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Monday, March 12th


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King Lawler is on the hotline right now so demise testify against them with a cane. More on November 29 in Memphis Tennessee. He started his career in radio attracting the attention of a local wrestling promoter. Wrestling. Publicity it's Jimmie just pro wrestling debut in 1970. Its first championship a year later. By 1974. Risk and a legend was born. In the eighties and keeps. Attention this comedian Andy Kaufman it he is a thirty. You beat southern heavyweight champion ten time eight W 81010 to ten time. Heavyweight champion. And then barely scratches the surface of a career. The legend of pro wrestling. And now you. Please welcome the man the legend. You being here. Well I've I thought eventually almost certainly you know all the wake up to find out how they're disposable Boggs. Weirdest thing ever heard Hillary. Could tell me you haven't had. That's not where you you do some terrible news story comes on they guy gets caught very elect. There was a lady that that she buried her husband underneath the fire pit and she just got caught by the cops like that you would ever get what it was like that. And that always go how would you wanna kill anybody but you don't you've never thought about that just. I think I know I can I say I'm asleep. The ideology and wherever he really thought about that was when I've watched. Blood did you know I don't remember Washington The Sopranos. You know they used to they used to seem like travelled until meat grinder or something like. Oh they think it makes a big pussy two the middle of the lake. Yeah yeah there and all the Arab never really thought about duke actually won't show. Well I hadn't really thought about doing it for re all I just don't think fear it's. Now I only did we Gerri. Yeah okay and another. Yeah I blew it and they were all regret that it's. You have you did mention do you voice. Well actually get them abortion abortion little jacked up pledged to restrain my boys suggests. Probably doing a podcast. And and which issues just a little. It's a little shaky right now little scratchy. Aren't actually that that finish is there a problem. People actually are a lot of times you know how your belt and that's our hobby be in charge of the cardiac arrest two years ago which by the way has been like. Or six years ago now and so a bit which the truth I haven't had one minute's problem. Essentially and help lies with the exception of the fact. That I have. And told me it was from when they. When they shut the ventilator down my throat I guess you'd rather easy Keaton greeted at a time. And in the independent later cheap chicken playing catch I had problems with much so that Boris. Percent. Have been one of her own lips yet they check you for polyps. I budget go to a doctor a couple of years ago which he he or she checked and everything she did sit. No and ends she should really that you didn't see anything in addition to any damage at all to a bunch of search and constant you know. Almost a situation like ala pat Bates is that. It will it will affect your voice but it usually clears up and other large hasn't been like. Things are gone what six years now it's still still director. I think your voice sounds amazing and beautiful eyes as does my game. I don't know you're. Superfluous concede you your mood clueless you are now. Smoking did for me and then I quit smoking you don't pay almost fifteen years ago just stayed the same so. It is what it is off I first got here the girl who did afternoons asked me if I was sick. Bureau of sick she superstitious. She used. Are you sick and I know why I know what she does your bush always sounds like that. Kept it oh yeah big hands related. You know. It was. Not just the way it is you what this podcast by the way what can happen. I bet is you go long and you're getting excited and had a great time and so you talk and talk and basically you talk more on something when you're having a good time didn't. You wouldn't real life you know didn't act when you have conversations go for hours nonstop. Codec and that's exactly directed what happens. And I mean it could it could and here the podcast you know it's like we're celebrating. Were here anniversary with a look at podcast has been doing this picture a year down it just it's amazing that. Source ultimate yes let me loan to maiden that. I wish you continued to to reduce something that wouldn't you know what they had a really taught we have to do it in the beginning because. I had a year ago I'd just done. Just done a podcast with each local people also he has and as sort of sort of socialist ethical and social last summer who wanted to hear what were partner but a woman to a bedroom because. She got me on there aren't you visibly weak literally. Talk for hours on the divided it up to the two or three different. You know shelves but. Yeah it's just it just. I guess in my case. I look forward to secure courier who lie that was so many stories had once been used. And basically forgotten about within also consult triggers a memory or something as somebody asks a question I didn't option you know boom boom there's another store and. And