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Tuesday, March 20th


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Our next guest could not be two more different people one is the world renowned tenor of the world famous moonlight bunny ranch and the worldwide FaceBook. The position of prostitution. The other is at 29 year old now former Virginia who lives with his parents and was looking to put some lust in his life when he answered our phone range Valentine. At that time he didn't win mercy was taken upon he was flown to Carson City for the experience of a lifetime. Please welcome longtime friend of the show Dennis Hoff and our new friend who has become a may have. Oh excellent. Tennis off this morning in the buddy rich confidence building better. You're still very nearly 5:30 in the morning I know you guys were out late last night Allen's flew in Italy you picked him up come to tell me what's what's been going it. Well if you're get picked up and put away from the big also order or break through what he rare. We're didn't get a little like you did this history trachsel who sort of got introduced him to force we got him this is done but she's sweet. He's so sweet warm oh it's beautiful hook yeah it does sort of a hypothetical blood sort of what it is like a dozen girls. PR guy and that we all over where wrestler. And you know what I walked in there are that these. Two coaches but totally clear and what irritates six foot or the edge and they'll just slowed mothers living. Large person. Well believe me. Beautiful this purpose for next to each other's with a weighted list of what she should talk feature all they've moved over. We put out trick between them. Well we know busy lunch or is great time the next thing I know they're they're they're back to race. They have a threesome go to guy went from not doing anything at all if I go from zero to 200 miles an hour you're in a split second. That they had a police are jealous yeah. I never done that would be too he said if it says it. There have been looking he'll fit typically like in my situation where I lost my virginity. You don't vote you're with a dislocated in had to work my way up there over the years of probably twelve years later when first saw this guy purpose at the top. A lower and go from here. I I don't know what you do after that mean. I assume they were with each other rare to find out yet but at the girls are with each other how many times do away with what they did Alex sold its. Well then it gets better because it did of course peace. Her goal percentage here and there and there. Want to go over this pickle they're in a few hours later I moved in the back of the Ruble hit. And there's other important. That they had another great card put up what they think someone took this guy out there let's look as they pushed Reyes. Is that there with a certain pride 200 girls look you've been to tour with me what is face first where it's that we look for a lot of prayer to do would be kicked get rich. This guy would consider potentially every girl I told of what you won't listen. Does your who told people the social failure and I've there we go what you're eight Alex didn't get re hopefully would refute your remote. If yeah and they did well but you can't quit talking now he he cannot quit talking. If it. Dignitaries and the girl the girl what we'd like him can they let us sit bills. Even though he's a parent yeah. Well I don't know what the vision thing but wouldn't say he stole our own people outside. Yeah watery or torture around and create. My god you think about that what will you still have to whom we've had you know healthy sex lives. And did you think you know even when you first got without a woman like really could see her up close all the parts and pieces in the beauty. A little and then you think about who he's starting with the lights on those girls are no way shy and there I mean that it's all there everything yet you know. We know worker we have we might have had intercourse we certainly didn't get all that day he must have received last night. Though that we would start their Little League he's started these workers that the World Series is here. So they come yeah this is because look get particularly go to this site. In and look at that you're safe and and should do well yeah it is like if they're good at them you're gonna wash UQ so. Is this. So the Google lucky guy can't think about Soviet. I told you before he will come back there he'll be missed for mr. personality. In the wooden ball country girl. And can I think they're just you know that's what's gonna happen here so it earlier we got a wonderful. Go through talking you'd. It was sitting here and. Let's let everybody in the room. Hundreds of people he turned Bruins beat the percent we see you guys. Good morning mr. darted to home size at all but it is it loses its position as is Alex. Yes. Oh cool good morning Alex how are you. It could it could do Allard they're competent. Sort of drew. Rave reviews. How do you. Having a three way with those two girls Alex. So weird I kind of came and was very. Go to a slow old. I was going to be shown around and you guys going to be taking care serve like let. Dennis currency pairs so also with that I kind of I feel like there's almost kidnapped. I he'd do they kind of both threaten our very well what Hayward going but Lou okay I'm okay with this. We there's a secret bear. You must have been you had to be pretty nervous. Extremely selfish thing to do in the room and then they take their clothes off first or do you did you hear close up how does that work. They had me. They are he actually pick up my clothes. I'll have you been naked in front of a of a woman in a romantic situation work. The sworn factually. And and I was told us he's that was the most founders Larry nuclear bomb what in the group. Today PGA kid and it's gonna that's a little that's you know that's a moment right. And then they then nodded. That would not have adequate water so what happens and then they get. Birchard dumber he checked make sure I'm not rest he beat Britain. Com showered the regular. Old man and he. Or eight to let me have fun. Yeah so put it that that's the first time in person you'd see girls like that make it like it their vagina everything their breasts at everything yeah yeah. So was it that wouldn't rule what was your reaction that I mean what did you think was it like he thought it would Niemi I know you obviously don't mind you see videos and pictures and I'm like that. I don't think we're really thinking at that point. It's the Arab migrating water work right now. And they took control. What where did they take then they took control. So. I know you have sex of them today hit it within within each other. I know. Unfortunately temporary art. When you see you when it's time does that mean you finished. I didn't know we heard about one hour work together. Collins today. Go ahead how you go Howard last five minutes. Nerves. That this thing. So it's got it either if either real soul or take so long for our civilian and number or Dave Watson I would also received. Right right itself so you could do all of this and then you come back out and you know I'll hang out then I heard you guys ended up back in the room again. Yes and what went down that time same same situation. Know our ball. Wobbles and mark are bubble. What those guys will get about took. Yeah. Wait a video video. Oh my cell personnel you're out there on the balcony together and it beat its anything else that that does happen