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Thursday, March 16th


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Born November 29 in Memphis Tennessee. He started his career as a disc Jockey Club attracting the attention of a local wrestling promoter retreated from wrestling training for free publicity. He made his pro wrestling debut in 1970 to win his first championship a year later. Played 1970. He was dead could keep investing in a legend was born. In the eighties became international attention for his feet with comedian Andy Kaufman he is a 35 times eight. In southern heavyweight champions ten time eight W eight tag team champion. Time and WB. And can't and then barely scratches the surface of a career has made him a legend of the rest. And on April 28 through thirtieth. Kansas City for the annual comic con. Please welcome the man. Jerry Lawler. Big Brother. Coming up and get it meant that if there and everything works I'll order replace humans are. The interview in the other direction or number robot. It's only a matter time before everything. You hate spewing about a year in London sitting in traffic got a gentleman. I have a traffic right now in the back of camp right now we're headed towards the power laden and liquors. She looked at the end decisively. As we traveled around the city you're. Are you on vacation or are you working. A little bit it's. A couple of a couple of working day so we're going to be over here about seven days so it's. The combination work recreation. Well I think and they loved wrestling. When I was a kid I lived in England my mom's English and I remembered they loved wrestling that was actually I was exposed to that wrestling before I got the United States and and you know court we've talked about it a moved on to Memphis. And and really seller real wrestling much. Yeah it is it's huge order that that W right now probably does. The most popular server and it just as that a factor just started today O workers. United United Kingdom crab United Kingdom and ship. And so. The paper view from here of course a lot of ball start from there are very forced on that they appear old. Their own paper to. Just United Kingdom gets its Olympic that's what could walk around you know you get it up the plane and immediately get recognized by people on the on the other side of the world. Cool for nearly. What a great story imaged the entire story of you Jerry Lawler will be a return about you know from it to disc jockey as we all know rather meager beginning. And two to really being an international icon in wrestling in all kidding aside be it we've talked. About the greatest workable time with eighty Kaufman you know you're the longevity I don't know anybody else. Who's worked in in wrestling as long as you. You know what maybe later you are well Rick actually you're older. And I think we started around and so so record has. And dark longevity in the operator but now there are still I'm still act. Horry delivering on its like on the case and record ticket give America maker a couple years ago. Yeah. And it all might do the fact that. A fanatical enough to avoid major entered the right around as long. It's been. Google and it's a great is that it is liquor career. I was down below street last year and and I didn't know that they'd opened up a Jerry Lawler bar. We there yet matches kind of ironic in the fact that one of the things that pride myself on that never in my entire career I think. It may be one of the reasons last. Idol Corey. Never let it it's all about golf here want to put your. Whole life and now all of a sucker bet on distort the Austrians as. Albacore. But it can turn yourself I bar girls. You know we're at it. It direct strike to pick up without a struggle that sort of thing the street it's one of those. It's that. Next they'll tell their deficit the worst of traction in the city people come from all over the country that appeals street. Just let's. And then there are a lot of people in their and the city and start talking about. Org we're proud are so violently it just opened also. Barbecue restaurant there in the as well. You know what since I was a barbecue let's go out there callers are you company. We get a lot of people let it sit and talk about Barbara cute. It looked at. You know that that look and compare that is and I'll go out and let it play action that our view and yet the city and and that of course we're going when I come their for the I'm gonna have to get Stroud. The price. Of grapefruit their intensity but. Yet it expects them and that. We try to try to one up them up as well I have so there might have been urged that our group. Later. He. We have tried real. They've replaced its ticket I'd go but you know. In the cell deep Fryer and we even have to slide -- there. And I'm telling you I'm fried pies and boiled peanuts I remember thinking like we as a kid he can. Why would you WP that's and then you realize you read him along and everybody else I used a little white station road and needed three little pigs barbecue. As a kid Jerry. And my grandma every. Yeah well it Barack and I live right up like Oprah or that here. How to walk girl which is literally. I was like what you or outlook the outlook. Was like station I don't thought that there is that little shop is still broke somewhere revenues go. And there's you know you walk out the window and there's this mechanical mr. peanut. Still might be worth it where they are rose the most induction. Point four that they are right there in the we're definitely. Still there. And love that you're coming at you you know I'm a huge fan I. I mean so much I'm telling you at some point we've got a commission I thought about this and it will make people of sex it's a little on the on the risky segment. I I imagine a beautiful velvet inning of four kings. I say he put Martin Luther Jerry Lawler Elvis Presley Jesus Christ all in a big oil and. And Colin are you. You would think that would be that as part of its ever been mentioned that the yeah yeah of blacks felt any at the end you know what. I would think I could I'd block on a vote for the for the in the city comic. I do I enjoy I loved I wasn't by the way Jabbar I was I did my best to put what are your grandkids somewhere threats the first semester of college so it was a it was this taxable Arbil. It was. It's it's like it's. People are gonna love to meet you in Ric Flair to you Rick have always been friends right and ended if you ever gotten sideways for them in the business who you guys always been good. Well never. It's two out earlier. Went. The opportunity to be around Rick I would much you know the state. In the Tennessee territory beside it in the touchy territory at quick on the champions. You know we would bring