that the best. Is fast but when you listen while you you you know how big fan I'm a board met this group watching you and M a huge fan of cost men and everything you did in that little animation and just if your ability to do get the crowd behind you. And checks them out of heat that you could bring up an in your career you have more stores and anybody else I. Jacob told you that I met bonds include the ready harder and he Kaufman. In it was about a mission trip you know to a more house in that Carson City, Nevada. And a walk in the Zulu party with a budget circles. And I would I would hope so we all had to pay it out eating and drinking and him telling stories by the way I think he's a really sweet really nice guy. Yeah he really doesn't matter fact that breakout the last I'm essentially have Bob listen you launch a dope. It struck me up out of the blue and should just carry it. Have you heard in recent from the people that have made this. There have made this movie Doctor Murray or doctor movie about about you guys making big man on the moon movie. Since I know Bob or lower you're talking as much as well we're there's people from patient to additional production company wanted to work blog which he. He's just a yeah so anyway he should these people are good to go very. A move seen. And the police are discoverable premiere. Next week or something that the that the troubled film festival Jim Carrey's good builder. I've been in this movie and you know took it to premiered and an omniscient or should I can bleed air which can do so at all obviously. And more I should well know dishwashers and hear about it. An Asian what impact do you each do our. You need to be. Compensated. For a cure sneak in the movies to your hero over this stage so anyway the great Satan the great thing that happens you got me in touch with the people and we worked out of sort of affirmative action is limited New York to stream a movie you watched that lets the new movie or good advice headquarters and it was so much first touching this. This so. This document didn't smell on Netflix. Do you emanated a great job which was social origin Carrie Gordon the church or. And staying in character for eight days while it may good movie man on the move back in thousand or 99 or something like that. And the misery that the tricking back put me through during the show me that will be because he was. He was under the impression that Andy Coughlin and I just didn't really didn't like each other. So a so he was just you know he was so and to beat Andy Kaufman. That. That's for you know all machines that they all all the time without their Hollywood sort of in the movie which he just tried to make plus million couldn T succeeded. But he wound up you know he paid. The end of almost all the stuff there's was. Caught on camera. Is because it was real girlfriend Liz margolies she wished she was. Shooting all the supporters just behind the scenes look what would other and to the parachuted their backing that they are in bad shape definitely. Jim Carey showed it recently to. Bill. The director spike Jones and he fell in love with a gadget becoming a person that for seven hours. The do interviews have been that put all those stuff together and limit pollution now on the on the actually. And the parallels are crazy you know these if they feel listening into joining us. Cherry picking lull in the wrestling and he coffin that the comedian and actor in and you know the wrestling shtick that they didn't think that came to fruition on. On David Letterman when he not to any company on the chair and just huge incredible event. It was also work now that being said they do the movie and what you're doing the movie he stays in the Indy in the Andy Kaufman character Jim Carrey does then there's that scene where. He's telling you this body slam him or a pile drive him. Well right now and and you're actors like that directors like absolutely not and it always sideways because he was so pissed did you because. Well would you tell the story be good but it's it's so funny in them in the movie bowler gets into it again. With the eighty call the latest average Jim Carrey but it's perfect parallel. You know I'm from when I watched as the yen and and remembered back all all of that happened. And then seeing the behavior and and what has happened to Jim Carrey since making that movie. I. I don't know what sort of equated to life. You're sort of moving to fly yes. That you know to boot time. Or the northern you know transporting. Chamber whatever and it's supposed to be able changed or his body from one point to another church. And admit it sometimes how mistakenly slighted in the Chamberlain and boom when they turn of it on the quiche there. And when he comes out that's flies like a prominent part of his body is never to lurch so I think that's sort of what happened to Jim Carrey when he channel. And he called and it was like for those eighty days indicate that that should carry. And and defend Wimbledon was over it either it never he never went out. I mean Jim Carey has been messed up I mean literally. Narrowly mixed up ever since doing that movie that you've got me if you look back and you know we ever been there heard literally has not been