that you need to share with the class. I thought massages massages so. How do you feel now did you feel like he's kind just gotten over that hurdle and and you understand that it's. Your your normal their normal everybody's normal mouse it's not such a big deal. I think it helped you then yeah it just talking. You don't. You do realize you are them like they are people they have life days. A lot of them do others well yes or whatever would just sit back. As Alex falling in love this this is a problem with the bunny ranch they're gonna get there and like I did is lose like opens when you glib and and. Can't can't bring your stories about people wore them and they came back after I remain orders they came nowhere here Mike. Is he trying to send me your best cities like Haiti right here argue that hurdle viper does. Yeah. All the better or if you think he's. You are you argue are in the grip my friend this is. This is you is a slippery slope that you less so you. Your blood that they get another day I'm sorry duke on the another day. Listen I need it. Here's the worst part about me I'm so boring I was most excited about talking the Bob's in mood is showing pictures of my god and don't. I think it's important idea net. He met Bob left side there. All the work that side to all of you did it it would go appeared to be very good this is your big big budget pictures that. Within the bureau pretty simple how to do it they're in football they're a bit but but but if you pull outfield say. It certainly pocket differed there. You know who's coming to a tell me just get this care that terror and national. Yes that's true payloads now. So era and to help homeless dudes and ladies color hotline. So much about them. I can't Bobby get tagged. Why in the book again are more will be cut back I think it's hard to my I gave my remembered. I don't have them are fine I wanna go longer. Not that if Clinton hadn't been to the beginning. I had so much and I like you're thing we did talk like really we just like I had a great umbrage taken about people people are little bit like. You know does that the satisfaction. And about me accompanying. Hi team and you know correcting and we had a lot of fun. I thought I had more fun than both of them really I could dump about I'm about deep sleep like I'm on a wall I'm I'm on a couple months. See this is the key though is and I mean when you get to be 28 years old in the sex is of course that the best part but. It is about hanging out and feeling comfortable and and and you know you guys making him understand he's an attractive guy and he's a cool guy and there's nothing wrong with a little. And that's the confidence that. You know I was trying to explain to somebody about how Smart you girls are out there or not it's not just about intercourse it's about how you make somebody feel. And big and very rarely and that will be tied and we felt a lot of thought that he can go in. Please when and where you know like you're playing a look at cool you know what I'm on my leg up in numbers but there's been a big compliment you can't. Help it out it was all. That is of great off the bubble yeah well above us. I'm Margaret street rip the big thing for. Well listen I say this was a complete success Alex. Just promise me you're not gonna go home and off your parents for the inheritance just to get some more money all right. Yeah all we take you. Wondering from there's going to be crying racist crap we're in that little armor are saying. This is the way you do what you gotta do bridge got a bit killer shoot out Haitian. Harry how are you young lady. And yet I get my at this. Man he's no longer theirs anymore or you could really happy guy with a big smile on the face now. A lot of fun me and campaign acquired from popped above those little bubble bath at the great video guys slapping him a big hit. Almost. I did the doubly so yeah. You assume that you yeah brings space you and what would you think he seems more confident that you think you answered all his questions about I'll. He's blocking with the pet and that now he's yes down we. This is he's gonna come back to Kansas City and he's he's he's ready to mingle. This is fade I. You can get him out I get there I got you know walked out. Well you girls are doing the lord's work. And I appreciate it is he's a great guy. Yeah he's good he's good news bad threat. Is it in depth study. It came down just exactly exactly like this so that would do as I can say I had a blast. It's certainly Albert does very quickly what would you do if your form a right I think look at. What we're gonna put these two hot girls are beautiful Veracruz is put our little with a purple and usual your course that you peer. It's just talking to people. Yes you're great you know that's exactly he's he spoke with more girls last night than he's ever talk to in his entire life. I mean going from real strange ranch all those girls all very sweet all very kind people at all I'll be just very genuine with a. Well I think there's a failure of so definitely right everyone remote who took turns with the built our social they're you know. And birdies you responded amazingly he. He's very championship public and I still got to go look it. Well the kid thank you enough magazines and it's one thing that you know. It be part of this sit in in can be so generous with your business and everything but it's another thing completely dented take your time and spend the day. And and then your evening and just have really made sure there was that experience and that I think you brother very very much as it is really. And I will focus thank you thank you so what's it was the owners. So let's what does this includes you are really gilded didn't those kids that he loved the story of little girls showed the decision together. Well don't tell Libby knew this. Alex plus. So I can bring people are nice and signed up actually. There's try to make sure to wait for. Are there actually gone back on our hand I'm better no friend of your guys any way yeah. Yeah CJ zone where temperatures are Purdue Purdue or maybe bigger yeah yeah Peggy would you say hey the bank. If you wanted to get it here we knew we gave people on the net is sure your says. Okay yeah. And there's. You didn't know what her a little better because that's the struggle overzealous thing. Here I guess she got down with him he was you know let's just say here. And I end of the bargain if you do then he did. Let those let that light at the end of the tunnel. You've got down here it was I heard the whole story about Q thirteen Q what this guy. Yeah he is he is a free. A little bit. So we've seen these great surprise of but he got the food rewards do work with a lot of GCCs to look look at a lot of fight a beautiful perfect fit this that. Bodies. We got rewarded for me no doubt about it listen I don't think he hated all that much. We were both their. And yeah. Actually it's easy we'll. Still do that don't do they did JJ got further into. Not faster don't go faster faster and written a hundred I think I remembered period belt now so. Well I. Absolutely had to field. I think you care it should know you are wonderful beautiful girls you are amazing. That Genesis is always love you brother and Alex YouTube you have to come home now you actually have to get on the airplane got mobile. Know you've been had he. I thought I was kidnapped. Here roving reporter the body well. Alex the bartender from them everybody registered they're guarding its real life. You have a barefoot declared for video what the barbecue or.