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Wednesday, July 18th


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It's that time again and we're we're we're approaching. The middle of July which we know the first with the blogs always means the Sturgis motorcycle rally this would be. The speed boost its eighteenth or nineteenth you're going I think it I think it's a nineteenth at nine eighths at ninety years stirred. It is we've seen it all home. We started out there it eight years ago and centenary was broken spoke again it was terrible twos member well had he made to sit in the sun at a picnic table and charged the station to use that area. Bill the only great part of the trip here remembers you made they had like a little raggedy. Mechanical bull and you may be he'll get on any racked himself yet and carefully turned green and through. He actually himself on the ball so hard with a mechanical bull he threw. That was you know what it was funny it was but it. Have clicked in thankfully a little place called awful close saloon. I opened and I know good. A redneck named Jesse James to pre met one Michael Ballard. Instead of friendship and payment guess what he sucked into the greatest motorcycle bar ever now seventy pitches to future years ago. To burn the ground and you remembered. It truly devastating. But that Phoenix from the issues he's crazy sons of bitches and bigger better you know when most people would need to to begin a pivot table. If you're gambling you EU I'm completely hold onto. Its. And you meet the guys who go those aren't well let's just go all in pseudo works. It's. Build it bigger and better lives and get more room. He changed the game you put in a 600. Acre campground. RV hookups. Giant Olympic sized vagina shaped swimming pool. Situation wicked witch you are horrible. Follow. Us on that weather up there registered as it looks like it's it's what looks just like stretches. You really brutalized by the so beautiful day here and you know I jumped up well you know Jerry Jerry told the integrity about. Forty minutes ago with. An epic and epic emotional what you take in that took him when poor. No he would not treat the funds that way well I would look at it didn't really click. Now would you. He's no god in good he's been going downhill they'll think here about the the motorcycle. You Wear casual. Yet. Actual actual open about 4:30 this morning in a panic bills this and so that. And they're particular about you know note this article I've never. Ever had so much about I have always been. Punishment or grab hold of is more than I can achieve that figured out how to swallow but until you can Chirac. I have out to a bombshell that it but it could become obsolete in six weeks. This meat grinder that can beat you can look at a guy you know I got. Doubt it shall I mark it up a war reporting here. It and helped the airport rectitude to multiple property can draw popular popular interpret what. Welcome to start as the airport. Clock in the morning. A lot of where we're doing chuckle shows. 48 hours later Bob clocked at more Sunday morning. Ordered airport and stop traction and our people back well stalled. Indicate to people staged about just build that well we did some of these extra efficient places looking. Actually crowd in check this out. We're moving the richest two day. That's going to be great so the bridges will be back. Closest couple mature and two pretty mr. Graham so they're biking can check it out in order that we're well we're the only thing to nexus related to stock up opposite. Extort we are by and innate difference or in. It's so it would come across pastor that thanks so wall if we waited like 180. So I know. Separate and yeah that that's that's what could be the DOT on the way for that would make the trip Camille trouble to the mutual that. You know we we kept just a little bit up important job just chuckled at the Butler we shouldn't this year in doubt does not let you open up to the structured. And then to left October. No complaining. Hundred and dictate that a portion of politics and such an honor committee to beat in a working with politics and. It is announced it just you know. He really is amazing to me and I've started that we just because I want to get the lines and speeds suggesting. He's been working with bill Davidson Willie G games and all these incredible people Hartley two put together they want a real party gives 150 anniversary. And so. It happens no idea when to get a phone call. And jets in Mobley who just came out of a meeting with these the guys who Kerry hardly games across this country across the world. And they decide they want to go in little dirt on it in and that's a you got involved. And now we're often that we certain of the separately at Sturgis were really giveaway in the 26. And that people can go to to get signed up here in Kansas City and they'll get it now there's another trip will be able to 115 Greg. Given the Jesse James Burton is proud to know that it does sticky Sloan warned some water from Kansas City I'm not doing this in the only to the states and this is some of them. Stokes and don't