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Friday, January 19th


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Hey I'm a hotline right now one of the greatest in comics of all I am I'm not afraid to say and from grace and a comic Jim Norton on are you kidding me patriots. The monster rains were on the my own specials all times just this morning's view and kind of files its its own rare anymore that you know you don't seek company coming in ready don't know what the next move is going to be caught up all. He's he's brilliant and he'll be here tomorrow night. Born July 19 in Bayonne New Jersey. He's a stand up comedian author and radio personality who was a regular on the Comedy Central show Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. And stored in this phone HBO special monster ring. And his Comedy Central special please be offended. As well as offerings such book says happy endings of and I hate your guts you've seen this big specials American degenerate and currents actually inadequate. Tomorrow night you can see him live on stage at liberty hall in Lawrence. Please welcome longtime friend of the show Jim Norton. Oh mr. Norton power you. Nobody I good movement where you have an. Right now been saying Lewis of the trying to flee I trip she gave it to me is that crazy schedule every morning. The department as soon as possible outcome there to watch tomorrow night. Good good so. You get ahead in Saint Louis letterhead of the Kansas City. The only good and it's it was a fine but it's forty degrees yourself super delegates gave. A lot about these guys by the hour. Try and now one thing about the California is like apparently thirteen kids that you adoptive father. About where. My opponent I think anger will with a decrease. I. Who's got the lord and leverage your still gonna be his kept. It would take me out of tech support guys wearing. I think that the war crime and starting your children is thinking that you of course static out there. You toothless so Emo Phillips you're like what is wrong with that. And then this. You fulfill its got some good John Paul George Kaplan but that was a great call it a whole bunch of regular ballot. But apparently they plot that it was food slipped a bit alike. Yes yes that way and you know you'd like that you just you kill people like that there's no help. It's too. You know I wanna I wanna get their side and so I would advocate or Paula yeah we were sitting up there or rather shallow one year. But again I I want to get apparent side why did you do that advocate for the behaved badly might this force in the volatile. I. What you immediate cause you don't want all of that Obama and is there. We're doing your personal by the way what's going out. There are doing the same person like I've been doing the last time I talked yet it is not a look at 49. I have no why I have no children I have no one I'm not a life and I finally stopped paying for that. That's the only bit the difference a lot summit document filed its not a lot. Practical effect of I looked at the same thing at that time it was like need to respect you know I I I I love you achieved so violently that he liked what might actively. You it's it's true happiness for for a guy like you is almost the destruction of your comedy it. It all comes from a very real place that have come and go it's. As it's it's these are jokes but they come from somewhere very real. You and you didn't get it inside a lot like I'm making up something completely it doesn't feel real. I accurately felt guilty and victory put that little bit. Wouldn't start out like outlook or else I diving you know I never thought I thought it was a subject that got the wire they can and it. I'd let the crowd can sense that I'm not telling the truth. You know what I mean I actually woody Allen's you got like I didn't wanna play. Oh. Well in the public will debut that night you almost argues bucking Angel the man with the vagina. And and bucks a friend it is a real I personally you know he doesn't take it all too seriously he knows that were all. Human and frail and weird and strange jokes are OK we live in this new this new world of you know it times up and in and meet you and an excellent seven new genders in new names for whatever you wanna put your master your face doesn't do it anymore that for you it's gotta make you crazy. Yeah it bought me not because they're able to get you so much trouble if you get it wrong. The problem they if he wanted to called find my open quite the wrong thing. Don't look at the fire you know law you get that he would hate speech and making fun of somebody. Like the idea that he would get a joke on political dividend ego is a completely different one for office targeted joke about it. And that people started calling trains all the power he tries probably. What was the rocket. If you think I'm proud of it. All the wiped explicitly that I had and it's had a threat for the idea mine all the big and they need it spotlight today as part of its early days. I've got to try to go the way back but one good about it outrage policy for a couple of days obvious that they like a hurricane or tornado. Yeah an end to Herm trans phobic should just go. Tell yourself I'm over it I just. Listen we're all on an if I could take until you get to dig a joke guess what you're not special it is. You just human and it's weird and that's outwards but the fact that there's nobody that we're getting triggered. Days having people a day you must trigger Jim. Yeah I didn't do and I looked at and I did it I think we'll get triggered the problems like it's true that I got out just yet. And I want I don't I don't I don't let them get fired because I'd been annoyed by some. Suck but obviously we wanted somebody who left off. They should now be wired we should be able to remove their. One of everybody would like now you know sometimes people get initiated what happened