right trench. Either it's not the first time it's ever happened in in acting to people really get into something they're really buried themselves inside of it. You know it's sad the guy who played Johnny Cash and looking Tina yeah. I mean I think that really weird him out I think god took a lot of them. No he was so he was already a little weird. But she's a judge Jerry you'll carry out it was always well I don't like that if you got to still be a little weird. Can Q. Good to be that famous so that they can Hollywood to begin with but. But really afterwards. He was way out there a way out there and still look you gotta check it out on Netflix gem and handed the great beyond. And B I mean I won't. Couple of I was mama looks so that they gonna put the move yet they're gonna pay yet. Only if you call. Eight. OR. Eight you're exactly. They're they're they're very well out of work and have your work very. They didn't pay anybody. Four told you know you hear people that were in the documentary but we worked out a deal where I get absurd it's sore topic to promote. He's you know those fortunate that Netflix movie after after came out so much but it turned out really good in the fact that. I wouldn't even know about it and then probably wouldn't even say anything after the movie came out. End end end with a dead no compensation whatsoever that. Nobody. About a movie about called me. Well and back is a mood Islam appeared to moonlight bunny ranch and hope this tell me about how he met Kaufman Kaufman like to come to the moonlight bunny ranch and wrestle girls and some voodoo dance and some voters like absolutely I mean he's Cora at. And I I never knew if Paul was. Embellishing a bit or if it was really a 100% in some voodoo was like absolutely all true I'm just sit there. Elvis and I'm now completely generous and any girl in a brothel in the next brothel because I've I have to hear from some mood is. Face you know and we and that she's talking until I Wear him out eventually and we think this is Alan cool between he and I are. There's hookers everywhere it's all my house and all we're doing is talking any confidential and pictures of our dogs who each other's cellphones. I don't think that's crazy. Trying to get me you know it's which. I guess that's its second way would emerge in the thing you know if you secured. And I'm around some and all the travel a lot it just becomes you know one vein are second nature to do whatever that's what Bob Toby. And then made himself called me at the time back back in the day that. And I guess that he would go there are so often. That. You know it just became there. Do you even look sort of at least through other than what we're spoke to do when he led to the but urged she essentially said he wound up. You have it wouldn't have more foreign funded girls that would actually wrestle with the bear rather than she has sex with an annual. It's no wonder if it was if that was. Really just that order if he didn't know how to explain he had a fetish for wrestling women. Well I know. I don't know about I don't know I think key didn't originally have a setters for lesser women I think his parents. I don't know there will be called fetish but I think that he can you explain to me one time about this. Here's. If you wanna call it a traditional wrestling. It came from the fact that as a kid growing up and Long Island New York he watched wrestling on TV a lot. You know he was he with a cheeky attitude and as a kid you know he'd he'd. We'll put on his own TV shows have been in this room instead of boys playing with other kids of the sort of send you. Yes and so. Issued and fascinated him but he it is one favorite wrestler nature boy buddy Rogers who was a big. Although he was a big bad guys back at which time he was watching it on TV. And they and they consider it fascinated you about the fact that he should I can tell all that this guy was intentionally tried to make people. Hated him or dislike him yet he was still very very popular and I any sort of I think they're. You know that affected. Andy's. No look I don't think comedy careers. What you wanna refer to that because he hated being called comedian insists they never told a joke in my life I'm not a comedian. Local former charters. And Edgar and didn't end of wrestling background. Made and it straight translator over what you did. A performer. He enjoyed getting a negative reactions from books from the sands. More so than a positive I mean do you like to do great things that would make people bad habit people have shot. Other than that people are oh yeah and salt from the buildup for the rest of Becker and the the wrestling women came about because you just thought. You know he's he's never solved it didn't compete well Grassley may have their body would get hurt or whatever. So and they and they thought it would be good you know better stricter see if you Russell who would that make you get that out of I'd love sexual fetish at all. Yeah well I think it makes perfect sense he loved being in the heal everything he ever did from his Christmas specials to SNL to your taxi I think that. The burden of that success was too much forming the heat. Everything points to him really disliking it and which is crazy to