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Friday, June 22nd


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Born December 16 in Plymouth North Carolina and raised in Mount Vernon, New York. He is an actor and comedian who has worked as a writer on Saturday night life. Appeared in such films as who he tanks and perform best comedy jam. And had a recurring role on Everybody Hates Chris and he's best known as beyond on the long running HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm. In this week. You can see him live on stage at GM propped. Please welcome JB smooth. A little hint from the pickup line with estimates due to an agreement was talking to people. You always talk steps. It's devoid of all emotional level and acting as lawyer like you don't android like new android and like it's what it's like. What to Wear the world's going to be solved when then we might not see. When it's enjoys that means that. Target across the street will be in juries and not working the counter ten questions. To walk around the android. Can help you out have you seen the sex android's attorney making good all coming in towards the lecture sex addicts they've got everything politically Edwards you're a guy who collects all the cards out of the parking lot and you can be easily android external records so that we belong here let me put that up to combat this problem Betsy you were that are service you look at that 10. Source U. There's a real sex kills you you can put your penis and I hurt. You think these things are due to a bit about it he would edit the pro LaMont who did not they've had to remodel now because typical car. He got in order. Geez he's doing his note all cover models we will govern the standard. You know content to up to the right with the rental options on the other the walls to be committed to occidental. I guess they don't cook. I kind of felt so we'll have voiced by frame grab it attributable to respond to be taken out at me and I a little bit older who. If you don't do dual comical stuff in the future. Will be great but definitely got a piece of not to reached resettlement now which is door written on them so it's good to see you know I mean we're about artificial intelligence. Do you think that that machine to take over ever talk about of course gonna happen. What happens if you will happen. At this point to point with my welcome. It took another anyways that's such a good job that was on God's sovereign government and we need we need somebody tickle brightness of the semester during the robots that bring a robust a baby to you and what it was so did we were all kids and talk about that we can create your great uncle would just run everything your dad knew what you do your grandfather knew everything that. Great uncle Pauly for sure knew everything I needed them. Yes indeed there. It was on the do on that do you can do about them well look what about everything and a lot about nothing that worries me the Bible that you should all alternately. If you don't have this but this Bible the new addition. If you don't have to the Bible called the book of Leon. This it's preparing you for life how much time to Obama told you. Follow every everything in the book that will destroy your life different opportunity at hand to hand is too much for you. In New York Euro current state. To tickle that information at one time sovereign demand to read a chapter a day. Means that he had projected date. There's no subject we we we as crucial particularly in courting marriage divorce tournaments and leisure and the court. Views are raising kids who is Obama favorite ones tend to all of tattoos. You know I talk about it to a topic we tattoo their bodies McCain to rid of you want to tell it to you to a real tattoo a tentative exits like my first tattoo is going to be. It's just. My first time tools will be. Two pockets my naked body. When money is taken out of pocket so I'm always I'm always kept saying that's what. North that's it's what one. The smaller version of the guys who get the detectives placed into the pockets pockets and at some times when bad pocket have you done an intriguing to two pockets to market. But at a time. I'm gonna stick it out the next few while also look we won this debris when you're tenth through this I wanna do to malevolent Jerusalem. Only attempts two of her laying on top of me. Well. How hip muscle movement in the whole body we have a top mom by all. That was an important opportunity that I have a tombstone in particular getting into Galveston and PW were without her suit she's on top she beat out that she. Do you have any that is beautiful round would have to do about the other girls are holes that point nobody on its head asking but by the UA it was acute season. She's facing hitters are definitely I. Thanks Ross who was Japanese food let slip away but if you wanna go down are relatively well. I think it's. Critical. Yeah. You have got Oklahoma City I rapid. Broke through filter. Canisters of community this is the book of Leo he's a genius and I am getting elevated to go it all seriousness. I Shia parties you know how to pop product key ports that you out of here appointees it is. You go to IQ right to pick up a little social Tom him in the little. Little three kitchens and in the room sit ups for you can see how it looks almost. People wouldn't buy a lot of friends in between that he. The material off him cocktail