was that sometimes I'm a big people up the liberals that. I think a lot of it is people ball. Which another dude you're comedian and that's the thing. If tone has no more bearing on our conversation anymore. No he didn't look at it like you know I don't care about the contest. Anybody with respect I don't care about the project should put up the floor that now because the contacted the contact doesn't matter. And that is that when you hear that it told the jets got police. I. Yeah it's that we don't have been contacted each. Exhibit an antique on Lindsey Graham. He needs of the comma goes you know late and Lindsey Graham. Then that won't let it go have lot. It got it could put Tommy and I never did before it. But that it's it's it's a worldly that you really like. At least nobody nobody even cares and that's what makes you so great and makes so refreshing and makes absolutely. Laugh again in just at liberty hall mount it on my interest to your playing colleges because I know that's a huge audience for you but he seemed to be in certain areas. You know the hole and this was shocking and where you're at now is not far from Missouri. College where this safe space thing happened would it work college kids didn't want a debate anybody anymore. I was like all due arguing that it only did was point counterpoint you're wrong I'm right I'm right here whenever. Now kids like all I if you put the other views in front of me I might freak out. What do you do more than echo chamber will follow the news site that we like and we what we follow the Twitter feed that we like. We're ignorant people agree without so people look at argued properly is the fact we're not used to it. I didn't realize I was wondering your college they're probably setting up. Call that the particular like my point that you would get the opportunity leave it at my act is somebody gonna run about a bomb belt yelling all of lockbox. That's just yet it's in the court. Yeah. But yeah. I look at the. You that I feel like you've probably been sexually harassed a lot of times. You know. I had good that it that it that there is neither without getting. And see how we got to get it in human islets and there's so much. Self hatred and in just loathing that I can't bring myself. Most the time to hit on a girl because I know that the probably there's no way that could possibly like we shall. Like this this all the good guys welcome pulled podium for a little girl or a master basically look. Crew was such an ambush in about masturbation I still do it like it I mean I hear a noise like she did you come home if you don't. I would like my dad valid as a lot CD and I actually need to think that I can't finish. At. The theory that game around and I'd never been particularly good birdie honor awarded. Most of my actual while on the it has been a bit about talk about the twenty year. Is the one hate the off as a part of that was because. A dollar payment thought I'd like I'm not paying in the article like I'd like the other. Like you are not the life that somebody say I love you. I kind of want a lot of people inside manipulate and actually so predictable that the money up but I've never good that we put it on people. And and and and controlling people at the sleeping what they knew how is what the like crazy and will do anything. But again once I turned on by you get to the one. And all the that we beatle Paul what was done you know it was later they hate your god that our response itself cyber stalk you or that it. I'm developing. Your well thought out. Yeah. Barbara saw him. You'd think liberty halls going to be Hewlett tomorrow night man it's that's not far from Kansas City managers to open Lawrence it's it's I'm telling going to be a great shelled and it'll it'll be. I'll dol. I hope our public art it from out there. But the socially liberal about so many things about conservative with the language I too many weird that have been the audit. We may not let up one of those things like an iPod and policy. That one of the people on the right are more fighting for the leasing and people on the left its appellate field. As it drive you try to create a socially I know that people on the left out on the that we are quite politically everybody you know my audiences anymore. I couldn't I couldn't agree would you unlike look at I don't care how people. Warship I don't care if they don't do that here we have secular laws it's an adult. Consensual. I just I don't care about skiing just don't care the deficit with that being said only special friend who's also the care of your feelings are hurt you know what you don't like. I don't like broccoli I don't think broccoli should be outlawed for everybody else you know. The Little League I'd say wanting all I know it I don't get how people feel about twelve. The fact that he admirable but I'd get it right to be good for him I didn't look I would take it one step further how to put in the special belt that putter has got my hip that's how I look at that. She rolled up it's the only got I put it god bless and be a good boy. Has faced on the cover and I'm like you know what if you would have inserted and they he's got more of him inside of him. That robotic good good good for and and once thought that might be a billionaire. Enforced on politics aside that of these guys leave. But it's at least want offensive thing. I'm not in any way offend I know storm you know stormy two Jimmer. I've met or the agenda I knew I wrote the forward with our. I was lovely you know op what they had mapped I don't know while. Stormy Smart she is if she nobody took it takes advantage of stormy never I promise you have that so much amateur hell we kill we magazine together and she's she's a cool girl so whatever happened it's that it's her business but trust me and I don't think he took advantage of hers she's. Smart. How on the front lawyer to get them to get enough on what that your depth