dispute it in a couple questions in intensity talks going to be one double if you don't be applied shoppers. Into stores. Well parents liquor store when you don't stores. And register to win in. A true. 250. They have a course record that the couple bottled judged and urban but he also got the single broke the Portland. Go to look for was to bring in the church featuring single or at least about taking applications at. Last year or so very proud of it and it's it's incredibly. About the Google optic polymer but what is their register to win a trip to Milwaukee 150 that a portion. We gotta update to Auckland on paper that we. The woman that like that we can we got we see opening ceremonies but it rob Hulk the check this. I ought to be our country. Today it's definitely. Coming across the country first that lifestyle. Fully routed Milwaukee it's going to be worked partly treated oh. So. On the Sunday for an the Sunday morning delivered in week and so if you go to Q and make it out there. It is what goes out in the end they're in the addiction technical or were sleeping and hit the Milwaukee took a rock hall becomes to get on the at least eight. Publically which is open ceremony at 1 o'clock to pocket their credentials to come together. Out of their transport in Milwaukee and at least albums abroad or restore from ninety Miami. So that's Seattle Washington can or outlook California it will work in there and they're coming across the country. Stopped speaking people and they're all gonna come about a warm mr. cute ceremony. Like that again and so article or are on the NC. The ceremony with the governor. Wisconsin and all the dignitaries and and of course the that they listened and which is they're incredible people. And got in the opera really cheat the stock market what are we to get back over from the host is that as. It's either way history and you think about the history. Beating MF it who by the way no matter what we say about the MF yours they saved Harley-Davidson in the dark somewhere where they they had to get carried. But that the wherewithal to get back from it. And and changeable the evil injured I mean. It's true that those that. To reignite Harley-Davidson was one of the Greek American companies like you wanna talk about by. Harley-Davidson is purely. And. Would it be and actually into the swing and it didn't do exist like your body the only place. You know kids that ignore it apparently moved them to do on books each state leaning that should give them proper license. Let's look at the wheel motor. You know without sixty not to like club at the that they entered this change. Until now would you router or. I'd appreciate that the American legacy of this company and the gear and make them back to me it's sad that so probably because two people to be. Too slowly to reduce its opinion. Sterling and all this just killing the great job and a got a great team around me. In and in that we can look at Wichita Okur got there's little potential and we got all the typical bit of the search as we got a mechanical fault not a mechanical bull. You'd go to its interest in all tricked up and only eager and you can open erratic to look at all. Connection. To re corporate award just we. We don't preclude you all draw off that he went up there we got everything stalled world is coming in the first helicopter ride. Felt were the Great Lakes in the gala Milwaukee on the we got a concert stage. The league brush which is a huge country so. Replies when we got. Chuckled quote little brighter and we just announced that guilt storms on Saturday night. All the organs we got white and we got. At the 2 to 12 o'clock company into the play and you know those properties in the in. The part of the IP packet that you can give you go to. Constantly goes a lecture up we'll carry that and register. That package that you also keep it out of the IP practice to go to the museum and yet even. You know what that music you're only children or look alike are going to be. Oh. Because article portal but all of that happened now gesturing urban. And constantly goes up Price Chopper Perry all the got to get Apollo program register Tibet and inadequate job at least what you ought to apply. Yeah. I would point out Jesse doesn't do drugs. He does not this is a natural nuclear power redneck it's a new kind of warrior. I I I. I habit I know I didn't shoot out with huge hit. You'd have never seen it go like this I'm thinking a hey I'm never want either must've passed away but when you've actually. I hope they actually do that you ought to find out what that was don't know inside you as I've never seen anybody work as part of my old. What doctor Ling and elder did this can be open conducted a damn good job a little girl that beat slate has. Yes distort the be fortunate to Olympic order. Credit to miss any man she's back again that's fantastic all your fingers of the. A it's like it's nobody should most photographed but he took it inside your body could well you know play a critical thinkers courageously. So real that I did a great job and appreciate doctor linked on the particularly to do. Did you guys. Is it weird to