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Monday, August 6th


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Oh my god that the fire boxes rolling the Sturgis the biggest motorcycle rally in the world to the biggest motorcycle bar in the world and that the full frontal saloon in the course of pat you look at ground. So we're doing that today I'm going Ryan's going processor Brian's going Jake T myself Bobble. That's the station remembers him as anybody Chris scared that no good and Robby definitely debt no good. I'm from worth Harley what Sean is going. From seven does Jamie Dixon is going from. Do you assess productions and a bail money and I'm missing missing and Carlisle Carlisle left stranded six foot of course. Largely Africa could. Yeah created overlook. Oh yeah he's only six foot five. And he he. It's going to be good I think I think there's no reason to worry about putting ten people who his six person. This isn't in its interest in batch oh yeah he hit 800 miles ago what could possibly go wrong. Rolled to the the capital campground which is just think it's I think all the cab usual about the RVs sold out there probably some tenth left. But I think it's it's gone mayhem already. I had the big swimming pool everything we have been watching pictures get rid of all weekend that the throttle is in full effect Sturgis happening it is that. And by the way again I'll saints before we head that way. Why would you wait Jessie up at 6:30 in the morning. I've talked to on Friday and he said only Eagles only help Leo yeah he didn't mean it. And sound like you never know here he would then at 2 o'clock and we got to perform an extremely hesitancy. And as I. You a lot of. I am so sorry calls you've made. Not dealerships. Gelman who would have of her looking at the breakfast booklet about to open the doors so what time did you did it last night. Both are the true thirty we shall. Yeah you been to bed before 233 any nights and you've been there for the last month. No assumes we Moody's would know what they get their departure and some don't. Four drilled for us. This is this is that this is gonna get ago but obviously it's it's exciting learns import a Patrick Kane decisions or if you everybody there who were killed more so he can look here and let them know which do it joking about common. Now listen we're on our way tomorrow morning we jump in the bush you know Chris here from where Charlie Robby ware entirely when job for seven Dustin Dixon from DSS and the rest of the it's no good sons of bitches and Carla out of a hole Bob and the rest of the bush radio station so once we got there late tomorrow night. You're you're. It ought not sure usual it was. He said he had patron he went to Costco and literally fills an entire gross and Costco sized grocery cart to top to bottom underneath in the top field beard he's like do you think that'll be enough to get Nebraska so he's. Well what what what what what what what it. Well yeah. Bob Edwards voters only got bigger and bigger I know. I was sure I'm told but it is what else wonder whether he and so part of American toward democracy that's. How are a critical look how great. Oh great but crucial to look and feel you're a good all polish or they. So well because you're welcome. Fortified home. Thought it'll bring your Apache like I would have is for your preview what else. I think he was counting on did you get into storage site I think he'd play and he'd go with it maybe drink at all before we got there. You know you don't cult recruiting center. What are your soul of this guy he doesn't know any better you know Bob Lee's. So luck I would help open your boy okay who wouldn't got a. I know I know I tried to explain just everybody Chris here was where he said what kind of food might need to bring it could see him what we're gonna stop how many times. And I don't know whenever you want to Chris. There's OK okay to eat well drink and. That's right and I mean he had been hungry when you drink me drink enough distasteful. Do you and let you get the can't read only are these sites in the cabins all sold out. Yeah we'll work. But that's actually think it's a disgrace commute was 600 acres. In what some people still current parliament and it's great that all the although no fixed. All of these sites in the cabin and yeah they did it with. Yesterday we have been anti heroes who ordered warrior project show up there until we got them. There own pavilion after Iraq aren't we welcome to what rock hard. The swimming pool club that yet yeah except there are in the acute if there were all the way with what it would have we understand certain. And it it it would pick what you did it once and capital genetically right that we always had to be at peace. Poor camping. In that court authority between we can't produce the work swimming pool this week it felt good is that there's plenty of people camping and people's that's that they won't be there. And they'll get their scores passion to do so that we can control and we sort of distance club where different people so truck. We can that we posted up there be getting news we've it would look closely you can humans. From the road warrior project it would dedicate replicate in particular culture all around it in their court doors there and any. What was it England is we posts posted that there is it exciting product and they figured if you're short but over the last week. We've had a veteran actor Patrick Archer veteran okay and good conduct all around their end its like. A total believe it's it's. It's a pretty good place. They're specifically asking did to make sure