issues already talked about as well as part of they. That you talked about it like you know 2007 or whatever and dignity and not have they disorderly out there was no. So back through they would 130 regulatory you're right she mark. Did know she and and then you know we've heard her friend now is talking about it when how that happens wink wink. Though it's just. Yet he got beat your information aside to remember the story out there. Which I was in magazines for those who don't know like this is not like something new it happened and he gave the money Mets didn't. The only other event the greater punishment is a malaria Libya wouldn't even angrier than you think they ever have sex by the way Jim. Once in awhile I'd love the fact illegal bat Andy McDonald and it probably cut those that don't get it around how do you not want that. His camera anymore he just doesn't care he says whatever he wants he's obnoxious. He worked a couple of billion that white hot baby back then maybe he doesn't like crap and that was that I did everything I wanna be at this point. What's your future amendments as tournament of serious as a radio has as the hours yeah I'm sure there's a book on the horizon. Yeah I'd like to write a book will be awful law it's gotten so lazy. On what it's like that was that opportunity still have a boy and that it simply isn't there a lot law. I'm on the road and we'll let out on the road it's great that it now it is written on. And ultimately good or it's not a debate that illustrate our little dyke. Thank. It's like wow that interview with parable about two additional over how bad. Like stop pretending I know what I'm talking about yeah I really don't like it never figure out. What I'm doing well. You do the same thing like if somebody walks up to unsolicited and says hey. And she'll send a great today my first thought and so crazy is or what what was what was only yesterday it was it was yesterday man. Well what people probably initial target rate a way to the end of talk radio that a lot of excellent issue in a lot. It's made me and the big and didn't sign that. I don't meet glee I. I think I would leave my opening act well I've got my depression like I would've got up on the Pentagon and ended and this order. Let me tell you we do and it. So I do of the Halloween thing in my house and I'm actually big like it takes two weeks in a professional company to upset the production up. And it's LED screens and fired all the stuff is just I've always loved Halloween in 2000 has come by. And it was a big party how I'm always out front can sell. I'm out there and it cute he's going to be 1819 years old when he was would these two girls like chaperone. And he's not a costume into these girls come by and he's getting your problem. And I and I deal you know hey happy Halloween you would any boys like know them look at that and there's a bit weird to sector pauses men pray for you. And I go and I just think that's a sure and Andrew belong and that I didn't really team right there and in hooks me around the neck and others. 500 kids in line of standing up for my own house he's got me around an awkward he's a little small enemy exit. Food Jones walked in and it would be present to him so it's going to help Libya but he's going on illegals after fifteen seconds there. 60 I am watching hands and they get here comes the night like it's gonna come underneath these guys. Were. And no one in the house and believe me that instead they'll just take all the joked. Yeah. But it. Is. No an honest to god happened and he just turned around walked over to the night goes like Jesus Christ that's how it's gonna happen only get the Jesus died. By some guidance since its largest one day. There's not a large companies that are hand around it a lot people online want it to get people to it probably enjoy it without trying to create. I pray that kind of why we. Didn't creep up. Like you have a ball I would love to figure out how Ali I'm fighting myself if I was him I would love to do that public a lot of fun. Do you should join me at my house if you walked through it would all be apparent that. Whenever childhood I have putter didn't have it's all being redone right now it's it is absurd there's a currently this week it. About 1974 Vietnam era propaganda bomb that we my but he jolt to the majority were in and finish it up to a liquor cabinet. And Rory now a full Berenson media life size figure. A zombie six feet hole woods aliens I mean it's it's absurd like childish. Legacy of retarded sexuality that you it's hard to imagine election goes. We didn't get on the view that you'd like what you know the people following you had people. Actually walking through your house or they get getting candy Ghali. But getting going all the shows outside the front yard. All of it that's why. Now the weird like you know people like Caribbean the other package that perhaps somebody in MySpace now you any good you're afraid. That one hard drive as the video if you want a look and act. I have to be there every anybody that might say he had a public on places it a child got our eye level people that perhaps. Yeah now it's it's it is fun. I'm Kelly junior always welcome how many TV sort of crash tomorrow night we're only about ninety miles outside a large. Like you can actually literally supply you after my big flight back to hotel and knock on the door at 3 o'clock in the morning. Out of that. Well why but the port your outlook is you just know I sleep naked. Don't put up a walk naked truth yeah. I write the password will be touching. The board it'd be out on top of the hour. That's due tomorrow night liberty hall Jim Norton rolls in to ruin somebody's day it is and yet. And I hope to catch up ideally here over the weekend my friend and make sure that the iPad no got yours is mentioned you've still got that. Wolf we catch. I would like that that's going to bother you quite about bit.