have a cadaver nerves inside your finger. You know. I can you like that aren't playing morsel for them or soccer. Great -- great you should try huge its its got the WW. Dot or killed it could take those. Or did you secure on the oil and given you also had an urgent to the site could place to be up ma. Are hot hot. Great this is really such a good weird party rented that 115 to some special Sturges is always great in coming out of that 215 because it really does mean something. And guy and I don't I don't see that he's in it. And attic keyboards are coming to challenge one that we all the challenge I'll be sentenced urgent call you and I don't you go. Your week or so recuperate in in chewing us up to Milwaukee a hundred do think this summer all the papers and or it got everything you need over there to direct report in and I mean seriously it's open it only comes. Amid portability or should you were partners. In and out I'm just opal important legacy that I was. Any small part of a while looking to compete in this so. A lot about it considerable we put together for there's. And pick up chrome rally packages did you get a hold its web site. Into the special or holy won't be LP here is still believes it's it's teaching experience we're excited about it and then. We just bought pebble pebble. On the deal. And I can congratulations a lot has been you've got a look securely to that what it's a couple of you're out there dude in the you can sleep but it is about the topic or shall and that's. And it is nice indeed something. If realized you would you look you're like the redneck alignments. On must act now that the electric cars and rockets easily get some crazy situation or on silently and those like woody is he's the same version only. I was it is insane. Three different types about all you've got currently well noted putting legacy be fighting it spiced. You've got then the regular bird street urban you've got honey. You've got a single girl you got the doubles that of the rock the world platinum recording 120 shows you the 600 acre campground complete with a giant Olympics and keep swimming pool Sturges the biggest motorcycle around the world earlier producing a 115 anniversary Harley-Davidson which they've never used outside you you're the first guys do it so that you've busy elitist and in that. I have no idea what comes next. Little volume I've been pleased you'd pour concrete and god blessed guy that are out there and now actually yes. Well it went up a cheap construction Sacha and I know what it's. Like to be out there question you're asked to integrate. Automatically when you go home you sleep you're a so called. Good look at and I'll do it again there about Alabama Democrat national import concrete as one dale will be doing it being able to. Think about you know really impractical a potential model that none of this great you know that. But it's it typically year in and out and a ticket at pebble they'll want to say. I do an album globally the support we got the double double. From from rock fest I mean it was just. Absolutely amazing and Corsica. The god kinship liquor store they got it fixed income gap open between eight. Yet the little attention at the pebble pebble effect all the which is out there and it also got out of adjustment closer to protecting. And then and then. Lucas would look like that. When he. But did between six it's. No sugary Luke isn't ever I'm sure Grand Slam into Macy's admits he's come monitoring mission parkway. Yeah you get me in trouble I call her a molecule or buckled up called republic how you actually deliver. You looked in cheap chief he not been there or she's been duties. But I the other group to which got to restore hope that it. Mean she's achieved and look at this case and all the other continued to it would burst of brilliant. The pebble pebble of course as part of all the overcame the city and a T know if it is the competition it's not a serve because the competition. And it's in potter and that is what was it that mr. the UNH political pot located in a seriously. At the cult. And the response on the doubles double spears mr. Graham the so. Corey could you people that are on call itself to a lot of yesterday promised the world their cool and drink at pebble. That's about it it's the temperature like in the looked into and that kind of thing we know what. Altitudes open like with the district it's really great this critical period in the and so probable or critical. The ball didn't follow the global war court that your old old story chuckle at the site. Just called jaw breakers to. Relative to do it symmetry the atomic jaw breakers and cinnamon and it's. To take about a particular. Great duels or world. And eagle an option some acts. It's shirts and stuff to to take seven to Lucas and this is so a good protection Arctic to double that packet optical. Pot holder of the act that it would it went out to people there are optimistic is what we. I am a shout out to saint by the way saints is picked it up I was an eating the other day this all the saints restaurants and bars picked up at the devils deadly. Let's. Get you can tell me nom