parties. That's brilliant I sought alternate. And a regular car and believe that the man who want to put it couldn't afford you. And I thought about as genius with Charles ton of the stuff tough stuff and they're short parties do you know just doing damage built at all to open it should. Book of Leon if you have a pocket if you just you walking around with no guidance what's that this year vice is guided with everything. Oh marvels talk with me I'm given Mickey. Mickey Mouse. I'm told him he said look down many miles. Was someone like me rules local news new rule when it ruled that particular road away from him. At at a slap at. On the big culture collections. With the roof but spotted Richard got on a real threat that Pomona I. Then let's go bill not repeat that will take a Bill King give it she can do to obstacle we got volatile civilian and a half million gunmen remain bullying really little Buddha. Can you a few things to Brussels and in a sort of fix it and keep you smoked marijuana gives him. Not at all not at all this little ball just bounced around exotic life group broad would you throughout we've got a group of offer new York and and how many Brothers. Yet two Brothers 32 Brothers meant a growth of the of three. You know they say that assistance aware about broke him. You allotment amount of a claim to be my relative to protect. Anybody you'd rather it is a DREAM Act and we must from the I don't want all look the whole famously. Are the king of funny while mama mama you're the queen of global funny. About my brother. Well a few political analyst comment one broad movement for the way he's got a boost inflation got us who years ago. I think a page from collecting fluid big fluid he's doing very well he sort of a terrible rule you via. Both of some towns bird forgot. My money on the Brothers were funny also but he's he's good records. We all have the potential. To be funny. League's oldest guy is not the funny one because they've what do you detention guitars for leaderboard yeah it's a middle or youngest and really asked to do something new or to get attention and deterrence in the middle child yeah we play execute. Me oh yes and how the whole way Kyle. The whole week alone and quiet in class double worked there about hallways between class Smart Allred had. Some of our run to my class stemmed from a group of government class early on had more time yeah. It's not just like. It's likely to accurate there's too because it means not give up and downs whipped them and they said he gave due to try to find happiness somewhere in the guy's a bet you anything you did well with the ladies. Mary had absolutely no I was not very averse side. But a big man who was Ottawa that that I was but I was I was expert at it now your analysis which yet the court leave the Harriet Tubman. A buyer. Well I would not on the Laguna road renewal on ways to do out of him. And enough I want crowd with the music from your league is coming up a little about an excellent hi I'm going to be. Stay home and I think I did you get your own yeah. I. Said. Well I like it got into office. I think it's terrible lot in those with your mom dad I don't know what we will execute you know which did I patrol. And we grow burgers you know relatively bad neighborhood but referrals to weed through. It out of you know you guys here or there or on an even course you know. They would that it's not easily do that when you think about it. It's you got the book is in good to meet the book a book of Leah is the hardest hit the world right. Because it's easy to tell you restore old yet that's easy yardage lead you know what it is your sense of this. Is philosophy. This is. Philosophy oval fool now this book is is doing a pivotal noticed on wrote the book of Leon. Passage of the channel demand and our commitment to rag on in my in my role in my slippers on my socks to Monday. I would post it here and a scholar right channel him has become the main button to write the book. Photographs of his the most distant to me you wouldn't you know there's a lot. Lean on GB but it was DB in the gone through this zone the last field can. And that's a good attitude first erupted on a book affords. Me the opera through my first chapter is. Oh forward cannot. Moment of the values you have to. We go to you don't want to get current president Ernesto stop and get and so married men the group opera's got opera's popular book. We were going to press corps to wander alone through with a bowl reconciled with the future. Torso area deterrent to appease. You just bluster black radicals to pull hook up. And everything is clear if you make Larry David I mean that's a guy who's. One of them I mean he is our generation oak brook he's he's if he truly gets them comfortable funny and we cringe worthy humor you know he found a way to tap into. The little things about life that that I noises. You know yeah he takes those things and it's almost a month. Any prisoners in a lot of little notice so is amplified. So you know you Conakry shall storyline. And everything in the moment so we will we will have a flipped a valued if you can if you can. Capture David's media attention you've you've got to be able to write you got in the way you've got to build improvised and I mean you've got to be the best the best he he really is like. And he's that level of pride in the right Paul Mooney lately young made his illusions absolutely you know. At that that