me but. That was his thing you direct you like to be he'll enjoy came from confusing you know did Tony Clifton and I mean all the horrible thing he would do. On every American I mean it's that usually interesting diamond and just. H eight it's incredible the deal over the years to come offend you jokes I grew up watching you my uncle butch and and Levin you wrestle now and did that work and an understanding as we got older than the eighty Kaufman and it's really. It's just amazing to me like I said the bombs in mood connection if I can keep you in some Buddha. Hell Hoff to all the same room I would out well I'd where you guys on the podcast November did you tell your eye out for dinner with the Arab. And you know you're right I had not here to other that that I dare I need to get there. A ball to move on that's that's been warmer problems would get charged. Blame this Jews. Michael what didn't win more stupid than Mauritius Cleveland Ohio and and really the way they get attributed judicious because. Another a good friend of glands and of mine. Is Chris Perez and Chris Perez what the all star pitcher for the Cleveland Indians sever years ago. And Chris. Never reached that is not a baseball he started up this pot add to this pod surge started the ball. A podcast companies so it was big because he had a lot of try and there were actually should he thought would be interested in doing podcast shall eat and really wanted to podcasts himself but so he's inclined at several different. People to do a man and I was one that that. He and bled pop music in the village and you know we had virtues for a long time and not try and limit vintage but that was one of the things that's almost looked. Actors he lost a billion ourselves. Which Steve Austin called me up to actually to do this podcast. You know I felt like I was I was honored and as an assurance that you know pod dominant apart just to stay in Boston won't without one. In the country and so sort of asked me to be on which harder but it was also. I felt obligated. In it in a way. Do that so. I just I told our till Christmas program that should look under the podcast but I am not gonna call up my friends. And put them on the spot to ask him to be on the Parkinson is not gonna do that. And it should we don't even have to have guests and so well that's that's the way we started with the middlemen just gonna deal could settle scores and stuff from the distant. Then one thing led to another Glynn and more he he started himself cheeky that some people that Fred demands and he got he got some. It's actually Keyes and several peace. And we Democrat and you know guys like. Scripted and heart cherish all. All of bill JR have been on there will be heat your whole stairs where would we went and had a lot of guest. That boy I didn't I didn't go international yeah beyond I think I just. It didn't feel weird Jerry you're doing about it just get you and I'd go hate. I don't know what you got going on but if you never liked to stop by the show this is your very very welcome just send you email. And you won nine times an attendant there I don't ever make people feel pressured. People like telling good stories your fund got a hang out with your phone got to talk with like picked up a lawful or Paul would come on you Schilling's second he'll talk about Kaufman's in mood and it got all three you guys who do an incredible podcast. Now well. I mean it's a good idea. I mean I always enjoy talking about it and yeah I think there will be right there will be there will be your pitch toward the cancellation circuit that it. It's a it's almost like the Elvis still that did. The popularity. Of Andy Kaufman has remained. Strong for so long war has been 35 years. Took and passed away you can that we did all much dust and dead people still talk about it to just say on a regular basis you don't hear they are making a movie. Movie about his dosage just come out now 35 years later balls and golf. Blitzer these movies for people. The one I'm actually just called Jim and Andy. The great beyond and actually did I think there's a little bit more to the title this is what Bob booted got out of out of his involvement in it he asked him to international for any money he just wanted to mention of trolley system. In the title and so I believe it real title now is chairman and integrate the armed with an obligatory or urged. I. But until it's exactly Jim dandy degrade beyond featuring a very special contractually obligated mentioned Tony Clifton is certainly got a oh man what a title are. Listen. You're always welcome here Gerri appreciate Jen I know that your voice it's I really do appreciate you getting up and an annual this this morning I love you brother now. Anything you've got king Jerry Lawler dot com dinner with the case the podcast. Movie Jim and eighty degree beyond featuring a very special contractually obligated mention of Tony. Yes and I led dramatically Underwood definitely coming up there's. Hosting the hall of fame which I'm I'd keep. You know I keep you thank you wanna this year we're gonna get Eddie Cochran into the double there you all the same in the shall we were in there isn't sure you know we just need. Really need to place some of them that you Olson.