that they're campground touches the outside that. The VIP wounded warrior camp animation they're close those fellows. They could think all she could do state and so organically. Just a huge perimeter. Both military leak things. You know people's put their flags are open they're you know because it's just it just also. That it supports military that it just all over on this in Latin assumed it was just fire. If they don't put you know also if you couldn't. Who go to borders should have pretty amazing and it anyway. His columns are itself orchestrated but it is just it happens just so cool remove in which you have the campus or bill. A home. That it's stable operational played last largest specialty children's church and virtually. Eutectic if you listen there's certainly a great term particularly acute for you know distances. You see if true are you junior has got to look at December lights here so he looked and felt like god to. We had a huge and well it's it's never had a better line Trace Adkins Tom Kiefer green before Merrill's plan you guys of course Thursday night at nine. Saturday August 11 I mean it's just you can't just coming up. That's just around the corner we'll see them that night and it's it's a best the best lineup I've ever seen to throttle half. It's diversified. And it's open to everybody you know student militants including a bump when. You know those places is rookie kitchen apartment up I think. Sure when people do come won't even this week is human you guys. People say this thing out for motorcyclists elitist if it is what it is just a good deal but we'll pull. The spoonful. Looks incredible that it felt it would we did have a stock we have a storm two nights ago. We have storm just come out of nowhere where it is beautiful weather people quit. Also include I don't know where to hit sixty plus smaller in Sturgis we need to do between bark warnings to its chips. That was up with a hook. It's good to be slow that the employee uniform toppled or else. Mittal part of what the troops if he couldn't do it because critics toaster will slogan capital murder rapist out of course but. It was fifteen minutes later. Historic trial could. That's Sturgis had people don't believe them like cookie may burn you with a son. Free you inhale you are snowing you reign of sideways. These the most perfect weather we've ever seen and then B you'd swear to god you're in the middle of a tornado and that is and one day and I'm not making up a little bit like you can go from. We can be ninety degrees they can see it can literally drops in the thirties permit and and while have you ever just. Who was about a decade ago we were up there that those big giant sword killed a few people get knocked out every piece of neon in the giant full throttle. It was going through windows it was smash up cars it was going right in the middle of RVs I mean it didn't stop on the way through our V sets up marvelous stuff was never seen anything like it. But we look the people to Obama are actually put or did you cook huge computer ultimately you have those. They get certain open. Actually critic door gulf war. This year. Then we notable for good opener to know that you could include cost. We can't put the property is just asking just us but they're big they're important social yeah. Already has until we get another call. Us. I had out there would compete until pitchers you pitched he. I was taught to them about that Jesse and I've got a I couldn't I don't know normally get it in time. But I I've been negotiating for a bowling ball Canon right now. Well good point. Pulpit where you know. What do you think what should the bowling ball candidate the color. I think also that you put up that you just a 00 and guess. Issue to their playing out open appeared because he played pro would try to teach you wouldn't simply gets the ovals are. We are glad I thought about a new game called who's opposing and you shoot the things straight open there and see who moves first. Treat your little ball. If you would be huge computer and shouldn't put off until he really seemed worse the brutal yet. I think we've we've got all the politics should do more ratchet up our bureau yet they've both been art I thought it almost put up our chip. They're built they're nice. Object refer other applause by trying to plan yep nice man that was the. They get their failure to consider a proposal to do the demo rides as well there's my whole consulted. And there's a there's some people don't help complete it interrupt so obviously that Google can stop it they moved it publication it's what they've sort of appears appear to. Its schedule kept that control how and so. If they just recently that they're pitching because they're in the location got loose. Oh no we need to get after riding motorcycles. The political topic but didn't you can count how pure political. You make up swimming pool but got. But what finally integration centric. We can do about it erode what we're going to shut your picture and it's called the city has got to face all of inflation solace and spiritual or. Stress typical sequel haven't spoke cities or. The ball. This that there are portraiture revolutions and fit to bridge stress and a political content with the mogul opened a little bit Augusto species. That. I'm I'm pretty. Listen sturtze is a big pay men and people who Ambien there I was allowed to and there are. Anything either underestimated. Where they're they're just completely freaked out by the time they get to where they go on I can't imagine what they've just what but there's drove through because it is you literally go from