reduce the money from one or two do you think you'll get that Larry David Hill moment there that remind. Got a little noticed aleris taxes money yeah. He has he has a human touch to Curb Your Enthusiasm money yeah. But. He still didn't like Exxon fell one but yes the guy had no room to debate we've got to make you be scans. If you're gonna become the most Luka goals with into the bank. In the opener proved possible. And go on your debate and the guy lives so that. Car money. The current money Europe. And that is he better go through stacks of old Morgan Hill expert whom I refusal placements in order but it was to meet. This can really hold up. And I reportedly from the bottom. You sob owe money now and get refreshed if you play calling I called Larry loaded talk callable notes that you get a premiere oh yes that's the only. Uncle king is coming in theaters sold. Those of the more premier the boom we premieres. Next week in New York Post whose yes. That's the premier and then will we comes out all and between nine. Eat it could be used as I was a lot of times. What it you. Eat but this is this is probably the biggest one for you personally I mean it will be yet. Don't go I don't. No I hope a lot of. A lot of great news thousand reporters who were Matt Damon ranked German writer UP thing I was going to Medimmune. Wanna sit and talk about born. You can pick up I. I don't know some problem with supplement to the supplement written proof. And the human eyeballs and this behavior actor John Chapman a throat political you've given us the most intricate the pro approach to politics now I can't appease OK listener to think there you can tell people that story if you don't demand an affront to write a book to main room of Obama. A sitter was produced and topple a whole cast was put you know copilot. It's a big resiliency as a percentage with a little unsure written eventually going to be apart right no no I was actually in the oh drew. Commercials of cancer tumors it. I did a few adults. Ended this these are built with movie. We do vehicles we don't know who will be disagree you. Know this will be great and a lot of great people it is Lehman. All lot of great basketball star second it's you know in the Robinson. Chris wherever books agreed we don't age but basketball thing going up so was this just kinda heroes are all hopeful fanatic. The moon. Best ball of the best thing about sports and happy memories really wild I know that we while I know it's it's I don't know what I missing. But at about how bounced all around sports premier I used to love watching. Drag race and the song I used to love Watson drag racer John force was in the studio three. Yet. And then and and those are just a little bit bigger potential. The a lot of golf full. The bubble always hopeful for that. You watch golf on television who once called her husband does this really have a watching what you know what she's such a pornography that can be ridiculous about it. The internment during a we cannot Helen I didn't somewhere kid is only on for seven hours. Department wants the wants of a baseball. You know to plus a full season of baseball is just not a truth is we didn't really track and the royals as you. That oh yeah you know as to who is currently have in the worst position we've been in the history of the ball. And we have the maximum Sutton yeah we're maximum sept in the all time record the level. That's what victory means it is the worst record morals or 22 and fifteen record in franchise history. I've. Browser 22 and 52 the worst laggard in the franchise history after 784 games they're just too in sixteen for homo you know I'm slows the fifty to the bad number yeah perfect at the. That's that's that's parable we won a series like three through at all in the middle of a nine game it's it's good to. I'm listen by the way if you wanna YJB's we would increase by what you show in the studio in his splinters. He he's at he's at the impromptu attitude coming tomorrow he flew to this morning and it rolled in here looking like a million bucks these guys. It just it's just it's costly. To know is a self yeah. It's like fashionable pajamas assuming it's like he looks good level you can stick with this gear. You social well you know explained the real husbands who no longer so I don't want also have a heart. All the guys knew Morse code zero million myself. Nick Cannon. Great great show me two wins on more fire oh he's a fire is on these are the this hostile with him yesterday that this country's musket who has been. You know a bit habitable over division. Which is of a what was settle he. A whole motivation completely cooked. Complete because of how my new house you could divide well if you. To help them go to their mouth that I might not and so. Myself blessed that wouldn't. Which so. Often instead about. Five. It's an important call it fortify flight. Got off the plane and its with a more than I had to pull its way I was hot backup I've already done. Two million views already holds a fourth one race here on rip rip and run a BB. And I got through so tonight to pixels tomorrow circus is intent to be fair and yet so yet so law. We we just running like crazy men and I think. You know who else our shoulders as far as the reel hoses over. I. Haven't through their BA but you pay him I mean could sweep you know by the total Noah. We used we should just do something different and maybe. The crew to get