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Monday, July 23rd


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Born June 25 in the Bronx New York. He was working in radio we stand up comedy before landing the rule that would make him it's time. It's stars on television that it JG Evans on the long running sitcom. He went on to work in such films is let's do it again. Seven night. And on such series as a little boost. Everybody Hates Chris and on August 7 alongside fellow comedy greats Michael. He's releasing a new comedy special we are still here and available on iTunes. Amazon proved to play another digital outlets. Please welcome comedy legend and friend of the show and Jimmie JJ walker. I'm still here as you. Earlier we figure out here that we are all so that would be Morse code in America. Portugal and the first one at all. So liberty where that Alan I can't cook at all so. I am with arguably go to these battle it out you don't. You'd Shia to cool me. Charlotte is that important Ballmer all right bill. I was actually. All put. You don't. You lie there and we told you we came on about the fact that there's been in this. I don't know listless last decade for you I think he's he's been. Really good man and to see a lot of respect and love and you know great things happening Randi we are still there ran all the digital Netflix Amazon iTunes everything August 7 I mean it's been. It's been a pretty I hope for you pretty gratifying ten years. Well at all I think you know the goal would opt. You know could I let you go the guy who got a lot of virtual appliance. Brian full. Bond folk that all the specials. And how do you read your mind in the open blocked all the different it is children it. And I hit me that ordered the guys before me. Walk you off and. Well we're the underdog and outlook you know what happened but we all thought that would would that bring back that you're. I you know it's the show what it's all like oh yeah. Along well. Like they you know we want it mottled like. I'm hoping that we'll get the captain David Cook shall we do you know Kurt multiple only know you know about mark up there. So hopefully that will equal or were ordered to get two hours or it would have made it very rare. There may overlook graduates could you deserve it did you know he eats just you know that it. Now admits he's gone and I you know at the comedy store and it's it's it's it's really like. It it's it is a new era now I am afraid I hope I hope you never see comedy clubs all go away become all digital bit. There's a part of me that wonders if if that's could either going to be huge comedian that does theaters and I wonder what's gonna happen all these smaller clubs and. That it. About Gordon in the heat memorial. Yet but Krugman. Yeah okay. Do a lot of really really well it was spot on the lap back. Off lecture on the I out so all of what you consider libel. Of sexual habits. Did you carry. I shall go. Drop all we're not sure a lot of very good people showed up do it would really quite and in parts of the honorable people. Now this is just where your your your grandpa didn't. Out. These noble want African American producer. In America is Byron Allen who broke from the eighties. Aren't here. And now you look at Portland chose. Along the air you'll also wouldn't Chappaquiddick and Joseph all the way channel put 300 million. Woody. And me. Well forty years and and and always is the proper. And that's I mean you think about it people don't know how it's it's almost a popular one show let alone 41 goes. The order so I'm not saying that where a war would shall we go. He India what would even though is channel and work is such euros. Song proud of that and and and I'll I'll I'll talk Jake out in the picture. Of Byron Allen when he was fourteen years old party actions are not scripture the public that give me your number it will. Fourteenth hole how is he writing for you when he's fourteen years old living. How does have that they have the right mind of to rank fourteenth. Water he wore a good thing is that you like and his lover was terrible and full. War were there and be sure you choose the first African Americans. One of their. Standards and practices within due to work out there American I met her when I went to Hollywood where she says. All once or want you gone near it no problem for round as well he's only four. I oil well. Animal but that would it around. And look for a joke you know hopefully. We'll get your. Black people white people very different than what portable video like it is elect my body fat. Black people look at movies you know like they go I want it but it is morning. Think it's great did you remember his first joke he ever wrote you. You'll. This is a good usually show Jimmy Walker when did you guys I now remember we are still here I don't Amazon iTunes digital August 7 is when it comes out toasters are on the corner. And there have been a big ticket back to a lot lately just. Because you're such a weird guy you've been radio you don't commentary and on with O Reilly do done at all you're really conservative guy. And I'm just wondering what you're seeing right now would you watch in this world coupled how weird it's gotten. You'd think that what what are your thoughts on the. Well but the look at that thought well the first thing is I I don't like you on stability and I don't like the fact. That what that you disagree with trial or you afford all of the fact that people who bought the better he figured you know when you. I call like that you are. Do you and put on supporters say use. They are horrible whatever you want say all people bought an article so more all the parts and all it would be it. Don't agree I don't agree with that. The disable it you know I feel about those who