Friday, December 22nd


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Hopefully I can help much. Probably we would you call it Google didn't care about myself. Who's Vincent you really smiled. Our group move you and I would really figured if you don't do it without feeling they're here we're certainly. They're Christmas. Very confident group and. 22 years of Kansas. So would you. And they Johnny dear morning show. Sluggish starts. Writing this letter because. My came in dire need I'm married to a wonderful man that would do anything in the world for. Meteoric our kids he was injured and actually working is unable to return to his job. August period he said eight back surgeries. To spinal fusion use to Rodney Bolton is the axis hips. It said he was construction and. Moving a giant pipe went bad on the yet. And that. Do get some disability and let them. That's never gonna be enough you know. Kids and in guarding knocked out of work she works but unfortunately. She's had some recent changes she said my ten year old daughter Gloria. Has been sick for the last 67 months and doctors couldn't figure out what was going on. So finally she was admitted to children's mercy on October 17 where doctors diagnosed her with pancreatitis and Crohn's Disease. That's an awful. I have two friends that would that it's just here. Since that particular time off work to stay at home health care for error. The medical bills doctor visits and time off work it's it's been stranded a family where the middle of trying to move to more affordable housing. Cents. In the meantime electric and heat are in jeopardy of being shut off on the 21 of this my definitely do I need the money to would be shut off by. Have to figure out deposit enforcement threat at the new place I can check on that it was their good sides and down to a 500 dollars month that's a place. I've no idea where Christmas welcome them. Thanks for reading my letter I greatly appreciate. Isn't it. So now I grew up I had a you know there's four of us kids my mom and Edward in my work to nursing homes my dad you know he worked in. Actually sales. If my shall have to my father moved away with him that's how we grow my mom worked at the school my dad worked in a factory if I mean he could've gotten hurt any day coming up today and it was him what would happen. Mean they're just. There was nothing now there's no way. It use it is such a comic strip that that's part of the beginning of hope for the holdings was really. A letter exactly like this you realize there's only so much. Are so many organizations out there to knit and they're all wonderful they're all trying to help people but what about just. A normal life like this 12 everything is okay you're getting by you're gonna paycheck to paycheck for the most part but you're gonna get there. And you take away one component that you need your car breaks down. You're getting injured you can return back to work you an illness knocks. Provider out. And do it please. First things first I did think about getting into it more affordable place that after this and it's going into the New Year's. Sustainable they had their they keep him. Of this. What they would look for all the letters is is it something we can do. That will keep them out of bad situation. Where is Johnny there were on the radio that's okay. Pictures subject to a we spoke with the U. And your husband was injured at work in that it was a pretty significant back injuries at 88 back surgeries. Yeah. Act territory. To spinal fusion is and two runs and eight bull too is back in his hips what do they what. When they say is prognosis is this back. Time. I'm not sure problem that I know they deem him eighty protect this staples. And then an immediate wherever there's no. Well there's there's no way they sit there. Every element in the territory after his surgery that eventually be compared life. What what what numb sort of what would. Would you be paralyzed. What are you able to do that one of the spinal fusion has long. That chance. And I court. Right right intend to do you back surgery I do understand them so I thought that was the result of the injury. Yeah who. You've got a daughter Gloria. That has she has Crohn's Disease. And you didn't know what was going on whether that's a pretty painful disease. And especially. I don't know the complications of a ten year old you know this is a growing phase. On one of the da what are the doctors say about that. And now we are like sixteen. Different forms that we take it day trying to. Which hurt paint expert at that. She she's so wonderful about it she tried it very start and park it here. She's in pain can't get out of it. How does it. How does that factor ten years old Crohn's Disease. She's frequently pass through. In the out of the bathroom and sometimes we can only hope and she taught me about her and she got accident. And it's almost debilitating pain where she doubled over with cramps and pain in some. We'll send I mean I can't imagine schools is an option a lot of days I mean I can be worse than having an accident in the school. She she tried her heart and we don't want it take normal statements that it abnormal. Shall be try to be able to do what you allow her to stay. In public school age she tried she'd been packed school a couple of times since we've been released. She's so Beckett retired and she only makes it maybe. How were you. An ankle and get there. Yeah. Where all eight that's cool in sometimes cancer yeah. Pardon Ayers isn't. What's what's going on with her what was she wearing a full face mask. I am she got an auto immune disorder. Per immune to attacks itself. And copper are you know surprised and switched it caught the common cold. Can take it. Familiar with the you really that was also. The situation. She also track severe pancreatitis. On top of the Christian other and eating disorder. When the ducks say about this I mean they they feel that she can grow out of it that you know. They can treat it. It's a lifelong legacy she will get looked at for the rest of her lack. But they feel like they can get it under control veterans of crohn's and I wanna give you some hope that that have gotten under controlled through diet in May and medication. And have got to go back down a bit so it's not always so incredibly painful and hardly the house. They can. Hurt in Britain actually in. Should all we deal with the city but they can't. There in remission it with medication to where she can live a much more normal life. How all of the pain. Moving into a