back together government we to a movie. Look at Arizona over the averaging captaincy little he would come in the studio hang out and he was always such incredible. Beat super. I really funny lately and we got guys wonderfully government properties and unity you know under ago low tolerance for its audit to stand up so. And this is goal line. You know some people you suspect. That you know they wanted so bad they're gonna do it. In new record ever achieve your dreams and that's what everybody's who's dropped more. No matter what it is at least in the entertainment but whatever it is the speed good in love with two to one he took happens out of your. You'll Tom once. When I went to you about that I'm going to be the book of non here you know get you there are no comedians that are happy for the comedians make did you start. It is you know as a manager you know you gotta have it all laying there was such language to do the numbers of various other Americans gave thirty years missile from me. Even feel like thirty years of Thomas fund some of variety of how many great people I've met. Really count the moments you know life just like. Understand what it's all for me it's not just for wealth. All the time it was that he needs it's it it would that clock is ticking referenced caucus to turn out how much was too. Indeed you got to keep keep that every single three into this job to do it we do. People that you'd you'd find to be incredibly out here today like that sloping delegate hole that is about it. It wouldn't do today. Averaging be smooth game industry and our effort our moments and memories you have to remember him and this is it at him is that sacrifice and that term is really not ticketed. You gotta love it otherwise it would feel look at you got a part of everything. How much of queues this topic so why didn't come until mama. Thomas or daddy bought things that you are used to did I haven't. Of a flexible schedule and deal with. You seem to be sick things that come the work. He's still well what do states in the attic of a piece you'll solve every time you just opponent states or Hispanic and stuff like you walk and it's like okay. You know and they don't feel like he's the guy dependable and still got it's beautifully. To me it's you and you can't do something good is about is dollar top because they don't diddle diddle you know sleeping ignore. Sickness because it doesn't love. Given. Studio audience and he beats that are still lives with addiction is that that happiness that you will be able. That that's an inevitable that it. Really pure hustle one night. Although I don't out of its always on the floor and he said. She says it's responsible to maybe do you commit suicide belt buckle apparently sold. He outlet myself and lack. Even his. My dream you don't know if you agree about that idea if you're not square at this summit humans really got mr. we made up. Gossip story that soared ten years overuse can compete to group. My old story is full blizzard you I don't goes well the rule would be second Bible second book of Lehman into some. In my nine mumble already. Pursuant to buy this book on the Wednesday. Two with the drug dealer and lose a particular about this was a real good possible. The next season tribute to view them to go back to work in the four. Ounces of pulls. This year. Group comes on again. You know low load to book Leon what me and show. This just about a future whose book early on personal I wouldn't at all state have thrown. A little parole. You don't. And they have among all white outfit or take top the white shorts. Slippers the waste. And give it to you. Book early on that. Cole. Allow me to elaborate wolf. Ha. Elaboration on that congress has been. Typically on an island out regularly collaborations. And I'm absolutely nothing which is. Both. To all field questions of immigration and everything everything I have to give it to you. I give it to you and I think it is that the idea of what to do some things in there at the opens up even more. People don't know the old but I couldn't read the book so have you couldn't buy it you know I mean listen to a bit of glad you took the boat down the sober stuff left over to put in the book. You don't even over getting ahead inventions and ideas health died we have any old day they're usually about food for thought ideas event since all. I've ever give advice to big companies Clayton were. I have won't call in both feet where I've come to your house and walk with you so we're. Yeah that's what title with a so win it anyway and then walked to the heck out on Wall Street. And so finally I talk to them to do that the updated brain figured it out of global view of what might walk tall. He is funny is both free and tell you to get the old people that would be like and go to earth on a personal. And this pick them up over the global oil well. Was Monica and at the table old days development people you're. Love you here detail they'll tell you about the oldies Amber's free flow of 30. I. Shouldn't say listen how you guys. Needless to shoot man to shoot tomorrow night does with them being important and you were the price of the ticket. Look everybody had a great this morning you guys need somebody to help you we also want to. All that stuff man. I mean I've dived in it in that book all reviewed if you have all sorts of people with so if you have a copy. Of the book lean on me please bring it to do so with