know. Will I don't know what. Not our I don't know what are what. But my bottom locker room it was it's yes it was completely wrong what she did it was awful error. Well I look at somebody like somebody that beat. Who use this thing work. And to me. This word. Or one up and it like the word for black TJ. So award the EU wouldn't change that it's worked well it could meet two more little better. As a martyr to the beat them saying it and as you Rhode. And that is what I electors you wrote that they're saying the slip up and Al. Alan Moore gave ownership or whatever it was fifty years ago. I think that the war and they rolled it and people are not yet seven episode barber shill. War about the gate. America that we don't want to propagate. People's watched. A lot the usual standards the people should be. You think what we would all. And the children's by the way it really well written I think. Like anything else chase I think that she was probably giant pain in the ass and it just gave somebody at that network an excuse to clippers they were just done with it you know. I think that that's normally isn't that what happens the. But look look at Johnny rose to get hired if you look at our higher. Wrong move lol well bill we get a Charlene it'll move the oh yeah it poker in my own oversee the vote in all the it part the only American Indian native American Archie tire war that's our blue black. Yeah oh yeah. She hired with the company would walk. She's your whole Lotta people opportunities. That it will never ever never ever give our national show. Collectors yeah well. A little with their fine you know what you know let you order when they pull the shell Carter. Just politics you think I mean forget about nobody's really big moral it was just pure she was too pro right and and and that left guys just had enough. What it looked at who fired the young lady who does because they weren't full eight BC's Robert Iger the president. It worked so hard because if you wanted to black woman. Wish it would is that loan industry and that the fire he didn't have to go there to do. Well the black woman of fire I I I disagree with the wiring and how like they're seeing what we're. And your team look good show a man there's no doubt that I was a good show and you know my politics I'm I'm way more left and you worker. But in the end I liked the show because it was a great show about today about a family divided. You know he and politically. Socially culturally and any given to me that was such a Smart way to do it. I think it will of the inaugural chill. People like you know you get the numbers. Didn't all day on national seat. We don't know what was giving me tonight don't get out there that you have eight or not. Why no problem at all but we didn't you all night you know that you know that's incredible like actually crush their world. Lol I've multi cultural Odom like you're seeing. A shot. You'd at all at all. Jamie it in this make them up again and again I have no understanding of how Hollywood works but in my head I'm just listen unison in my god. How great would be to cast you. As with the black Archie Bunker like Lego like just you know. Actually actually got it figured. Leg the government shook all the core mark Schultz you get canceled book that they couldn't get a big couldn't get this spot. You're cohort will be on the what we're back on the show David Alan Grier were short ball or even a lot. Shall to may put David down a bit of very very good job and they've ran all like. Apple like well what he chose and it did it edited it out I'm slot it was just a massive confusion but definitely. I think that wrecked our virtual world becoming a better and I think that he'll do what is different like but you would carefully collect router back in argued Welker. What we're ever to walk normally do there are so ridiculous rate calls its mind. I'm not political much preferable unsure of the all choked up that was. You can argue until we got him on the show twice last year and both times we ended up he came around you would talking about you just because that's that's the common ground and and you know what he he he really could tell he he does care for you man I'm glad you guys are good and because I think he's one of the most influential. Producers I think at the time he really did stuff that that nobody done before and and I think he's got a lot left him and you both do you. And if you go in the dark addiction you don't know. He's doing it then to walk it out for the eight AA RPM. Tomorrow. It normally we're not doing the work that. The bad weather bad. Well let me check and get on that charge we have been aware of it and produce optimal. Man into a listen I want her white people get August 7 you guys watch what we are still here. Jimmy Walker and I am telling again reasonable doubt my good times bad times you got picked up look up and get an understanding what it was like. And I think you just such a great example of that year and just who you are today just and what it takes we grew up. I mean it was a hard world number I mean it's you know you're an Oprah tell all oral yeah right. But I mean all the weight room this life you fought for everything I want you come through this. I watched you you know in the nineties and then rebuild everything disturbed at the crowds back up again and just everything you've done. You always accomplished it's always been easy but you never give up and and I think it's such a great testament and it releases. Yeah Specter record dot org to object although that probably don't want to have to survive now. Either one more ride. I've left in the sand levee that was easy. Effective for them I won't vote on this virtual disorder that was then got the job thank pepper goodbye either. It's a much.