nothing around you for hundreds of miles you can't hit then nobody is the road there's nobody to care guidance but he's who put New York City in the middle South Dakota. And three quarters of a million people or are clogging every available piece of broad. So that freak out or. They go the other and they just like I can get her head hit coming and eat what's gonna happen what you're going to be fine there's food every seven feet. It sat it is an amazing thing nobody nobody can explain it 88 you have to go to the Grand Canyon. Or orchards of the loom and we'll tell you look at pictures you can hear people stories but until you do it you haven't done it in that is that is the only way to explain. The Sturgis motorcycle rally it's now in the seventy. Where is a 78 here. So we're going to be any fear there it is so. Article or 250. Are treated are exported to Japan the first treatment and it's. My attitude is is that everybody's got to also give it its said that didn't say people came in the crowd that he did. Are in it installed all early you know in dough available look at it or Spartan what was so much as it is can think. Didn't overrule how earlier but he's got here and it there Allstate to plug the hole child. How about the rock your bartenders tell the girls got the the throttle look in the shadows. It's always a low in the very attractive heavy heavy girls very feminist girls you know. Hello they have he's been taking a typical sort of zapped its own quarter. They they got yesterday patient and know what we'll watch and Jordan which except they were. Brilliant bit China or student to a yeah I would look at forty look at what's out there blind you know it but it is basically control which were mostly for the walker you know before sort of a not too much that they don't think that but yeah. They're amazing I've never seen so little a little ways yeah. And it is amazing to watch him dance to I mean it is is such and I mean become such a thing to become a bartender. At the full throttle because they know they're getting great tips are gonna they're gonna move to a bushel at her gym and worked her ass off. Envy you got to be great look and see you better know how to dance if you spend half your time up on the bar. And these girls take it so seriously for that nine days and and they're banning it's it's the Super Bowl to them and they take it they dangle full bore with a. Golden in it's it's all is you know I mean whether he'd watched source. Still depiction of the routine don't stage or whether these you all ought goes over there which W they should somebody. Welding statistically their particular sort of the says that you Orton in this petition say debacle still got a little bridge with the little bridge went up into the air it's great. So that they purchase orders don't go in it's still black hole. And so on so many people do is still just thank you look at the bridges are they cute it was what I could we trouble like go to reduce them. Couple of social but it sort paddle your. Helpful to elicit good news is that this that's the thing people like do you think Mike can Jesse have a good job and go all I think they knew but can go the other finished in like. There's you have a good time going to the party. I don't know that it's the best day ever throwing the party if you do it because you love what you do because. It's just something that is become and that there's no denying it mean when the strong burned. There was a bit and I had I figured 5050 investment was gonna have to walk with the whatever money had left to his bank account. You know there was not ensured there was no money coming back it was a ten million dollar lost ten million dollar loss. And this is everything you ever worked for his entire life and that's why I was surprised. Wonderfully surprised they said no I'm a whirlwind everybody show didn't. So escape if it has to work you know and and and I'm so happy to hear that. Now in its third gear. It's really coming about like everything is happening in everybody's showing that it did good the first few. But it really I don't need to see for myself like another throttle year like that that side to side front to back only helped out with at least people in here year. Here it is Parker you know you're cohort they used as you know worker a couple of decades or go to properties you know every week it was. What is it and close to being a pipe fortunately new partnerships that work or another big Al it would look at every bill that bill ensures a roller coaster of feel to it it it it's called got to come out of the pocket books that we just you know people are sure. You know we like they're 300000 social are all just portable. I know people have no idea what it takes many just days. Edited certain like god we knew who they can. You do. Which can kill it 300000 dollars for Ole opry particular to a envelope it will shorten so for a packet of basic trouble. So this stuff but the but they're. That you and so out of the troubled equal it out and Ecuador the bridges that. It's all the machinery and all that stalled all. That though it is with little or notification that it does it of course this particular relevance what the polls are going to helicopter I had. So. They double two. How old are your kids he holed a jet he wants to know you guys got the Burger King sign yet. As far as encouraging sign up there to agency he spoke through young on a piece of paper did he get my burger king's side yet. And habits and you have shown that they are there particular and look at it Christmas those 600 acres or if that's about it I'm sure if I go to read it's