you how assignment. Also on that damn book if you booked audiobook. With the Mets and walker and signed two year. I don't include good Jonas. An awful lot don't have the book on alcohol content but at the audio. This tournament to more content Gregory who won't be under undated here my sons to be blue please. Consumer. No I am a public giving person can do cost. If you he's doing the lord's work he's doing at the improper and it may also tells optical buckle Leon some times mean a few copies of my bag luggage and a determined that the domestic. The sole person font pot of gold is it on a table in the and a lounge area of import into final what does this one up doable here. In policy a tendency to. Just look at what it means that. We literally blown my book I never came back and go to the bookstore again another sleepless in what happens in us about what happened. People will steal don't let your book Aaliyah because they can emblematic of of that you wanna read it is a long time to get to put me on to. So what did or what Tom does to remembered moments you'll be remembered everything that you actually honestly do irreparable what not to do. You're like yeah I'm I'm at home sweet sassy bump into it and had a bit of an argument whatever hole before we go any deeper this argument about whatever I mean Davos to Leo would do mow the facilities that a single people who have marriages. A talk about how. You'll single person in your W to Sony now what woman. You do you you play with your house you know in typical hook up tonight. You know what to do with what she's too social to the apple cup you just have fun and you roll around in agreement in nightclub whatever it is. And and this is say you don't wanna get committed to some recent relationships this couple women and implement. When I go to battle pieces with the rest from equipment to battle my into the bathroom you turn your match missiles in the box that brings thigh. Disrespect to combat what you can do you have more than it could make up a bit and I'm comfortable mean not Islam you can. I fit that's Suzanne actually themselves. It's brilliant. We've just maybe even even so sore culpable picnic prefecture fault you can make him uncomfortable but it appears we may it may come back for round two it's an appointment of putting well but there walls and that's my. Jim cup and audio comfortable. Don't. Practice today it was sit down on upside down celts. Yeah. It's. A you can begins it is is Yahoo!. Good bet it is good at bat in recent he's. You really his bid a different light and everything I just have a benign but it hopefully. I'm you know in legislation cooking is like okay percent in August were. You'll capers. Arnaud or paper or other vendors but now what to prepare copy. He can you hit a ball game within ten toga or. And I listened to all these Google backed into this morning that we get to the unfortunate talk baseball because my guts and hopefully now he gets on this and you know that is tough to -- that effort colonel homeless problem is on the decline on wall based. It is the big moments ago basement room is open the home you're still arsenal is that anyway it was honestly a little public cheesy thank you guys that even. Month ago Nick Smith do you that that's that's a New Delhi has given had to cut in the park bunt. No certainties on the site. I'm not even sure that this. We've got to. But it. Yeah I. I can would see uncle drew that comes out and they do the movie premiere now as it released all over the news the states are everywhere and you know a bad effect last night ahead special screenings. For a lot of his programs around the country. Okay wholesome and that is really got caught him back and it just screened the movie. For about two audiences and have fun. He agrees she like so. Because he's a giant who and I in his personality and everything you read is as part it's because he's partly big man he's a great guy the first from a feed him in person. So this is because human being hit the cinnamon life. Who at a club armaments seen him use of their flowed into the path for him as he moved to the school war aside I. Whole blood spots home. Ultimate no tall or big it's two different things out publicly about Abu Jabar he's tall right sect is. Yeah he's he's shall otherwise it's different you know. Told imagine facing him come and I'll likely just running acute just forget about everything just English. It's not you can hang your own Jersey up in the stadium. Like yeah I don't know I. I cannot be. Yeah goto who root out these things but you know he's in those guys is enjoyed everything that's been afforded him in the best possible way. A weird way I was listening to rob and monster and the other day. All of you and and Dennis was like. I have a new world at first but you crazy bastard what are you doing go to North Korea and then he explained in a way that went well. I wouldn't do it. But it kind of grass what your you know there's an exhibition game you're getting paid to go during an exhibition and in he became princes crazy water it best known as. While in U intimate living dangerously event you like one bad it will matter waiting. Gilbert to Uga Uga Uga Uga and it. You have sort of personality. Weird you know sometimes it's best not to recognize. Creases. Or recognized to pay attention world sometimes it is sometimes best not to record would be non live. The substance. The woman nominee. You