I got a probable model I'll go that would have been sleeping much and I just got back in the talent. Yesterday it would enjoy Apple's just wish we could sit a wreck posts pictures on the jets and to treat this group. That record it sparked by week. It's like Saturday. And broke the record that we it's your. It would take a record. It was all right hold only people I mean those people came out. Show world and bag and so ready to jail Obey it and so we welcome the Milwaukee River district but. It's gotten that many people can participate just got to go processor with a great mixture of wildlife. I. They thought can I do feel like this but don't true ball pass somebody who has been in my football league hammer over the next. Six weeks we thought you wouldn't make sure we didn't look quite these year intervals. And about them anyway keep circuit brand new Harley get people registered just remember you guys that you can't make Sturges or you can. Right after that Milwaukee a 150 anniversary at the hearings liquor stores and at the Constantin goes find the liquor department find the single barrel I'd try it. Give the go and then register. For a trip to Milwaukee to 215 which up and hotel make sure that you get there OK the whole thing. It's gonna be incredible is Bob and I you know we don't have to Sturgis we go Sturgis Nova Scotia. Back to Kansas City one week and then back to Milwaukee on the bike. But he's gasoline and up and so my job well and I think so. All sitting deployed there as you go through the city but if bringing the B ailment. You bring the bill on during the bail money. Oh yeah. I actually report sort of unit and by every want becomes the tool also we got. 600 acre all the Olympic shot old is looking even a couple of support that instrument strip. The oldest looking to make it in its servers in that I've bolting it keeps. Thanks ball was simply throughout the entire video we got we groups that all of us have been fixed everything up all the characters are they looking beautiful launch our houses. We got so. Extra feeling like we are free now between politics and and we just edit yesterday. All met certain people or the first Sunday of the rally there be some differences on the track. Able to do it he'll climb on the backs out of the water tower so I mean all of that coming a week it to caliber machine that you can shoot the helicopter pads. 300 cabins but we had I that we were sold well. We get. Other people got to bad people here on calls so obviously this is a tell you this is going to be one route and I purchaser yes I think this is actually. Here the culture or not he knew that often this year. Think you're not seniors with this issue. Yeah you know that's been. In big give which which that you or you can look Churchill before that for the well as well so we. I think you problems it can get it is not what it's not and yeah. I have the scars to prove that the story hell hath this been to jail the other half got to get them. You know I give him. Applicable to our memories was whenever sit and enjoy that you witness in the early. And usually it was the as a because you roll it out coach get out and get all the great. You can just showed in August or rolled into that the local so we'll go let's record. That's sort of orchard yeah. Got a community individually and separately are real security. Fields into a book for a actively front porch or other and they think they took a photograph and it looks like an. And that was definitely going of the hell's angels clubhouse in Sturgis and your because every do we want to lose again the other side of that door and then another to another dollar and then study who's always been an optimist and gentlemen. He writes great books make you wonder what that life is like the start with the first one else ever. And yet I've always enjoyed sitting with him and he has. It doesn't matter if you agree with the iron use him engine and irrefutable. What has been horrible burden at this fight by the battle that we could easily restart those stories Jesus Christ. That's a major way is a major brawl in the middle of the full throttle the Mickey from across the street got mad at me agents that we and I mean it makes perfect demands of me and rightly that these guys didn't like each other. I stood there drugs to be watching little people fight each other's. They wanted to know like rational that they have been through will be just was. There were slowing and more than their network security guard at one picked up on the orange and and. And Ronald the major punched the bar grab and yeah in the in the secret upper east is pretty good at a little place in Internet there and for what it used to hold back at all. The square that major rob in the place. Actual at all on the screen it is to be like Hollywood. Re all. Polly could a lot of horses. And it's special to make a lot that. Agent squared the extra couple more so actually a sleek and ultimately short. Got to the shoring up back in Kokomo and he put the ball. It sort of counseling approaches the major in the east in the mid week. Eagles fly and awkward. Only. Back at them or not give it about it straight so I mean it was like. He's been. Considered. A huge so many things. I may have seen I'm into you son was doomed we'll study I got up early long way to the show. And I see this you're cute girls voices and I see it and unzip as he won very handsome young. No shared knowledge of the priest and a walk up the white. And Agile he's like eight page. And not publicly oppose any potentially and they display which approachable look to ignore it west and the good they're gonna be or Harley-Davidson. Whenever the rough on con people in Tikrit we can actually be in steering column European record. Technical on the together in their airplane one hellacious state on Sunday. The war is gonna come a lot out there and sober. 