly the in the northwest. Variously German restaurant. That might be one of the great German meals I'd tag anywhere including sure. A huge traveling head and lead the show you know you you know. Well at the moment this show is doing what. We're not doing it again. I have an inkling. That better late than never is toxic. I. I just I just I mean that traveled choke people talked to me they really can't you know DP artist. And our they have watched it about six or seven. Postseason. It just makes them that happy relaxed. Jerry Brown truck and make it. I actually didn't know they had to lay and that's why did it. Guys object code too old Terry Bradshaw these yeah that shock he's big and it's a big. It was small cabin. You know I mean you know he looks like one of those cabins that they put Arnold lake which explosion. The ice pitching. Yeah that Mary. Respect cabin unease over there a particular close. We've got to get to Kansas City or Sturges and really do wish you'd meet as VO if it's for real you overcame Mike Mike Allen of the full throttle salute the biggest motorcycle bar on the world. We would take care of accommodations we put out. Either a tour bus or or one of the good cabins up their particular which everything was taken care of and and people would view. You know what I have to say I'd bet is on my bucket with a leading a pony. Four Broadway. Having my age my children and my grandchildren. Are healthy. And meeting their potential which sometimes. With. It is certainly got I didn't feel like that might have. That's dumped a bucket list and being Sturges. Do you imagine if you were to put on the jacket. And just. We keep it very small industry cameras and just. Point and outward of people when they see you and just watch the faces they realized the iconic character. Easy in Sturgis because that is without a doubt one of the most enduring love to. Revered characters ever played in American television. All of those other human being might might images that the human beings and sturgeon. Are judged. Hard court and off you would be. It's those very much but there are people who simply. They did the all inclusive resort is not what they're looking for. And it's a ticket it's really touching stuff to that would put ballad has its big bar. It is a tree and people will that they've lost a friend whether beat cancer motorcycle action or whatever they've been printed they'll bring your helmet no and it treats. You want to know. Trees grown and there are trees you know helmets that they're 3040 feet now. And I'd. I see people desperate ashes of the throttle I've seen people get married if I've seen people meet each other come back until it when we felt a level we're going to be married. Friendships you know. Well I'll call. That at Sam's on me. It's beautiful it really is beautifully and I love the fact that. Most people don't understand it but once you do there's a real brotherhood there real just a sense of freedom nobody's that nobody was tough guy. It so it's you had that they would hello. Oh you know what it sounds like I really weren't that would be just an amazing thing I still. Dear friends. From BP arms that culture of. That gathering yeah that it you know opposites attract it would be like some basic. I say you are New York. I think you have to travel I think I loop freedom I think you you love you're not the normal guy you're not you're not this year a coalition to Omar munchak and up for a week you're. That stroke you know that's drive drive that that the I go buy it almost every game that you play your thoughts would you use you're secretly. You know what I think guys I mean I I've not gotten. Not being not humble but I think that I am seeker. I do look for. Saint Pete essence of the fought. That it could remove herself forward that is true. Too much love them I'm so happy to be educated and I look I look forward to these checks. Such a wonderful man. They hope to see you soon Henry. Thank you need to. And just give my best to everybody that you're talking to. I will degree Henry weekly he's trying.