new apartment house it was fruitless need to if you if you knocked it down to this that you'd be okay you do that you 500 dollar a month place. Yeah. Jimmy Carter's call you your first the last months of first and deposit it. Yes. We can't stay in the home where that we can we won't be able to afford it will be able to manage if we stay here. I gotcha and and you're behind on your electric nick if they say it's gonna shut off. It will actually it I don't have a payment in the night after 5 o'clock. An art electric would be. And that is. All right all right listen how much is. Three and a. I just. It's everything. So Jake. He's from got her first and last month's deposit that we we skips and Evelyn. That would be a thousand there. Leah took care of the electric company that would be theater that's what about thirteen hundred dollars right there right. I didn't see any other bills where we're super behind it was just electric is for sure that it and its have a shuttle that's for today I mean that's that's a pretty doable thing. I know they've got some younger kids adapt Gloria. And then a seven year old and a fourteen year old right and they go to Kabul to doing simply twenty police have. So. Yeah. Want to answer. Gloria it's Johnny again we're on the radio you what was Gloria like that and what what is your thing when she really into. She loves. Art Kraft she liked to make the front of people. Who really really really when that creepy catchall thing. Hatch from politics the that it stuffed animal comes inside of a good Wright State England. Think it's in the seventies. And timeless yeah. So we took thirteen. Veering too but the street kids used to have those those gift cards I've been red cent from yet Arizona yet. So that we won't it was 650s it. Our rights as readers and that's another hundred just it just kind of smooth that out and it's called a whopping 15100. And and see where we go from there. We feel like if it may be. We go a little further it that's not a lot that we had no regulatory system. Yeah it's just a little further damage vehicle. Junior Cameron welcome Michelle. Tammany there. I don't know what happened again. He was one. I've got 500 did that make. 500. Yeah. With 100. I got a family. I worked a lot actually cheered battle my company was very good to me so. Let's let's. The a giant that bills weeks that listen that electric bills and one moment to hear that you'll hold me. I am forty years old you can have a good game and I know what's up at her and the actress. To offer to donate money. You've been doing. Such. Or at least. Seven here. Goodman Jules as you Merry Christmas different. US bank you know the real hope for the holidays 7000 square of debris radio station as well so. Oh. Arnold. What they do for you. Wanted to and the and that way we take care everything. They've got venture. We eat. And now now we're always respect you what we had before. We had 800 a minute we're 23 when he threw for 300 years we're gonna do at Arnold and you tell me if if this were you like you might ago. We'll get that that new place at that deposit down for 500 and then paid two months' rent with what your talking about that. I dirt whatever it. Go to so they're they're one ahead and if you get caught up after the first year here we take care of that all the electric bills have no problem there and make sure those kids at Christmas. Yes sir Otellini Arnold polled the 56. And what makes you call and that's a little. You know like on these small company. We've worked really hard this year with one of the children their own. That's a lot of money that's 15100 dollars. You have little. Did you grow up. Also Jamie you were working there. Who were corporate literally. And believe that and yet incredible success. Or liberal. Was sure there. Kristol. Let's. So I don't know which you can hear the room you give us the new landlords name. And all the information and we're gonna make it deposit for your new place in at eight. Only one or months but the second month as well. To get you in in in the black and take care bill you bring us today and and oh some gift cards for you. Bird the younger kids for the seven and the fourteen years. And isn't so it's been like nobody's business deals so. And our friends at constant you would like to help out with 100 dollars. Gift card for me that doesn't mean percent reduction apple marks which he has some good for Apple's boot. Honestly. This is the most important parties. If you get into the new place. It in there can you hold this the sport like if we get a little advanced mobile. We can start over we can we can trapped trying. Don't get what we need to be. I think the difference in the in the rent and then getting a little head we'll do that for him into the new year. So great at and and explanation that the when it is is not a band aid and it really does it should they shouldn't hold. It won't. Thank you so much thank you Ankiel. I can tell you how many times at it again it's not. It's these. And you know it's it's I did that it's not the most tragic thing anybody's ever heard it's I mean obviously that little girls the worst apartment. You know we all group like complied Jimmy C when I was eight years old I knew that the phone ring. We leave that little house believe that my dad would sit there and little tiny kitchen green folder on the wall but I would walk. Like I was going to the bathroom and I and I think even he knew what it was but he never let on because I don't think he can take them. The eagle. It you know use our providers and not the only bring my and my mom would look at me I would get out. And walk to the bathroom go to their room to the phone to own continue to call dinnertime. And get you get calls at 630 at night it was like clockwork. And it was you may see the view dollar mortgage and I've learned that my mommy and daddy's not home of electric company and remember. I remember sitting in my room and hearing my mom try to negotiate. With the water bill or the electric bill I can send you 36 dollars. If he goes if you don't turn this off and I don't think they do anymore. But I remember months and months and months. And then Christmas would come and we never went without some were better than others. But I know it took them in the entire year to pay off. Christmas. And then they just go right back in the eighteen Parse that again. It's that it's that it's common stores while the thing that works I mean is there to be a ten year old little girl crowns like and every night I'll admit freely like.