you an application. That they got quite directly chanted we started working there with a double yet we use. When we look at the world championship matches yet. Legal Kirk in the you know and let those guys that are at our world champ and so we get to work with trickle Utley hit a few matches and really. Thought Q and title match of opinion Rick flair on our breakfast TV that it what Saturday morning. Used to work our way into a big match or the Palestinian. But no I always all really good relations. That never never been any problem there at all. You what you've got a podcast by the way. Obama tried mentioned some people can check it out called dinner with the king and and that's a new one right. Yet just started we've just been our second episode this week. And should recruited him if you were to album author I didn't realize they are charts. You know like you charter record or whether it's at the same thing for podcasts are breaking. Or like to do whatever bill is where our very first week we jumped up to number. What happened that we and illiterate or twice all I guess that are out here. I mean. And a lot of its name pocket so it was. It's really good that looks like the second week is you are so it's you know it's just. It's one of those things like this the next inevitable step that you. If you take what you've done just about everything they're doing that as their dollars and awkward and done. And so what they were. We'll think about you when you commit for common guy and you'd think about the people around you if you just get him to sit value from it from you Ron Perlman yo to Ric Flair himself becoming. You can grab these guys when you're on the road and do it anywhere and I think that's the most exciting thing. When you have access to a two people were interesting and interviews. It's it's never ending Gerri I mean just this can be huge field. Well you know here here's the thing I've done two part and no. Probably the most straight putt here. In its broadcast partner girl or are you were little Jerry. A operating there and he's there aren't good. It is and I are you're so far and an opera like what happened. I hired create the well aware that that was what style calls the law and call me which Hewlett are richer and art is not what it opened in anyway because the next they would start it has not yet. Next thing you know 03. How. And I'm about to shoot myself I'm in my kitchen are all part and we'll talk about oak trees there are some laps I would go out he was making too may be pretty. Pre show that law you know walk out and I just thought oh my gosh. I will never. Yeah that was just got it in. What happened and sure yet. You have on there. All leopard is still in the same old story about himself and I was career at least old mill in you know and then presidential. When I started and agree it is. I go people look. I'm not a regular they're put our friends on the spot I expect to be. A little bit you know they only do it. Because they feel obligated or are you prick them do their thing go what basically miners. Are as good of others just. Is it just. Just like we're at dinner together and talk about it's going to be general sanctioned but lately of course old stories about my career differently that we Sherman bit about it call it and and all the different things that you know went on in in my career. I I feel comfortable. And the trigger on my friends that I can become on our air you know it out by. These people the commodity market sort of you know I have our. The local people call them and don't count how much he likes. I figure I'll like outlook are a regular. Yeah well that's true that's that's. I know that I know that when it's act. I'll tell you man it's it's truly a I'm such a fan and you know that it. It it's really been fun to get to know you over the years and it's kind of magical about the comic and because I guess it's not a joke but I tell you I settlement uncle butch is lap. Who is married and Barbara. When their three kids very bring him BJ he would drink pabst blue rim assault on the rim and I remember sitting in the chair with him as a little kid and he would it. He he was not kidding when he said there were only three kings this world Jerry Lawler of especially in Jesus Christ. And he would and that's going that's where the jokes started for me I remember him saved it could have been more than eight years old. Well you know you can't ever do it up so that you're here you're the undercurrent laughter. You know you get watery eyes you'd expect it to the on all over the country and and are basically all the open computer people. Earlier that how that been they. Or somebody will come out depleted but analysts saw the support the other day and they told I was from that some. They should all although they get their yeah stretch in the they're all. I. Yeah. That's what level those longevity than in the people disassociate. The. You are that city and it comes from a time we we we love good guys and bad guys it was a pretty simple idea of entertainment. And this guy was a bad guidance does a good guy and we always root for the good guys and it seems to put the world back in order it is. As simple as that is you know what I am I'm a big fan of that especially these days that the clear lines of good guys and bad guys is it's all pretty Butler you know. Well you know what I think some current state. I don't know what's the what's the right word maybe Oprah. What caused just what you say it is it is simple and that the is that you know we're vs evil. And it should be simple right there and then the so that people can. And it and it should be too complicated. But except that today you know when the winds. I think one of the main differences this year so maybe. People involved in the creative process in the there was one guy there was the there was the Booker in the territory and it was you know he was the one responsible for coming up with. What almost gonna happen what you got the CO PP. And that would probably fifteen or twenty people that four stole it kill everybody wants to get their stuff there and and and like if this was in the past when there was one Booker might do it you know slightly you know if Chrysler to come up with something. Now there's there's there's such an. Not as of yet but they're probably. You know it's more popular now than that in history so it'll because that's the way to do it but don't let that simplicity. I'd make it more complicated than it. Belligerent. Jury we'll see would you roll into that Kansas City for play public enjoy London my friend and that travels safe. Okay thank you so much generally considered a mill. Anytime jealousy when he gets Kansas City 42 days sixteen hours ten minutes and 45 seconds. Well it felt like it's.