218. And the fact. All the reporters that he including the Davis apparently going to be coming through. Now you got all this I told him yeah I'm going to be a little while. What should not Milwaukee a knuckle under to leak out that won't become an attribute yet and I'm gonna get back to Milwaukee. And I'll be damn. Found out got a chuckle shall we need looked like so hot rhetoric I've got a tall. Chris into him on the duplicates you out only a walk in the middle of a lot of your which are culturally to shut up there. You know what I'll go up there and hold him what you give him the news. Because if Colin Muller if we always. I love you brother listen I get to the day and Leo but do you finish up the lead that rally just around the corner we have a few more tickets we've got. Only a hundred keys to give away too we drop the odds weighed down since 700 it's a one and 100 chance that there with a brand new motors workers were. Animal give these guys information they can 150. In that. Field and we I could do this all day. There's more major punching. And shooting. Movies out girls would that would chain saws the dumpster let's almost cut Jesse's one to what that. I saw Goldberg is an. I don't think it's anywhere near Oprah book called I'll watch the tell handler. Pull out of the property they'll make the great problem to deal role model. It will take him I'll get there until we meet a book there and we're about to move those bridges somebody could somebody could duck. Let's make sure it's not you. I'd like to send it to you this what occurred in them and it just dignity to a woman. Okay so so. Elegant moved to Pritchard the first. Based on your attitude to just from the open river in British out so are. Well you'll lol OK and it's one by bridge that got on the but the ones while still low 280 dealt to help structure Stegall. Under your old from the kitten Ohio which company truly can and so really. Historical moment this. Eight column that to write a Republican and they also adults. To move the power lines down so he can come call each adult and elements critical to our orbital after the strike out. Oprah or place any place to call all the all the people. What did you think coat pocket and thousands of dollars to take the power. And stretch and got out we're old street nick and does so it. Also instructed a great acting so slack there. It is owed to the ball in a column. I mean I'm not there a week before. They totality to Portugal which can come rub. Every attempt. With the belt and I think that Stewart. A story there that's out there and seriously don't they were probably would take him down like. You can. In a bit terrible we column. A little more comedy here out. It is also like you know what I cannot wait to see those iconic bridges from the original full throttle. Back at the new trial because that is that's the missing piece the key that's the Rushmore that's the you know the monolith that that really is that's. You know that's the bar and shield of the full throttle. Actually that's where this year we got them a little mini bikes in the group in the court or we got traction out. And you couldn't break eighty bikes in the cool or problem what to do what you. Possibly go wrong. On this historic visit. Apple's. Stop until that delayed you you only removes the planes or this year now. You'd need to opt out eventually. Like. We showed you without 2080. Yeah the last where she got a machine guns as he Jessie and across the field has promised a machine gun and shoot it. Not thinking it was very dry out there and it just lost about 200 acres have been a lightning strike. It was. There would you that would ensure our secure okay. Look old it is lying it's been a hundred or what for the last couple more here in doubt. And I did until we but it actually beautiful green. Others not by a fire burn ala is coming in the weather's incredibly cute eight shares say. Into the way shape that this could be about this the title town accused look at the cycle keeps going like it is completely until this is the dust. Elements on the three of them is that at least a period it's. It will be so I'm from and I love this calling him at some pictures of the bridge. Doubt you got it in you got separated like in the same for your big break you know because you know by officers. Register at Milwaukee you won't see him start to kick up a double doubles I think. The first order apple to.