burn told Tom a woman who go to the restroom and the low in the burn him. But it notable way would open government through talk and I. I was told us where everybody that was not a real honest all the motor home every mistake sometimes security miles that when it was motives snapped is almost towards. Genuine blast that ripped every Lehman office pelvis split his doubles as penis would swell all scar tissue in fifteen everything afterwards. He became a partner with the blue toilet. Any had you some asserted in. Qualls and to break the scar tissue up line to lift note here and they know to get an erection. Ma man loves the vagina so much output rot in mind penis through a keyhole good and why ballooned to be in the already. He knows how to fields. Who food to hold the woman making a two woman he goals it's accidental we've got to do to get back to you with. You bet that place every moment and every day every moment every day human toll spears looked like I I'm into money. Fiat. So awful. That's much of the estimates and he's in love with it you understand that we thank you to Furl. And oh. I thought about bounty mutineers secular. It was a a man I totally can hold exile cholera which idea but he's everybody don't forget. What we got him this weekend in the wisdom get the laugh but for the first day all I got that way if they do that if you with a group. If she laughs and she gets it you've won a second if she doesn't she look to do that weird looked particularly in going to be. London Oakland tonight on either ticket so that we shall greatly you know what I'm I'm not getting there so I don't know I anticipate being about. Tonight but tomorrow. Tony amonte and I'm told these kids like weird some muscles go. My Friday night show. Is where I give your team. Could almost see climate of the city. He didn't you William wore these polls and my second souls always. But personals hollered baby. Girl girl looks. A lot in every way grenades or mobile place. Fitness. Gotta give them like that when Thompson did last offseason. Only to give it to you. Try to kill somebody habits were your way and movement. All your pants will be to treat your audience who recently that it intended in the through social sad plight. Am I got to leave tomorrow. And give way a yoga stretches among queued to useless for the whole thing but didn't pump. Hang out like you know at the souls of those people hold them. You know soon. Hold them testament to portals a prima but my tee shirts in my mind had some cool Lou to be moved. That sweet spot. Risky spot but you know you real person who demands ruined lives and that's exactly right people got to know you re true. You know and analyze them about certain you know local partner over here where you'll from the kookmin not a real one homicide that occurred I. Little few bucks from this man has been really understand the given everything you've real we. And bring with you make you bring with you. Yeah some units are west world he wants socialists were so I am not additional institutional and nobody of course I remember it remember everything but I just. Do you find time to do what you're you're writing books you're saving the world you're exposing you wanna do I want to move everything. But I understand there isn't a dramatic side to communities we love to drama turned drama to laughter. And I'm in the locker room. Do both sides of the ball and can bet. Do you put came up. This is such a random thought dues might be it's up for auction right now Jerry Lewis the most unfunny serious funny movie of all time when he wouldn't want released. You know what this movie called the day the clown cried. No he wrote and directed a movie about it well the got sent to Nazi Germany and was put into an concentration camp. And that which it but he was terrible clown brought no way was good. But he would try to entertain. The Jews before they were put into the and blah he's resisting the worst idea of all time and it's called the day the clown cried this group is pursue it because it's a State's being. Right now man and at least meal you know that the the mean old bastard and a that this is the you have got Judy I'm telling you it's so bad all annuity about drama becoming partly it's the worst thing you could possibly come up with and wow it anyway you know either. The shoes are like I wanna buy the issue the clock you know Holler McNeil from that movie. Opposed to who was actually many media sort he wouldn't release. It was so bad and they should these audience back today and it was going to be able. To. Got a goal way at all he'd liberty is gone now he would stand next to that the building all they would. He would you play countries as they were walking in Vietnam but they they played it seriously you area. Real real Stewart's got him thing you've ever seen wow I'm telling you oak tree to. Tradition to battle through it. Yet you make that movie made network yeah. JB's move again and as a little. When you read the US. These incredible man by the book or watch a movie opens up comes out next week look for that man into the improbable. And I can just reminded viewers super good Kansas City and eight maybe one on Sunday. Let's all look good to imagine. What else oh in the lord's day we'll. Good slogan Neuheisel called models on and a half I thought oh my god calls on me. That's fun here you don't do you put him doing and went on sale Warhol's. Great game a little out of.