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Tuesday, June 19th


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Born in November 8 and London England there's some of music legend Ozzy Osbourne. I spent much of his life in the spotlight he was offered an internship for virgin records at age fourteen when he won an Emmy award as a cast member of the house. I'm serious the Osborne's as well as hosting his own show adrenaline junkie. And directing the documentary. God bless Ozzy Osbourne. And now he's back for season three of PG&E series of Ozzie and Jackson will be tour. Please welcome Jim Osborne. Page yet have you been man. Having gone through the good and general wrote this morning you feel okay. Now. It's early. Right up you know where you where you calling from today. All Smart men that he is early you look easy gutsy. Well I'm I'm you know I'm and that light some upper lake you know. But practical and anyway it sent a little bit. I used to you used to work out as hard as you were was kick boxing and everything. Did not only do kick up any book literally get punched in the head. I feel like possibilities. It like that. I think I actually had I quit screwing around with it but because my friend bill she kept punching me in the head. And I couldn't taking what I couldn't stop dropping my left so yeah no I definitely didn't know. It. I hadn't really stopped of at a site how old. Bigger gloves you have alternate light itself. Now it's a little insulting I don't carefully. You pay man. I cannot wait to see. This tour I'm there you know I'm a huge huge fan viewed as a I was on the the no more to restore memorial hall I've got a picture of me hugging him. In an emotional level that even I surprise me in this photograph is that done it would be the last time I ever got to see Ozzie play. You should opt for a refund but that that it hits the I like what the lie a lot right there. So this is and I'm so glad Zacks I mean that's that's who it should be if if if Randy can't be there Zach is the guy. Outlet I totally agree that if. Yeah and I think it's good for us in I think it's good for Zach is one moment I think I think there's a real honor there. In a real love that that you don't often see in this music business. This is that yet that is very sure that fight that the thing that I would like that health policy advocated the anti family. You know like you know if you get the good and having launched an like you know what what you're likely to excite. I go lucky that ought to. And obtain the sweetest thing I saw there was a wanna show Kansas City years ago at saint Samantha theater in diet if it was kind of a last minute. And you can see that Ozzie would maybe he was just not in in in great the set was new or something had changed and I watched Zach. Just just little friendly dodges it and just making sure he was okay and everybody was in sync and everybody was by colonel sellers and you can see the love of like just protection. Like you you're feeling if anybody wherever stepped Ozzie Zach would smash that viking style. Oh pretty much yeah I'd like it and it is that not just like a metaphor doesn't exactly literally would like. We will provide the act that. What does it do it. Oh yeah most. Yeah but surely you remember. About god if they go to the Randy roach tricky concept let him the riot. Gonna hear about the. The back in the nineties that it right he wrote tribute concert in California. At a quiet kicked out during the show somehow it's in the nineties that's thought happened. What. And that fight like this people like hundreds of people likes all the state is dotted essentially just. Eating all the yeah like the drums that any physical act exactly like standing on the 88. Acting people on the field as well. Yeah this. Not crazy you are if you think you're gonna walk of his deals Aqua Qatar office age but he's an intimidating them. Now what do you know what I'm no more tumors album it says you know it's document no more this know where that one of the small notes in the lives is no more flying support singers in Milan this goes. That was my friend juicy role from love hate who used to live would be here in Kansas City remember him. Telling me after that tour how he and Zach decided to exchange punches very gentlemanly exact punched him over a table. It's equates to. That guilt about right. But as vikings got glittery describe that look like it. Did so woods. What's gonna have a viewing your dad when when we when this when he really does finish this tour I just I don't I don't see how. Guys like Ozzie ever. There's no retirement and he'll grow up that hard and have that hard to start I think you work because it's what you knew from the very young age you. A piece. It felt like I did not think he that the planet like. They just aren't enough that a good bit like a lot of world thought he's still got to perform gay and things like that but like. I don't think it's going to be button. It now but you know they don't loaded up its open up it up to the end straight you know we'll be like shall little then there are now. It felt like it unexpected. Chat from Chile's poverty. And XM radio shut out. Any yet then we'll chat about that I like that and he's totally agree like that. The thing that I'm I'm reporting opposite but it wouldn't go to looked and sounded like up you'll not gonna stop raining. I was like aren't as well I didn't. Yep that's that's what I mean. And what you think it is about this he was remembered seventeen was the most terrifying band ever and then. Then the jump in and nobody saw your you know he and your mom mead and she becomes. That the best manager in the world and it turns him around puts out some of the greatest. Albums of all time but he was a really. You know people were afraid of him like like you know they've really done Ozzie was evil. And an obese it's. Easy everything except people. What do you think it is the what do you think people love so much about. Oh well I think you know iPad. Without. It will I think duet. He comes from a look erupting over the auto working pop back out but like he does like it I have family in. Look didn't just you know factories and very you know political. Background. Yeah and I think people can kind of relate to that took it very. I think he still does that work when you hear him speak you listen to that people don't know he you know to prison when he was pretty you know he could've gone the other way. And. The real people like. Now resulted gangster rap well. I. I don't get short time but I found the good and I didn't and we know we got this interview this week last week has gone through some stuff. And in some boxes filings that I found incredible was an Ozzfest from the ninety's early ninety's in its we can have cell phone Jack there's have a great. Polaroid of your mom and I just our arms grub around my shoulder backstage at Ozzfest. I just saw that I thought man what a wonderful thing again no idea at that time how much I would love this you know twenty years later. Popular prop up that's a lot of good Polaroid itself. All I know you like yet. Blake Young off a wanna tell anybody that the the picture of them your mom and I am over it and a. The it got really you know these are really set up a contact that both of the people you know story. Only an I can't wait to watch Ozzie injects world due to a Wednesdays at 8 o'clock Kansas got me. And and I helped to see the tour a couple times before. You stuff we're doing and that being good on him and I'm glad you get to spend less time you're dad. Are crucial vote. You're always welcome it's.