it's. Situation that it's their next. If there's ever just let me tell you. He's very very proud of having his bridge at outdoor burger king's side it's a big size twelve by twelve. But it's you don't dwell on the outside but he once he really be very proud of the fact is going to be at the throttle. Then you don't know this is a good special place for a club. And and we heirloom for them. Oh on the backside of the property. Taken its 600 acres is like a square ball a profit but there. Well actually comparable to the bogey or there's just all those distilled. There at least pull it bit you support the burger chain saw work and admitted there's just there's there's so much of that popular Pollack there. There and you literally just so it's a world war drove the trouble is looking for a stroke that we example would be why it's here. Well typical York big corporate you'll farm. If you speak through also you'll be reached for widespread you'll you'll start or water actually came true. So they admit it somewhere else that the before corporate we go to the store I think it would look good that pop and you can women's open got veto. The other patio chair would select which came back a bit in that would look really good to go with the quality comeback tour which kicked. I know it's so mad Max beyond thunder dome construction be and with Sanford and sons. Or standards are sacred zones and act and got rid of Stanford's first. They it's it's just it's made of of what has been brought by what's been donated what's been found what Mike's on the side of the room mics on line and decide I need to bridges to come from bell crucial. Giant old railway bridge from the early nineteen hundreds it's the craziest conglomeration. Of re. Gandhi ridiculous June to others and they somehow turned into art do you set that bar when you guys come this year we're in the discharged and he's joining the show we're headed to the motorcycle around tomorrow. Jesse's thirty here obviously the federal campground but the inside of that bar. That is without a doubt that's gonna go down as to what degree has constructed bar in the history of bowlers I've never seen anything so intricate made out of piece of steel. And in spoke in and nuts and bolts and hogs and primary in just. Every conceivable kind of giant machine has been broken apart into its smallest little pieces and reconstructing this giant barn walls. I mean and tell you there's no I've never seen anything like it. Anywhere in the world. What it's. Coming into walking to a damn pimping someone we literally got it to restore what. Oh wait a native there's everything you do that you get when you are just a terrible many brochures or spears didn't. Tim got frustrated. A lot of them but the only people played the breakfast boring we should do about. Can work through your problem if people ate for breakfast in the inside players is up there actually other statements in this. And eating food how cool are doing a certain show. Dealership for everybody bitter they're doing their sword swallowing they're doing so what happens to her performance. So on the movie is that who is that they do in the the whipping the lip stuff. We still don't do it should do and how are broached. They're doing. Four floors for. There because this could be the whole purpose. Joke throughout there's been in your favor it's they're well how would we go over whether or crazy series than watching them an extra critical. I saw her with us a cigarette or some other guy's mouth on a video then I'm like you there's no chance you know the reason whip cracks is because it's going faster than the speed of sound. What it was snaps yet UPU goes up your pentium fix that if you play he'll take the lead off man. Should we feel good. But some critics and music group a bigger one goal is to have his vehicle was further proof that they think their whole show. And look ultra cool or commercial what. You're doing a better show host okay if I walked into one or. And I'm just so happens here. Yeah listen. Anything you and we joke about it being usage of the big beautiful convenience store but I assure you you reload toilet paper or you heard or something and then you'll maybe. They prophylactic or something of that nature. It's awfully nice to have of the campground and they have a full selection. Maybe here anyway she's decided she doesn't wanna sleep exactly on the ground and then everything air mattresses camping stuff you name it these guys have got in interest. You never bring everything falls. Well Tom just. Lot of other companies in America and I know (%expletive) brilliant. Of writers didn't supply that we didn't probe but he bought everything is included a huge bunch of Boston buffalo who also go to profitability but you're out because the public response. Imagine you're up there cheesy and you're in its own lawn and then you elect a long gone there with no let's help babies are born people who really don't. Forces are made either one. It's it's it's about forty or so you can bet they'll. Or what she was introduced what did I lose I'll see you about a story. So critical cancer you'll hear it won't get past Hibbert did Jupiter's turbulent so be a hurry I want to listen more. Try to get some rest I'll see about 36 hours we'll profile push we've got to look bigger. I know I was. I'll try to talk to before we get there. Hopefully ration it out over the course important communication will be be here and all the way installation of Sony boys but also all of global push for everybody should take. Clear up the show without the start of your yeah. 36 game regular red. Below is a.